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Useful Tips for Mentees

  1. Listen carefully and be teachable.
  2. Compare feedback with others you've received.
  3. Seek follow-up to your feedback session.
  4. Share your progress with your mentor.
  5. Recognize that your mentor can't meet all of your needs.
  6. Keep up with your end of the relationship.
  7. Be clear of what you hope to gain.
  8. Have real and purposeful conversations.
  9. Take a step back to see things differently.
  10. Acknowledge what you do well to build confidence.
  11. Get to know your mentor, and ask him or her about past experiences, his/her professional journey, etc.
  12. Be open and talk candidly about your concerns.
  13. Ask your mentor for his or her perspective on challenges that you are dealing with.
  14. Ask your mentor how you can build on your strengths.
  15. Be open to your mentor's feedback and suggestions.
  16. Be aware of fallacy of chasing work-life balance.

Sample Structure of Meeting

First 5-10 Minutes

  • Engage in personal/professional "check-in" (i.e., how are things going for you, how is your family?).

Next 30-60 Minutes

  • Discuss current and long term goals and priorities.
  • Summarize discussion, clarify tasks, schedule follow-up meeting.