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VINCI Workspace

VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI)

To maximize security and utilization of resources, VINCI has deployed the VINCI Workspace for the use of researchers.

Researchers will log onto VINCI via a virtual private network connection (VPN) or through a computer on the VA intranet through a Secure Gateway.

Most researchers will use a Standard Workspace. Computing and storage resources for this environment are virtual in that Management Services will dynamically assign these resources based on demand. These Standard Workspaces will appear to the user as a computer desktop within a window on their own computer.

Other researchers will undertake development activities such as Java programming or will need the use of software not approved for standard installation on servers. For these activities, VINCI provides Development Workspaces. Management Services dedicate computing resources to these environments. However, these Workspaces are still virtual in that many environments can be instantiated from one physical server and the virtual computer can crash without adversely affecting other users in the VINCI Workspace.

By ORD policy, VINCI may not allow the transfer of any patient-level data out of its secure environment without special permission. To ensure data security, VINCI created a File Transfer Utility to facilitate all data transfers including the transfer of tables and graphics generated as part of routine analysis.

VINCI workspace