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*304. Clinical Reminders: Development and Distribution of a Software-Based Provider Intervention and Guideline Reporting Tool Using Newly Released Functionality in VistA Software.

Mike Kerr, VA Information Resource Center

Objectives: The main objective of this workship is to demonstrate the ability to translate research discoveries and innovations into better patient care and improved health delivery systems through the development and distribution clinical reminders in the VistA Clinical Reminders software. Our second objective is to demonstrate the compliance reporting mechanism within this software. Our third objective is to demostrate strategies for the development and distribution of reminders on local, VISN or national levels using our experience assisting QUERI and working with the Planning and Analysis Group from Technical Services within the VHA Office of Information.

Activities: Demonstrate the list of selectable clinical findings that may be used in defining a reminder.

Demostrate current list of nationally distributed reminders that are available for report development

Demostrate multiple actual reminders and their associated basis in clinical practice guidelines or health care delivery policies.

Discuss the QUERI experience in the devlopment and distribution of guideline based reminders for Ischemic Heart Disease, Mental Health and Stroke.

Target Audience: Investigators looking for provider interventions to translate research findings into improved clinical practices

Audience Familiarity: Clinical Practice Guidelines

Quality enhancement through provider interventions