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*309. Improving Quality of Care for MDD and Schizophrenia: The Mental Health and quality Research Initiative

RR Owen, Mental Health QUERI/HSR&D Center for Mental Health Care and Outcomes Research, Central Arkansas Veterans Health Care System; GM Curran, same as above; JE Kirchner, same as above; T Kramer, same as above

Objectives: The workshop will introduce participants to the research and quality improvement goals of the Mental Health Quality Enhancement and Research Initiative (MH QUERI or MHQ). Through presentations from MHQ investigators detailing ongoing research and quality improvement projects, participants will become familiar with VAs QUERI Program, VA-wide efforts to implement mental health guidelines; the development and utilization of automated clinical reminders for mental health care, mental health clinical care performance measurement in the VA, and MHQs upcoming quality improvement project concerning guideline-concordant prescribing of novel-antipsychotics.

Activities: The workshop will consist of several segments, led by different presenters. First, we will provide an overview of the VA QUERI program, whose mission is to facilitate the translation of research discoveries and innovations into better patient care and systems improvements. We then will discuss MHQs specific mission to improve the quality of care for major depressive disorder (MDD) and schizophrenia. Next, several of MHQs ongoing projects will be discussed: 1) Analyses of Variation in Practice and Service Use Patterns: Nationwide data will be presented on the variation in diagnostic patterns for depressive disorders in VA primary care settings. 2) Documentation of MDD and Schizophrenia Guidelines-related Performance Measures: Issues central to automated performance measurement will be discussed, especially the validity of potential performance data in the VAs automated patient records and the barriers to consistent recording of these elements. Computerized clinical reminders developed by MHQ will be presented. 3) Monitoring of Guideline Implementation Efforts: VA-wide efforts to implement mental health guidelines will be addressed through a presentation of findings from MHQ surveys of VAMC mental health chiefs concerning guideline implementation at their facilities. 4) Quality Improvement of Prescribing Practices for Schizophrenia: MHQs forthcoming demonstration project will be outlined. The project involves a multi-targeted approach to improve medication management practices and outcomes for patients with schizophrenia based on findings that these practices often deviate from guideline recommendations and that such deviations are associated with adverse patient outcomes.

Target Audience: Health Service researchers, VA clinical managers and clinicians.

Audience Familiarity: No prerequisite knowledge or skills in the subject areas are necessary.