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HSR&D 2002 National Meeting Abstracts

Note: An asterisk following a title indicates that the research was funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Health Services Research & Development Service.

Oral Presentations

Plenary session
Thursday, February 14, 2002
11:10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

1001 Denise Hynes - Potential Cost Savings for Erythropoietin for ESRD: Translating Results from a VA RCT to Medicare *
1002 Wei Yu - The Cost of Common Chronic Diseases in the VA Health Care System *
1003 Timothy Wilt - Effectivness of Statins to Reduce Clinical Events in Adults with CHD *
1004 Steven Wright - Enrollment and Utilization in Medicare Among Veterans Turning Age 65
1005 Timothy Hofer - Physician’s Understanding and Misunderstanding of Diabetes Care Priorities *


First concurrent oral sessions
Thursday, February 14, 2002
4:00-5:30 p.m.

Pre-and-post-doctoral fellowship program

1006 Jennifer Hoffman - Adverse Drug Events Leading to Hospital Admissions *
1007 Patty Huang - Determinants of Nurse Practitioner Use in VA Primary Care Practices *
1008 Maria Ansari - Subjects in Heart Failure Trials Are Not the Same as Your Patients
1009 Mitchell Barnett - Population-Based Evaluation of Variation in Medicare Utilization by VAMC Patients. *
1010 Michael Ho - Adverse outcomes in ischemic heart disease patients who do not undergo a lipid measurement


Evidence-based care; is it implemented?

1011 Bradley Doebbeling - Benchmarking VAMCs in Delivery of Evidence-based Clinical Preventive Services *
1012 Elizabeth Yano - Impact of VA Smoking Cessation Initiatives on Smoking Cessation Practices and Outcomes *
1013 Stephen Fihn, presenting for Marcia Burman - Outpatient management of chronic stable angina in the VA: Data from the ACQUIP study *
1014 Tom Vaughn - Organizational Structures Support Implementation and Adherence to VA Clinical Practice Guidelines *
1015 Charlene Weir - Appropriateness of Clinical Response to Adverse Drug Events *


Advances in health outcomes assessment, 1st session

1016 Valerie Lawrence - Natural History of Functional Recovery After Major Abdominal Surgery in Elders
1017 Pamela Duncan - Structure, Process, and Outcome in VA Stroke Rehabilitation *
1018 Vincent Fan - Case-mix Measures Derived from Self-Report of Diagnoses and Health: the Seattle Index of Comorbidity *
1019 Peter Kaboli - Predictive Validity of Comorbid Measures for Administrative Data in VA and Private Sector Inpatients *
1020 Paula Diehr - Relative Performance of the PCS and PCD to Measure Health Status in a Longitudinal Study with Deaths *


Health systems and policies

1021 Timothy Dresselhaus - The Ethical Problem of False Positives: A Comparison of Standardized Patients and the Medical Record *
1022 Donna Washington - Sufficiency of VA Resources for the Delivery of Health Care to Women Veterans
1023 Douglas Wakefield - Development of an Operational Model for Examining the Delivery of Coronary Bypass Surgery *
1024 Nina Sayer - Perceptions of the Compensation and Pension Process for PTSD Predict Stressfulness and Satisfaction *
1025 Julie Cradock - Evaluating the impact of mental illness on access to medical care


Health economics

1026 James Breckenridge - Mental Healthcare Utilization and Costs Among Veterans with PTSD: The Impact of Comorbid Disorders *
1027 Fenghua Wang - VA-Medicare Enrollees’ Reliance on VA Care: Controlling for endogeneity of comprehensive Medicare *
1028 Kevin L. Sloan - Predicting Outpatient Pharmacy Cost using Diagnosis- and Pharmacy-Based Case-Mix Instruments *
1029 Susan Loveland - Do Different Modeling Techniques Affect Judgments of VISN Performance after Adjustment for Case-Mix? *
1030 Maria Montez - How Well Does the CDPS Predict Utilization: a Comparison to Other Case-Mix Measures *


Clinical epidemiology

1031 William Duckworth - A Proposal For Improving Glycemic Control In Insulin-Treated Veterans With Type II Diabetes Mellitus *
1032 Kathryn Magruder - PTSD Symptom Severity in VA Primary Care Patients *
1033 Patrick Calhoun - Health Related Quality of Life in Veterans Diagnosed with SMI and PTSD *
1034 Eric Mortensen - Underperformance of Processes of Care for Veterans Hospitalized with Community-Acquired Pneumonia *
1035 Hashem El-Serag - Psychiatric Disorders Among Veterans with Hepatitis C Infection : A Case-Control Study *


Innovative use of technology in HSR&D research

1036 Julie Lowery - Accuracy of Web-Based Telemedicine System for Monitoring Ulcers *
1037 James Rothendler - Use of Computer Telephony for the Administration of the Veterans' SF-36 and SF-12 *
1038 George Joseph - Merging three distinct VHA Databases (NPCD, PBM and VISTA-LAB): Using clinical data for research
1039 Grace Warner - How Well Do Standard Risk Adjustment Models Predict Utilization for Patients with a Major Functional
1040 Jeff Luck - Development of an Automated Scoring System for Computerized Clinical Vignettes *


Second concurrent oral sessions
Friday, February 15, 2002
10:00-11:30 a.m.


Assessing quality of care following change

1041 Paul Peloso - Predictors of Screening for Depression in a National Sample *
1042 John Fortney - Improving the Rate of Depression Treatment in Primary Care Using Electronic Medical Records *
1043 Frances Weaver - Increasing Influenza Vaccinations in the VA SCI&D Population *
1044 Maude Rittman - Outcomes of Group Outpatient Clinic Visits
1045 Bonnie BootsMiller - Strategies that Improved Knowledge of the VA CHF Practice Guideline Did Not Increase Compliance *


Advances in health outcomes assessment, 2nd session

1046 Mary McDonell - Comparison of the SF-36 and SF-12 Summary Scales in a Veteran Population *
1047 Vincent Fan - Change in SF-36 and Risk of Hospitalization and Mortality *
1048 Stephan Fihn - Routine Reporting of Health Status Data Does Not Improve General Health or Satisfaction *
1049 Jeffrey Pyne - Sensitivity of Generic Effectiveness Measures to Changes in Schizophrenia Symptom Severity *
1050 Marta Render - Variation in risk adjusted VA intensive care unit hospital mortality *


Quality of care

1051 John W. Peabody - Are We as Good as We Hope? Using comparative data to evaluate quality at VA and non-VA facilities *
1052 Mayur Desai - Mental Disorders and the Quality of Diabetes Care in the Veterans Health Administration
1053 Douglas Leslie - Comparing the Quality of Pharmacotherapy for Schizophrenia in the VA and the Private Sector
1054 Elizabeth Yano - Do Patient Ratings of Care Suffer in VAs with High Rates of Managed Care Practice Adoption? *
1055 Kevin Stroupe - Pre-planning for Initiation of Dialysis at VA Medical Centers: Implications for Quality of Care *


Race, ethnicity, gender, age

1056 Robert Morgan - Use of Surname Matching to Identify Elderly Hispanic Males in Combined Medicare/VA Data Files *
1057 Nancy Kressin - Racial Differences in Physician Perceptions of and Communication with Cardiac Patients *
1058 Bevanne Bean-Mayberry - A Gender-Specific Tool to Assess Satisfaction: The Women Veteran Experience
1059 Marian Butterfield - Racial Differences in Hepatitis B and C and Associated Risks in Veterans with Severe Mental Illness *
1060 Shawn Fultz - Racial Differences in Diabetic Costs and Control


Health economics, cost and resource use

1061 Yujing Shen - The Demand for primary care physicians for VA Enrollees and its impact on VA inpatient care *
1062 Shao-Chun Zhu - Do enrollees come to VA just for Pharmacy? *
1063 Matt Maciejewski - Cost Evaluation in a Clinical Trial of Therapeutic Footwear
1064 Shuo Chen - Expenditures for Mental Health Treatment in the Veterans Health Administration: 1995-1999 *
1065 Heather Gage - VA Utilization and Costs for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease *


Medical therapeutics (including pharmaco-epidemiology/economics)

1066 David Au - Beta-agonists and the risk of heart failure admission and mortality among patients with known LVSD *
1067 Sam Bozzette - Cardio- and Cerebrovascular Outcomes with Changing Process of Anti-HIV Therapy in Veterans *
1068 Andrea Charbonneau - Benchmarking Patterns in the Pharmacotherapy of Depression *
1069 Dan Berlowitz - The Need for More Intensive Hypoglycemic Medication Therapy in Patients With Diabetes *
1070 Richard Hoffman - Efficacy and safety of laser prostatectomy techniques for treating symptomatic benign prostatic hype


Patient safety

1071 Audrey Nelson - Redesigning Patient Handling Tasks to Prevent Nursing Back Injuries *
1072 Sanjay Saint - Which Disinfectant Should We Use for Vascular Catheter Site Care: Chlorhexidine or Povidone-Iodine?
1073 John Hurdle - Utility of Nursing Narratives in ADE Detection: Incident Reports,Bedside Notes, and Electronic Notes *
1074 Hope Tiesman - The Impact of New Lifting Technology in a Long Term Care Unit
1075 Peter Glassman - Perceived Impact of CPRS on Quality and Safety of Patient Care *


HSR&D sampler

1076 Michael Shlipak - Interventions to Improve Beta-Blocker Utilization in Heart Failure *
1077 Anne Joseph - GIFT (Guideline Implementation for Tobacco) Study: Increasing Treatment of Smokers *
1078 Charles Bennett - Improving patient safety: Physician recognition of 9 rare & potentially fatal drug adverse reactions *
1079 Stephen Flach - Economic Factors Influence the Intensity of Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation *
1080 John Rumsfeld - Depression And Quality of Life Following Acute Coronary Syndromes *


Poster Sessions

Thursday, February 14, 2002
8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
Pre-and-post-doctoral fellowship program

1081 Maria Ansari - Cardiology Specialty Care Improves Outcomes in Outpatients with New Onset Heart Failure
1082 Mitchell Barnett - Changes in Length of Stay in VA and Private Sector Hospitals: Is VA Closing the Gap? *
1083 John Davison - Two software programs for providing training in Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) Ratings
1084 Kelli Dominick - Racial Variations in Health Service Utilization among Veterans with Osteoarthritis *
1085 Arjun Jayadev - VA Enrollees' Access to VA and Non-VA Hospitals and its Impacts *
1086 Joseph Johnston - Impact of Comorbidity on Predicted Hospital Mortality in Intensive Care Unit Patients *
1087 Deborah Kasman - Educating for Professionalism: Medical Trainees' Emotions on Hospital Wards *
1088 John McCarthy - Continuity of Outpatient Care Among Veterans With Psychosis: Accessibility Barriers
1089 M. Jane Mohler - Strategies, Skills, and Social Contexts that Enhance or Disrupt Adherence *
1090 Mary Jo Pugh - Adoption of New Medication Recommendations for Diabetes *
1091 Mary Jo Pugh - VA Cooperative Studies on Anti-Epileptic Drugs: Do They Impact Practice?
1092 Jennifer Strauss - Limited Knowledge of HIV Risks Among Veterans With Severe Mental Illnesses *
1093 Joseph Wagner - Use of Pharmacy Benefits Management Data to Assess Medication Adherence
1094 William Yancy, Jr. - The Relationship Between Body Weight and Health-Related Quality of Life in Men *
1095 John Zeber - The Cost-utility of Depression Screening: Usual Care versus Collaborative Treatment
1096 Sandra Zinn - Effects of Cognitive Impairment on Quality of Rehabilitative Care and Functional Outcomes in Stroke *

Race, ethnicity, gender, age

1097 Claudine Armand - Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Women Veterans: Trauma Types and PTSD Rates
1098 Susan Frayne - VA Healthcare Delivery Systems for Women Veterans: The Role of Fee Basis Care
1099 Terri Fried - Seriously Ill Older Persons' Communication About And Desire For Prognostic Information *
1100 Allen L. Gifford - Racial and Ethnic Variations in Access to Research Trials and Experimental Treatments in HIV Care
1101 Nancy Harada - The Influence of Race and Veteran Identity on VA Outpatient Care Utilization *
1102 Jonathan Nebeker - Age as a Risk Factor for Injury and Error Associated with Drug Use *
1103 Kimberly O'Malley - Trust in Physician, Facility, and System: Qualitative Differences Between Ethnic Groups
1104 Laura Petersen - Impact of Race on Cardiac Care and Outcomes in Veterans with Acute Myocardial Infarction *
1105 Michelle van Ryn - Do cardiologists beleive patient social and behavioral factors should influence receipt of PTCA/CABG
1106 Amy Wallace - Differences in income between male and female primary care physicians *
1107 Elizabeth Yano - How is VA Health Care Organized for Women Veterans?: Results of a National Survey *

Implementing practice changes

1108 Matthew Chinman - Improving public sector mental health care through the use of consumers
1109 Marylou Guihan - Providers' Perceptions About Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation *
1110 James Lohr - A Patient-Centered and Cost-Effective Psychiatric Inpatient Alternative: Model for the Future? *
1111 John McKellar - Alcoholics Anonymous and Positive Treatment Outcomes: Cause or Effect *
1112 Landis Mitchner - Evidence-Based Review of Mood Stabilizers for Manic-Depressive Disorder
1113 Gail Powell-Cope - Provider Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to IHD Guideline Adherence *
1114 Jacqueline Pugh - Barriers and Facilitators of Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Implementation *
1115 Nicholas Smith - Cardiovascular risk factor control among veterans with diabetes *
1116 Bernard Sorofman - Differing views of clinical practice guidelines: Variation by role responsibility. *
1117 Robert White - Improving the Process of Chronic Diabetes Care by Using Non-Visit Care

Health economics

1118 Somnath Saha - Echocardiography in the Management of Stroke: Systematic Review and Cost-Utility Analysis
1119 Todd Wagner - The cost of operating institutional review boards (IRBs) *

Medical therapeutics (including pharmaco-epidemiology/economics)

1120 Charles Bennett - Treatment Decision Intervention for Veterans with Prostate Cancer *
1121 Teresita Corvera-Tindel - Nurse-Managed Home Walking Program Improves Exercise Duration and Reduces Symptoms in Heart Failure *
1122 Robert Morgan - Low Intensity Exercise and Falls Risk Among a Clinically Defined Sample of At-Risk Elders *
1123 Marcia Valenstein - Pharmacy Data Identifies Poorly Adherent Patients with Schizophrenia At Increased Risk for Admission *

Patient safety

1124 Emily Patterson - Usability Test of Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) *
1125 Michael Sernyak - Occult Hyperglycemia and Diabetes Mellitus in Clozapine-Treated Patients

Advances in health outcomes assessment

1126 Judith Babcock - Establishing Benchmarks for Blind Rehabilitation by Calibrating Clinical and Self-Report Measures
1127 William Best - Preop Risks and Postop Adverse Events from Administrative Data Bases *
1128 Michael Brimacombe - Charlson index instability among veterans with diabetes *
1129 Joseph King, Jr. - Quality of Life Assessment with the SF-36 in VA Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Patients
1130 Stephen Luther - A Survey of Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Concerning Outcomes Related to Neurogenic Bowel *
1131 Judy Shea - Health Literacy and Patient Satisfaction *

Health systems and policies

1132 Ian Gralnek - Hospital Care for Low-Risk Patients with Acute Upper GI Bleed: A Comparison of Practice Settings
1133 Sarah Krein - Proactive Diabetes Case Management: Expectation Versus Reality *
1134 Carter Rakovski - Identifying elderly veterans for Geriatric Evaluation and Management using administrative data *
1135 Xinhua Ren - Patients’ Experiences with Health Care in the Veterans Health Administration
1136 Michele Spoont - Changes in Service Utilization during Phases of the C&P process for PTSD
1137 Christine Timko - Models of Standard and Intensive Outpatient Care in Mental Health *
1138 William Weeks - CABG utilization and Medicare referral patterns in VISN 1
1139 William Weeks - Rural/Urban differences in Inpatient Health Services Utilization in New England

Clinical epidemiology

1140 Tracie Collins - The Prevalence of Intermittent Claudication in an Ethnically Diverse Bilingual Population
1141 Joseph Conigliaro - Hazardous Drinking and Alcohol Consumption among Veterans with HIV Infection
1142 U. Nalla Durai - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Elderly Veterans: Results from a Multi-site Study (PRISMe)
1143 Amy Kilbourne - Medication Adherence among Veterans: Comparing Patient, Provider Report with Electronic Monitoring
1144 Maria LLorente - Suicidal Thoughts Among Elderly Primary Care Veterans: Results from a Multi-site Study (PRISMe)
1145 Jennifer Ritsher - Psychiatric Comorbidity, Continuing Care, and Self-Help as Predictors of Substance Abuse Remission *
1146 Kevin L. Sloan - Hepatitis C Testing in the VHA Northwest Network – Prevalence, Risk Markers & Future Recommendations
1147 Louise Walter - Risk of Hip Fracture in Disabled Community-Living Older Adults
1148 Linda Williams - Prevalence of Depression After Stroke: What You Find Depends on Where You Look *


Session One
Thursday, February 14, 2002
2:00-3:30 p.m.

1149 Ashley Hedeen - Clinical Reminders as Tools for Quality Improvement
1150 Scott Sherman - "Why don't we do a provider survey?": Tips on conducting surveys of health care providers
1151 John Hurdle - Improving Patient Safety: Advances in ADE Research and Surveillance
1152 Mark Smith - Methods for determining costs in VA studies: the use of average cost and micro-cost tools
1153 Donna Haiduven - Focus Groups: Evolution from Market Research to Qualitative Research
1154 RG Best - Managing Variability in the Local IRB Process: Survivers’ Guide for Multi-Site Researchers
1155 TBA


Session Two
Friday, February 15, 2002
8:15-9:45 a.m.

1156 Karl Lorenz - Introduction to Topics on Research of VA End of Life Care
1157 Cindy L. Christiansen - Comparison of Software Packages and Analyses of VA Data with a Hierarchical Structure
1158 Martin Lee - Design Strategies and Statistical Approaches to Evaluating Healthcare Provider Behavior Change
1159 John Cornell - Exploring Study Heterogeneity in Quantitative Systematic Reviews
1160 Wei Yu - Using a New VA Health Care Cost Database--Decision Support System--for Health Services Research
1161 TBA
1162 TBA

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