Poster Sessions

Thursday, February 13, 2003
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

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Pre- and Post-doctoral Posters  
2005  Chris Bryson - Angina Predicts Mortality in Outpatients with CAD Irrespective of Demographics or Comorbidities  *
2006  Lisa Chew - Health Literacy among Preoperative Patients in a VA Medical Center 
2007  Mark Edlund - Does Satisfaction Reflect the Technical Quality of Mental Health Care? 
2008  Christine Elnitsky - Do Health Experiences in Depression Change Patients' Values? 
2001  Stephanie Fein - Residents' Attitudes toward End of Life Care 
2009  Irene Feria - Cyberchondriasis: A Study of Internet Access and Health Status Among Gulf War Veterans 
2010  Stacy M. Fischer - Effects of Ethnicity on One Year Mortality in Seriously Ill Veteran Population 
2011  Constance Fung - Geographic Variation in the Treatment of Early-Stage Prostate Cancer across VA Medical Centers 
2012  Ashish Jha - Comparison of Quality of Care in the VA and Medicare Fee for Service 
2013  Jonathan Kanter - Depression Screening: Comparison of Three Methods to Provider Referral in a VA Primary Care Clinic  *
2014  John Kelly - Major Depression in Addicted Patients: Effects on Self-help Involvement and Substance Use Outcomes 
2002  Che-Chin Lie - Longitudinal Changes in Health Care Utilization of VA Outpatients with Substance Use Disorder  *
2003  Dan Norvell - Incidence of Knee Pain and Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis among Veteran Traumatic Amputees and Nonamputees 
2015  Jennifer Strauss - Psychiatric and Medical Conditions Associated with Quality of Life among Veterans with Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 
2016  Kenichiro Taneda - Association between Hypertension Control and Adherence Measures Using Self-report and Pharmacy Data  *
2004  John Zeber - Serious Mental Illness and Aging within the Veteran Population  *


Advances in Health Outcomes Assessment  
2017  Branko Kopjar - Missed Opportunities to Treat High Lipid Levels in Male VA Patients with Ischemic Disease  * 
2018  Vanessa McDonald - African Americans and Lower Literate Patients Express Higher Expectations for Primary Care  * 
2019  Judy Shea  - Illustrating the NPDFC Ambulatory Care Survey for Low Literate Patients  * 

Clinical Epidemiology
2020  Shuo Chen - Prevalence of Hazardous and Harmful Alcohol Use among Veterans: Findings from a National Survey  * 
2021  Thomas Imperiale - Validation of a Clinical Index for Predicting Risk of Advanced Liver Disease in Chronic Hepatitis C   
2022  Hai Lin - Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetic Patients with and without Mental Illness  *   
2023  Jodie Trafton - Chronic Pain and Medical, Psychiatric and Drug Abuse Problems in Opioid Dependent Veterans  * 
2024  Bessie Young - Risk of Cardiovascular Events with Renal Disease: The Ambulatory Care Quality Improvement Project  * 

Health Economics
2025  Yvonne Jonk - Minnesota Veterans' Health Insurance Status and Access to Care
2026  June Lee - Estimating Out-of-pocket Expenditures for Privately Insured Cancer Patients   
2027  Jeff Pyne - A Comparison of Depression Outcome Valuation by Depression Experience 
2028  Lynn Wolfsfeld - VA Utilization and Costs for Long Term Care (LTC) Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

Health Systems and Policies
2029  Mark S. Bauer - Barriers to Care: A New Instrument 
2030  John Fortney - Does Establishing CBOCs in Underserved Areas Impact Patterns of Utilization and Costs?  *   
2031  John Hurdle - Inter-coder Reliability of ICD9 Assignment: Flaws in an Important Diversity Assessment Tool  * 
2032  Mark Meterko - A Longitudinal Study of Culture and Hospital Performance in VA  *   
2033  David Mohr - Organizational Culture and Hospital Performance in VA  *   
2069  Nancy Sharp - Managing IRB Reviews for a Nationwide Study  *   
2034  Constance Uphold - Effects of Depression on Patterns of Care, Adherence and Patient Satisfaction among HIV-Infected Men  * 
2035  Elizabeth Yano - Organizational Predictors of VA Primary Care Use by Women Veterans  *


Implementing Practice Changes
2040  Richard Best - Knowledge Management and CPG Implementation: Developing Measures of Knowledge Management Constructs  * 2036  Bonnie BootsMiller - Organizational Factors Predict Adherence to Diabetes Performance Measures: A National Survey  *   
2037  Marti Buffum - A Music Intervention to Reduce Anxiety Prior to Gastrointestinal Procedures  
2038  Timothy Dresselhaus - Predicting the Quality of Preventive Care:  A Prospective Evaluation of Three Measurement Methods  2039  Ian Gralnek - Incremental Value of Endoscopy in Identifying Low-risk Persons with Acute Upper GI Hemorrhage (UGIH)   
2041  Christine Kowalski - VA Diabetes Hypertension Guideline Implementation Strategies  * 
2042  Sherri LaVela - Influenza Vaccination Rates in VA SCI Health Care Workers  * 
2043  Chuan-Fen Liu - Cost-effectiveness of Collaborative Care Depression Treatment in a Veteran Primary Care Population  * 
2045  Mark Willenbring - The Opiate Agonist Therapy Effectiveness Initiative: Baseline and Preliminary Outcome Results  *   
2046  Jon W. Yankey - Provider Factors Related to EPRP Diabetes Performance  *

Medical Therapeutics (Including Pharmaco-epidemiology and Pharmaco-economics)  
2047  Peter Hauser - Interferon-induced Depression and Improved Treatment Response Rates in Patients with Hepatitis C 
2048  Teresa Hudson - Optimizing a Medication Adherence Intervention for Schizophrenia  * 
2050  Allison Mitchinson - Massage as Adjuvant Therapy in the Management of Acute Postoperative Pain: A Pilot Study 
2049  Joseph Mrus - Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in Veterans and Non-veterans with HIV/AIDS  *   
2051  Michael Sernyak - Use of System-wide Outcomes Monitoring Data to Compare the Effectiveness of Atypical Neuroleptics 

Other HSR&D
2052  Ahsan Arozullah - Low Health Literacy Increases the Risk of Preventable Hospital Admission   
2053  C. Raymond Bingham - Depression, Patient-Provider Communication, Illness Self-Care and Lifestyle Behaviors among Diabetes Patients  *   
2054  Ann Borzecki - Hypertension Control: How Well Are We Doing?  * 
2055  Rani Desai - Mental Health Service Delivery and Risk of Suicide in Psychiatric Patients  *   
2056  Timothy Hofer - Measuring Quality of Care: Is There a Role for Peer Review?  *   
2057  Anthony Lehman - Assessing Quality of Care for Veterans with Schizophrenia  * 
2058  Jeanne Schaefer - Continuity of Care Services and Substance Use Disorder Patients' Engagement in Continuing Care  *


Patient Safety
2059  Graeme Fincke - Does Age or Patient Condition Determine Allocation of Medical Resources in the Last Year of Life?  *   
2060  Joan Griffin - The Efficacy of Informed Consent in a Large Clinical Trial  *   
2061  Sandra Holley - Energy for Living with Cancer: A Cancer Rehabilitation Group Intervention Study (Pilot Findings)   
2063  Peter D. Mills - Reducing Falls and Injuries Due to Falls in the VA System 
2062  Andrea Spehar - Seamless Care: Transitional Health Care from Hospital to Home

Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Age
2064  Laurel Copeland - Racial Disparity in the Use of Atypical Antipsychotic Medications: Is It Still a Problem? 
2065  Judith Long - Missing Race Data in VA Based Disparities Research: A Systematic Review 
2066  Alfredo Selim - Are There Racial Differences in Mortality Rates among Patients Receiving Outpatient Care in the VA?  *   
2067  Donna Washington - VA Emergency Healthcare for Women: Condition – Critical or Stable?  *   
2068  Marjory Williams - Cultural Barriers to Access of VA Blind Rehabilitation Services  * 



An asterisk (*) following a title indicates that the research was funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Health Services Research & Development Service

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