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HSR&D 2004 National Meeting Abstracts

2025. Women Veterans' Satisfaction With Inpatient Hospitalization
Carron C Cherrie-Benton, PhC, VISN 8 MET, M Mikelonis, VISN 8 Women Veterans Workgroup, S Demas, VISN 8 MET

Objectives: Understanding women veterans’ satisfaction is one means to improve the quality of care in the VHA system. A cross-sectional survey was conducted to determine women veterans’ satisfaction with inpatient care in VISN 8.

Methods: The multi-site descriptive survey included 329 women from six VAMCs. A modification of the Boston Picker Institute Survey, which consists of the nine Veterans Healthcare Service Standards, was used. A mixed method approach incorporated open-ended questions to assess perceptions of safety and privacy. Site coordinators recruited women being discharged from inpatient care. Surveys were mailed from a central location with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Data analysis included descriptive statistics, T-tests, one-way analysis of variances, and qualitative analysis. Comparisons were made with 2002 survey results and VHA national data.

Results: The response rate was 55.52%, comparable to the VHA national survey response rate of 55.97%. Results indicated that a majority of women veterans (86.5%) were more satisfied than the national sample (76.54%) with the quality of care in VISN 8 facilities. Women were informed about their medical condition (87.6%), included in treatment decisions (83.7%) and had enough privacy (87.6%). Further analyses of VISN compared to national data will be presented.

Conclusions: Overall, women veterans are satisfied with in-patient care in VISN 8 facilities. Opportunities for improvement are in the availability of caregivers and discharge instructions.

Impact: As a vulnerable minority in the VHA system, it is imperative for future health care planning, quality improvement, and policy, to understand women veterans’ satisfaction with VA health care services.