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HSR&D 2004 National Meeting Abstracts

300X (not assigned). Process of Translating Research into Practice: Lessons from SCI QUERI
Carolyn M Wallace, PhD

Workshop Objectives: Present an introduction to translating research into practice: QUERI steps and evaluation process. Describe three projects designed to promote use of evidence-based care for patients with SCI&D. Describe lessons learned about implementation of evidence-based care. Present commentaries on the projects and lessons, incorporating research, policy and clinical perspectives.

Workshop Activities: Introduction to translation research, QUERI steps and evaluation processes (10 min.) - Cheryl Stetler, Phd, RN Projects and lessons from SCI QUERI (45 min.) Lessons learned from implementing two clinical practice guidelines - Marylou Guihan, PhD Facilitation of interventions to improve vaccination rates: SCI QUERI - Marcia Legro, PhD Lessons from implementing computerized clinical reminders in SCI - Carolyn Wallace, PhD Commentary: Clinical/research interface (15 min.) - Audrey Nelson, PhD, RN Summary, comments, questions and discussion (20 min.) - Cheryl Stetler, PhD, RN