2012 National Meeting

2013 — VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) - Data Services and SAS/Grid

Nebeker JR, HSR&D; Saoudian H, HSR&D; OI&T; DuVall S, HSR&D; Ezzo M, HSR&D; OI&T;

Workshop Objectives:
The workshop will be in two parts: Introduce researchers to the data available when using the VINCI system; demonstration of the SAS/Grid installation. The presenters will use examples from actual research projects. By the end of this workshop, attendees will understand the nature and extent of data available for research including meta data, data quality, and access. Users will also be able to transition statistical analysis to the SAS/Grid for more robust, faster analyses.

Activities will include the demonstration of the transition from SAS to SAS Grid for users familiar with statistical software. Advantages of using Grid technology will be demonstrated using real examples from HSR&D projects. We will also present examples of data and data services and reference actual research projects using the VINCI workspace.

Target Audience:
Intermediate users of CDW and VINCI data; researchers who use or need powerful statistical software.

Assumed Audience Familiarity with Topic:
Audience need not be familiar with VINCI, but must have familiarity with VA data and statistical analyses.