2012 National Meeting

2031 — Budget Impact Analyses in VA Research: Providing Answers to Our Operational Partners

Sinnott PL, and Wagner TH, VA Health Economics Resource Center (HERC);

Workshop Objectives:
A budget impact analysis estimates the financial consequences of adoption and diffusion of a new technology or healthcare intervention. It is the most useful information after effectiveness that we can provide to our operational partners as it addresses the key question of affordability. The budget impact analysis is expected to answer the questions: how much does the intervention cost; how much will it cost to disseminate; will there be economies of scale; how many patients need this care and how many more (or fewer) patients will seek care if we implement this new technology; will there be short-term savings that offset start-up costs; and what could we do to make the intervention and the dissemination more affordable? The objective of this presentation is to describe the budget impact analysis methodology and provide examples from two studies of the data collection and analyses, the findings and implications of the results, and recommendations for future studies.

We will provide an instructional presentation on Budget Impact Analyses, based on the guidelines for Budget Impact Analyses adopted by the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR). Using examples from two completed studies, we will describe costing methodologies, statistical methods to describe the factors associated with these costs, and to assess the influence of various factors on cost outcomes, and interpretation of findings. We will provide working examples from completed HERC studies and follow the instructional portion of the presentation with an opportunity for participants to bring questions for discussion.

Target Audience:
QUERI and HSR&D researchers interested in assessing intervention and implementation costs and in partnering with operations.

Assumed Audience Familiarity with Topic: