2023 HSR&D/QUERI National Conference

3004 — Basic Training in Military and Veteran Cultural Humility

Lead/Presenter: Brandolyn White,  COIN - Durham
All Authors: White BS, Center of Innovation to Accelerate Discovery and Practice Transformation, Durham VA Health Care System; Dynamic Diffusion Network QUERI Program; Craig JL, Colorado AgrAbility Program; Dynamic Diffusion Network QUERI Program; White-McKnight T, International Association of Military Women of Color; Dynamic Diffusion Network QUERI Program;

Workshop Objectives:
People who have served in the U.S. armed forces have their own customs, traditions, and language. As such, civilians who are not connected to the military may not realize that there are significant differences in attitudes and values that characterize a unique military culture. These values may be in contrast to the ethos of the general population. Health service researchers and clinicians seeking to authentically engage with, and address the pressing health needs of Veterans, should strive to increase their understanding of military culture. The Dynamic Diffusion Network (DDN) QUERI Program is vested in partnering with Veterans to foster mutually beneficial relationships that strengthen efforts to improve the delivery of VA health care services to Veterans. Conducted initially as a virtual session in April 2022 by a diverse panel of Veterans of the DDN QUERI Technical Expert Panel, Basic Training in Military and Veteran Cultural Humility aims to support health professionals and researchers in working effectively with Veterans and their families. The objectives of the workshop are to 1) provide an overview of the U.S. military, its customs, and culture; 2) create a shared understanding of the U.S. military culture to remove barriers, aid in rapport, and offer common language when engaging with Veterans; 3) describe caveats in communicating with Veterans; 4) describe the most frequent disabilities encountered in combat Veterans (e.g., PTSD/TBI); and 5) offer resources to improve outreach to Veterans.

The workshop is organized by diverse Veteran presenters who will deliver a didactic presentation on key aspects and issues within military culture. Following the presentation, attendees will participate in a facilitated interactive question and answer panel with Veterans. As part of the panel, attendees will be encouraged to present current challenges related to 1) Veteran engagement and 2) understanding military culture for Veteran input and guidance.

Target Audience:
Civilian research investigators/staff and other health care professionals interacting with and delivering care to Veterans are encouraged to attend the workshop.

Assumed Audience Familiarity with Topic:
We assume that the audience will have little to no knowledge and experiences concerning the military but are increasingly interested in gaining knowledge and a better understanding about military culture.