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Quality Improvement

VA HSR&D Research Topics: Quality Improvement

Quality improvement comprises all aspects of the VA healthcare system—from organizational factors to one-on-one patient interactions. Important issues being studied include improving surgical outcomes, assessing multiple factors that contribute to high-performance hospitals, and evaluating the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of VA healthcare programs and initiatives.

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Publication Briefs

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( 5 of more than 279 QUALITY focused projects )

Project No.  Title  PI  Funding Start   
IIR 16-040 Investigating Multi-Level Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Quality of End-of-Life Care for Veterans Kutney Lee, Ann 2018-04-01
IIR 17-219 Benchmarking Hospital Quality: Template Matching versus Conventional Regression Approaches Prescott, Hallie 2018-03-01
IIR 16-296 Measuring, Mining and Understanding Communication Behaviors: Markers for Quality Healthcare Houston, Thomas 2018-01-01
IIR 15-379 Quality of Care and Patient Experience in GeriPACT: A Comparative Effectiveness Study Hastings, Susan 2017-07-01
IIR 15-301 The Effect of Reduction and Standardization of Reimbursements in the VA Fee-Basis Program: Impact on Quality of Care and Health Outcomes Mor, Vincent 2017-02-01

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HSR&D Briefs, Reports, Newsletters

5 sample "Quality" publications displayed.

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The most recent "Quality" seminars are displayed.

Date Title Presenter(s)
5/9/2018 Promoting Patient-Centered Family Planning in VA Through a Novel Web-Based Decision Support Tool Borrero, Sonya  
Callegari, Lisa  
5/3/2018 Adventures in Program Implementation and Expansion: Improving Transitions of Care for Veterans Ayele, Roman  
McCreight, Marina  
Mayberry, Ashlea  
4/12/2018 HSR&D Health System Impact Award: Enhancing Patient Safety by Preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI): The Journey Continues Saint, Sanjay  
Krein, Sarah  
3/1/2018 Integrating Quality Improvement into the Work-life of VA MOVE! Program Coordinators: LEAP Program First-year Results Damschroder, Laura  
2/26/2018 Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve Emergency Department Efficiency: An Evidence Map Geiger, Joshua  
Ward, Michael  
Secada, Pam  
Shekelle, Paul  
Miake-Lye, Isomi  

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