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Date Title Series Presenters
4/22/2015 Instrumental Variables HERC Econometrics with Observational Data
Chee, Christine
4/21/2015 Genomics and Informatics: Technology Solutions to Compute with Sensitive Data VIReC Innovations in Healthcare Informatics
Ohno-Machado, Lucila
4/16/2015 Using Photovoice and Photo-Elicitation Methods in VA Research: Addressing Questions around Ethics, Practice, and Measurement Timely Topics of Interest
True, Gala (Jennifer)
4/15/2015 Engaging VA Patients in Local and Regional Care Planning and Design Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Khodyakov, Dmitry
Stockdale, Susan
4/15/2015 Randomized Controlled Evaluation of an Intensive Management Patient Aligned Care Team (ImPACT) for High-Need, High-Cost Veterans Affairs Patients HERC Health Economics Seminar
Chee, Christine
Zulman, Donna
4/9/2015 Qualitative Grant Writing Spotlight on Women's Health
Hamilton, Alison
4/8/2015 Natural Experiments and Difference-in-Differences HERC Econometrics with Observational Data
Chee, Christine
4/7/2015 The Integrated Pain Clinic: Facilitating Coordinated Care Within the Stepped Care Model Spotlight on Pain Management
Sellinger, John
4/6/2015 Blood pressure measurements and their application for outcomes research in the CDW VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Kovesdy, Csaba
4/2/2015 CIFR Tools and Resources: Current and Future Plans QUERI Implementation Seminar
Damschroder, Laura
4/2/2015 VINCI Services VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Scehnet, Jeffrey
4/1/2015 Propensity Scores HERC Econometrics with Observational Data
Wagner, Todd
3/25/2015 Research Design HERC Econometrics with Observational Data
Chee, Christine
3/24/2015 Shared Decision Making Implementation: Challenges and Opportunities Timely Topics of Interest
Politi, Mary
3/18/2015 Choosing Wisely and Overuse: Prevalence, Variation and Reform HERC Health Economics Seminar
Colla, Carrie
3/17/2015 An Overview of Existing Data VIReC Partnered Research
Wright, Steven W.
3/11/2015 Econometrics Course: Introduction and Identification HERC Econometrics with Observational Data
Wagner, Todd
3/11/2015 A Methodological Approach to Traditional and Large-Scale Qualitative Research Topics in Mixed Methods Research
Zickmund, Susan
3/9/2015 Veterans' interactions with VHA care prior to suicide: Implications for VHA providers Suicide Prevention
Denneson, Lauren
Dobscha, Steven
3/9/2015 Social Media: Part 1) From Personal to Public Health & Part 2) A Press Release is not Enough (follow-up session) Timely Topics of Interest
Frakt, Austin
Perencevich, Eli
3/5/2015 Improving care quality through hybrid implementation/effectiveness studies: Best practices in design, methods, and measures QUERI Implementation Seminar
Cohen, Amy
Hamilton, Alison
Ritchie, Mona
3/5/2015 Conducting a Research Study Using VINCI VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Trautman, Tim
3/3/2015 Admitted to the hospital, and in chronic pain--what is the inpatient care team to do? Spotlight on Pain Management
Mosher, Hilary
3/2/2015 Extracting Data from the EHR Using CAPRI and VistAWeb VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Williams, Linda
2/19/2015 Symptom Management for PTSD: Mantram Repetition Program Randomized Clinical Trial Results Timely Topics of Interest
Bormann, Jill