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4/21/2014 2014 Under Secretary Award- Improving the Value of Health Care- A VA Health Service’s Researcher’s Journey to Identify, Communicate and Implement High Value Care Timely Topics of Interest
Wilt, Timothy
4/16/2014 The Power of Observational Data to Compare Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes on Long-Term Outcomes HERC Health Economics Seminar
Prentice, Julia
4/16/2014 PACT: part 1. Assessing Reactions to PACT Implementation: The Team and Individual Role Perceptions Survey (TIRPS), part 2. Burnout and Working to Top of Competency in VA Primary Care Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Helfrich, Christian
Lolkus, Stacy
Stewart, Gregory
4/9/2014 Prevention of Wrong Site Surgery, Retained Surgical Items, and Surgical Fires: A Systematic Review Spotlight on Evidence-based Synthesis Program
Gunnar, William
Hempel, Susanne
Shekelle, Paul
4/9/2014 An Overview of Decision Analysis HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Course
Gidwani, Risha
4/7/2014 Measuring Laboratory Use and Results Using the VA DSS National Lab Data VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
O'Hare, Ann
4/3/2014 VistA Evolution Program’s Vision and Identified Knowledge Gaps Timely Topics of Interest
Long, Brenna
Nebeker, Jonathan
Ward, Merry
4/1/2014 Communicating about Opioids for Chronic Pain: What really happens in clinic visits? Spotlight on Pain Management
Matthias, Marianne
3/27/2014 Computer based cognitive training in a military based population Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
DePalma, Ralph
Law, Wendy
Sullivan, Kate
3/24/2014 Goal-directed regulation of attention and problem solving: Neural behavioral launchpads towards successful cognitive functioning after brain injury Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Chen, Anthony
Novakovic-Agopian, Tatjana
3/20/2014 Deployment-Related Insomnia and Cognitive Behavioral Treatments Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Bramoweth, Adam
3/19/2014 Mental Health Care during Periodic Health Exams: How Do They Occur and How Long Do They Last HERC Health Economics Seminar
Tai-Seale, Ming
3/19/2014 Pain Management and PACT Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Helstrom, Amy
3/6/2014 Updated QUERI Implementation Guide QUERI Implementation Seminar
Guide Committee, QUERI Implementation
Sales, Anne
3/5/2014 ACA-Health Equity/Disparities Connection Timely Topics of Interest
Andrulis, Dennis
Siddiqui, Nadia
Uchendu, Uchenna
3/4/2014 Quality Improvement and Implementation Support to Improve Use of Guideline Recommended Practices for Chronic Opioid Therapy Spotlight on Pain Management
Trafton, Jodie
3/3/2014 Using CAPRI and VistAWeb VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Williams, Linda
2/25/2014 Sleep Disorders among Veterans with PTSD Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Tamanna, Sadeka
2/19/2014 Hospital Profiling with Enhanced Risk Adjustment Based on Laboratory Tests and Vital Signs Data HERC Health Economics Seminar
Borzecki, Ann
Hanchate, Amresh
2/19/2014 PACT Implementation and Provider Job Turnover Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Sylling, Philip
2/18/2014 Better Mental Health Scheduling VIReC Clinical Informatics Seminar
Fore, Peter
2/13/2014 Strategic Plans in Women’s Health- Implications for Research and Program Evaluation Spotlight on Women's Health
Hayes, Patricia
2/11/2014 Using Clinical Databases and Digital Health Technology to Build a Learning Health System and Patient Centered Care and Support QUERI Implementation Seminar
Øvretveit, John
2/4/2014 Understanding and Reducing Racial Disparities in Pain Spotlight on Pain Management
Burgess, Diana
2/3/2014 Examining Veterans’ Pharmacy Use with VA and Medicare Pharmacy Data VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Stroupe, Kevin