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Date Title Series Presenters
1/27/2015 The Basics of Shared Decision Making Timely Topics of Interest
Fagerlin, Angie
1/26/2015 Getting the Information You Need From CDW: SQL Starter Language VIReC Corporate Data Warehouse
Gonsoulin, Margaret
1/22/2015 Evaluating implementation and combining improvement and implementation sciences QUERI Implementation Seminar
Øvretveit, John
1/22/2015 Budget Impact Analysis Methods Development for QUERI Projects HERC Health Economics Seminar
Jordan, Neil
1/21/2015 The Patient Care Assessment System (PCAS) for PACT Teams: New Tools in Release 2! Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Box, Tamara
1/20/2015 Integrating Systems Improvement with Informatics Tool Development: Evidence Based Results VIReC Clinical Informatics Seminar
Mulpuri, Midhilesh
Woodward-Hagg, Heather
1/14/2015 Service Utilization among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Screening Positive for Traumatic Brain Injury Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Maguen, Shira
1/12/2015 Measuring Veterans’ Medicare Health Services Use VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
de Groot, Kristin
1/8/2015 The Minimum Quality Criteria Set (MQCS) for critical appraisal of the QI literature: Advancing the science of quality improvement QUERI Implementation Seminar
Rubenstein, Lisa
1/7/2015 The Effects of Shared Decision Making on Cancer Screening: A Systematic Review Spotlight on Evidence-based Synthesis Program
Kinsinger, Linda
Lillie, Sarah
1/6/2015 Technology-assisted interventions for chronic pain: Research and practice Spotlight on Pain Management
Heapy, Alicia
12/16/2014 Evaluating user experiences of the secure messaging tool on the Veterans Affairs' patient portal system VIReC Clinical Informatics Seminar
Haun, Jolie
12/10/2014 Social Media: A Press Release is not Enough Timely Topics of Interest
Frakt, Austin
12/4/2014 VINCI SAS/Grid VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Ezzo, Mark
12/3/2014 Windows to the Brain: the Neuropsychiatry of Brain Injury and Common Co-morbidities Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Hurley, Robin
12/2/2014 Essentials of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain Management Spotlight on Pain Management
Otis, John
12/1/2014 Assessing Inpatient and Outpatient VA Health Care Use VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Weichle, Tom
11/20/2014 Health of Vietnam Women Study (Health ViEW): CSP #579 Spotlight on Women's Health
Magruder, Kathryn
Serpi, Tracey
11/19/2014 Using Qualitative Methods to Understand and Inform the VA’s PACT Initiative Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Sayre, George
Tuepker, Anais
11/18/2014 Uses of Mobile Text Messaging to Engage Homeless Persons VIReC Clinical Informatics Seminar
McInnes, Keith
11/10/2014 Effects of low-level blast exposure on the nervous system Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Elder, Gregory
11/6/2014 HSR&D CDA Proposals and the Review Process Timely Topics of Interest
Shekelle, Paul
Small, Robert
11/6/2014 DART – The Data Access Request Tracker Application VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Trautman, Tim
11/4/2014 What we know about opioid adherence might surprise you: findings from a qualitative study of opioid use behaviors Spotlight on Pain Management
Lewis, Eleanor
11/3/2014 Requesting Access to VA Data for Research & Operations VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Kok, Linda