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Date Title Series Presenters
10/6/2015 Rationale, Methods and Early Lessons from IMPROVE Spotlight on Pain Management
Becker, William
Heapy, Alicia
Midboe, Amanda
10/5/2015 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among Veterans: A Randomized Clinical Trial Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Livingston, Edward
Polusny, Melissa
10/5/2015 Overview of VA Data, Information Systems, National Databases and Research Uses VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Hynes, Denise
10/1/2015 The Science of Implementation: Current State and How We Can Move the Needle QUERI Implementation Network
Sales, Anne
10/1/2015 VINCI ChartReview/eHOST (Annotation tool) VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Patterson, Olga
9/29/2015 Social Dynamics of Substance Use in Online Social Networks for Smoking Cessation VIReC Innovations in Healthcare Informatics
Graham, Amanda
Zhao, Kang
9/29/2015 Impact of PTSD on Female as Compared to Male Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans’ Employment and Family Functioning Spotlight on Women's Health
Vogt, Dawne
9/24/2015 Errors of Omission: Missed Nursing Care Timely Topics of Interest
Kalisch, Beatrice
9/24/2015 Using REDCap: Data management in studies linking primary and secondary data VIReC Good Data Practices
Deppen, Stephen
9/22/2015 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Selecting Methods and Tools for Data Analysis VIReC Good Data Practices
Hynes, Denise
9/21/2015 ESP Report: Colonoscopy Outcomes by Duration of NPO Status Prior to Colonoscopy with Moderate or Deep Sedation Spotlight on Evidence-based Synthesis Program
Dominitz, Jason
Helfand, Mark
Shaukat, Aasma
Wallace, Art
9/17/2015 An Early Examination of Choice Act Care for Women Veterans Spotlight on Women's Health
Mattocks, Kristin
9/17/2015 Mind the Gap: Using administrative and claims data to answer your research question VIReC Good Data Practices
Wagner, Todd
9/16/2015 Part 1: Exploring the Effects of Membership Change Event Characteristics in PACT Teamlets & Part 2: A Path to Resilience: Enhancing Resilience in PACT Teams Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Reeves, Cody
Warde, Carole
9/16/2015 OEF/OIF Army Reservists’ Postdeployment Mental Health Screens and Linkage to the Veterans Health Administration HERC Health Economics Seminar
Sox-Harris, Alex
Vanneman, Megan
9/15/2015 Working with the CDW Health Factors Domain VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Barnett, Paul
Brown, Rebecca
9/15/2015 Planning for Data: Early, Often and Ongoing VIReC Good Data Practices
Krein, Sarah
9/14/2015 Interventions to Improve Continuity of Care and Treatment Engagement among Veterans At-risk for Suicide Suicide Prevention
Matarazzo, Bridget
Stecker, Tracy
9/14/2015 Alcohol and Drug Use among Women Veterans: What We Know and What We Don’t Know Spotlight on Women's Health
Hoggatt, Katherine
Simpson, Tracy
9/10/2015 ESP Report: Comparative Effectiveness of Proton Irradiation Treatment Spotlight on Evidence-based Synthesis Program
Hagan, Michael
Helfand, Mark
Kelley, Michael
Peterson, Kimberly
9/3/2015 DART – The Data Access Request Tracker Application VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Scehnet, Jeffrey
9/3/2015 QUERI in the Era of Learning Healthcare Systems QUERI Implementation Seminar
Kilbourne, Amy
9/2/2015 eHMP to Replace CPRS: Possibilities for Re-envisioning Healthcare Delivery and Implications for Health Services Research Timely Topics of Interest
Hellewell, James
McNamee, Shane
Nebeker, Jonathan
Ward, Merry
9/1/2015 Women Veterans’ Early Experiences and Weight Loss Outcomes with a Web-Based Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Spotlight on Women's Health
Damschroder, Laura
Moin, Tannaz
Richardson, Caroline
9/1/2015 Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain (intranet only) Spotlight on Pain Management
Groessl, Erik