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Evidence-based Synthesis Program Reports

Example cover of ESP report

The Evidence-based Synthesis Program (ESP) was established to provide timely and accurate syntheses of targeted health care topics of particular importance to VA managers and policy makers and to disseminate these reports broadly throughout VA. Available reports are listed and linked below.

NOTE: Many of our reports are available only on the VA Intranet. To access the intranet only reports listed here, copy and paste into your browser if you have intranet access.

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  • Memo: An Evidence-Based Wait Time Threshold [intranet only]
  • Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Clostridium Difficile Infection [intranet only]
  • Evidence Brief: The Effectiveness of Mandatory Computer-Based Trainings on Government Ethics, Workplace Harassment, or Privacy and Information Security-Related Topics [intranet only]
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in Outpatient Settings: A Systematic Review [intranet only]
  • Early Warning System Scores: A Systematic Review [intranet only]
  • Review of Reviews on Various Topics for August 2013 Specialty Care Mini SOTA (Release Date: September 2013) [intranet only]
  • Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults with Depressive or Anxiety Disorders (Release Date: October 2013) [intranet only]
  • Prevention of Wrong Site Surgery, Retained Surgical Items, and Surgical Fires: A Systematic Review [intranet only]
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in Inpatient Settings: A Systematic Review [intranet only]
  • Budget Impact Analysis: Warfarin and Newer Oral Anticoagulants for the Prevention of Stroke Among Veterans With Atrial Fibrillation [intranet only]
  • Evidence Brief: Effects of Small Hospital Closure on Patient Health Outcomes [intranet only]
  • Patients with Positive Screening Fecal Occult Blood Tests [intranet only]
  • Developing a Threshold for Small VA Hospitals: Evidence Brief on Quality and Safety (Release Date: February 2013) [intranet only]
  • Evidence Brief: Effectiveness of Intensive Primary Care Programs (Release Date: February 2013) [intranet only]

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