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Health Care Organization

Health Services Research and Development Service is interested in scientific approaches to developing methods that promote better understanding of the healthcare organizational or system factors associated with variation in clinical outcomes or processes of care. In general, studies in this portfolio explore contextual factors that will inform future implementation of effective programs or treatments, conduct empirical or observational research to inform implementation theories, frameworks, or processes; involve observational studies of implementation processes associated with an effectiveness study where the focus is on patient outcomes (e.g., Hybrid Type I designs - see Curran et al. 2012), and/or develop measures or methods that will improve the assessment and understanding of implementation uptake, fidelity, and/or impact across the VA healthcare system. In general, proposals that test implementation strategies (e.g., Hybrid Type III designs - see Curran et al. 2012), focus on treatment uptake rather than demonstrating the treatment's effect on patient clinical outcomes, and/or evaluate regional or national roll-outs of effective programs or high-priority clinical interventions, especially in partnership with VHA clinical operations (e.g., Hybrid Type II designs - see Curran et al. Medical Care 2012) should be considered under the QUERI funding mechanism.

For general information about the Health Care Organization, please contact:

Ranjana Banerjea, PhD, MBA
Scientific Portfolio Manager
Health Services Research and Development (10P9H)