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HSR&D Resource Centers

HSR&D provides core funding to four Resource Centers that support HSR&D management and the COINs by providing data, consultation, and focused research on management issues, health economics and systems.

Health Economics Resource Center (HERC), Menlo Park, CA

HERC logo Center Focus:
  • Document and evaluate of VA economic data bases, including Managerial Cost Accounting (MCA) system national data extracts, and data on purchased care, pharmacy, prosthetics and other cost data.
  • Create new VA economics data, including a comprehensive estimate of the cost of all VA health care encounters, annual patient-level cost estimates, an index of the relative labor cost of different facilities, a schedule of the cost of employing different types of health care staff, and a discharge-level database of inpatient costs derived from the MCA inpatient data.
  • Provide Cybercourses on cost-effectiveness analysis and econometric methods.
  • Coordinate Cyberseminars on health economic methods and findings
  • Assist VA researchers with a health economics consulting service
  • Convene working groups of HSR&D researchers to address economic issues of special concern to the Veterans Health Administration.

Center Executive Summary

Todd Wagner, PhD
(650) 617-2630
web site:

VA Information Resource Center (VIREC), Hines, IL

VIREC logo

Mission: To advance VA capacity to use data effectively for research and quality improvement and to foster communication between research data users and the VA healthcare community.

Center Focus:

  • Advance data knowledge and methods by conducting research and collaborating with experts in the field to create a knowledge base of factual and evaluative information about VA data and information systems.
  • Disseminate data knowledge and information that enables researchers to maximize the power of VA data and information systems.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing among the data user community.
  • Collaborate with VA data stewards and program offices to enhance data availability and to address issues affecting research that uses data and information systems.

VIReC Factsheet

Denise M. Hynes, PhD
(708) 202-2413
web site:

Center for Information Dissemination and Education Resources, Boston, MA

CIDER logo

Center Focus

  • Developing publications and managing HSR&D national dissemination efforts;
  • Managing the national HSR&D and QUERI websites;
  • Planning and facilitating meetings and conferences, including HSR&D and QUERI national meetings and state-of-the-art conferences;
  • Coordinating HSR&D cyber seminars; and
  • Developing HSR&D contributions to R&D publications and other VA and non-VA publications and products.

Center Executive Summary

(857) 364-6073
web site:

VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI), Salt Lake City, UT

VINCI logo

Center Focus

  • Build a secure, high-performance computing environment for researchers to access data
  • Construct integrated databases from national clinical and administrative data sets
  • Consolidate processes and procedures for access to data ensuring compliance with VA policies
  • Provide tools to analyze data, report results, and support informatics research
  • Reach out to the research community

Scott L. DuVall, PhD
(801) 582-1565 x4166
web site:
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