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Title Topic(s) Date
Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation at VAMCs Serving More Minorities Less Likely to Receive Anticoagulation for Stroke Prevention Disparities Jun 24, 2024
Post-MISSION Act Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Use and Wait Times for VA and Community Care Primary Care Access Jun 21, 2024
Compared with Observation, Prostate Cancer Surgery Often Not Worth Potential Harms in Patients with Low or Low–Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer Cancer Jun 12, 2024
Perceived Urgency, Proximity, Personal Preference, and Cost Cited as Biggest Influencers of Choosing VA vs. Non-VA ED Care Emergency Medicine May 18, 2024
Absence of Brief Intervention Following Positive Alcohol Screen Associated with Increased Opioid-Related Risks within a Year Opioid May 1, 2024
Caring Letters Not Associated with Suicide Attempts Following Veterans Crisis Line Contact, But Are Associated with Higher Probability of VA Mental Healthcare Use Suicide Apr 29, 2024
Prolonged Deployment to Military Bases with Open Burn Pits Increases Risk of Adverse Health Outcomes OEF/OIF Apr 25, 2024
Initiation of Antihypertensives in Older VA Nursing Home Residents Increases Risk of Fractures and Falls Hypertension Apr 22, 2024
Clinician Burnout Associated with Lower Odds of Clinically Meaningful Improvement Among Veterans with PTSD PTSD Apr 17, 2024
COVID-19 Infection Associated with More Depression Symptoms among Veterans at 18 months Post-Infection COVID-19 Apr 16, 2024
De-Prescribing Intervention Reduced Overuse of Proton Pump Inhibitors Among Veterans Medication Apr 11, 2024
Veterans with COVID-19 have Greater Risk of Potentially Preventable Hospitalization than Non-infected Veterans COVID-19 Apr 10, 2024
VA’s Referral Coordination Initiative Does Not Measurably Affect VA or Community Care Wait Times or Community Care Referrals Access Mar 30, 2024
PACT Implementation Associated with Potential Short-Term Improvement in Quality of Follow-Up for Certain Diagnostic Tests Cancer Mar 14, 2024
JGIM Supplement Highlights VA’s Unique Advances in Virtual Care Access Mar 13, 2024
Dramatic Increase in Veterans’ Use of Non-VA Emergency Care Emergency Medicine Mar 8, 2024
Veterans’ Perceptions of VA Healthcare by Race and Sex Disparities Feb 19, 2024
Women Veterans More Likely to Have Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions and Higher Pain Interference and Intensity Pain Feb 12, 2024
More Than Half of Veterans with Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders Have Greater Perceived Social Isolation Than the General Population Spinal Cord Injury Feb 5, 2024
Wide VA Facility-Level Variation in Anticoagulation for Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation, Including by Race Heart Disease Feb 2, 2024
VA's Comprehensive Approach to Ending Homelessness Brought Larger Gains than in the General Population Homelessness Jan 29, 2024
Significant Increase in Telehealth for Primary Care among Homeless Veterans Following the Pandemic Homelessness Jan 22, 2024
Team-Based Palliative Telecare Led to Improved Quality of Life in Veterans with Chronic Lung Disease and Heart Failure Heart Disease Jan 16, 2024
Low VA Screening Rates for Elder Abuse Elder Care Jan 8, 2024
Homelessness Associated with Increased Rates of All-Cause Mortality among Veterans with Lung and Colorectal Cancer Cancer Dec 21, 2023
Veterans with a Racial/Ethnic Minority Background, Rural Residence, or Mental Health Disability History Were Less Likely to Complete Preoperative Goals of Care Documentation Disparities Dec 19, 2023
Veterans Diagnosed with Pyogenic Liver Abscess Have Significantly Higher Rates of Colorectal Cancer for Up to Three Years after PLA Diagnosis Cancer Dec 18, 2023
Personalized Multi-Level Intervention Helps Veterans Make Best Decisions about Colorectal Cancer Screening Cancer Dec 1, 2023
Veterans Experience Better Outcomes in VA Hospitals for Some Conditions, but at Higher Cost Quality Dec 1, 2023
With Some Forms of Traumatic Brain Injury, Non-Deployed Veterans Have Higher Risk of Epilepsy than Deployed Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Nov 29, 2023
Study Suggests Racial Inequalities in VA Pancreatic Cancer Care Cancer Nov 13, 2023
Veterans with Minimal Documentation of Rationale for High-Risk Flag Inactivation Are More Likely to Attempt Suicide Suicide Nov 2, 2023
Telework Association with VA Physician Burnout During COVID Pandemic COVID-19 Oct 27, 2023
Veterans with COVID-19 Have Elevated Rates of Suicide Attempt and Other Self-Directed Violence COVID-19 Oct 26, 2023
Equal-Access Healthcare Is Associated with Significantly Improved Clinical Outcomes in Black and Hispanic Veterans with Prostate Cancer Cancer Oct 11, 2023
Colorectal Cancer Screening Uncommon in Veterans Aged 76-85, Varying Only Slightly by Predicted Life Expectancy Cancer Sep 7, 2023
Suicides Among Post-9/11 Veterans Surged from 2006–2020, Exacerbated by TBI OEF/OIF Aug 28, 2023
COVID-19 Infection Not Associated with Clinically Significant Excess Mortality among Veterans Surviving at Least 180 Days COVID-19 Aug 21, 2023
Substantial Health Risks Remain for Veterans Two Years after Hospitalization for COVID-19 COVID-19 Aug 21, 2023
Multi-Level VA System Improvements are Needed to Ensure Equitable and Accessible Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Access Jul 12, 2023
Weight-Based Dosing with Pharmacy-Led Stewardship Could Reduce Cancer Drug Spending by Millions Cancer Jul 5, 2023
Deployment of Medical Scribes Improves Provider Productivity and Wait Times in Cardiology and Orthopedics Access Jul 1, 2023
Despite Equal Access and Use of VA Care, Black Veterans are More Likely to Experience Postpartum Rehospitalization and Low-Birthweight Infants Women's Health Jul 1, 2023
JGIM Special Issue on Improving Access to VA Care Access Jul 1, 2023
Significant Racial Disparities Found in VA Uterine Fibroid Treatment Disparities Jul 1, 2023
Most Veterans Endorse Clinician-Initiated Firearm Safety Discussions Based on Veteran/Family Member Risk Suicide Jun 29, 2023
Thirty-Day Mortality Higher for Older Veterans Hospitalized with COVID-19 in Community vs. VA Hospitals COVID-19 May 30, 2023
Early Months of Pandemic Increased Overall Death Rates Comparably for General Population and Veterans COVID-19 May 8, 2023
VA Surgical Care Comparable or Better than Non-VA Surgical Care Quality May 8, 2023
Supplement Features VA Research on Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Apr 25, 2023
Higher Preventive Health Inventory Use Associated with Improved Quality of Care Diabetes Apr 17, 2023
Giving Veterans an Active Voice in Creating a Veteran-Centered Chronic Pain Research Agenda Pain Mar 23, 2023
Most Veterans Support Integration of Standardized Suicide Risk Assessment into Routine Primary Care Visits Suicide Mar 20, 2023
Rural-Urban Telemedicine Disparity among Veterans Worsens Following Onset of COVID-19 Pandemic COVID-19 Mar 7, 2023
Individualized Provider Reminders Improve Statin Use and Adherence among Veterans with Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Heart Disease Mar 5, 2023
Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation May Decrease Mortality Heart Disease Mar 1, 2023
Quality of Treatment for Veterans with Early-Stage Lung Cancer Varies Widely and is Associated with Survival Cancer Mar 1, 2023
Service and Emotional Support Dogs Both Provide Benefit to Veterans with PTSD PTSD Jan 31, 2023
Research Priorities for Women Veterans’ Reproductive Health Women's Health Jan 24, 2023
Black and Hispanic Veterans Experienced Greater Access Barriers to VA Care During Pandemic Access Jan 23, 2023
Male and Female Veterans Differ in Attitudes to Referral to VA Care after Calling the Veterans Crisis Line Suicide Jan 1, 2023
Readmission Rates for Veterans who Survived COVID-19 – Prior to Availability of Vaccine COVID-19 Dec 1, 2022
Black Veterans with Chronic Pain Express Dissatisfaction with VA Telehealth Options during Pandemic Access Nov 14, 2022
Intervention for Patient-Family Dyads Improves Outcomes for Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Nov 14, 2022
Difficulty of Diagnosing and Treating Veterans Suspected of Having Long COVID COVID-19 Nov 3, 2022
QUERI Investigators Develop and Refine Evidence Assessment Checklist to Help VA Comply with Evidence Act Requirements Quality Nov 1, 2022
Timeliness of VA Purchased Community Primary Care Did Not Improve Following Early Expansion Under MISSION Act Access Oct 28, 2022
Increased Access to VA-Paid Community Care Resulted in Shift in Location of Surgery but No Difference in Outcomes for Veterans Access Oct 12, 2022
Compared to Medicare, Veterans with VA-Financed Care are More Likely to Receive Dialysis and Hospice for Kidney Disease End of Life Care Oct 7, 2022
Age and Certain Comorbidities are Risk Factors for Breakthrough COVID-19 Infection with Severe Outcomes among Veterans COVID-19 Oct 3, 2022
Routine Preoperative Screening Tests for Very Low-Risk Procedures are Common and Costly for VA Surgery Sep 13, 2022
Mental Health Staffing Affects Probability of Suicide-Related Events among Veterans Mental Health Sep 11, 2022
Traumatic Brain Injury May Be a Potentially Novel Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease in Veterans Heart Disease Sep 6, 2022
AI-Guided Pain Care Might Work as Well as Phone Therapy Pain Sep 1, 2022
JGIM Supplement Features VA Research on Women Veterans’ Health and Healthcare Women's Health Sep 1, 2022
Differences between VA- and Community-Provided Behavioral Healthcare Mental Health Aug 30, 2022
VA-GRACE Program Effectively Supports Aging Veterans and Caregivers But Does Not Reduce Readmissions Elder Care Aug 29, 2022
VA Outperforms Wait Times Compared to Community Care Access Aug 25, 2022
Factors Associated with Refusal of Lung Cancer Screening When Offered by VA Physicians Cancer Aug 16, 2022
Necessity of Learning Healthcare System Core Competencies to Retain and Empower VA Healthcare Workforce Provider Education Aug 16, 2022
Early Temperature Trends May Identify COVID-19 Infection in Pre-Symptomatic Long-Term Care Residents COVID-19 Aug 4, 2022
New Metric Determines Adequacy of VA Primary Care Staffing Access Aug 4, 2022
Factors Associated with Long COVID Care Documentation among VA Patients COVID-19 Jul 29, 2022
VA Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder was Maintained During the COVID Pandemic Through Rapid Shift to Telehealth Access Jul 28, 2022
Pharmacogenomic Testing Reduced Prescribing of Medications with Predicted Drug-Gene Interaction among Veterans with Depression Medication Jul 12, 2022
Despite Guidelines, Women Veterans More Likely to Receive Unrecommended Psychiatric Medications for PTSD than Men Medication Jul 7, 2022
Pulse Oximetry More Likely to Miss Hypoxemia in Black Veterans than White Veterans Among General and Surgical Inpatients Disparities Jul 6, 2022
Low-Value Service Use Common and Costly among Veterans Enrolled in VA Healthcare Quality Jul 5, 2022
Gulf-War Era Veterans with Depression and/or PTSD were More Likely to Receive Mental Healthcare if They were Enrolled in VA Access Jul 4, 2022
Antibiotic Stewardship Program for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Associated with Fewer Days of Antibiotics and Shorter Length of Antibiotic Therapy Medication Jul 1, 2022
Disability Compensation for Vietnam-Era Veterans with Diabetes is Associated with VA Patient Outcomes Diabetes Jul 1, 2022
Documented Clinical Diagnoses Underestimate Prevalence of Substance Use Disorders in Younger, Hispanic, and Women Veterans Disparities Jun 30, 2022
Shortening the Time-to-Antibiotics for Sepsis is Not Associated with an Increase in Antimicrobial Use Medication Jun 27, 2022
Characteristics of the Rise in Telehealth During COVID Pandemic COVID-19 Jun 18, 2022
Early Expansion of Benefits under Choice Act Increased Community Hospital Use but Did Not Change Mortality Access Jun 10, 2022
PTSD-Multimorbidity in Recently Discharged Veterans Predicts Poor Social Functioning, Increasing Risk for Suicidal Ideation Mental Health Jun 2, 2022
Antipsychotic Prescribing Decreased in VA Nursing Homes, but Prescribing Alternative Drugs, such as Opioids, Increased Medication May 26, 2022
Challenges and Strain on VA System Associated with VA-Funded Community Care for Veterans with Advanced Kidney Disease Access May 16, 2022
HSR Special Issue on the Importance of Research Translation Quality May 16, 2022
Black Veterans with Chronic Kidney Disease Experience Racism in the Healthcare Setting, Resulting in Stress and Distrust Disparities May 12, 2022
Predictive Tool Associated with 22% Lower Odds of All-Cause Mortality among High-Risk Veterans Taking Opioids Opioid May 2, 2022
Palliative Care Consultation Associated with Lower Odds of Suicide among Veterans at High Risk of One-Year Mortality Suicide Apr 27, 2022
Study Shows High Economic Burden of PTSD PTSD Apr 25, 2022
VA’s National Performance Measurement System Reveals Gaps in Timely Communication of Test Results to Veterans Quality Apr 22, 2022
Genetic Consultation Provided by VA Facilities or Centralized VA Virtual Care More Timely and Better Coordinated than Community Care Options Telemedicine Apr 11, 2022
JGIM Supplement Highlights Engaging Patients and Veterans in Health Research as a New Field of Study Veteran Engagement Apr 8, 2022
Receipt of Video Tablets among Rural Veterans Associated with Increased Use of Mental Health Care and Less Suicidal Behavior Access Apr 6, 2022
Quality of Care for Veterans with Stroke Did Not Diminish During Pandemic COVID-19 Apr 5, 2022
Specialized Primary Care Homes Effective in Treatment of Patients with Serious Mental Illness Mental Health Apr 5, 2022
Medication Risks for Veterans of Child-bearing Age Medication Mar 23, 2022
Gap between Veterans Screening Positive for Depression and Receiving Timely Guideline-Concordant Treatment Mental Health Mar 10, 2022
Rapid Response to Executive Order by HSR&D Investigators Leads to Widespread Adoption of Suicide Prevention Strategies Data Use Mar 3, 2022
For High-Risk Veterans, Fragmented Care from Multiple Providers Does Not Increase Risk of Hospitalization and May Lower Hospitalization for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions Care Coordination Feb 18, 2022
Veterans Transported to VA Hospitals by Ambulance Have Substantially Lower Mortality Rates than Veterans Taken to Non-VA Hospitals Quality Feb 16, 2022
Excess Mortality Rates among Post-9/11 Veterans Compared with General US Population, Particularly among Veterans with TBI OEF/OIF Feb 11, 2022
Shared Values and VA’s Mission-Driven Culture Strengthen VA Primary Care Physician Recruitment and Retention Physician satisfaction Feb 8, 2022
Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Conditions among Veterans for Up to One Year Following COVID-19 Infection COVID-19 Feb 7, 2022
High Virologic Cure Rates for Hepatitis C Virus among Veterans with Opioid Use Disorder Treated with Elbasvir/Grazoprevir Hepatitis C Jan 25, 2022
Suicidal Ideation among Post-9/11 Veterans Recently Separated from Military Service OEF/OIF Jan 23, 2022
Shift to Virtual Visits for Veterans with Type 2 Diabetes During the Pandemic Was Not Associated with Adverse Outcomes COVID-19 Jan 6, 2022
VA Surgeries across Eight Specialties Result in Lower Mortality among Veterans than Comparable Private Sector Surgeries Quality Dec 29, 2021
Reasons Why Women Veterans Leave or Stay in VA Healthcare Women's Health Dec 28, 2021
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Healthcare Workers and First Responders COVID-19 Dec 16, 2021
Marginal Improvements and Significant Variation in Optimal Treatment for Veterans with Heart Failure Heart Disease Nov 10, 2021
Veterans’ Intentions and Attitudes Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines COVID-19 Nov 3, 2021
Expanded Provider Options are Associated with Increased Healthcare Utilization among Veterans Access Oct 26, 2021
Low-Value Prostate Cancer Screenings Common in VA; Low-Value Breast, Cervical, Colorectal Screening Rare Cancer Oct 22, 2021
Changes in the Association between Race and Urban Residence with COVID-19 Outcomes among Veterans COVID-19 Oct 21, 2021
Receipt of COVID-19 Vaccine is Higher among Racial/Ethnic Minorities than Whites within VA Healthcare System COVID-19 Oct 21, 2021
Death from Overdose Involving Stimulants Increasing in Veterans Substance Use Oct 14, 2021
VA Women’s Health Primary Care Providers More Likely to Experience Burnout than General Primary Care Providers Women's Health Oct 7, 2021
Significant Number of Veterans with Depression May Not Be Receiving their Preferred Treatment Mental Health Oct 6, 2021
VHA In-Person Care Declined Substantially More than Community Care During Pandemic – And Has Yet to Recover COVID-19 Oct 1, 2021
Receiving Hospice Services Improved Ratings of End-of-Life Care for Veterans in VA Home-Based Primary Care End of Life Care Sep 29, 2021
Veterans Do Not Always Receive Appropriate Continuation of OUD Medications During Surgical Hospitalizations Medication Sep 20, 2021
Best Practices for Equitable COVID-19 Vaccination Drive COVID-19 Sep 15, 2021
Examining the Investment in Caring for High-Needs Patients PACT Sep 10, 2021
Intervention May Decrease Workplace Staff Injury Rates Due to Assaults in VA Community Living Centers Elder Care Aug 30, 2021
High Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Bed Occupancy Associated with Increased Rates of Suicide among Veterans Suicide Aug 16, 2021
Total Knee Arthroplasties have Significantly Lower Complication Rates when Performed in VA vs. Community Care Facilities Quality Aug 1, 2021
Racial and Ethnic Disparities Persist in the Management of VA Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Disparities Jul 28, 2021
Personal and Community Risk Factors Associated with Unsheltered Homelessness among Veterans Homelessness Jul 15, 2021
Routine Use of Remdesivir for COVID-19 May Increase Length of Hospital Stay without Improving Survival COVID-19 Jul 15, 2021
Fewer than Two-Thirds of Veterans Receive Timely Lung Cancer Screening Follow-Up Cancer Jul 8, 2021
Brief Training Increases Discussions between VA Providers and Veterans on Firearm Safety to Reduce Suicide Suicide Jul 1, 2021
Primary Care Intensive Management for High-Risk VA Patients Did Not Improve Long-term (12-24 Month) Outcomes or Costs PACT Jun 18, 2021
Social and Behavioral Risk Factors Are Not Associated with Higher Mortality among VA Patients with COVID-19 COVID-19 Jun 9, 2021
Healthcare Supplement Features HSR&D Articles on the Importance of Embedded Research Data Use Jun 1, 2021
Veterans’ Concerns on Using Community Emergency Services Access May 24, 2021
Veterans Receiving Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder Have Lower Risk of Suicide/Overdose Mortality Medication May 19, 2021
Both “High-Needs” Patients and Facility Leaders Praise VA’s Intensive Primary Care Pilot Program Access May 13, 2021
Medical Care Supplement Highlights VA Efforts to Increase Healthcare Options for Veterans through Community Care Access May 13, 2021
Low-Value Preoperative Testing for Cataract Surgery is Common Across VA Surgery May 6, 2021
Subgroups of High-Risk VA Patients Based on Social Determinants May Help Predict Risk of Future Hospitalization Patient-Centered Care May 1, 2021
Gender Differences in Relationship between Civility and Burnout among VA Primary Care Providers Physician satisfaction Apr 26, 2021
Women Veterans with Premature Cardiovascular Disease Less Likely than Men to Receive Secondary Prevention Therapy Heart Disease Apr 21, 2021
Two Studies Show Positive Impact of COVID-19 Vaccinations on VA and Community Nursing Home Residents COVID-19 Apr 16, 2021
Veterans of Color Are More Likely to be Tested for COVID-19 at VA than White Veterans and are More Likely to Test Positive COVID-19 Apr 7, 2021
VA Researchers Develop Model to Estimate Risk of COVID-19 Related Deaths among Veterans for Use in Prioritizing Vaccine COVID-19 Apr 6, 2021
VA Workgroup Consensus Statement on Suicide among Homeless Veterans and What We Still Need to Learn Homelessness Apr 1, 2021
Medication Therapy for Opioid Use Disorder Saves Lives and Can Save Money for Society Medication Mar 31, 2021
Food Insecurity in Veterans is Associated with Increased Depression Symptoms and Suicidal Ideation Mental Health Mar 26, 2021
Research Suggests Battlefield Acupuncture is Immediate but Short-Term Pain Management Tool Complementary-Integrative Health Mar 26, 2021
Veterans Receiving VA-Only Post-Kidney Transplant Care Had Lower Five-Year Mortality Compared to Non-VA Transplant Care Kidney Disease Mar 8, 2021
Important IT Issues Impede Implementation of VA Mobile Teledermatology Application Telemedicine Mar 1, 2021
Inequities in Enhanced Pension Benefit for Veterans Elder Care Feb 25, 2021
Need for Systemic, Multi-Level Interventions for Patient-Perpetrated Sexual Harassment in VA Healthcare Settings Patient Safety Feb 25, 2021
Early Initiation of Prophylactic Anticoagulation for Veterans Hospitalized with COVID-19 Reduces Mortality COVID-19 Feb 11, 2021
Temporary Financial Assistance Improves Homeless Veterans’ Odds of Becoming Stably Housed Homelessness Feb 10, 2021
Review Provides Updated Guidance for Use of Remdesivir among Individuals with COVID-19 COVID-19 Feb 9, 2021
VA Screening Tool for PTSD, Based on DSM-5 Criteria, is Accurate and Acceptable PTSD Feb 4, 2021
Some Combat Experiences May Increase Risk of Attempting Suicide among Service Members Suicide Feb 2, 2021
Referral Coordination Team Improves Timeliness of VA Specialty Care Delivery and Patient Experience Access Feb 1, 2021
Suicide Prevention for Women Veterans Suicide Feb 1, 2021
Accelerating Implementation of VA Virtual Care Telemedicine Jan 26, 2021
Veterans Open to Discussing Firearms Storage Safety in Primary Care Setting Patient Safety Jan 26, 2021
Strains on Critical Care Capacity Associated with Increased Mortality among VA Patients Admitted to an ICU for COVID-19 COVID-19 Jan 19, 2021
Supplement Features HSR&D Research on Combating Antibiotic Resistance – A Growing Worldwide Crisis Data Use Jan 15, 2021
Significantly Higher Rates of Suicide among Sexual Minority Veterans Compared to Other Veterans and the General Public Suicide Dec 28, 2020
JAMA Features Reflections on “Crossing the Quality Chasm” 20 Years Later Quality Dec 22, 2020
Veterans who Undergo Bariatric Surgery May Be at Greater Risk of Unhealthy Alcohol Use Obesity Dec 21, 2020
Many Veterans Unnecessarily Take Low-Dose Aspirin to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease Heart Disease Dec 15, 2020
Inpatient Mortality Underestimates the Health Burden of COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Veterans COVID-19 Dec 14, 2020
JGIM Supplement Features VA Research on Improving Opioid Safety among Veterans with Chronic Pain and Addiction Medication Dec 1, 2020
Frailty Associated with Post-Operative Mortality across All Non-Cardiac Surgical Specialties Surgery Nov 18, 2020
Use of VHA Homeless Programs Decreases Suicide Homelessness Nov 18, 2020
VA Mental Health Use During Pregnancy/Postpartum Periods Remained Strong among Women with Prepregnancy Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety Diagnoses Mental Health Nov 18, 2020
JGIM Supplement Features HSR&D/QUERI Research on the Importance of Implementation Science to Quality Improvement Quality Nov 10, 2020
VA’s Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Affects Access Differently for Women and Men Veterans Access Oct 20, 2020
Cannabinoid Use Increased while Opioid Use Decreased among VA Patients Undergoing Total Joint Replacement Opioid Oct 1, 2020
Geographic and Racial/Ethnic Variation in Glycemic Control and Treatment among Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Oct 1, 2020
Racial Differences in Conservative Management of Low- to Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer among Veterans Cancer Sep 28, 2020
Older Age Strongest Risk Factor Associated with Mechanical Ventilation and Death among Veterans with COVID-19 COVID-19 Sep 23, 2020
Blacks and Hispanics Twice as Likely as White Veterans to Test Positive for COVID-19 COVID-19 Sep 22, 2020
Low-Value Diagnostic Testing for Back Pain, Sinusitis, Headache, and Syncope Is Common and Varies Across VA Medical Centers Quality Sep 22, 2020
VA Policies to Establish National Dialysis Contracts Reduce Reimbursement Without Compromising Access or Survival Access Sep 22, 2020
New Tool Using Electronic Health Records Can Reliably Detect Infections after Cardiac Device Procedures Data Use Sep 21, 2020
Project Identifies and Validates Recommendations to Stop or Scale Back Unnecessary Routine Services in Primary Care Quality Sep 14, 2020
Use of Community Outpatient Providers During the Choice Program was Associated with Less Attrition from VA Care Access Sep 10, 2020
Quality Improvement Intervention Improves Outcomes for Veterans with New Ischemic Stroke Symptoms Quality Sep 8, 2020
Gender Differences in Thought Processes among Veterans who Attempted Suicide Suicide Sep 1, 2020
Higher Mortality for Veterans Choosing Community Hospitals Rather than VA for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Access Sep 1, 2020
VA/HSR&D Research on Complementary and Integrative Health Therapies within VA Complementary-Integrative Health Sep 1, 2020
Wait Times Longer for Specialty Community Care vs VA Specialty Care Since Implementation of Veterans Choice Program Access Aug 26, 2020
Effectiveness of Deprescribing Interventions for Community-Dwelling Older Adults Elder Care Aug 20, 2020
Treatment Disparities for Vulnerable VA Patient Populations with Opioid Use Disorder Disparities Aug 18, 2020
Primary Care Intensive Management Teams Impact Medication Management for Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia Diabetes Aug 7, 2020
Better Patient Experience for Outpatient Care Delivered by VA vs Community Care on Every Measure but Access Access Aug 1, 2020
Contextualized Care Planning Results in Improved Veteran Outcomes and Significant Cost Savings Quality Jul 31, 2020
VA Patients Have Fewer Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations Post-Chemotherapy than Medicare Patients Cancer Jul 15, 2020
Proactive Outreach Helps Veterans with PTSD Overcome Barriers to Getting Treatment to Help Quit Smoking PTSD Jul 2, 2020
Majority of Women Veterans Feel Welcome at VA Women's Health Jul 1, 2020
Majority of High-Risk Veterans Assigned to General Primary Care Rather than Specialized Primary Care Access Jun 29, 2020
VA’s Progress and Next Steps in Incorporating Social Determinants of Health Patient-Centered Care Jun 27, 2020
VA HIT-Related Outpatient Diagnostic Delays HIT Jun 25, 2020
VA Achieves Reduction in Heart Failure Readmissions – Without Change in Mortality – Despite Non-Financial Incentives Heart Disease Jun 17, 2020
Repeated Temperature Readings with Patient Baseline Increases Sensitivity for COVID-19 Detection among Elderly Veterans COVID-19 Jun 8, 2020
Palliative Care During VA Hospitalization for Heart Failure Reduces Readmissions and Mechanical Ventilation Heart Disease Jun 2, 2020
Both PTSD Symptoms and Moral Injury are Associated with Adverse Perinatal Outcomes among Women Veterans PTSD Jun 1, 2020
Strategy in a VA Skilled Nursing Facility Minimizes Both Asymptomatic and Pre-Symptomatic Transmission of COVID-19 COVID-19 May 29, 2020
Common Drugs for Hypertension and Diabetes Not Associated with Severe COVID-19 Illness or Testing Positive for COVID-19 COVID-19 May 15, 2020
Use and Predictors of Healthcare among New Post-9/11 Veterans with Mental Health Conditions Mental Health May 12, 2020
Veterans Using VA and Non-VA Care Experience More Healthcare “Hassles” than Veterans Using VA Care Only Care Coordination May 7, 2020
One-third of Reproductive-Age Women Veterans Perceive Gender-based Discrimination in VA Healthcare System Women's Health May 1, 2020
Veterans Advocate Treating “Sickest First” When Discussing Limited Resources for Hepatitis C Treatment Hepatitis C May 1, 2020
Positive IPV Screen Significantly Associated with Health Outcomes and Healthcare Use among Women Veterans Over 45 Women's Health Apr 21, 2020
Patient Satisfaction with VA Virtual Care Delivered by Video-Enabled Tablet Access Apr 15, 2020
Opioid Agonist Therapy Infrequent for Veterans with Opioid Use Disorder Admitted to a VA Hospital Medication Apr 14, 2020
Methods of Suicide Differ Between Stably and Unstably Housed Veterans Homelessness Apr 12, 2020
Possible Impact of Measures to Curb COVID-19 Spread on Suicide Prevention Efforts Suicide Apr 10, 2020
Significant Duplicative Spending on Coronary Revascularization Procedures among VA and Medicare Dual Enrollees Heart Disease Apr 6, 2020
Embedding Social Workers in VA Primary Care Teams Reduces Emergency Department Visits PACT Apr 1, 2020
New Measure Shows VA Fulfilled Veterans’ Timely Care Requests 86% of the Time Across Three Years Access Apr 1, 2020
Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers May Be a High-Value Solution to Increasing Access to Care for All Veterans Access Apr 1, 2020
Among Veterans Who Experience Homelessness, Non-fatal Overdose is a Relatively Common Problem Homelessness Mar 17, 2020
Practical Recommendations for the Care of Older Individuals at Highest Risk from COVID-19 Long-Term Care Mar 13, 2020
Veterans Reveal Positive Aspects of Routine VA Pain Screening Pain Mar 6, 2020
Veterans at Higher Risk of Overdose/Suicide Death After Stopping Opioid Treatment; Increasing Risk with Duration on Opioids Opioid Mar 4, 2020
Computer-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Peer Support Provides Greater Improvement of Depression Symptoms Mental Health Mar 1, 2020
Women Veterans Significantly More Likely than Male Veterans to Use Any Healthcare Up to One Year Post-Discharge Women's Health Mar 1, 2020
Integrated Pain Team Programs Improve Outcomes for Chronic Pain and May Reduce Reliance on High-Risk Opioid Therapy Opioid Feb 25, 2020
Anti-MRSA Therapy Associated with Greater 30-day Mortality Compared with Standard Therapy for Veterans with Pneumonia Medication Feb 17, 2020
Payment Changes and Choosing Wisely Recommendations Affect Low-Value Lab Testing Quality Feb 10, 2020
Eight Organizational Target Areas for Improving Access to Primary Care Access Feb 1, 2020
All-Cause Deaths and Those Due to Poisoning, Suicide, and Alcoholic Liver Disease Higher among White Veterans Ages 55-64 Substance Use Jan 31, 2020
Rates of Mental Health Diagnoses are Higher among Veterans with Obesity Mental Health Jan 30, 2020
VA Healthcare Benefits May Reduce Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Seeking Mental Health Treatment among Veterans Disparities Jan 27, 2020
Few Disparities in Medical Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder after Non-Fatal Overdose Disparities Jan 21, 2020
Increases in Opioid Dosing of 20% or Greater were Not Associated with Improvements in Pain among Veterans Opioid Jan 7, 2020
Health is the Main Concern of Newly Separated Veterans OEF/OIF Dec 28, 2019
Veterans Participating in a VA National Telehealth Tablet Initiative Save Both Time and Money Access Dec 26, 2019
Past Year Opioid Misuse Associated with Past-Year Suicide Attempt among High-Risk Veterans Opioid Dec 1, 2019
Social Stressors Strongly Associated with Suicide Ideation and Attempt among Veterans Suicide Nov 19, 2019
No Low-Risk Surgeries in High-Risk, Frail Patients Surgery Nov 13, 2019
History of Military Sexual Trauma Common among Older Women Veterans Women's Health Nov 11, 2019
Weight Management as Effective as Medication Intensification for Glycemic Control among Veterans with Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes Nov 4, 2019
Excess Medication Supply Potentially High among Veterans Using VA Healthcare Medication Nov 1, 2019
Long-term VA Healthcare Costs Similar between Bariatric Surgery Patients and Matched Controls Obesity Oct 30, 2019
Special Medical Care Supplement Features VA/HSR&D Research on Evidence Synthesis in a Learning Healthcare System Quality Oct 1, 2019
Timing of Palliative Care for VA Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer is Associated with Survival Cancer Sep 19, 2019
Unintentional Consequences of FDA Warnings: Varenicline Medication Sep 4, 2019
Lack of Awareness among VA Providers about Risk Associated with Prescribing Inhaled Corticosteroids to Veterans with COPD COPD Aug 8, 2019
Video Telehealth Tablet Initiative Improves Access to and Continuity of Mental Healthcare for Veterans Mental Health Aug 5, 2019
Mental Health Integration in VA Primary Care Settings Increased Access to Care – and Costs Access Aug 1, 2019
VA Opioid Treatment Outcomes Vary Significantly among Homeless and Unstably Housed Veterans Homelessness Aug 1, 2019
Dual use of VA and Medicare Drug Benefits Associated with Potentially Unsafe Medication Prescribing among Veterans Medication Jul 22, 2019
Significant Cost Savings for VA in Allowing for 12-Month Dispensing of Oral Contraceptive Pills Medication Jul 8, 2019
Little Correlation between VA Spending and Survival among Veterans with Chronic Heart Failure Heart Disease Jul 3, 2019
Six Readily Available Processes of Care Can Decrease Mortality for Individuals with TIA or Non-Severe Stroke Stroke Jul 3, 2019
Increase in Opioid Overdose Deaths among Veterans Attributed to Increased Overdoses from Heroin and Synthetic Opioids Opioid Jul 1, 2019
Strategies VA Clinicians Use to Structure Difficult Conversations Regarding Opioid Prescribing Opioid Jul 1, 2019
Healthcare Processes Linked to Suicide Risk Following Discharge from VA Residential Substance Abuse Substance Use Jun 28, 2019
Key Organizational Characteristics Associated with Providing Evidence-based, Patient-Centered Medical Care in VAMCs Patient-Centered Care Jun 20, 2019
Significant Cost Difference between VA and Community Care for Testing among Veterans with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Access Jun 17, 2019
Cardiovascular Benefits of Intensive Glucose Control in Veterans with Type 2 Diabetes Did Not Persist in Long-term Post-Trial Follow-Up Diabetes Jun 6, 2019
Veterans with PTSD and/or Depression More Likely to Participate in Cardiac Rehabilitation than Veterans without These Disorders Heart Disease Jun 4, 2019
Opioid Prescribing Safety Initiative Effective in Decreasing Rates of Opioid Prescribing for Older Veterans with Osteoarthritis Opioid Jun 1, 2019
VA Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Lower Cost of Care for Complex Primary Care Patients with Diabetes Diabetes Jun 1, 2019
Veteran-Directed Care Adds to Options for Medically Complex Veterans Living in the Community – Without Raising Costs Access Jun 1, 2019
Substantial Variation in Opioid Prescribing Rates among ED Providers in the Same VA Healthcare Facility Medication May 29, 2019
Rural and Western Region Veterans Prescribed More Opioids Than Urban, Other Regions Opioid May 21, 2019
How Do VA’s Frontline Cardiovascular Clinicians Engage with Concepts of Healthcare Outcomes and Value in their Clinical Work? Heart Disease May 7, 2019
Women Veterans’ Experience with Research on Intimate Partner Violence Women's Health May 6, 2019
Effect of Intensive Primary Care on Patient Experience Outcomes PACT May 1, 2019
JGIM Supplement Features VA Research on Care Coordination Both within VA and with Non-VA Healthcare Providers Care Coordination May 1, 2019
Risk of Adverse Events Increases with Each Additional Day of Prophylactic Antimicrobial Exposure following Surgery Medication Apr 24, 2019
Many VA Patients Use and are Interested in Learning More about Complementary and Integrated Health Options Complementary-Integrative Health Apr 22, 2019
Benefits of Medical Home Model Tailored for Homeless Veterans Versus Standard Primary Care Homelessness Apr 1, 2019
Increased Hospice Care for Veterans Associated with Less Aggressive Medical Treatment and Lower Medical Costs Cancer Mar 28, 2019
Intervention Helps Identify Specialty Mental Health Patients Ready for Transition to Primary Care Mental Health Mar 14, 2019
Receipt of Opioid Prescriptions from Both VA and Medicare Associated with Greater Likelihood of Overdose Death Medication Mar 12, 2019
Post 9/11 Veterans Less Likely to Delay Mental Health Treatment Mental Health Mar 7, 2019
Over-Prescribing of Medication for Insomnia, Particularly among Women Veterans Medication Mar 1, 2019
Positive Effect of Collaborative Chronic Care Model on Mental Health Clinical Teams Mental Health Mar 1, 2019
Veterans Encouraged by a Loved One to Face Stress Induced by Trauma-Focused Therapy More Likely to Stay in Treatment PTSD Mar 1, 2019
Cardiovascular Care and Research for Women Veterans Heart Disease Feb 19, 2019
Higher Statin Adherence Associated with Lower Mortality in Veterans with Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Heart Disease Feb 13, 2019
Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Reduces Suicidal Ideation among Veterans with Chronic Illness COPD Feb 8, 2019
Women Veterans Who Report Stranger Harassment on VA Grounds More Likely to Delay or Miss Healthcare Women's Health Jan 24, 2019
Reduced Psychiatric Symptoms among Veterans Associated with More In-Person Social Contact but Not More Facebook Contact Mental Health Jan 15, 2019
Links Between Opioid Use and Suicide Medication Jan 3, 2019
Unique Link between Homelessness and Suicide Suicide Jan 2, 2019
Web-Based Program Helps Empower Veterans Who Read their Mental Health Notes Online to Actively Participate in Care Mental Health Jan 1, 2019
Women’s Health VA Stakeholders Discuss “Ideal” Care PACT Jan 1, 2019
New VA Center for Innovation for Care and Payment to Test Novel Payment and Service Delivery Models Quality Dec 25, 2018
Mobile Acute Care for Elders (MACE) Consultation Lowers Readmission and Mortality Rates Elder Care Dec 21, 2018
No Difference in Intermediate Outcomes for Veterans with Diabetes by Type of Primary Care Provider Diabetes Dec 18, 2018
Comparisons between VA and Non-VA Hospitals May Not Accurately Account for Mental Health Diagnoses Data Use Dec 14, 2018
Preoperative Surgical Screening for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria is Not Beneficial Surgery Dec 12, 2018
Antihypertensive Deintensification Associated with Fewer Falls among Older VA Nursing Home Residents Elder Care Dec 1, 2018
Intervention Utilizing Community Health Workers Improves Quality of Patient Care and Reduces Hospitalizations Quality Dec 1, 2018
Special Issue of Health Services Research Focuses on Linking VA and Non-VA Datasets to Improve Healthcare Data Use Dec 1, 2018
Veterans More Likely than Non-Veterans to Receive Both Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol Misuse Substance Use Dec 1, 2018
Link between Length of Prescription for Initial Exposure to Opioids and Long-Term Use Medication Nov 5, 2018
Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorder Highly Variable across VA Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Medication Nov 1, 2018
Veterans Receiving Prescriptions Through Both VA and Medicare Are More Likely to Be Taking Opioids and Benzodiazepines Medication Oct 9, 2018
VA Geriatric Patient Aligned Care Teams Need Additional Mental Health Integration for Older Veterans Elder Care Sep 13, 2018
Battlefield Acupuncture Proves Highly Effective in Treating Chronic Pain among Veterans Pain Sep 5, 2018
Pain Medicine Supplement Features Articles by VA Researchers Pain Sep 1, 2018
Underuse of Statins among Veterans with Hypercholesterolemia Heart Disease Sep 1, 2018
Women Veterans with Pain More Likely to Use Complementary and Integrative Therapies Pain Sep 1, 2018
Prior to Choice Act Elderly Medicare-Enrolled Veterans Increased Use of VA Healthcare versus Medicare Access Aug 27, 2018
Men Using VA More Likely to Receive Appropriate Prostate Cancer Imaging Tests Compared to Those Using Medicare Cancer Aug 17, 2018
External Determinants of VA Healthcare Use Access Jul 31, 2018
Echocardiography Testing Can Be Redesigned to Answer Focused Diagnostic Questions While Reducing Costs Heart Disease Jul 23, 2018
Homeless Veterans Report More Positive Experiences in Facilities with Homeless-Tailored Primary Care Teams Homelessness Jul 1, 2018
Increase in Travel Reimbursement Increases Use of VA Outpatient Services Access Jul 1, 2018
LGBT Women Veterans Report Missing Needed Health Care Due to Concerns about Interacting with Other Veterans Women's Health Jul 1, 2018
Substantial Variation in Cardiovascular Mortality Rates across the VA Healthcare System Heart Disease Jul 1, 2018
Systematic Review: Pay-for-Performance and VA Healthcare Performance Measures Jul 1, 2018
VA Outpatient Surgery May Be More Risky than Previously Considered Surgery Jul 1, 2018
Mantram Repetition Effective in Treatment of Veterans with PTSD Mental Health Jun 20, 2018
High-Risk Veterans with Access to Primary Care Intensive Management Receive Increased Outpatient Care without Increased Cost Access Jun 19, 2018
Pain Intensity Following Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy Does Not, on Average, Worsen for Patients Medication Jun 13, 2018
Medical Records Flag for Suicide Risk Increases VA Healthcare Visits among Veterans with Substance Use Disorder Mental Health Jun 8, 2018
Increase in Conservative Management of Veterans with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Suggests Reduction in Over-Treatment Cancer Jun 5, 2018
Veterans Eligible for VA Purchased Healthcare Based on Distance from VA Facilities Face Shortage of Non-VA Providers Access May 29, 2018
Evaluating Care Coordination Program for Pregnant Veterans Women's Health May 23, 2018
Online Toolkit to Improve Primary Care Coordination within VA and with Community Providers Care Coordination May 23, 2018
Telephone Intervention Improves Cardiovascular Risk Factors Heart Disease May 7, 2018
While the Numbers of Homeless Veterans Continue to Decrease, their Needs Remain Unchanged Homelessness May 3, 2018
No Decrease in Drinking among Veterans despite Alcohol-Related Nurse Care Management Intervention in Primary Care Substance Use May 1, 2018
VA’s Lower Intensity Treatment of Kidney Failure – Compared to Medicare – Does Not Result in Associated Increased Mortality Kidney Disease Apr 9, 2018
Most Women Veterans Report Timely Access to Mental Healthcare, Leading to High Satisfaction with VA Care Access Apr 5, 2018
Research Involvement Associated with Increased Satisfaction and Decreased Intent to Leave among VA Physicians Physician satisfaction Apr 5, 2018
Assessing Expansion of VA’s Home-Based Primary Care Program for American-Indian Veteran Patient Population Access Apr 1, 2018
Veteran Status Significantly Moderates the Positive Effect of Collaborative Care Intervention for Depression versus Usual Care Mental Health Apr 1, 2018
Women Veterans Who Experienced Past-Year Intimate Partner Violence Significantly More Susceptible to Housing Instability Homelessness Apr 1, 2018
Then and Now: Medications for Opioid Use Disorder in VA Medication Mar 29, 2018
State-based Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Might Help Increase Opioid Prescribing Safety among Veterans Using VA and Non-VA Healthcare Medication Mar 8, 2018
Identifying Best Strategies to Implement Patient-Centered Care Patient-Centered Care Mar 7, 2018
VA Successfully Implements Interferon-free Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus in Previously Undertreated Patient Populations Hepatitis C Mar 7, 2018
Opioids Do Not Result in Better Pain-Related Function or Pain Intensity Compared to Non-Opioid Drugs in Veterans with Chronic Pain Medication Mar 6, 2018
Intervention to Lessen Low-Value Electronic Health Record Notifications Reduces Workload for Primary Care Physicians Physician satisfaction Mar 5, 2018
Evidence Review Identifies Modest Mortality Disparities among Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups in VA Healthcare Disparities Mar 1, 2018
Phone Communication and Care Coordination Associated with Access to Needed Care as Reported by Women Veterans Access Mar 1, 2018
Racial/Ethnic and Gender Variations in Veteran Satisfaction with VA Healthcare Disparities Mar 1, 2018
Homeless Population-tailored Patient-Aligned Care Team Can Reduce Acute Care Services and Healthcare Costs Homelessness Feb 15, 2018
Journal Features VA Research on Combating Multi-drug Resistant Organisms Posing Public Health Threat Patient Safety Feb 8, 2018
Dual Use of VA and Medicare Associated with Substantial Increase in Risk of Potentially Unsafe Opioid Use among Veterans Medication Feb 1, 2018
Declining Rates in VA Prescriptions for Long-Term Opioids Medication Jan 29, 2018
Veterans with Heart Disease More Likely to Participate in Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) When Home-Based CR Program is Available Access Jan 22, 2018
Study Compares VA Care to Community Care for Veterans Receiving Elective Coronary Revascularization Access Jan 3, 2018
Veterans with Cancer Received Higher Quality, Lower Intensity End-of Life Care in VA Compared to Medicare Cancer Jan 1, 2018
Medical Record Alert Associated with Reduced Opioid and Benzodiazepine Co-prescribing Medication Dec 28, 2017
Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Decreases Use of General Mental Health Services among Veterans with Mental Illness Mental Health Dec 15, 2017
Women Veterans Screening Positive for Intimate Partner Violence More Likely to Receive Mental Illness Diagnosis Mental Health Dec 1, 2017
More Patient-Aligned Care Team Components Translates to Improved Quality of Care for Veterans with Chronic Disease PACT Nov 20, 2017
HCV-Related Complications Increasing among Women Veterans Hepatitis C Nov 1, 2017
VA Experience with Implementing Intensive Primary Care Programs for Veterans at Highest Risk PACT Oct 25, 2017
Hospice Enrollment for Veterans with Advanced Stage Lung Cancer Increases Cancer Oct 10, 2017
Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents Reduce Risk of Hepatocellular Cancer among Veterans with Hepatitis C Cancer Oct 1, 2017
Use of Evidence-Based Care Processes Decreases Mortality among Veterans with Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia Quality Oct 1, 2017
Evidence-based Psychotherapy Template Use Associated with Treatment Quality for Veterans with PTSD Mental Health Sep 30, 2017
Veterans are Commonly Prescribed Statins for Indications Unsupported by Guidelines for Managing High Cholesterol Heart Disease Sep 19, 2017
Benefits and Harms of Cannabis for PTSD PTSD Sep 5, 2017
Medical Care Supplement Features Articles by VA Researchers on Improving the Quality and Equity of Health and Healthcare Disparities Sep 1, 2017
Online Game Improves Glucose Control in Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Sep 1, 2017
Impact of Intensive BP Therapy on Patient-Reported Outcomes Hypertension Aug 24, 2017
Effects of Cannabis among Adults with Chronic Pain Pain Aug 5, 2017
Easy-to-Use Advance Care Planning (ACP) Tools Increase Planning among Older Veterans Elder Care Aug 1, 2017
Unintended Pregnancy and Contraceptive Use among Women Veterans Women's Health Aug 1, 2017
Systematic Review: Patient Outcomes in Dose Reduction or Discontinuation of Long-term Opioid Therapy Suggest Utility of Multimodal Care Medication Jul 18, 2017
Surgery Does Not Significantly Reduce Mortality among Patients with Prostate Cancer versus Observation after 20 Years of Follow-up Cancer Jul 13, 2017
Higher Risk of Suicidal Ideation and Suicidal Self-Directed Violence following Discontinuation of Long-term Opioid Therapy Medication Jul 1, 2017
VA End-of-Life Initiative Increases Veterans’ Use of Hospice End of Life Care Jul 1, 2017
Using Yelp, VA Hospitals Rated Higher than Affiliated Non-VA Hospitals Quality Jun 28, 2017
A Positive Psychological Intervention Improves Outcomes for Veterans with Knee or Hip Osteoarthritis Mental Health Jun 27, 2017
Delivery of Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Primary Care Improves Mental Health Symptoms in Chronically Ill Veterans Mental Health Jun 20, 2017
Managing Chronic Pain in the Wake of the Opioid Backlash Pain Jun 20, 2017
Systematic Review of Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention Mental Health Jun 15, 2017
Factors Associated with Suicide within One Week of Discharge from VA Psychiatric Facilities Mental Health Jun 1, 2017
Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Prevent Suicide Suicide Jun 1, 2017
PACT Initiative Did Not Reduce Most Disparities in Improved Hypertension or Diabetes Control among VA Patients Disparities Jun 1, 2017
Study Identifies which VA Mental Health Program Characteristics are Associated with Patient Satisfaction Mental Health May 19, 2017
Current Diagnosis of PTSD is Risk Factor for Pregnant Women Mental Health May 1, 2017
Greater Risk of Opioid Prescription Overlap in Veterans Using Medicare Part D–Reimbursed Pharmacies Medication May 1, 2017
Special Journal Issue Features Articles by HSR&D Researchers on Homelessness among Veterans Homelessness May 1, 2017
Systematic Review on the Benefits and Harms of Spinal Manipulative Therapy for Acute Low Back Pain Pain Apr 11, 2017
Initiative Decreases Inappropriate Prescribing to Older Veterans Discharged from VA Emergency Department Care Elder Care Apr 7, 2017
Low-cost Telephone Intervention Helps Obese Veterans Reduce Weight Regain after Weight Loss Program Obesity Apr 4, 2017
Findings from an Evaluation of Partnerships within VA HSR&D’s Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) Quality Apr 3, 2017
Self-Management Intervention for Chronic Pain Pain Apr 3, 2017
Comparing Effectiveness of Two Medications for Veterans with Clostridium Difficile Infection Medication Apr 1, 2017
Impact of Comprehensive Caregiver Support Program on VA Healthcare Utilization and Cost Long-Term Care Apr 1, 2017
Opioid Use among Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans Medication Mar 25, 2017
Comparing Food Insecurity between Veterans and non-Veterans Elder Care Mar 23, 2017
Male Veterans at Greater Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections Compared to Non-Veterans Prevention Mar 22, 2017
Systematic Review Finds Treating Blood Pressure to Current Guidelines in Older Adults Improves Health Outcomes Elder Care Mar 21, 2017
The Role of VA Research in a Learning Healthcare System Quality Mar 20, 2017
Gender and Smoking Impact Severity of Musculoskeletal Pain among OEF/OIF Veterans OEF/OIF Mar 14, 2017
Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Lessons Learned from VA Medication Mar 13, 2017
Systematic Review: Effects of Pay-for-Performance on Healthcare Quality Mar 7, 2017
VA Hepatitis C Care and Experiences with the Choice Program Access Mar 3, 2017
Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy among Veterans is Overwhelmingly Initiated by VA Clinicians Opioid Mar 1, 2017
Engagement in Hepatitis C Virus Care among Homeless and non-Homeless VA Patients Hepatitis C Mar 1, 2017
Patient and Provider Experiences with Comprehensive Lung Cancer Screening Program Cancer Mar 1, 2017
VA’s Patient Aligned Care Teams’ Challenges in Providing Care for Women Veterans PACT Mar 1, 2017
VA Pharmacy Use in the First Year of Choice Act Opioid Feb 17, 2017
Effects of Homeless Veterans’ Use of Peer Mentors Homelessness Feb 1, 2017
Quality Improvement Tool Shows Organizational Factors Related to Access and Quality Measures in VA Mental Healthcare Access Feb 1, 2017
Substantial Portion of Elderly Veterans Receive Medications from Medicare Part D-Reimbursed Pharmacies – Either Alone or in Conjunction with VA Pharmacies Medication Feb 1, 2017
VA Opioid Safety Initiative Decreases Potentially Risky Opioid Prescriptions among Veterans Medication Jan 4, 2017
Lessons Learned from VA’s History of Transformation and Potential Future Scenarios Access Jan 1, 2017
Intensive Outpatient Care for High-Need Patients Does Not Reduce Acute Care Use or Costs Compared to Standard VA Care PACT Dec 27, 2016
Importance of VA’s Quality Enhancement Research Initiative in the Choice Act Era Quality Dec 16, 2016
Safety Risk for Veterans Receiving Overlapping Buprenorphine, Opioid, and Benzodiazepine Prescriptions from VA and Medicare Part D Medication Dec 7, 2016
Veterans with Dementia Using Both VA and Medicare More than Double their Odds of Exposure to Potentially Unsafe Medications Elder Care Dec 6, 2016
VA and Non-VA Nursing Homes Differ in CAUTI Prevention Methods Prevention Dec 5, 2016
Frailty Screening Initiative Associated with Improved Post-Operative Survival among Veterans Surgery Nov 30, 2016
“Virtual Hope Box” Smartphone App Helps Veterans Regulate Emotion and Cope with Distress that Can Lead to Suicide Mental Health Nov 15, 2016
Maximal Doses of High-Intensity Statins Confer Greatest Survival Advantage for Those with Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Heart Disease Nov 9, 2016
Alternative Strategies to Inpatient Hospitalization for Acute Medical Conditions Quality Nov 1, 2016
VA Diabetes and Cardiovascular Care Quality Comparable between Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers Diabetes Nov 1, 2016
Evaluating Patient-Mediated Health Information Exchange HIT Oct 11, 2016
Cost-Effectiveness of New Hepatitis C Virus Treatments in VA and Non-VA Patient Populations Hepatitis C Oct 3, 2016
Racial Disparities in HIV Quality of Care that May Extend to Common Comorbid Conditions Disparities Sep 22, 2016
OEF/OIF/OND Veterans that Currently Smoke More Likely to Receive Opioid Prescription than Non-Smokers Medication Sep 21, 2016
VA Makes Significant Improvements in Surgical Care for Veterans Surgery Sep 21, 2016
Similar Effectiveness and Costs of Elective Open vs. Endovascular Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm Repair in VA Surgery Sep 14, 2016
Barriers to Implementing Choosing Wisely® Recommendations Quality Sep 6, 2016
Application of Triggers on VA “Big Data” may Help Identify Patients Experiencing Delays in Diagnostic Evaluation of Chest Imaging Data Use Sep 1, 2016
Lithium or Valproate Associated with Better Outcomes Compared to Second-Generation Antipsychotics for Bipolar Disorder Medication Sep 1, 2016
More than Half of Privately Insured Veterans Younger than 65 Years of Age Access both VA and Non-VA Healthcare Access Sep 1, 2016
Sustained Weight Loss Advantage among Obese Veterans Receiving Specific Bariatric Surgery Obesity Aug 31, 2016
Incorporating Health Status into Routine Care Heart Disease Aug 2, 2016
High Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence among Women Veterans – Up to Age 55 – Using VA Primary Care Women's Health Aug 1, 2016
VA National Transplant System Shows No Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Evaluating Veterans for Kidney Transplant Disparities Aug 1, 2016
Disclosure of Clinical Adverse Events between VA Surgeons and their Patients Surgery Jul 20, 2016
Neuroimaging Overuse More Common among Medicare Patients Compared to VA Patients Quality Jul 8, 2016
Organizational Factors Associated with Successful Campaign to Increase Influenza Vaccination among VA Healthcare Providers Prevention Jul 4, 2016
Erectile Dysfunction Medication Use among Veterans Eligible for Medicare Part D Medication Jul 1, 2016
Home-based Geriatric Care Management Decreases Rate of VA Healthcare Utilization for Older Veterans following Hospitalization Elder Care Jul 1, 2016
New Guidelines May Significantly Decrease Cost for Testing Immune Function in Veterans with HIV HIV Jul 1, 2016
Prescription Opioids Associated with Lower Likelihood of Sustained Improvement in Pain among Older Veterans Elder Care Jul 1, 2016
Use of Contraindicated Medications among Veterans Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Heart Disease Jul 1, 2016
MRSA Prevention Initiative Results in Additional Significant Decline in Other Bacteremia Rates across 130 VHA Facilities Prevention Jun 28, 2016
Higher Risk of Suicidal Ideation among Veterans Seeking Mental Health Treatment from both VA and non-VA Facilities Mental Health Jun 24, 2016
Pay-for-Performance Intervention Improves Blood Pressure Control among Black Veterans with Hypertension without Unintended Consequences Hypertension Jun 22, 2016
Use of Oral Anticoagulant Therapy for Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation Declines over 10-Year Period in VA Healthcare Heart Disease Jun 21, 2016
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Primary Care Experiences for Veterans with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Disparities Jun 20, 2016
Barriers and Facilitators to Use of Clozapine for Treatment-Resistant Veterans with Schizophrenia Medication Jun 15, 2016
Use of Clozapine for Veterans with Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia Could Result in Significant Cost Savings Medication Jun 15, 2016
National Program to Prevent Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection is Successful in Non-ICU Settings Prevention Jun 2, 2016
Military Sexual Trauma is Independent Risk Factor for Homelessness among Veterans, Particularly Male Veterans Homelessness Jun 1, 2016
Timing and Duration of Hospice and Palliative Care across VA, Medicare, and VA-Purchased Care End of Life Care May 26, 2016
Systematic Review Compares Pharmacist-Led Care to Usual Care for Chronic Disease Management Medication Apr 26, 2016
Antiviral Treatment Reduces Risk of Cirrhosis, Hepatocellular Cancer and Mortality among Veterans, Irrespective of Age Elder Care Apr 3, 2016
JGIM Supplement Features Ten Articles by VA Researchers on Next Generation Clinical Performance Measures Performance Measures Apr 1, 2016
Prescription Opioid Use among Patients with Recent History of Depression Increases Risk of Recurrence Medication Apr 1, 2016
VA Captures More Complete Quality Performance Data Compared to Medicare Advantage Performance Measures Mar 31, 2016
Prescription Use of Codeine Associated with Greater Risk of New Onset Depression among Veterans Medication Mar 22, 2016
Central Nervous System Polypharmacy May Increase Risk of Overdose and Suicide-Related Behavior among OEF/OIF Veterans Suicide Mar 1, 2016
Study Compares Stroke Care in VA Community Living Centers with Private, VA-Contracted Nursing Homes Stroke Mar 1, 2016
Investigators Establish Typology for Veterans with Diabetes who Utilize Both VA Healthcare and Medicare Diabetes Feb 22, 2016
Factors Associated with VA and Non-VA Mental Health Service Use among National Guard Soldiers Mental Health Feb 3, 2016
Impact of Evidence-based Quality Improvement Strategy on VA Patient-Aligned Care Team Implementation PACT Feb 1, 2016
The Gerontologist Supplement Highlights VA Research on Health Issues Affecting Older Women Veterans Elder Care Feb 1, 2016
Mental Health Conditions Common among Patients Seeking and Undergoing Bariatric Surgery Mental Health Jan 12, 2016
New Approach to Performance Measurement Performance Measures Jan 12, 2016
Increased Dose of Prescription Opioids Raises Risk of Suicide among Veterans with Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Medication Jan 5, 2016
Impact of New Institute of Medicine Report on Patient Safety Patient Safety Dec 24, 2015
Veterans Exiting Prison Have Extensive Treatment Needs, Particularly for Mental Health and Substance Use Issues Mental Health Dec 21, 2015
Sexual Trauma during Military Service Increases Risk of Subsequent Suicide among Veterans Mental Health Dec 14, 2015
Alcohol Misuse among Female Veterans Substance Use Dec 7, 2015
Among Older Veterans with Diabetes, Few with Low Glucose or Blood Pressure Levels Undergo Treatment De-intensification Diabetes Dec 1, 2015
Appropriate Prescribing for Veterans with Diabetes at High Risk for Hypoglycemia Diabetes Dec 1, 2015
Data from Electronic Health Records Can Predict and Possibly Prevent Missed Patient Appointments Access Dec 1, 2015
Majority of Male VA Enrollees Similar to Medicare Beneficiaries, Suggesting Greater Generalizability of Research Findings Data Use Nov 20, 2015
Significant Decrease in Rates of Non-Acute Percutaneous Coronary Intervention since Release of Appropriate Use Criteria Heart Disease Nov 17, 2015
Career Development Programs Successfully Prepare Future Health Services Researchers, Particularly VA HSR&D Quality Nov 9, 2015
Telemedicine-Based Intervention Improves Outcomes for Veterans with Poorly Controlled Diabetes Diabetes Nov 5, 2015
Influence of Military Sexual Trauma among Male Veterans OEF/OIF Nov 1, 2015
Effect of Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse on Female Veterans’ Health and Healthcare Use Women's Health Oct 1, 2015
Predictors of OEF/OIF Army Active Duty Members’ Linkage to VA Healthcare Post-Deployment OEF/OIF Oct 1, 2015
Study Compares Data Sources for Provider Financial Incentives Data Use Oct 1, 2015
VA Hospital Observation Stays Increasing Quality Oct 1, 2015
ICU Treatment for Medicare Patients with Pneumonia Associated with Better Outcomes without Increased Costs Quality Sep 22, 2015
Lung Cancer Screening Programs May Have Unintended Consequences on Beliefs about Smoking Cessation Cancer Sep 1, 2015
Study Suggests Veterans Do Not Receive Appropriate Testing for Testosterone Therapy within VA Healthcare System Medication Sep 1, 2015
Association between Separation from Military due to Misconduct and Homelessness Homelessness Aug 25, 2015
Potential Problems and Suggested Solutions for VA as Veterans Take Advantage of Dual Use Care via the “Choice Act” Access Aug 20, 2015
Inpatient Conditions Associated with Increased Risk for Recurrent Acute Kidney Injury among Veterans Kidney Disease Aug 11, 2015
Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy for Veterans with PTSD PTSD Aug 4, 2015
Systematic Review of PTSD Screening Instruments PTSD Aug 4, 2015
Factors Contributing to Insensitive Clinical Alcohol Screening in VA Primary Care Substance Use Aug 1, 2015
Telemedicine-Delivered Psychotherapy for Older Veterans with Depression as Effective as In-Person Psychotherapy Mental Health Aug 1, 2015
Wide Variation Documented Among VA Providers in Potential Overuse of Antibiotics for Acute Respiratory Infections Medication Jul 21, 2015
Incident Stroke Associated with Accelerated and Persistent Cognitive Decline Over Six Years Post-Stroke Stroke Jul 7, 2015
Commentary Challenges Findings in Previous Study on Housing First Approach for Homeless Veterans Homelessness Jul 1, 2015
Effects of Primary Care Provider Turnover Quality Jul 1, 2015
Individual and Facility-Level Factors Associated with Higher Risk of Suicide Attempt among Veterans Receiving Opioid Therapy Medication Jul 1, 2015
Mortality among Veterans with Severe Sepsis Declines, but Significant Variation across VA Hospitals Persists Quality Jul 1, 2015
Stewardship Intervention Reduces Overuse of Antibiotics in the Treatment of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria among Veterans Medication Jul 1, 2015
Having a Diet Option Assigned vs. Choosing a Diet Leads to Greater Weight Loss among Obese Veterans Obesity Jun 16, 2015
Receipt of Opioid Analgesics and Benzodiazepines Associated with Increased Risk of Death Due to Drug Overdose Medication Jun 10, 2015
Long-Term Follow-Up of VADT Study Suggests Cardiovascular Benefits of Tight-Glucose Control in Diabetes Diabetes Jun 4, 2015
Bundled Intervention Associated with Lower Rates of Surgical Site Infections following Cardiac or Orthopedic Operations Prevention Jun 2, 2015
Gender Differences in Chronic Pain among Veterans OEF/OIF Jun 1, 2015
Post-Menopausal Symptoms among Women Veterans with and without Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes Jun 1, 2015
Substantial Proportion of Homeless and Unstably Housed Veterans with Minor Children has Serious Mental Illness Homelessness May 15, 2015
Consequences of Notifying VA Patients about Potential Exposure to Large-Scale Adverse Events Patient Safety May 1, 2015
Early Discontinuation and Sub-Optimal Dosing for Drug to Treat Sleep Disorders Associated with PTSD Medication May 1, 2015
Prevalence of Alcohol Misuse among Women Veterans High Regardless of Care Setting Substance Use May 1, 2015
Electronic Health Record-Based Interventions for Reducing Inappropriate Imaging in the Clinical Setting HIT Apr 21, 2015
NEJM Perspective Discusses Withholding of CMS Data Related to Substance Use Disorder and Its Impact on Research Data Use Apr 15, 2015
Pharmacist Support Key in Medication Adherence for Veterans Prescribed Dabigatran for Atrial Fibrillation Heart Disease Apr 14, 2015
Study Shows No Evidence that Dual Use of VA and Medicare Advantage Results in Worse Patient Outcomes Performance Measures Apr 6, 2015
VA Healthcare for Women Veterans: Medical Care Supplement Women's Health Apr 1, 2015
Comparing High-Dose Influenza Vaccine to Standard-Dose Vaccine among Elderly Veterans Prevention Mar 31, 2015
Patient Outcomes for Multi-faceted Intervention for Veterans with Heart Failure Comparable to Usual Care Heart Disease Mar 30, 2015
Sleep Difficulties Associated with Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease among Younger Veterans and Active Duty Personnel Heart Disease Mar 27, 2015
Effect of ACA’s Medicaid Expansion on Demand for VA Care Access Mar 12, 2015
VA Maintains Access to Care as Need for Substance Use Treatment Grows Access Mar 12, 2015
Stepped Care Intervention Benefits Veterans with Chronic Pain Pain Mar 9, 2015
Antipsychotics Prescribed to Substantial Minority of Veterans with PTSD without Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia Medication Mar 3, 2015
Differences between Men and Women Veterans Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization in VA Heart Disease Mar 1, 2015
Impact of Medical Home Features on Use of VA Healthcare and Total Costs of Care PACT Mar 1, 2015
No Significant Association between Public Support Income, VA Disability Compensation, and Money Spent on Alcohol and Drugs among Homeless Veterans Homelessness Mar 1, 2015
Veterans Receiving Brief Alcohol Misuse Intervention Rate VA Providers and Care Higher than Veterans without Intervention Quality Feb 18, 2015
OEF/OIF/OND Veterans with PTSD at Greater Risk of Autoimmune Disorders OEF/OIF Feb 15, 2015
VA Primary Care Intervention Decreases High-Dose Opioid Prescription for Veterans with Non-Cancer Pain Medication Feb 3, 2015
Having Dependent Children Associated with Increased Risk of PTSD among OEF/OIF Veterans OEF/OIF Jan 19, 2015
Bariatric Surgery Compared to Usual Care May Lower Mortality Rates among Obese Veterans Obesity Jan 6, 2015
Female Veterans with CVD Less Likely to Receive Statin and High-Intensity Statin Therapy Compared to Male Veterans with CVD Disparities Jan 1, 2015
High Rates of Post-Traumatic Growth among Veterans with PTSD PTSD Jan 1, 2015
Pilot Study Implements HIV Rapid-Testing in Homeless Shelters HIV Jan 1, 2015
Improved Performance on Quality Measures is Accompanied by Increased Racial/Ethnic Equity in Care Disparities Dec 11, 2014
Increasing VA Rates of Psychotherapy among Rural- and Urban-Dwelling Veterans with Mental Illness Access Dec 3, 2014
Use of Electronic Health Information Exchange may Reduce Emergency Department Utilization HIT Dec 2, 2014
Characteristics Associated with Suicide among Male Veterans Treated in VA Primary Care Mental Health Dec 1, 2014
Compared to Thiazolidinediones, Sulfonylureas May Be More Likely to Cause Death and Hospitalization for Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Dec 1, 2014
Complementary and Integrative Medicine Use among Veterans and the Military Access Dec 1, 2014
Rates of Suicide Higher among Transgender Veterans Mental Health Dec 1, 2014
Women Veterans with PTSD at Significantly Increased Risk of Spontaneous Pre-term Delivery Women's Health Dec 1, 2014
Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Treatment Retention for Veterans with PTSD Disparities Nov 24, 2014
Telemedicine-based Collaborative Care Intervention Improves PTSD Outcomes among Veterans Residing in Rural Settings PTSD Nov 19, 2014
Study Highlights Mental Health Services Important to Women Veterans Mental Health Nov 17, 2014
Factors Affecting Patient Test Results Follow-Up within VA’s Electronic Health Record System Data Use Nov 11, 2014
VA PACT Implementation Increases Primary Care among Veterans with PTSD PACT Nov 10, 2014
Increase in Thyroid Cancer among Veterans Linked to Increases in Diagnostic Testing Cancer Nov 6, 2014
Veterans with Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease at Significantly Greater Risk of MI and Mortality Heart Disease Nov 5, 2014
Gender Differences in Attitudes and Their Relationship to VA Mental Healthcare Use Mental Health Nov 3, 2014
Electronic Health Record-based Alerting Systems Can be Source of Turnover for Clinical Practices HIT Nov 1, 2014
JGIM Supplement Highlights VA’s Partnered Research Homelessness Nov 1, 2014
Poor Communication between VA and Non-VA Primary Care Providers co-Managing Rural Veterans Access Nov 1, 2014
Women Veterans have Better VA Outpatient Care Experiences with Designated Women’s Health Providers Women's Health Nov 1, 2014
Enrollment in VA Healthcare Most Likely in First Year after Return from Deployment for Army Reserve/National Guard Members OEF/OIF Oct 1, 2014
Predictors of Worsening Mental Health among OEF/OIF Veterans Mental Health Oct 1, 2014
Surgical Patients Less Likely to Receive Hospice or Palliative Care Compared to Medical Patients End of Life Care Sep 24, 2014
Systematic Frailty Screening may Lead to Reduced Post-Operative Mortality in Frail Veterans End of Life Care Sep 10, 2014
Study Compares VA Weight Loss Interventions for Veterans Obesity Sep 9, 2014
Adverse Childhood Experiences More Common among Men with Military Service Mental Health Sep 1, 2014
Affordable Care Act May Impact Continuity of Care for Homeless VA Healthcare Users Access Sep 1, 2014
Delays in Filling Clopidogrel Prescription Associated with Increased Major Adverse Events Following PCI Heart Disease Sep 1, 2014
Women Veterans, Particularly Black Veterans, Have Worse Risk Factor Control for Cardiovascular Disease than Male Veterans Heart Disease Sep 1, 2014
Digoxin Significantly Associated with Increased Risk of Death among Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation Heart Disease Aug 19, 2014
Under-utilization of Cardiac Rehabilitation for Veterans Hospitalized for Ischemic Heart Disease Heart Disease Aug 18, 2014
Providers’ Endorsement of Stigma Regarding Mental Illness Is Related to Patient Treatment Options Mental Health Aug 15, 2014
Potential Impact of Affordable Care Act on Massachusetts Veterans’ Enrollment in VA Healthcare Access Aug 1, 2014
Detection of Suicidal Ideation Not Associated with Increased Mental Health Utilization in Year Following SI Assessment Mental Health Jul 30, 2014
Risk Factors for Suicide-Related Behavior among OEF/OIF Veterans with “Polytrauma Clinical Triad” Mental Health Jul 17, 2014
VA’s “Big Data”: Benefits and Challenges Data Use Jul 9, 2014
Efficacy of Routine Screening Pelvic Examination in Asymptomatic Average-Risk Women Women's Health Jul 1, 2014
JGIM Supplement Highlights VA’s Patient-Aligned Care Teams PACT Jul 1, 2014
Measures of Patient Care Experiences Reflect Fair Hospital Assessments Quality Jul 1, 2014
OEF/OIF Servicewomen Remain Reluctant to Report Military Sexual Assault despite More Knowledge about Reporting Options OEF/OIF Jul 1, 2014
Only Small Percentage of Veterans with Mental Illness Access VA Employment Services Mental Health Jul 1, 2014
Veterans’ Use of Blue Button Feature in MyHealtheVet HIT Jul 1, 2014
Most Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Obtain Little or No Benefit from Current Treatment for Tighter Glycemic Control Diabetes Jun 30, 2014
Outcomes Associated with VA Implementation of PACT PACT Jun 23, 2014
Screening for Hepatocellular Cancer Cancer Jun 17, 2014
Cardiovascular Outcomes after Addition of Insulin Versus Sulfonylureas in Veterans with Diabetes Taking Metformin Disparities Jun 11, 2014
High Prevalence of Reintegration Difficulty among OEF/OIF/OND Veterans, Particularly among VA Healthcare Users OEF/OIF Jun 11, 2014
Negative Mental Health Beliefs are a Significant Barrier to Care for OEF/OIF Veterans with Mental Health Problems Mental Health Jun 1, 2014
Trends in Healthcare Use and Costs after VA’s Implementation of Patient-Aligned Care Teams PACT Jun 1, 2014
Costs Associated with Surgical Site Infections Surgery May 21, 2014
Factors Related to Use of Psychotherapy among Veterans Mental Health May 19, 2014
“Virtual” Hope Box Smartphone App Delivers Patient-Tailored Coping Tools to Help Veterans at Risk for Suicide HIT May 15, 2014
Implementation of Telemedicine in VA ICUs May Not Reduce Mortality Rates or Length of Hospital Stays Telemedicine May 12, 2014
Food Insecurity among OEF/OIF Veterans Dramatically Higher than among General Population OEF/OIF May 8, 2014
PTSD Treatment via Video-Teleconferencing as Effective as In-Person Treatment PTSD May 1, 2014
Supportive Housing May Address Homeless Veterans’ Underuse of VA Services Homelessness May 1, 2014
Characteristics and Outcomes of Homeless Male and Female Veterans Homelessness Apr 14, 2014
Penetrating Traumatic Brain Injury Strongly Associated with Risk of Epilepsy among OEF/OIF Veterans OEF/OIF Apr 1, 2014
Veterans Living Greater Distance from VA or Any Transplant Centers May have Less Chance of Receiving Liver Transplant Access Mar 26, 2014
Combat Deployments Associated with New-Onset Coronary Heart Disease among Young U.S. Service Members and Veterans Heart Disease Mar 11, 2014
Proactive Tobacco Treatment More Successful than Usual Care among Veterans Attempting to Quit Smoking Prevention Mar 10, 2014
Affordable Care Act May Have Significant Implications for Veterans and the VA Healthcare System Access Mar 1, 2014
Majority of Unplanned VA Hospital Readmissions Unrelated to Index Hospitalization Quality Mar 1, 2014
Sustained Improvement in Hypertension with Intervention Combining Behavioral and Medication Management Hypertension Mar 1, 2014
Veterans with Multiple Chronic Conditions Account for Disproportionate Share of VA Healthcare Costs Diabetes Mar 1, 2014
Benefits for Veterans with Dementia who Participate in VA Program Integrating Healthcare and Community Services Mental Health Feb 28, 2014
Underuse of Colorectal Cancer Screening among Healthy Veterans and Overuse among Unhealthy Veterans Cancer Feb 26, 2014
Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 3 Associated with Increased Risk of Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Cancer among Veterans Hepatitis C Feb 24, 2014
Intimate Partner Violence: Current State of Knowledge in Regard to Women Veterans Women's Health Feb 7, 2014
Social Network Encouragement Helps Veterans with PTSD Seek VA Mental Healthcare Mental Health Feb 3, 2014
Anxiety Disorders and Depression Associated with Risk of Future Heart Failure among Veterans Heart Disease Feb 1, 2014
Strong Association between Substance Abuse and Homelessness among Veterans Homelessness Feb 1, 2014
Changes in Care Processes and Patient Outcomes Related to VA’s Implementation of PACT Model Access Jan 30, 2014
VA’s “Housing First” Approach to Helping Homeless Veterans Presents Several Challenges Homelessness Jan 15, 2014
Health Information Technology HIT Jan 7, 2014
Increasing Number of Women Veterans Use VA Maternity Benefits Women's Health Jan 1, 2014
Prevalence of “Polytrauma Triad” among Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans OEF/OIF Jan 1, 2014
Rehabilitation Settings for Veterans Following Hospital Discharge for Hip Fracture Rehabilitation Jan 1, 2014
Increased Prescribing Rates for Concurrent Sedative Medications among Veterans with PTSD Medication Dec 16, 2013
Traumatic Brain Injury during Most Recent Deployment Strongest Predictor of Post-Deployment PTSD OEF/OIF Dec 11, 2013
Factors Associated with Use of VA MOVE! Program for Obese and Overweight Veterans Obesity Dec 10, 2013
Gaps in Quality of Supportive VA Cancer Care for Veterans Cancer Dec 9, 2013
Potential Over-Treatment of Hypoglycemia among Veterans with Diabetes Using VA Healthcare Diabetes Dec 9, 2013
Chronic Opioid Therapy Common among Hospitalized Veterans, Associated with Increased Risk of Death and Re-Admission Medication Dec 6, 2013
Better Experiences among Homeless Patients with Tailored Primary Care Homelessness Dec 1, 2013
VA’s Online Quality Improvement Toolkits Quality Dec 1, 2013
Risk of Suicide-Related Behavior among Older Veterans Receiving Antiepileptic Drugs Medication Nov 26, 2013
“Tailored” Treatment of Blood Pressure May Prevent Many More Heart Attacks and Strokes than Current Guidelines Hypertension Nov 19, 2013
Electronic Patient Portals and their Effect on Health Outcomes HIT Nov 19, 2013
Multifaceted Intervention Improves Medication Adherence for Veterans following Hospitalization for Acute Coronary Syndrome Heart Disease Nov 18, 2013
Testosterone Therapy Associated with Adverse Cardiovascular Outcomes among Veterans Medication Nov 6, 2013
Ethnic Differences in Receipt of Depression Care Disparities Nov 1, 2013
Home-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Significantly Improves Screening Rates among Overdue Veterans in a Rural State Cancer Oct 25, 2013
Veterans with Non-Specific Anxiety Diagnosis Less Likely to Access Mental Healthcare than Veterans with Specific Anxiety Disorders Mental Health Oct 22, 2013
Normal Coronary Rates for Elective Angiography Heart Disease Oct 18, 2013
Risk Factors for Adverse Cardiac Events after non-Cardiac Surgery in Veterans with Coronary Stents Heart Disease Oct 9, 2013
Home Safety Intervention Improves Caregiver Competence for Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease Mental Health Oct 1, 2013
Increase in Psychotherapy Since 2004 Corresponds with VA’s Efforts to Improve Access to Mental Health Mental Health Oct 1, 2013
Receiving VA Care is Stronger Predictor of Appropriate Care for Veterans with Diabetes than Continuity of Care Diabetes Oct 1, 2013
Veterans with PTSD or Major Depression Less Likely to Undergo Four Major Invasive Procedures Mental Health Oct 1, 2013
Individual Financial Incentives for VA Providers Result in Better Hypertension Treatment than Audit and Feedback Alone Hypertension Sep 11, 2013
National Campaign Reduces Prostate Cancer Imaging in Sweden Cancer Sep 4, 2013
Relationship between Diagnostic Accuracy and Confidence Provider Education Aug 26, 2013
Improvement in VA Patient Outcomes Related to Pay-for-Performance Remains after Removal of Incentives Quality Aug 9, 2013
OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSD Experience More Pain Complaints than Veterans without PTSD OEF/OIF Aug 7, 2013
Women Veterans who Experience Intimate Partner Violence are at Higher Risk for Some Medical and Mental Health Conditions Women's Health Aug 5, 2013
Low Rates of VA Vocational Service Use among OEF/OIF Veterans with Mental Health Conditions Mental Health Aug 1, 2013
Patient Safety Issues in VA Outpatient Setting Patient Safety Aug 1, 2013
Study Assesses VA/Alzheimer’s Association Care Coordination Program for Informal Caregivers of Veterans with Dementia Elder Care Aug 1, 2013
Veterans with Prostate Cancer Living in Rural Settings have Less Access to Comprehensive Oncology Resources than Urban Veterans, but Receive Similar or Better Quality of Care Access Jul 30, 2013
Musculoskeletal Conditions, Injuries, and Pain More Prevalent among Patients Using Statins Medication Jul 22, 2013
Benefits of a Patient-Centered Performance Management System Performance Measures Jul 10, 2013
Changes in VA Care since PACT Implementation Quality Jul 10, 2013
Veterans Receiving Primary Care in CBOCs Less Likely to Receive Several Types of Colon Cancer Screening Tests Cancer Jul 5, 2013
Incentives to Impact Patient Engagement and Health Behavior Quality Jul 1, 2013
Issues for Sexual and Gender Minority Veterans Receiving VA Healthcare Access Jul 1, 2013
Journal Issue Highlights Women Veterans’ Health Issues Women's Health Jul 1, 2013
Non-Cancer Pain Associated with Suicide Pain Jul 1, 2013
Rates of Breast Conserving Surgery Performed in VA for Women Veterans with Breast Cancer Comparable to Private Sector Cancer Jul 1, 2013
Redundant Lipid Testing in Veterans with CHD Heart Disease Jul 1, 2013
Suicidal Ideation is Common among OEF/OIF Veterans who Receive VA Healthcare Mental Health Jul 1, 2013
Wait Times for Treatment at VAMCs Have Increased for Veterans with Colorectal Cancer Cancer Jul 1, 2013
Homelessness More Prevalent among Female Veterans Women's Health Jun 26, 2013
Cancer Genetics Toolkit Improves Quality and Frequency of Family History Documentation among VA Primary Care Patients Cancer Jun 13, 2013
Medicare Drug Beneficiaries with Diabetes Use 2 to 3 Times More Brand-Name Drugs than VA Patients, at Substantial Cost Diabetes Jun 11, 2013
Quality of VA Care for Veterans with Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer is Markedly Higher than Previous Studies Suggest Cancer Jun 10, 2013
Literature Review Compares Bariatric Surgery to Non-Surgical Interventions among Non-Morbidly Obese Patients with Diabetes Diabetes Jun 5, 2013
Readmission Rates are Limited in Measuring Hospital Quality Quality Jun 1, 2013
Importance of Parenting Interventions for Veterans’ and their Children’s Health Mental Health May 1, 2013
Many Older Veterans Do Not Discuss Non-VA Medications with VA Providers, Complicating Medication Reconciliation Medication May 1, 2013
Significant Disparities among Women Veterans with and without Mental Illness in Delaying or Going without Medical Care Mental Health May 1, 2013
VA Primary Care Physicians Using Electronic Health Records May Miss Important Information Due to Information Overload HIT Apr 22, 2013
Multimodal Intervention Increases HIV Testing in VA Primary Care HIV Apr 19, 2013
Prediction Model Using VA Data May Help Identify Primary Care Patients at Increased Risk for Hospitalization or Death Data Use Apr 1, 2013
Racial Differences in Veterans’ Perception of the Quality of PTSD Compensation Examinations PTSD Apr 1, 2013
Adoption of PACT Features is Significantly Associated with Lower Risk of Avoidable Hospitalization Prevention Mar 26, 2013
No Significant Association between Timing of Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis and Risk of Surgical Site Infection Quality Mar 20, 2013
Psychiatrists’ Workplace Satisfaction Improved Despite Significant Changes in VA Mental Healthcare Services Mental Health Mar 15, 2013
Journal Issue Highlights Patient Safety Strategies Patient Safety Mar 5, 2013
High TBI Screening Rates among OEF/OIF Veterans OEF/OIF Mar 1, 2013
Journal Issue Highlights the State of Health Information Technology in VA Healthcare HIT Mar 1, 2013
Some VA Polytrauma Team Members Caring for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury at Risk for Job Burnout Long-Term Care Mar 1, 2013
More than One in Eight Women Veterans Screen Positive for PTSD and A Significant Segment Does Not Receive Treatment PTSD Feb 23, 2013
Possible Overuse of Proton Pump Inhibitors to Treat Veterans with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Medication Feb 12, 2013
Opioid Prescribing for Veterans with Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Medication Feb 1, 2013
Patient and Facility Characteristics Associated with Prescribing Benzodiazepines for Veterans with PTSD Medication Feb 1, 2013
Significant Financial Burden for Caregivers of Veterans with Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury Long-Term Care Feb 1, 2013
VA’s Traumatic Brain Injury Screening Process is Inclusive and Effective in Referral for Further Services OEF/OIF Feb 1, 2013
Most OEF/OIF Veterans who Screen Positive for Depression Receive Timely Assessments for Suicidal Ideation Mental Health Jan 23, 2013
Benzodiazepine Prescribing for Veterans with PTSD Remains Common and Varied across the VA Healthcare System Medication Jan 1, 2013
Previous Hospital Readmission Rates for Three Common Conditions are Poor Predictors for Future Readmission Quality Jan 1, 2013
Prolonged Exposure or Cognitive Processing Therapy May Reduce Use of Mental Health Services in Veterans with PTSD Mental Health Jan 1, 2013
Same-Day Receipt of Integrated VA Primary Care-Mental Health Services Increases Odds of Subsequent Mental Health Visit Mental Health Jan 1, 2013
Primary Care Practitioners’ Views on VA’s Electronic Health Record System and Test Result Notification HIT Dec 25, 2012
Decreases in VA Hospital Length-of-Stay and Readmission Rates over 14 Years Quality Dec 18, 2012
Majority of Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Prefer Family Involvement in their Care Mental Health Dec 15, 2012
Performance Measure for Lipid Management in Veterans with Diabetes Encourages Treatment with Moderate Dose Statins Diabetes Dec 11, 2012
Protected Sleep Periods for Medical Interns Increase Overnight Sleep and Improve Morning Alertness Quality Dec 5, 2012
Design and Implementation of a VA Hospital-Based Usability Laboratory for Health Information Technology HIT Dec 1, 2012
Many OEF/OIF Veterans Delay Initiating Mental Health Care and Completing Effective Mental Health Treatment Mental Health Dec 1, 2012
Quality of VA’s PTSD Disability Assessment Would Improve by Using Evidence-Based Assessment PTSD Dec 1, 2012
Factors Affecting Readiness for Implementation of VA’s Patient-Aligned Care Team Model Access Nov 29, 2012
Systematic Review Evaluates Patient-Centered Medical Home Model for Primary Care Transformation Access Nov 27, 2012
Equitable Rates of Pain Assessment among African American and White Veterans Disparities Nov 21, 2012
OEF/OIF Veterans Most in Need of Psychiatric Care are Accessing Mental Health Services, Primarily at VA Mental Health Nov 15, 2012
Same-Day Primary Care-Mental Health Integration Services May Facilitate Timely Receipt of Treatment for Depression Mental Health Nov 13, 2012
Framework for the Development of Electronic Health Record-Specific Patient Safety Goals Patient Safety Nov 8, 2012
Comparing Cardiovascular Outcomes for Two Common Anti-Diabetes Drugs among Veterans Diabetes Nov 6, 2012
Interns Spend Relatively Little On-Call Time on Patient Care or Educational Activities Provider Education Nov 1, 2012
Post-deployment Health Outcomes Associated with Multiple Deployment-Related Factors OEF/OIF Nov 1, 2012
Telemental Health Expands in VA between 2006-2010 Mental Health Nov 1, 2012
Association between Several Common Antiepileptic Drugs and Suicide-Related Behavior in Older Veterans Elder Care Oct 30, 2012
Factors Associated with Increased Aggression in Veterans with Dementia Mental Health Oct 26, 2012
Risk of Suicide and Mental Disorder Comorbidity among Male Veterans Using VA Healthcare Mental Health Oct 22, 2012
Pre-Military Trauma Associated with Post-Recruit Training Suicide Attempts among Marines Mental Health Oct 20, 2012
Rape and Sex Partnership Adversely Associated with Lower Physical Functioning in Women Veterans Women's Health Oct 15, 2012
Relationship between Compensation Status and Treatment Outcomes for Veterans with PTSD PTSD Oct 9, 2012
Determinants of Implementing Depression Care Improvement Models in VA Primary Care Practices Mental Health Oct 5, 2012
OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSD and Associated High Irritability May Be at Increased Risk of Criminal Arrest OEF/OIF Oct 1, 2012
Prescription Drug and Alcohol Misuse Associated with Higher Suicide Deaths among Veterans with Depression Mental Health Oct 1, 2012
Perceptions of Coercive Treatment and Satisfaction with Care among Veterans Hospitalized for Severe Mental Illness Mental Health Sep 28, 2012
Construction of a Clinical Indicator for the Risk of Over-Treatment among Elderly Patients with Diabetes Diabetes Sep 10, 2012
Substance Use Disorders Significantly Increase the Risk of All-Cause Mortality among Veterans with PTSD PTSD Sep 10, 2012
Effectiveness of Medical Pre-Operative Clinics Surgery Sep 7, 2012
Increasing Duration of Resuscitation Might Improve Survival among Patients Suffering Cardiac Arrest Quality Sep 5, 2012
Promoting Gun Safety and Delayed Gun Access to High-Risk Patients is Acceptable to Veterans and Providers Mental Health Sep 5, 2012
Despite Individual Hospital Performance, Pay-for-Performance Program May Result in Small Changes in Medicare Payments Quality Sep 1, 2012
Higher Rates of Reproductive and Physical Health Problems in OEF/OIF Women Veterans with Mental Illness Mental Health Sep 1, 2012
Veterans with Greater Clinical Complexity Receive Higher Quality of Care for Diabetes Diabetes Sep 1, 2012
Veterans’ Communication Preferences for Primary Care Needs Telemedicine Sep 1, 2012
New Anticoagulants are Viable Option for Patients Receiving Long-Term Anticoagulation Medication Aug 28, 2012
Couple Therapy is Effective for Treating PTSD PTSD Aug 15, 2012
Age Differences in PTSD Diagnoses and Treatment Seeking among Veterans PTSD Aug 13, 2012
No Advantage in Collaborative Care vs. Usual Care for Veterans with PTSD PTSD Aug 3, 2012
Racial Differences in Outcomes of VA Telephone-Delivered Hypertension Disease Management Program Disparities Aug 3, 2012
Collaborative Care Models Improve Physical and Mental Health Outcomes for Individuals with Mental Disorders Mental Health Aug 1, 2012
Pain and PTSD Common Comorbidities among OEF/OIF Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Undergoing Inpatient Rehabilitation OEF/OIF Aug 1, 2012
QI Intervention for VA Programs Serving Homeless Veterans Quality Aug 1, 2012
Treatment Intensification for Hypertension Not Significantly More Likely to Occur in Veterans with Diabetes and at Higher CV Risk Diabetes Aug 1, 2012
Wide Variability among VA Hospitals Regarding ICU Admission Patterns Quality Jul 23, 2012
Colorectal Cancer Screening May Be Overused for Many Veterans Cancer Jul 19, 2012
Radical Prostatectomy Does Not Significantly Reduce All-Cause or Prostate-Cancer Mortality Cancer Jul 19, 2012
Warning Signs Associated with Suicide among Veterans Receiving VA Healthcare Mental Health Jul 13, 2012
Gastric Bypass Surgery among Veterans Not Associated with Reduced Healthcare Expenditures Three Years Later Obesity Jul 1, 2012
Majority of OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSD Use VA Healthcare for PTSD-Related Treatment, and Users are Increasing OEF/OIF Jul 1, 2012
MOVE! Weight Management Program Characteristics Associated with Patient Retention Obesity Jul 1, 2012
Review Supports One-to-One Peer Mentorship among Veterans PTSD Jul 1, 2012
Government Paying Twice for Some Veterans’ Healthcare Access Jun 26, 2012
Dramatic Improvement in Blood Pressure Management among Veterans with Diabetes, with Potential Over-Treatment Diabetes Jun 25, 2012
VA Communication and Information Sharing During H1N1 Influenza Pandemic Patient Safety Jun 23, 2012
VA Hospitals Caring for Lower Volumes of Mechanically Ventilated Patients Do Not Have Worse Mortality Quality Jun 22, 2012
Effect of Environmental Exposures on Non-Specific Physical Symptoms in OEF/OIF Veterans OEF/OIF Jun 1, 2012
No Significant Cost Increase for Telephone-based BP Intervention for Veterans with Hypertension Hypertension Jun 1, 2012
Variables Associated with Risk of Community Violence among Subset of OEF/OIF Veterans OEF/OIF Jun 1, 2012
Prevalence and Severity of Neurobehavioral Symptoms is High among OEF/OIF Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury OEF/OIF May 30, 2012
TeleRehab Improves Physical Function in Veterans with Stroke Rehabilitation May 24, 2012
Effects and Costs of Mobile, Team-Based Outpatient Care Model for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Mental Health May 17, 2012
IRB Process for Multisite, Minimal-Risk VA Trial Hypertension May 15, 2012
The Importance of Testing Interventions in Real-World Settings Diabetes May 8, 2012
Cannabis Use Disorder Diagnoses in the VA Healthcare System Double Over the Past Seven Years Substance Use May 7, 2012
Association between Alcohol Screening Scores and Alcohol-Related Risks among Women Veterans Substance Use May 1, 2012
Changes in Health Conditions and VA Healthcare Costs among Women Veterans between 2000 and 2008 Women's Health May 1, 2012
Clinically-Guided Approach for Improving Performance Measurement for Hypertension Hypertension May 1, 2012
Women Veterans Report Poorer Health Outcomes Compared to Civilian and Active Duty Women Women's Health May 1, 2012
Integration of Primary Care and Mental Health Improves both Mental and Medical Care Utilization for OEF/OIF Veterans Mental Health Apr 30, 2012
Using Natural Language Processing to Evaluate Evidence-Based Treatment for Veterans with PTSD PTSD Apr 26, 2012
Anti-Hypertensive Medication May Reduce Risk of Dementia among Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Apr 20, 2012
Killing Experiences Independently Associated with Suicidal Ideation among Vietnam Veterans Mental Health Apr 13, 2012
Importance of Pre-Operative Alcohol Screening Substance Use Apr 11, 2012
Caregiver Satisfaction with VA Dementia Care Mental Health Apr 1, 2012
Journal Issue Targets Veterans’ Sexual Health and Functioning Mental Health Apr 1, 2012
Perceived Discrimination Associated with Risk of Severe Coronary Obstruction among African American Veterans Disparities Apr 1, 2012
Shorter Duration Group-Based Exposure Therapy Effective Treatment for Veterans with PTSD PTSD Apr 1, 2012
VA HIV and Hepatitis C Telemedicine Clinics Improve Patient Outcomes among Rural Veterans Hepatitis C Apr 1, 2012
Missed Opportunities to Improve Management of Poorly Controlled Diabetes at VA Hospital Discharge Diabetes Mar 30, 2012
VA Care May Be Sub-Optimal for Veterans with Cirrhosis-Related Ascites Quality Mar 27, 2012
Factors Associated with Increased VA Preventable Acute Care Use Quality Mar 20, 2012
Peer Mentorship Improves Glucose Control among African American Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Mar 20, 2012
Gastric Bypass Surgery Generates Significant Weight Loss, Especially for Caucasian and Female Veterans Obesity Mar 12, 2012
Meditation-Based Mantram Intervention Shows Potential as Adjunctive Therapy for Veterans with PTSD PTSD Mar 12, 2012
Mental Health Diagnoses Associated with Opioid Prescription, High-Risk Use, and Adverse Outcomes among OEF/OIF Veterans Mental Health Mar 7, 2012
Use of Mental Health and Non-Mental Health Outpatient Care by OEF/OIF Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma Mental Health Mar 7, 2012
Increase in Proportion of Veterans with PTSD Prescribed Guideline-Concordant Medications Medication Mar 1, 2012
Older Veterans Less Likely to Receive Treatment for Depression Elder Care Mar 1, 2012
PTSD Symptom Severity Predicts Aggression after Treatment PTSD Mar 1, 2012
Veterans that Use Cigarette Smoking to Cope with Chronic Pain Experience Worse Pain-Related Outcomes Pain Mar 1, 2012
Relationship between Perceived Racial Discrimination and Wait Times for Kidney Transplant Disparities Feb 27, 2012
Non-Cardiac Surgery Soon after Cardiac Revascularization with Stents Decreasing among Veterans Heart Disease Feb 15, 2012
Gender Differences in Healthcare Utilization among Veterans with PTSD OEF/OIF Feb 7, 2012
Multi-Component Support Program Helps Lessen Burden for Caregivers of Aging Veterans with Disabilities Elder Care Feb 1, 2012
Study Compares Effectiveness of Oral Anti-diabetic Drugs on Kidney Function for Veterans with Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes Feb 1, 2012
Top Performing VA Anticoagulation Clinics Share Characteristics Heart Disease Feb 1, 2012
Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Using Co-Located/Integrated Primary Care and Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Care have Reduced Cardiovascular Risk Heart Disease Feb 1, 2012
Increased Risk of Mortality Following Heart Attack for Veterans Insufficiently Treated for Major Depressive Disorder Heart Disease Jan 12, 2012
Publicly Reported Quality Ratings have Small but Positive Effect on Patient Choice of Nursing Home for Post-Acute Care Quality Jan 10, 2012
Majority of OEF/OIF Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury also Diagnosed with Mental Illness and Head, Neck or Back Pain Mental Health Jan 4, 2012
AJPH Features Articles on Veterans and Suicide Mental Health Jan 1, 2012
Chronic Disease Management Initiative Reduces Hospitalizations for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions among Veterans Quality Jan 1, 2012
Few Veterans Receive Appropriate Thrombolysis Following Stroke Medication Jan 1, 2012
Investigators Provide Rationale for New LDL Guidelines Heart Disease Jan 1, 2012
Low Proportion of Veterans Are Using My HealtheVet to Transfer or Share Information with Others Telemedicine Jan 1, 2012
Mental and Physical Health – and Substance Use in Veterans One Year after Deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan Mental Health Jan 1, 2012
Patient Safety Indicators Do Not Always Identify True Safety Events in VA Hospitals Patient Safety Jan 1, 2012
Prevalence and Risk Factors for Non-Fatal Injuries among Veterans with TBI – Post-Discharge from VA Polytrauma Care OEF/OIF Jan 1, 2012
Majority of Veterans Interested in Sharing Personal Health Record Information with Caregivers and non-VA Healthcare Providers HIT Dec 20, 2011
Relationship between Resources and Quality of VA Primary Care Quality Dec 20, 2011
Despite Guidelines to the Contrary, High Rates of PSA Screening Found among Older Veterans with Limited Life Expectancy Cancer Dec 17, 2011
Gender Differences in Combat Exposure, Military Sexual Trauma, and Mental Health among Active Duty Soldiers Mental Health Dec 13, 2011
Adverse Drug Reactions Associated with Polypharmacy are Common Cause of Unplanned Hospitalizations among Older Veterans Elder Care Dec 8, 2011
Diabetes Managed More Intensively in Older Veterans with Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Diabetes Dec 8, 2011
Low Rate of Referral for Outpatient Nephrology Consultation for Veterans Hospitalized with Acute Kidney Injury Kidney Disease Dec 8, 2011
History of Military Sexual Trauma Increases Risk of Sexual Health Diagnoses among OEF/OIF Veterans Mental Health Dec 5, 2011
Chronic Conditions among Veterans and Related VA Healthcare Spending Trends: 2000-2008 COPD Dec 1, 2011
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Options for Veterans with Chronic Pain Pain Dec 1, 2011
Intervention to Increase HIV Testing Can Be Successfully Implemented by Non-Research Staff HIV Dec 1, 2011
Unique Culture of Modern Military Family OEF/OIF Dec 1, 2011
Decreased Use of Benzodiazepines among Veterans with PTSD Medication Nov 29, 2011
Caregivers of Veterans with Chronic Illness Cancer Nov 22, 2011
Factors Associated with Veterans Seeking PTSD Service Connection PTSD Nov 22, 2011
Barriers to Healthcare Access for Women Veterans Access Nov 1, 2011
Distance Most Important Barrier for Rural-Residing Veterans Seeking Healthcare Access Nov 1, 2011
JGIM Special Supplement Highlights Access to VA Healthcare Access Nov 1, 2011
Low Rates of Screening for Intimate Partner Violence among Veterans with PTSD PTSD Nov 1, 2011
Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care Intervention for Depression has Greater Effect on Minority vs. White Veterans Disparities Nov 1, 2011
Access to Healthcare and Framework for Reducing Hospital Readmissions Access Oct 26, 2011
Missed Opportunities for Providers to Discuss Advance Care Planning with Veterans with Heart Failure Heart Disease Oct 25, 2011
Systematic Review Shows Most Current Readmission Risk Prediction Models have Poor Predictive Ability Prevention Oct 19, 2011
Unintended Consequences of Local Implementation of VA Performance Measures Performance Measures Oct 13, 2011
Survey-based vs. Chart-based Screening Yields Significantly Higher Rates of Depression among Veterans in Primary Care Mental Health Oct 6, 2011
Quality Indicators may Lead to Unintended Harm in Elderly Patients with Complex Health Issues Elder Care Oct 5, 2011
VA Mental Health Care Staff More Satisfied and Suffer Less Burnout Compared to Non-VA Community Mental Health Staff Mental Health Oct 5, 2011
Cognitive Processing Therapy Improves PTSD Symptoms More than Usual Care among Veterans in Residential Rehabilitation Program PTSD Oct 1, 2011
Depression and Race may Independently Affect Receipt of Some Surgeries Disparities Oct 1, 2011
Effect of Active versus Passive Monitoring of VA Quality Performance Measures Performance Measures Oct 1, 2011
Evidence-Based Staffing Methodology to Predict Nurse Staffing Needs Nursing Oct 1, 2011
Health of Gulf War Veterans Worsened in 10-Year Study Heart Disease Oct 1, 2011
Veterans Receiving PTSD Disability Benefits May Experience Fewer Symptoms, Less Poverty and Homelessness over Long Term PTSD Oct 1, 2011
High Rates of CRC Screening among Veterans Receiving VA Care Cancer Sep 16, 2011
Treating Comorbid Substance Use Disorder and PTSD PTSD Sep 16, 2011
Collaborative Care Intervention for Veterans with Ischemic Heart Disease Treated in VA Primary Care Setting Heart Disease Sep 12, 2011
Variation in Attitudes and Practices among VA Clinicians Conducting Disability Assessment for PTSD PTSD Sep 12, 2011
Article Recommends Role of “Patient Safety Professional” to Increase Patient Safety Patient Safety Sep 8, 2011
Military Sexual Trauma Associated with Increased Rate of Mental Health Disorders among Male and Female Veterans with Comorbid PTSD Mental Health Sep 8, 2011
Majority of OEF/OIF Veterans with Chronic Non-Cancer Pain are Prescribed Opioids by VA Outpatient Providers Medication Sep 7, 2011
Adherence to National Prevention Measures for Surgical Site Infection Does Not Impact VA Surgical Outcomes Quality Sep 1, 2011
Male Veterans Reporting Sexual Assault are More Likely to Engage in Unsafe Drinking than Veterans with No History of Sexual Assault Substance Use Sep 1, 2011
Quality of VA Mental Health Care Following Psychiatric Hospitalization for Veterans with Depression Mental Health Sep 1, 2011
Study Suggests PTSD Associated with Cognitive Impairment Mental Health Sep 1, 2011
Profile of Caregivers and Care Provided for OEF/OIF Veterans Following Acute Rehabilitation for TBI and Polytrauma OEF/OIF Aug 25, 2011
Adverse Post-Operative Events More Common among Current Veteran Smokers Compared with Prior or Non-Smokers Surgery Aug 24, 2011
Natural Language Processing with Electronic Medical Record Improves Identification of VA Post-Operative Complications Data Use Aug 24, 2011
VA Travel Reimbursement Increases Outpatient Visits Access Aug 24, 2011
Veterans in Favor of Internet-Provided HIV Screening Information HIT Aug 15, 2011
Co-Location of Primary Care in VA Mental Health Clinics Associated with Better Processes of Care for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Mental Health Aug 1, 2011
Excess Cost Associated with Post-Operative Complications among Veterans in VA Hospitals Surgery Aug 1, 2011
Most Veterans with New PTSD Diagnoses Who Attend PTSD Clinics May Not Receive Minimally Adequate Treatment PTSD Aug 1, 2011
Potential Problems with the Use of Antidepressants among Older Veterans Residing in VA Nursing Homes Elder Care Aug 1, 2011
Veterans with Diabetes and Major Depressive Disorder at Significantly Increased Risk of Myocardial Infarction Diabetes Aug 1, 2011
Veterans with COPD Living in Isolated Rural Areas have Elevated Risk of Mortality COPD Jul 19, 2011
Behavioral and Medication Management Interventions Improve Blood Pressure Control for Veterans Hypertension Jul 11, 2011
Differences in Communication between Providers in VA Mental Health Clinics and General Medical Providers in Treating Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Mental Health Jul 7, 2011
Growing VA Research Agenda for Women Veterans Women's Health Jul 6, 2011
Most Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma Report High Satisfaction with VA Outpatient Care Quality Jul 6, 2011
Updated Literature Review Examines Research and Findings on Women Veterans’ Health Women's Health Jul 6, 2011
Women’s Health Issues Journal Focuses on Women Veterans Women's Health Jul 6, 2011
Quality Improvement Program for Oral Anticoagulation has Potential to Save Lives and Millions in VA Healthcare Costs Medication Jul 1, 2011
Many Risk Factors for Post-Traumatic Stress Symptomatology among OEF/OIF Veterans have Pre-Deployment Origins OEF/OIF Jun 27, 2011
Averaging Multiple Blood Pressure Measurements May Provide Optimal Assessment for Veterans with Hypertension Hypertension Jun 21, 2011
VA Physicians Involved with Research have Higher Job Satisfaction Provider Education Jun 20, 2011
Medicare-Eligible Veterans’ Reliance on VA Primary and Specialty Care Decreased Significantly from 2001 through 2004 Access Jun 16, 2011
Bariatric Surgery Does Not Decrease Mortality among Obese Veterans Obesity Jun 15, 2011
Painful Musculoskeletal Conditions More Prevalent among Female Compared to Male OEF/OIF Veterans OEF/OIF Jun 14, 2011
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Blood Pressure Control among Veterans with Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes Jun 14, 2011
Integrated Primary Care Clinic Improves Access to Mental Health and Social Services for OEF/OIF Veterans Access Jun 7, 2011
Nurse Case Management Decreases Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Veterans with Diabetes Compared to Usual Care Diabetes Jun 2, 2011
Journal Section Focuses on Implementing Evidence-Based Interventions for Substance Use Disorders Substance Use Jun 1, 2011
Women Veterans with History of Sexual Abuse at Higher Risk for Substance Use Disorder Substance Use Jun 1, 2011
Women as Resilient to Combat-Related Stress as Men in the First Year Following Return from OEF/OIF Deployment Mental Health May 30, 2011
Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care Does Not Increase Total Workload for Primary Care or Mental Health Providers Mental Health May 26, 2011
Book Examines Social and Cultural Factors Contributing to Combat-Related PTSD among OEF/OIF Veterans Mental Health May 19, 2011
Long-Term Outcomes Following Positive Colorectal Screening Cancer May 9, 2011
Medication Reconciliation Reduces Adverse Drug Events Related to Some Hospital Admission Prescribing Changes Medication May 9, 2011
Effect of Housing Vouchers on Homeless Veterans with Mental Illness Mental Health May 1, 2011
Veterans Reporting a History of Military Sexual Trauma are Treated in a Variety of VA Outpatient Mental Health Settings Mental Health May 1, 2011
Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury and Pressure Ulcers have More Hospitalizations and Higher Costs of Care Spinal Cord Injury Apr 15, 2011
Targeting Infection Prevention: JAMA Commentary on Methods for Comparative Effectiveness Research Prevention Apr 13, 2011
Veterans Receiving Higher-Dose Opioid Prescriptions for Pain at Increased Risk of Death from Overdose Medication Apr 6, 2011
Patient Self-Testing/Management May Decrease Mortality and Thromboembolic Events among Patients on Long-Term Anticoagulation Medication Apr 5, 2011
Less than One-Quarter of Veterans who Complete Suicide Access VA Healthcare in Year Prior to Death Access Apr 4, 2011
Despite Improved Quality of VA Healthcare, Racial Disparity Persists for Important Clinical Outcome Disparities Apr 1, 2011
Excessive Caution in Prescribing to Veterans with Geriatric Conditions May Be Unnecessary Elder Care Apr 1, 2011
Initial Implementation of VA Primary Care Mental Health Not Associated with Differences in Specialty Mental Health Clinic Use by Veterans Mental Health Apr 1, 2011
Positive Effect of Pay-for-Performance May Not be Long Term Quality Apr 1, 2011
Rates of Accidental Poisoning among VA Patients Higher than General Population Medication Apr 1, 2011
Telemedicine ICU Coverage Lowers ICU Mortality but Not In-Hospital Mortality Telemedicine Mar 28, 2011
VA Healthcare Outperforms Private-Sector, Medicare-Managed Care among Older Patients Quality Mar 18, 2011
Redefining “Normal” Blood Pressure Hypertension Mar 15, 2011
Improvements Using Patient-Aligned Group Clinics for Diabetes Care Diabetes Mar 14, 2011
No Racial Disparities in Adherence to CRC Screening among Veterans Receiving VA Care Cancer Mar 1, 2011
Successful Translation of Behavioral Intervention for Caregivers of Veterans with Dementia Mental Health Feb 28, 2011
Increased Wait Times for Surgical Cancer Treatment, Particularly at VA Medical Centers and NCI Cancer Centers Cancer Feb 25, 2011
Article Challenges Process for Disseminating Diabetes Performance Measures Diabetes Feb 16, 2011
Electronic Record Intervention Improves Follow-Up of Veterans with Positive Colorectal Cancer Screening Cancer Feb 15, 2011
Intervention Targeting Trauma-Specific Sleep Disturbances Reduces PTSD Symptoms and Insomnia Severity among Veterans PTSD Feb 15, 2011
Using Administrative Data to Measure Treatment for Veterans with PTSD May Overestimate Delivery of Psychotherapy Data Use Feb 14, 2011
Low Follow-Up Rates for Positive TBI Screens OEF/OIF Feb 11, 2011
Complications Following Total Joint Arthroplasty Significantly Related to Pre-Operative Alcohol Misuse among Veterans Substance Use Feb 1, 2011
Concepts for Evaluating High-Value, Cost-Conscious Healthcare Quality Feb 1, 2011
National Guard Soldiers Prefer Family-Based Interventions for PTSD and Co-Occurring Family Problems OEF/OIF Feb 1, 2011
Overuse of Diagnostic Imaging for Chronic Low Back Pain Pain Feb 1, 2011
Study Evaluates Workshop to Assist OEF/OIF Veterans with Reintegration and Resiliency Mental Health Feb 1, 2011
Rates of PTSD and Depression Highly Prevalent among OEF/OIF Veterans with Alcohol and/or Drug Use Disorders Mental Health Jan 28, 2011
Routine, Oral, Rapid HIV Testing in VA Emergency Departments Financially Equivalent to Usual Care HIV Jan 27, 2011
Suicide Risk Factors for OIF Veterans Mental Health Jan 22, 2011
Unintended Consequences of Advance Directive Law End of Life Care Jan 18, 2011
Telephone-based Care Coordination Intervention Complements Care for Veterans with Dementia and Supports their Caregivers Mental Health Jan 17, 2011
Collaborative Care Intervention Improves Depression in Veterans with HIV HIV Jan 10, 2011
VA Patient-Provider Communication Does Not Contribute to Racial Disparities in Use of Total Joint Replacement Disparities Jan 10, 2011
Newly FDA-Approved Dabigatran May Be Cost-Effective Alternative to Warfarin for Patients at Increased Risk of Stroke Heart Disease Jan 4, 2011
Concussion/mild TBI During Deployment Does Not Result in Significant Post-Deployment Health Effects Separate from PTSD OEF/OIF Jan 1, 2011
Hypertension Care Management Program Provided by Clinical Pharmacists Reduces Blood Pressure among Veterans Hypertension Jan 1, 2011
Peer-Support Interventions May Reduce Symptoms of Depression Better than Usual Care Mental Health Jan 1, 2011
Possible Hypertension Medication Gaps in Veterans Switching Healthcare Systems Hypertension Jan 1, 2011
Risk-Adjusted Time in Therapeutic Range Can Be Used as Quality Indicator for Outpatient Oral Anticoagulation Heart Disease Jan 1, 2011
Rates of Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis Increase Significantly among Veterans with Hepatitis C Virus Cancer Dec 22, 2010
Electronic Health Information’s Effect on Clinical Workflow HIT Dec 1, 2010
Pregnancy and Mental Health Conditions among Female OEF/OIF Veterans Using VA Healthcare Mental Health Dec 1, 2010
Targeted Cost-Saving Method for MRSA and VRE Surveillance in VA Hospitals Prevention Dec 1, 2010
Veterans who Commit Suicide May Not Show Apparent Emotional Distress During Last Healthcare Contact Mental Health Dec 1, 2010
Use of Automated External Defibrillators on Hospitalized Patients Not Associated with Improved Survival Heart Disease Nov 17, 2010
Differences in Mental Health Diagnoses among OEF/OIF Soldiers Transitioning from DoD to VA Care Mental Health Nov 2, 2010
Telephone-Based Self-Management Program Improves Pain among Veterans with Osteoarthritis Pain Nov 2, 2010
Education Intervention Decreases Inappropriate Prostate Cancer Screening among Veterans Cancer Nov 1, 2010
Link between Psychiatric Diagnosis and Higher Risk of Suicide among Veterans Mental Health Nov 1, 2010
Model Used for Cholesterol Guidelines May Lead to Misclassification of Risk for Heart Attack and Coronary Death Heart Disease Nov 1, 2010
Providing Free Care for Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma Does Not Result in Major Income Loss to VA Mental Health Nov 1, 2010
Substantial Gaps in Processes of Care for Veterans with Bipolar Disorder Mental Health Nov 1, 2010
Evidence Review Suggests Clinic Dermatology Provides Better Accuracy than Teledermatology Telemedicine Oct 29, 2010
Gender Differences in Mental Health Diagnoses among OEF/OIF Veterans Mental Health Oct 21, 2010
Peer Support Improves Diabetes Outcomes Diabetes Oct 19, 2010
VA Performs Better than Non-VA Healthcare on Quality Measures for Processes of Care Quality Oct 18, 2010
Increasing Access to VA Primary Care via Community Clinics May Alter Veterans’ Use of Healthcare Access Oct 1, 2010
PTSD Associated with Poorer Couple Adjustment and Increased Parenting Challenges among Male OIF National Guard Troops Mental Health Oct 1, 2010
Simple Disease Management Program Significantly Reduces Hospitalizations and ED Visits for Veterans with COPD COPD Oct 1, 2010
Threshold for Glycemic Control among Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Oct 1, 2010
VA Residency Training Program Rankings May Predict Cost of Care but not Hospital Readmission or Mortality Rates Quality Oct 1, 2010
Alcohol Screening Results Up to One Year Prior to Surgery Associated with Increased Post-Operative Complications for Veterans Substance Use Sep 28, 2010
VA’s Brief Alcohol Intervention Strategy Successful Performance Measures Sep 28, 2010
VA Increases Prescriptions for Smoking Cessation Medications among Veterans Access Sep 24, 2010
Validated Alcohol Screening Questionnaire Not Enough to Ensure Quality of Screening Quality Sep 22, 2010
Greater Burden of Medical Illness among OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSD OEF/OIF Sep 18, 2010
Negative Emotionality May Contribute to Worse Post-Deployment PTSD and Poorer Intimate Relationships among National Guard Iraq War Soldiers OEF/OIF Sep 16, 2010
Dementia More Prevalent among Older Veterans with PTSD Mental Health Sep 1, 2010
Measuring the Quality of Mental Healthcare: Barriers and Strategies Mental Health Sep 1, 2010
Prostate Screening Does Not Reduce Prostate Cancer or All-Cause Mortality Cancer Sep 1, 2010
Rapid-Induction Group Clinic May Be Effective Method of Increasing Rates of Hypertension Control Hypertension Sep 1, 2010
Using One Classification System for Estimates of Urban/Rural Impact on AMI Outcomes among Veterans May Not Be Adequate Heart Disease Sep 1, 2010
VHA Policymakers May Need to Consider Additional Classification Schemes when Planning Care for “Rural” Veterans Access Sep 1, 2010
Patients with Hepatitis C Benefit from Collaborative Care Hepatitis C Aug 17, 2010
Responding to Decline in MRSA Infection Prevention Aug 11, 2010
Pain Screening Implementation for Veterans Falls Short Nursing Aug 6, 2010
Minor Depression Highly Prevalent among Women Veterans with Complex Chronic Illness Diabetes Aug 1, 2010
Patient-Centered Medical Homes Could Reduce Medical Errors Patient Safety Jul 28, 2010
Heart Failure Mortality Decreases While Rehospitalization Increases among Veterans Heart Disease Jul 27, 2010
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD: A Synthesis of the Evidence PTSD Jul 13, 2010
Homelessness Affects Substance Use Treatment Outcomes and Costs among Veterans Substance Use Jul 1, 2010
Medication Management for Veterans with Schizophrenia Medication Jul 1, 2010
Most VA Patients with Substance Use Disorders Who Die from Suicide Use Violent Means Mental Health Jul 1, 2010
Military Sexual Trauma: Important Mental Health Issue for OEF/OIF Veterans Mental Health Jun 17, 2010
Majority of National Guard Soldiers Recently Returned from Combat in Iraq Did Not Meet Criteria for Mental Health Disorder Mental Health Jun 9, 2010
Study Identifies Preventable Delays in Lung Cancer Diagnosis Cancer Jun 7, 2010
Aggression May Be Linked to Psychosis in Elderly Persons with Dementia Elder Care Jun 1, 2010
Disparities in Healthcare Coverage and Access among American Indian/Alaska Native Veterans Access Jun 1, 2010
Inappropriate Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Use is Prevalent among Veterans Medication Jun 1, 2010
JRRD Single-Topic Issue Reports on Results of First National Survey of Veterans with Traumatic Limb Loss OEF/OIF Jun 1, 2010
Majority of OEF/OIF Veterans Interested in Interventions/Information to Help with Community Readjustment OEF/OIF Jun 1, 2010
Study Examines the State of Colorectal Cancer and Finds Cause for Optimism, Particularly within the VA Healthcare System Cancer Jun 1, 2010
Self-Management Program for Veterans with Hepatitis C Improves Health, Independent of Antiviral Therapy Hepatitis C May 31, 2010
Patient Treatment Preferences Play Important Role in Racial Disparities in Knee/Hip Total Joint Replacement Disparities May 28, 2010
Risk Related to Serious Hypoglycemia among Diabetics is Under-stated by Current Guidelines and Performance Measurements Diabetes May 26, 2010
Veterans Living in Rural Settings Less Likely to Receive Psychotherapy than Veterans Living in Urban Settings Access May 11, 2010
Processes of Care to Improve Stroke Outcomes Quality May 10, 2010
All Antipsychotics May Not Increase Short-Term Risk for Mortality among Veterans with Dementia Elder Care May 7, 2010
Additional Evidence of Clustering of Cardiovascular Events Following Cessation of Clopidogrel in Patients with ACS Heart Disease May 1, 2010
Article Suggests Achieving Blood Pressure Control within Three Months Should be New Therapy Goal Hypertension May 1, 2010
Assessment Tool for Elderly Adults’ Capacity to Live Independently Elder Care May 1, 2010
Communication Regarding Health-Related Quality of Life between Cancer Patients and Providers Cancer May 1, 2010
History of Depression Remains a Risk Factor for Heart Disease after Accounting for Other Contributing Factors among Twin Veterans Heart Disease May 1, 2010
Article Helps Identify Patients Prone to Persistent and Disabling Low Back Pain Pain Apr 7, 2010
Obese and Overweight Patients Receive Equal or Better Care than Patients of Normal Weight Obesity Apr 7, 2010
Addressing Psychosocial Needs of Cancer Patients Cancer Apr 1, 2010
Better Outcomes for Veteran Amputees Receiving Specialized Rehabilitation Compared to Consultative Services Rehabilitation Apr 1, 2010
More than One-Quarter of Elderly Individuals Require Surrogate Decision-Making Near the End of Life Elder Care Apr 1, 2010
Pharmacotherapy May Be Underused for Veterans with Alcohol Addiction Medication Apr 1, 2010
Predictors of Veterans’ Use of Mental Health Services Mental Health Apr 1, 2010
Rates of Depression Rise among VA Nursing Home Residents Mental Health Apr 1, 2010
Nursing Homes’ Disaster Response Activities Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Elder Care Mar 24, 2010
Possible Determinants of Colorectal Cancer Diagnostic Delays among Veterans Cancer Mar 18, 2010
Surveillance Colonoscopy is Cost-Effective for Patients at High Risk for Developing Colorectal Cancer Cancer Mar 10, 2010
Nurse-Initiated Rapid HIV Testing was Cost-Effective and Increased Screening Rates among Veterans HIV Mar 4, 2010
Aggression is Common among Veterans with Dementia Mental Health Mar 1, 2010
Characteristics and Needs of Veteran Cancer Survivors Cancer Mar 1, 2010
Lower Mortality Rates for African American Compared with White Patients Hospitalized for Heart Failure Disparities Mar 1, 2010
Patient/Provider Communication in Veterans with Terminal Illness End of Life Care Mar 1, 2010
Rural-Dwelling VA Patients have Worse Physical Health but Better Mental Health than Urban-Dwelling Counterparts Disparities Mar 1, 2010
Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake Likely to Decrease Stroke and Heart Disease, and Save Billions in Costs Heart Disease Mar 1, 2010
VA Care for Obese Veterans Obesity Feb 24, 2010
Relationship between Cost of Care and Quality of Care for Two Conditions in Non-VA Hospitals Heart Disease Feb 22, 2010
Interactive Communication between Primary Care and Specialty Care Improves Patient Outcomes Diabetes Feb 16, 2010
Implementation of a VA Quality Improvement Initiative Improves Knowledge and Perceptions Regarding MRSA Prevention Prevention Feb 3, 2010
Male OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSD More Likely to Perpetrate and Experience Aggressive Behavior toward/from Female Partners Mental Health Feb 2, 2010
Checklist Successfully Identifies VA Environmental Hazards for Inpatient Suicide Patient Safety Feb 1, 2010
Chronic Kidney Failure Associated with Increased Mortality among Veterans with HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Hepatitis C Feb 1, 2010
Mental Health Treatment Seeking among OIF National Guard Soldiers Mental Health Feb 1, 2010
Minority of OEF/OIF Veterans Receive Recommended Treatment for PTSD Mental Health Feb 1, 2010
Predictors Associated with Homelessness among Women Veterans Women's Health Feb 1, 2010
Prior Violence Associated with Greater Risk of Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts in Patients Seeking SUD Treatment Mental Health Feb 1, 2010
Taking a Life in War Associated with Higher Rates of PTSD and Behavioral/Adjustment Problems in OIF Soldiers Mental Health Feb 1, 2010
VA Provides Broader Variety of Assistive Technologies for Veterans with Stroke at Lower Cost Access Feb 1, 2010
Veterans Diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury Significantly More Likely to Experience Mental Illness Mental Health Feb 1, 2010
Therapy via Video-Teleconference as Effective as In-Person Treatment in Reducing Anger Problems in Veterans with PTSD Access Jan 26, 2010
Comparing Two Weight Loss Therapies in Overweight/Obese Veterans Obesity Jan 25, 2010
Comparing Treat-to-Target Strategies to Tailored Approach for Statin Therapy Heart Disease Jan 19, 2010
Affective Disorders Strongest Predictor of Suicidal Behavior in Elderly Veterans Receiving Anti-Epileptic Medication Medication Jan 11, 2010
Costs and Outcomes Associated with Newer Medications for Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes Jan 7, 2010
Assessing New HEDIS Blood Pressure Quality Measure for Diabetes Diabetes Jan 1, 2010
Cost/Benefit of Collaborative Care Intervention for Veterans with Chronic Pain and Depression Mental Health Jan 1, 2010
Increase in VA Drug Co-Payment Resulted in Decrease in Veterans’ Adherence to Some Medications Medication Jan 1, 2010
Lower Quality of Care for Cardiometabolic Disease among Veterans with Mental Disorders, Regardless of Rural or Urban Dwelling Mental Health Jan 1, 2010
Nursing’s Role in Healthcare and Advancement in Evolving Healthcare Environment Nursing Jan 1, 2010
Validity of Mental Health Diagnosis Using VA Administrative Data Data Use Jan 1, 2010
Fixing an Electronic Communication Problem that Reduced Follow-Up of Positive Cancer Screens at One VAMC Cancer Dec 9, 2009
Candidate Quality Measures for VA Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Quality Dec 1, 2009
Effectiveness of Residential Substance Use Disorder Programs in Treating Veterans with SUDs and Mental Illness Mental Health Dec 1, 2009
Intensive Surveillance following Colorectal Cancer Increases Survival Cancer Dec 1, 2009
Older Elderly Patients Experience Poorer Outcomes Following Collaborative Depression Care Elder Care Dec 1, 2009
Veteran Minorities Equally Likely to Receive PTSD Treatment Disparities Dec 1, 2009
Implementing a Successful Fall Prevention Program for Elderly Veterans Elder Care Nov 16, 2009
Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders Highly Prevalent Among Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Mental Health Nov 1, 2009
Predictors Associated with Use of Complementary/Alternative Medicine in Men with HIV HIV Nov 1, 2009
Subjective Reactions to Cannabis Use Associated with Use and Dependence Substance Use Nov 1, 2009
Substance Abuse is Strongest Predictor of Suicide among Veterans with Depression Mental Health Nov 1, 2009
Veterans with Psychosis More Likely to Die from Heart Disease Heart Disease Nov 1, 2009
Veterans’ Age and Disability Status Associated with Choice of Medicare Plans Access Nov 1, 2009
Importance of Communicating Drug Information to Clinicians Medication Oct 29, 2009
Team-Based Care Led by Pharmacists or Nurses Improves Blood Pressure Control Hypertension Oct 26, 2009
“Super-obesity” Associated with Risk of Death Among Veterans Following Bariatric Surgery Obesity Oct 1, 2009
Aggressive Behavior Prevalent in Veterans with Dementia Mental Health Oct 1, 2009
Barriers to Dementia Diagnosis Elder Care Oct 1, 2009
Delays in Initiating Antibiotic Therapy for Veterans Hospitalized with Pneumonia Medication Oct 1, 2009
Determinants of Veteran Treatment-Seeking for PTSD Mental Health Oct 1, 2009
Effect of Medicare Pharmacy Benefit Coverage on VA Healthcare Users Access Oct 1, 2009
Ethnic Disparities in Treatment for Chronic Pain Disparities Oct 1, 2009
Geographic Access to Rehabilitation for OEF/OIF Veterans Access Oct 1, 2009
Improving Provider-Patient Communication about Routine HIV Testing in VA HIV Oct 1, 2009
Long-Term Impact of Home Telehealth on Preventable Hospitalizations for Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Oct 1, 2009
Low Rates of HIV Screening among Veterans with Substance Use Disorders HIV Oct 1, 2009
Special Issue of Pain Medicine Highlights VA Research on Pain among OEF/OIF Veterans OEF/OIF Oct 1, 2009
Use of Medicare and VA Healthcare among Veterans with Dementia Access Oct 1, 2009
Veterans Using VA Pharmacy Services are More Ill than their Counterparts Medication Oct 1, 2009
OEF/OIF Veterans with Mental Health Diagnoses, Particularly PTSD, Use More Non-Mental Health VA Services Mental Health Sep 29, 2009
Improving Acute Care for Elders at Risk for Poor Hospital Outcomes Elder Care Sep 28, 2009
Appropriate Prescription of Proton-Pump Inhibitors among Elderly Veterans Using NSAIDs Elder Care Sep 15, 2009
“Rights” of Safe Electronic Health Record Use Data Use Sep 9, 2009
Federal Investment in Electronic Medical Records Data Use Sep 9, 2009
African Americans and Whites Equally Appropriate Candidates for Total Joint Arthroplasty Disparities Sep 1, 2009
Blood Pressure Telemonitoring Feasible for Most Veterans Hypertension Sep 1, 2009
Chronic Care Model Improves VA Care, with Opportunities for More Progress within and Outside VA Quality Sep 1, 2009
Demands on VHA for Post-Deployment Healthcare Needs of OEF/OIF Veterans will be Overshadowed by the Needs of Older Veterans Access Sep 1, 2009
Electronic Reminder Increases Follow-Up Rates for Positive Fecal Occult Blood Tests Cancer Sep 1, 2009
Ethnic Disparities in the Treatment of Veterans with Dementia Disparities Sep 1, 2009
Focus Groups Recommend Strategies to Decrease Missed Test Results Data Use Sep 1, 2009
Guideline Concordant Care Improves Outcomes for Veterans with Venous Ulcers Quality Sep 1, 2009
Toyota Production System Methodology Leads to Improved Peri-Operative Care in One VAMC Medication Sep 1, 2009
Emerging Issues Related to PTSD for OEF/OIF Women Veterans OEF/OIF Aug 24, 2009
Mental Health Diagnoses Associated with Cardiovascular Risk Factors among OEF/OIF Veterans Heart Disease Aug 5, 2009
Bloodstream Infections in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury May Require Different Treatment Strategies Spinal Cord Injury Aug 1, 2009
Strategies to Improve Follow-Up for Positive Colorectal Cancer Screening Cancer Aug 1, 2009
Study Questions Validity of HEDIS Quality Measures for Substance Use Disorder Specialty Care Quality Aug 1, 2009
Drugs-to-Avoid Criteria for the Elderly have Limited Value Elder Care Jul 27, 2009
Regular Primary Care Associated with Better Survival Rates for Veterans with Schizophrenia and Diabetes Diabetes Jul 26, 2009
Mental Health Diagnoses among OEF/OIF Veterans Increased Rapidly Following Invasion of Iraq Mental Health Jul 16, 2009
Significant Proportion of New Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms are not Recorded in VA’s Electronic Medical Record Quality Jul 7, 2009
Alcohol Screening Scores Predict Fracture Risk Substance Use Jul 1, 2009
Computerized Patient Hand-Off Tool Shows Promise in Increasing Patient Safety Patient Safety Jul 1, 2009
Effective Clinical Decision Support Tool for HIV Symptom Management HIV Jul 1, 2009
High Rates of Violence among Substance Abusers Substance Use Jul 1, 2009
Lower Mortality for African American Veterans with COPD Exacerbation not Explained by More Aggressive Care COPD Jul 1, 2009
Resident Duty Hour Reform has No Systematic Impact on Patient Safety in Teaching Hospitals Patient Safety Jul 1, 2009
Self-Management Intervention for Hypertension has Modest “Spill-Over” Effect on Diabetes Control Diabetes Jul 1, 2009
Standard-Based Method is Preferred Measure of Treatment Intensity for BP Control Hypertension Jul 1, 2009
Improving Adherence to Cardiovascular Medications Heart Disease Jun 16, 2009
Veterans with Hypertension and Comorbidities Receive Better Care than Veterans with Hypertension Alone Hypertension Jun 16, 2009
Application of Aviation Duty-Hour Restrictions to the U.S. Healthcare System would be Cost-Prohibitive Patient Safety Jun 1, 2009
Factors Associated with Antibiotic Prescribing for Likely Non-Bacterial Respiratory Infections Medication Jun 1, 2009
Healthcare Utilization among American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans Access Jun 1, 2009
HSR&D Investigators Propose New Measure to Assess Diabetes Care Quality Diabetes Jun 1, 2009
Improving Wheelchair Appropriateness for Adults with Spinal Cord Injury Spinal Cord Injury Jun 1, 2009
Physicians More Likely than Mid-Level Providers to Initiate Treatment Change for Veterans with Diabetes and Elevated Blood Pressure Diabetes Jun 1, 2009
Review Suggests PTSD Negatively Impacts Physical Health but More Research Needed PTSD Jun 1, 2009
Smoking Cessation Services for Veterans in VA Psychiatric Facility Mental Health Jun 1, 2009
VA Treatment for Drinking Problems in Primary Care vs. Referral-Based Management Substance Use Jun 1, 2009
Perceived Racial Discrimination in Health Care Found to be Low and Similar among Veterans and Non-Veterans Disparities May 14, 2009
Comparative Effectiveness Research Initiatives Fall Short without Commitment to Implementation Quality May 7, 2009
Alcohol Misuse and Counseling among Minority Veterans Disparities May 1, 2009
High Rate of Suicidal Ideation among Veterans with Bipolar Disorder Mental Health May 1, 2009
Inhaled Corticosteroids Associated with Higher Glucose Levels in Veterans with Diabetes, but Effect was Dose-Dependent COPD May 1, 2009
Men and Women Veterans Receive Equal Care for AMI in VA Hospitals Heart Disease May 1, 2009
Strong Association between Homelessness and Incarceration among Veterans with Bipolar Disorder Mental Health May 1, 2009
Study Assesses Knowledge Gains for SGIM Meeting Attendees Provider Education May 1, 2009
Veterans with HIV Treated at Clinics with Integrated Specialty Services More Likely to Achieve Better Outcomes Access May 1, 2009
Suicide Risk Significantly Higher for VHA Patients Compared to the General Population Mental Health Apr 15, 2009
Many Healthy Older Veterans Not Being Screened for Colorectal Cancer Cancer Apr 7, 2009
Access to Healthcare among Veterans with Bipolar Disorder Access Apr 1, 2009
Adapting Pharmaceutical Company Strategies to Improve Physician NSAID Prescribing Behaviors Medication Apr 1, 2009
Continuity of Care Performance Measure Not Associated with Improved Outcomes for Veterans with Substance Use Disorders Performance Measures Apr 1, 2009
Diffusion of New Drug Therapy for PTSD Lessens with Distance Access Apr 1, 2009
Establishing Appropriate Peer Group Method for Comparing Healthcare Quality Quality Apr 1, 2009
In-Person Dermatology More Accurate than Teledermatology for Skin Lesions Telemedicine Apr 1, 2009
Multi-faceted Quality Improvement Intervention Improves Follow-up Colonoscopy for Veterans with Positive Colorectal Cancer Screening Test Cancer Apr 1, 2009
New Process for Quality Improvement Suggests Local Focus on Improving, in Addition to Measuring Quality Performance Measures Apr 1, 2009
Teledermatology – Promising Technique for Improving Access to Care Access Apr 1, 2009
Neither Warfarin nor Clopidogrel Superior to Aspirin as Antiplatelet Therapy for Chronic Heart Failure Heart Disease Mar 31, 2009
Primary Care-Based Collaborative Care for Chronic Pain May Be More Effective than Usual Care Medication Mar 25, 2009
Study Compares PCI Strategies to Medical Therapy in Patients with Non-Acute CAD Heart Disease Mar 14, 2009
Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Advances Implementation Science Quality Mar 6, 2009
Taking Stock: Quality Enhancement Research Initiative and Implementation Science Quality Mar 6, 2009
Concomitant Use of Clopidogrel and Proton-Pump Inhibitors after ACS is Associated with Higher Risk of Adverse Outcomes Heart Disease Mar 4, 2009
Areas for Mental Health Intervention for Patients with Hepatitis C Hepatitis C Mar 1, 2009
Assessing Healthcare Utilization among Veterans with Depression Mental Health Mar 1, 2009
Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic for Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Mar 1, 2009
Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology HIT Mar 1, 2009
Evaluating Profiling Program and New Quality Indicators for Diabetes Care Diabetes Mar 1, 2009
Improving Audit and Feedback Strategies Quality Mar 1, 2009
OEF/OIF Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury and Additional Problems Require Timely Intervention to Avoid Rehabilitation Delays OEF/OIF Mar 1, 2009
Outpatient Healthcare Use for American Indian and Alaska Native Women Veterans Access Mar 1, 2009
Research Agenda for Oral Anticoagulation Quality Measurement Medication Mar 1, 2009
Spinal Cord Injury and Alcohol Use are Risk Factors for Osteoporosis Hospitalization Spinal Cord Injury Mar 1, 2009
Costs Associated with Providing Depression Care in the Primary Care Setting Mental Health Feb 1, 2009
Ethnic Differences in Self-Reported Cancer Screening Cancer Feb 1, 2009
Hybrid Quality Improvement Approach May Be Best Mental Health Feb 1, 2009
Intra-Operative Reading during Anesthesia Care Surgery Feb 1, 2009
Investigators Develop Diagnostic Guidelines for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Mental Health Feb 1, 2009
New Concept Regarding Patient Autonomy When Coping with Multiple Chronic Conditions Informed Consent Feb 1, 2009
Panel Reaches Consensus on Oral Dosing for Primarily Renally Cleared Medications in Older Adults Elder Care Feb 1, 2009
Physicians May Need More Education about Long-Term Care Options for Veterans Access Feb 1, 2009
Prescribing Discrepancies during Patient Transfer May Result in Adverse Drug Events Long-Term Care Feb 1, 2009
Sexual Harassment has Negative Effects on Men and Women Marines’ Mental Health Mental Health Feb 1, 2009
Spaced Education May Improve Teaching by Surgical Residents Provider Education Feb 1, 2009
Successful Strategy that Engages Veterans and Families in Psychoeducation to Improve Treatment for Mental Illness Mental Health Feb 1, 2009
Increase in VA Prescription Co-Pay Leads to Decrease in Adherence to Statins for Veterans at Risk of Heart Disease Access Jan 27, 2009
Transparency Standards for Diabetes Performance Measures Diabetes Jan 14, 2009
Lessons Learned from Deceptive Marketing of Neurontin™ Medication Jan 8, 2009
African-American Veterans More Likely than White Veterans to Receive Mechanical Ventilation for COPD COPD Jan 1, 2009
Assessing Accuracy and Completeness of Research Data Data Use Jan 1, 2009
Barriers to Bone Density Testing for Patients with Spinal Cord Injury Access Jan 1, 2009
Hospital Readmission More Likely Following VA vs. non-VA Hospitalization for Older Veterans Living in Rural and Urban Settings Access Jan 1, 2009
Need for Better Self-Management Education to Address Cultural Differences among Veterans with Diabetes Diabetes Jan 1, 2009
Spaced Education May Improve Learning for Medical Students Provider Education Jan 1, 2009
Study Suggests Changes Needed in Warfarin Dosing Medication Jan 1, 2009
Financial Incentives to Reduce Weight among Obese and Overweight Veterans Obesity Dec 10, 2008
ACE Inhibitors May Benefit Patients with Pneumonia Medication Dec 1, 2008
Controlling Medicare Costs: Study Suggests VA-Administered Drug-Only Benefit for Veterans Enrolled in Medicare Medication Dec 1, 2008
Improving Treatment Adherence for Veterans with Coronary Artery Disease Heart Disease Dec 1, 2008
Providing Better Care for Vulnerable Elders in the Primary Care Setting Elder Care Dec 1, 2008
Racial Differences in Coping with Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain Disparities Dec 1, 2008
Study Suggests Additional Interventions for Veterans with SUD and History of Abuse Mental Health Dec 1, 2008
Using VA Medical Data Alone May Underestimate Post-Stroke Depression and Geographic Variation in this Condition Mental Health Dec 1, 2008
Clinically Complex Veterans have Higher Rates of Performance Measurement and Higher Satisfaction with Care Performance Measures Nov 1, 2008
Consumer-Providers Improve Care for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Mental Health Nov 1, 2008
Do Delays in Diagnostic Colonoscopy Affect Colorectal Cancer Outcomes? Cancer Nov 1, 2008
Factors Associated with VA Employee Participation in Quality Improvement Program to Reduce Patient Wait Times Access Nov 1, 2008
Healthcare Providers Should Adopt Principles of Both Patient Centeredness and Cultural Competence to Meet the Needs of All Patients Quality Nov 1, 2008
Is Music Therapy Efficacious in Treating Patients with Addictions? Substance Use Nov 1, 2008
Low Rates of Hepatitis Vaccination among Veterans with HCV Hepatitis C Nov 1, 2008
Program Improves Access to Mental Health Care for Veterans Access Nov 1, 2008
Quality Improvement Collaborative Improves ICU Care for Veterans Quality Nov 1, 2008
Factors that Contribute to Cannabis Abuse and/or Dependence among Young Adults Substance Use Oct 1, 2008
Most Elderly Veterans Obtain High-Risk Surgeries in Non-VA Hospitals Access Oct 1, 2008
Pain among Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Pain Oct 1, 2008
Quality Indicators to Help Treat Veterans with HIV and Depression HIV Oct 1, 2008
Reducing Cardiovascular Risk for Veterans with Diabetes and Depression Diabetes Oct 1, 2008
Treatments for Co-Occurring Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorders Medication Oct 1, 2008
Veterans Using Home Healthcare have Higher Rates of Outpatient, Inpatient, and Nursing Home Care Long-Term Care Oct 1, 2008
Physicians May Lack Empathy in Treating Veterans with Lung Cancer Cancer Sep 22, 2008
Mortality Risk Associated with Respiratory Medications in Veterans with Newly Diagnosed COPD COPD Sep 16, 2008
Improving Patient Safety in Teaching Hospitals by Modifying Residents' Work Hours Patient Safety Sep 10, 2008
Students Attending Racially and Ethnically Diverse Medical Schools Report Being Better Prepared to Care for Patients in Diverse Society Disparities Sep 10, 2008
Association between Nurse Staffing Levels and Patient Mortality in VA Hospitals Data Use Sep 1, 2008
Cancer Treatment Rates Low among Elderly Veterans Cancer Sep 1, 2008
Continuity of Care Improves Abstinence among Veterans with Substance Use Disorder Substance Use Sep 1, 2008
Contrast-Induced Acute Kidney Injury (CIAKI) Following Computed Tomography Kidney Disease Sep 1, 2008
Demographic and Clinical Factors Affect Ostomy Complications Surgery Sep 1, 2008
Disease-Specific Differences in End-of-Life Treatment of Seriously Ill Veterans of Different Ethnic and Racial Backgrounds Disparities Sep 1, 2008
Early Invasive Strategy Associated with Improved Clinical Outcomes for Patients with STEMI after Fibrinolytic Therapy Heart Disease Sep 1, 2008
More Daytime Sleeping Predicts Less Functional Recovery among Elderly Undergoing Inpatient Post-Acute Rehabilitation Elder Care Sep 1, 2008
Perceived Racial Discrimination in U.S Healthcare More Prevalent among African Americans and Associated with Worse Health Outcomes Disparities Sep 1, 2008
Psychotherapy Administered via Telephone Reduces Depression Access Sep 1, 2008
Variation in Care for Recurrent Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer in a University-Based vs. VA Practice Cancer Sep 1, 2008
Advances in Couple Therapy for Returning Soldiers and their Spouses Mental Health Aug 1, 2008
Fall Prevention and Management for Older Adults Elder Care Aug 1, 2008
Improving the Environment of Care to Reduce Inpatient Suicide and Suicide Attempts in VA Facilities Mental Health Aug 1, 2008
Panic Control Treatment Proves Effective in Veterans with Panic Disorder and PTSD Mental Health Aug 1, 2008
VA Nurse Burnout and Patient Safety Outcomes Nursing Aug 1, 2008
Appreciation of Research Information in Patients with Bipolar Disorder Informed Consent Jul 1, 2008
Conveying Risk Information Presented During the Informed Consent Process Informed Consent Jul 1, 2008
Improving Care for Female Veterans Women's Health Jul 1, 2008
Mental Illness and Substance Use Costs among Veteran Clinic Users with Diabetes Mental Health Jul 1, 2008
Parkinson Disease: Caregiver Needs and Experiences Parkinson's Disease Jul 1, 2008
Veteran Perceptions of In-Home Medication Dispensing Devices Medication Jul 1, 2008
Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Report Frequent Physical and Mental Health Concerns Mental Health Jul 1, 2008

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