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Women's Health

The percentage of women Veterans is expected to increase from 7.7% in 2008 to 14.3% in 2033. Important issues being studied include redesigning primary care service delivery for women, as well as developing screening and treatment strategies for post-deployment health issues affecting women, such as military sexual trauma.

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(5 of more than 552 WOMEN VETERANS focused publications)

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Publication Briefs

(5 of more than 57 WOMEN VETERANS focused publication briefs)

  • Most Women Veterans Report Timely Access to Mental Healthcare, Leading to High Satisfaction with VA Care
    This study evaluated access to mental healthcare by assessing women Veterans’ perceptions of the timeliness and quality of care. Findings showed that of the 419 women Veterans in this study cohort, 59% reported "always" getting an appointment for mental healthcare as soon as needed, and another 22% reported “usually” getting an appointment as soon as needed. Two problems were negatively associated...
    Date: April 5, 2018
  • Women Veterans Who Experienced Past-Year Intimate Partner Violence Significantly More Susceptible to Housing Instability
    This study used VA clinical screening data to assess the relationship between recent experience of intimate partner violence (IPV) and housing instability among women Veterans. Findings showed that female Veteran patients who screened positive for past-year IPV had up to four times the odds of experiencing housing instability. Women Veterans who screened positive for past-year IPV were significant...
    Date: April 1, 2018
  • Phone Communication and Care Coordination Associated with Access to Needed Care as Reported by Women Veterans
    This study used a survey of women Veterans to examine associations between key care team functions and patient-rated access to needed care (routine and urgent). Findings showed that overall, 74% of study participants reported usually or always being able to see a provider for routine care, and 68% for urgent care. In addition, 62% of patients gave high ratings of care coordination, and 76% gave hi...
    Date: March 1, 2018
  • Women Veterans Screening Positive for Intimate Partner Violence More Likely to Receive Mental Illness Diagnosis
    This cross-sectional study is the first large-scale investigation into the associations between intimate partner violence (IPV) and mental health using IPV clinical screening and mental health diagnosis data from VA medical records. Findings showed that female VA patients who screened positive for past-year IPV were more than twice as likely to have a mental health diagnosis – or more than two men...
    Date: December 1, 2017
  • HCV-Related Complications Increasing among Women Veterans
    This study examined gender-related differences in the incidence and prevalence of cirrhosis, decompensated cirrhosis, and hepatocellular cancer (HCC) between 2000 and 2013. Findings showed that the incidence and prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) complications was higher in men than in women. However, the rate of increase in the incidence rates of cirrhosis and decompensated cirrhosis among HCV...
    Date: November 1, 2017

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( 5 of more than 37 WOMEN VETERANS focused projects )

Project No.  Title  PI  Funding Start   
IIR 16-244 Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea in Women Veterans Martin, Jennifer 2018-02-01
IIR 16-062 Recovering from Intimate Partner Violence Through Strengths and Empowerment (RISE): Tailoring and Evaluating a Patient-Centered Counseling Intervention for Women Veterans Iverson, Katherine 2017-10-01
PPO 16-249 Improving Trauma Sensitive Primary Care for Women Veterans with Histories of Sexual Trauma Bergman, Alicia 2017-05-01
IIR 13-081 Patterns and Experiences of VA Maternity Care Coordination for Women Veterans Mattocks, Kristin 2015-05-01
VCA 15-242 Examining VACAA Implementation and Care Coordination for Women Veterans Mattocks, Kristin 2015-04-01

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HSR&D Briefs, Reports, Newsletters

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Date Title Presenter(s)
6/13/2018 Head Injury and PTSD in Veteran and Civilian Women Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence: Implications for Screening and Intervention Iverson, Kate  
Iverson, Kate  
Galovski, Tara  
Galovski, Tara  
6/6/2018 Engaging Women Veterans in Research Hamilton, Alison  
Dichter, Melissa  
Chrystal, Joya  
5/22/2018 Implementing Web-Based Interventions at VA: Case Studies in Diabetes Prevention and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Women Veterans Brunner, Julian  
Brunner, Julian  
Hamilton, Alison  
Hamilton, Alison  
5/9/2018 Improving Trauma-Sensitive Primary Care for Women Veterans with Histories of Sexual Trauma: Findings from an HSR&D Pilot Project Bergman, Alicia  
Hamilton, Alison  
5/1/2018 Chronic Pain Management in Women Veterans Driscoll, Mary  
Driscoll, Mary  
Kerns, Robert  
Kerns, Robert  

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Other Resources

  • Visit VA's Office of Research & Development's Women's Health Research Program Page.
  • Visit VA's Center for Women Veterans website.
  • Watch the Women's Health video series in which HSR&D investigators discuss various aspects of their research into improving care for women Veterans.

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