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Date Title Series Presenters
11/15/2018 The Complementary and Integrative Health Evaluation Center (CIHEC) Study on Veterans' Preferences for and Use of CIH Complementary and Integrative Health
Elwy, Rani
Hoggatt, Katherine
Taylor, Stephanie
11/15/2018 Women’s Enhanced Recruitment Process (WERP): Experience from CSP #591 Spotlight on Women's Health
Frayne, Susan
Pomernacki, Alyssa
Schnurr, Paula
11/14/2018 Impact on High-cost Healthcare Utilization due to Changes in the Patient-centered Medical Home Implementation 2012 to 2015 Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Reddy, Ashok
11/13/2018 Veteran Centered Care for Chronic Multisymptom Illness HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative
Helmer, Drew
McAndrew, Lisa
11/8/2018 Systematic Review: Relationship of mTBI to PTSD, Depression, Substance Abuse, Suicidal Ideation, and Anxiety Disorders Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Spotlight on Evidence-based Synthesis Program
Cifu, David
DePalma, Ralph
Greer, Nancy
Hoffman, Stuart
11/8/2018 Identifying Acute Inpatient Stays within the CDW Inpatient Domain & Inpatient OMOP Visit Occurrence Transformation VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Matheny, Michael
11/7/2018 The Fearless Organization: Why Great Leaders Work to Create Psychological Safety for Learning, Innovation and Growth QUERI Implementation Network
Edmondson, Amy
11/6/2018 Care Management for the Effective Use of Opioids (CAMEO): A Randomized Trial Spotlight on Pain Management
Bair, Matthew
11/6/2018 Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Improvement of Executive Function in Traumatic Brain Injury in Veterans Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Adamson, Maheen Mausoof
11/5/2018 Requesting Access to VA Data VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Kok, Linda
11/5/2018 VA Women’s Health Research Network: Accelerating Research Impacts and Advancing Learning Healthcare System Principles Spotlight on Women's Health
Frayne, Susan
Hamilton, Alison
Yano, Elizabeth
11/1/2018 From Concept to Reality: Replicating Effective Programs in the Function QUERI Program QUERI Implementation Network
Choate, Ashley
Wang, Virginia
10/24/2018 Improving Data Collection and Behavior-Change Support via Veterans' Mobile Phones: One Solution for HSR&D VIReC Clinical Informatics Seminar
Piette, John
10/23/2018 Analyzing Current Challenges Facing OT and PT Services Purchased in the Community Timely Topics of Interest
Bidelspach, Doug
Ward, Rachel
10/18/2018 QUERI and HSRD RFA Informational Session for Winter 2018 Review Cycle (intranet only) HSR&D Administration Seminar
Atkins, David
Braganza, Melissa
Kilbourne, Amy
Tomoyasu, Naomi
10/17/2018 Managing Primary Care Access in Healthcare Systems: A Complex Challenge Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Hempel, Susanne
Kirsh, Susan
Miake-Lye, Isomi
Rubenstein, Lisa
10/17/2018 When Cost-Effective Interventions are Unaffordable: Understanding why and moving forward HERC Health Economics Seminar
Bilinski, Alyssa
10/15/2018 Dissemination Strategies for Health Services Researchers Communication Strategies for Health Services Researchers
Elwy, Rani
10/15/2018 REACH VET: Applying Predictive Analytics to Clinical Practice Suicide Prevention
Eagan, Aaron
Matarazzo, Bridget
10/11/2018 The VINCI Workspace for Beginners VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Trautman, Tim
10/11/2018 HSR&D Innovation Initiative Program RFA (Planning/Start Up Funds) HSR&D Administration Seminar
Atkins, David
Paolicelli, Courtney
Tomoyasu, Naomi
10/10/2018 Making Health Equity Data Actionable with Visualizations Focus on Health Equity and Action
Hausmann, Leslie
Moy, Ernest
Smedley, Brian
10/9/2018 Detection of Elder Abuse Through Emergency Care Technicians (DETECT) HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative
Cannell, Michael
Weitlauf, Julie
10/9/2018 Living Well: A Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Trial of a Professional-Peer Co-Facilitated Intervention to Improve Self-Management of Medical Illnesses for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Spotlight on Mental Health Centers of Excellence
Goldberg, Richard
10/4/2018 Two-Tiered External Facilitation: An Implementation Strategy for Successful Uptake of a VA Telesleep Program QUERI Implementation Network
Bravata, Dawn
Damush, Teresa
Miech, Edward
Rattray, Nick


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