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Date Title Series Presenters
10/18/2017 Comparative Effectiveness of Warfarin versus Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation Using Quasi-Experimental Methods HERC Health Economics Seminar
Done, Nicolae
10/18/2017 Enhancing Primary Care for High-need Patients: 12-month Evaluation of PACT Intensive Management Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT) Demonstration Labs
Chang, Evelyn
Zulman, Donna
10/17/2017 Making Laboratory Data Accessible: Pitfalls and Solutions in working with CDW Data Using Data and Information Systems in Partnered Research
Hauser, Ronald "George"
10/17/2017 Knowledge-Based Information Available Anywhere, Anytime Timely Topics of Interest
Clark, Nancy
10/16/2017 Development of a Long Standing Implementation Partnership between Mental Health Services and HSR&D: Integrating Mental Health and Chaplaincy across VA and DOD Spotlight on Mental Health
Jackson, George
King, Heather
Nieuwsma, Jason
10/12/2017 VINCI SAS/Grid VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Ezzo, Mark
10/10/2017 Career Development Pathways in Implementation Science HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative
Asch, Steven
Hamilton, Alison
Yano, Elizabeth
10/3/2017 Addressing Pain and Opioid Use Disorder in High Risk Patients Spotlight on Pain Management
Robeck, Ilene
10/2/2017 Overview of VA Data, Information Systems, National Databases and Research Uses VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Souden, Maria
9/28/2017 QUERI: Implementation in the Era of VA Modernization QUERI Implementation Network
Kilbourne, Amy
9/28/2017 Promoting Health Equity with the Virtual Medical Center Focus on Health Equity and Action
Scott, Rosalyn
Uchendu, Uchenna
9/25/2017 Suicide Prevention in Women Veterans: Risk and Resiliency Factors Spotlight on Women's Health
Denneson, Lauren
Gradus, Jaimie
Strauss, Jennifer
9/21/2017 Engaging Veterans in Research: An Overview of Successful Practices across VA Timely Topics of Interest
Hyde, Justeen
Ono, Sarah
9/20/2017 Is Medical Foster Care a cost-effective substitute for Nursing Home Care? HERC Health Economics Seminar
Gutman, Roee
Levy, Cari
9/19/2017 Using New Data to Understand a New Program: Investigating VHA and Purchased Care Utilization Before and After Veterans Choice Program Implementation Using Data and Information Systems in Partnered Research
Vanneman, Megan
9/19/2017 Prevalence, Implications and Efforts to Address Stranger Harassment on VA Grounds Spotlight on Women's Health
Klap, Ruth
Yano, Elizabeth
9/18/2017 Traumatic Brain Injury and Attempted Suicide among Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies
Fonda, Jennifer
9/14/2017 The VINCI Workspace VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Trautman, Tim
9/13/2017 Women Veterans' Reproductive Health Research across the Life Cycle: from Pregnancy to Menopause Spotlight on Women's Health
Katon, Jodie
9/12/2017 Understanding Testosterone Prescribing in the VA: Work in Progress HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative
Berlowitz, Dan
Jasuja, Guneet
9/11/2017 Using CDW Microbiology and Pharmacy Data in Outcomes Research VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Evans, Charlesnika
Jones, Makoto
9/11/2017 Exploring Partnership Opportunities with Faith-based Communities Suicide Prevention
Kopacz, Marek
9/5/2017 Pain and Pain Measurement: An Opportunity for Integrative Health Spotlight on Pain Management
Buckenmaier, Trip
8/30/2017 Integrating Pattern Matching and Active Thinking Support in Information Displays for Clinicians Journal of Biomedical Informatics Supplement
Del Fiol, Guilherme
Nebeker, Jonathan
Slager, Stacey
Weir, Charlene
8/29/2017 Using VA Data to Inform the Design of Partnered Randomized Program Evaluations Using Data and Information Systems in Partnered Research
Garrido, Melissa
Minegishi, Taeko


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