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Date Title Series Presenters
9/15/2020 Opioid Prescribing Patterns and Informatics Tools VPR (Using Data and Information Systems in Partnered Research) Gordon, Adam
6/2/2020 Moving into the Post-Opioid Chronic Pain Treatment Era: Opportunities and Challenges SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Becker, William
5/20/2020 Can a Single Opioid Prescription Make a Difference? Evidence from Physician Prescribing Variation in Emergency Departments HMCS (HERC Health Economics Seminar) Zhang, Jonathan Xia
3/18/2020 Causes and Consequences of Inappropriate MRI of the Lumbar Spine HMCS (HERC Health Economics Seminar) Nevedal, Andrea
Jacobs, Josephine
Barnett, Paul
3/3/2020 Integrated Treatment for Veterans with Chronic Pain and Hazardous Opioid Use SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Vowles, Kevin
2/6/2020 Implementation and Evaluation of Medications for Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder QIN (QUERI Implementation Network ) Midboe, Amanda
11/7/2019 Advancing Pharmacological Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder (ADAPT-OUD) Trial: Early Barriers and Facilitators and Progress toward Goals QIN (QUERI Implementation Network ) Hagedorn, Hildi
9/10/2019 Leveraging VA and State Data to Examine Veterans’ Injury: TBI, Opioids, and Guns CDA (HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative) Carlson, Kathleen
8/27/2019 WG1 - Barriers and Facilitators to Use of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder ESP (Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program) Mackey, Kate
8/27/2019 WG 3 - Managing Acute Pain in Patients with Opioid Use Disorder ESP (Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program) Veazie, Stephanie
8/27/2019 WG2 - Benefits and Harms of Long-term Opioid Dose Reduction or Discontinuation in Patients with Chronic Pain ESP (Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program) Mackey, Kate
6/20/2019 Development of a Patient Reported Measures Display and Implementation across VA Salt Lake City VPR (Using Data and Information Systems in Partnered Research) Patel, Shardool
Butler, Jorie
5/30/2019 Effectiveness of Opioids for Chronic Pain—the SPACE Trial in Context AWARD (HSR&D Award Recipient) Krebs, Erin
5/7/2019 The Connections between Opioid Use, Overdose, and Suicide SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Ilgen, Mark
Bohnert, Amy
4/10/2019 Opioid Use Disorder and Employment Disparities in Justice-Involved Veterans FHEA (Focus on Health Equity and Action) Henne, Meredith
LePage, James
Finlay, Andrea
2/12/2019 Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes Following Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy in High-Risk Patients CDA (HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative) Lovejoy, Travis
12/4/2018 Analgesic Impact on Physical Function in Older Veterans with Arthritis SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Hwang, Ula
11/19/2018 Opioid Tapering/Discontinuation: Implications for SDV and Managing High Risk Patients in the Context of Suicide Prevention SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Lovejoy, Travis
Frank, Joseph
Dobscha, Steven
11/6/2018 Care Management for the Effective Use of Opioids (CAMEO): A Randomized Trial SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Bair, Matthew
10/11/2018 HSR&D Innovation Initiative Program RFA (Planning/Start Up Funds) HSRCO (HSR&D Administration Seminar) Paolicelli, Courtney
Tomoyasu, Naomi
Atkins, David
9/4/2018 How have National Reductions in Opioid Prescribing in the Past Decade Impacted the Health Outcomes of Veterans Experiencing Chronic Pain? (intranet only) SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Carey, Evan
6/11/2018 Opioid and Benzodiazepine Co-prescribing and Mortality among VA Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder SoMH (Spotlight on Mental Health Centers of Excellence) Hawkins, Eric
Malte, Carol
6/4/2018 Data-Based Case Reviews of Patients with Opioid Related Risk Factors as a Tool to Prevent Overdose and Suicide SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Lewis, Eleanor
2/6/2018 The VA Opioid Safety Initiative – how did we get here and what is ahead? SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Moore, Von
Sandbrink, Friedhelm
10/3/2017 Addressing Pain and Opioid Use Disorder in High Risk Patients SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Robeck, Ilene
8/29/2017 Using VA Data to Inform the Design of Partnered Randomized Program Evaluations VPR (Using Data and Information Systems in Partnered Research) Minegishi, Taeko
Garrido, Melissa
7/26/2017 Opioid Dose Reduction in Patients Prescribed Long-term Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain CDA (HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative) Lovejoy, Travis
Becker, William
5/2/2017 Patient Outcomes in Dose Reduction or Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy: A Systematic Review (intranet only) SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Frank, Joseph
2/13/2017 The Relationship between Chronic Pain and Suicide Related Outcomes SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Ashrafioun, Lisham
Warfield, Sara
Bossarte, Robert
11/1/2016 Cigarette Smoking as a Risk Factor for Chronic Opioid Use SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Bastian, Lori
6/20/2016 Behavioral Management During Opioid Tapering: Q & A with Dr. Murphy SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Murphy, Jennifer
5/3/2016 Behavioral Management during Opioid Tapering SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Murphy, Jennifer
4/5/2016 Evaluation of a National VA Chronic Pain Cohort SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Carey, Evan
1/5/2016 Treatment of Co-occurring Chronic Pain and Opioid Use Disorder SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Barry, Declan
5/5/2015 Changes in pain intensity over time in a national cohort of older Veterans: Exploring associations with prescription opioids SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Dobscha, Steven
11/4/2014 What we know about opioid adherence might surprise you: findings from a qualitative study of opioid use behaviors SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Lewis, Eleanor
9/2/2014 Opioid Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution (OEND): Preventing and Responding to an Opioid Overdose SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Oliva, Elizabeth
6/3/2014 Turning the Tide of Chronic Opioid Therapy SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Becker, William
4/1/2014 Communicating about Opioids for Chronic Pain: What really happens in clinic visits? SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Matthias, Marianne
3/4/2014 Quality Improvement and Implementation Support to Improve Use of Guideline Recommended Practices for Chronic Opioid Therapy SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Trafton, Jodie
1/7/2014 Opioids in Chronic Pain and PTSD: Liability or Potential Therapy? SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Seal, Karen
5/7/2013 Racial Disparities in the Monitoring of Patients on Chronic Opioid Therapy SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Hausmann, Leslie
10/2/2012 Overdose Among VA Patients Receiving Opioid Therapy for Pain: Risk factors and prevention SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Bohnert, Amy
6/19/2012 The Prescription Opioid Documentation and Surveillance (PODS) System VCI (VIReC Clinical Informatics Seminar) Wilsey, Barth
4/3/2012 Barriers to Opioid Monitoring in Primary Care SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Krebs, Erin
12/6/2011 Veterans with Pain and Substance Use Disorders: Opioids Are Not the Only Concern SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Kivlahan, Daniel
9/23/2009 Decision Support for the Management of Opioid Therapy in Chronic Pain VCI (VIReC Clinical Informatics Seminar) Trafton, Jodie
11/8/2007 ATHENA-Opioid Therapy: A Computerized Decision Support System for Treatment of Chronic Non-cancer Pain QI (QUERI Implementation Seminar)

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