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Date Title Series Presenters
11/3/2021 Spotlight on Access: Findings from the Veterans Access Research Consortium (VARC) Pilot Projects CORE (COnsortia of REsearch) Possemato, Kyle
DeBeer, Bryann
Goldstein, Karen
Augustine, Matthew
9/13/2021 Insomnia and Suicide Prevention: Leveraging Technology to Mitigate Risk SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Nazem, Sarra
9/8/2021 Harnessing Social Support in the Age of Social Media: Implications for Suicide Prevention in Veterans (intranet only) CORE (COnsortia of REsearch) Teo, Alan
6/2/2021 New Directions in Safety Planning and Lethal Means Safety for at-risk Suicidal Veterans CORE (COnsortia of REsearch) Goodman, Marianne
6/1/2021 Indigent Defense, Social Workers and Suicidality in Jail HMCS (HERC Health Economics Seminar) Cunningham, Scott
5/26/2021 Identifying and Integrating Diagnoses from Cerner Millennium in Operations: STORM/REACH VET/CAN Experience (intranet only) REHRS (Research & EHR Synergy) Kreisler, Craig
Martins, Susana
5/25/2021 Population and Community-Based Interventions to Prevent Suicide ESP (Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program) Gleason, Theresa
Denneson, Lauren
Linskens, Eric
4/7/2021 Rural Suicide Prevention: Reviewing the evidence and gaps CORE (COnsortia of REsearch) Mohatt, Nate
3/10/2021 Reducing Racial and Ethnic Algorithmic Bias and Ensuring that VA Algorithms are Fair FHEA (Focus on Health Equity and Action) Parikh, Ravi
Navathe, Amol
Tamang, Suzanne
Korshak, Lauren
2/3/2021 Trauma and Suicidal Self-Directed Violence among Women Veterans CORE (COnsortia of REsearch) Monteith, Lindsey
1/19/2021 A Systematic Review of Chronic Pain Prevalence and Interventions in Veterans and Servicemembers with a History of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury TBI (Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies) Morasco, Benjamin
O'Neil, Maya
Carlson, Kathleen
11/9/2020 Encouraging the use of the Veterans Crisis Line among high-risk Veterans SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Ilgen, Mark
10/7/2020 Brief Interventions to Prevent Suicide: An introduction CORE (COnsortia of REsearch) Craig, Bryan
9/21/2020 Pharmacogenetics Trial of Depression: A focus on suicidal thoughts SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Oslin, David
7/13/2020 Suicidal Self-Directed Violence among Women Veterans SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Monteith, Lindsey
Holliday, Ryan
3/9/2020 Adapting and Implementing Caring Contacts for Suicide Prevention in VA SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Landes, Sara
2/12/2020 Causes of Excess Mortality in Veterans Treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder TBI (Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies) Forehand, Jenna
2/11/2020 Enhancing Social Connectedness among Veterans at High Risk for Suicide through Community Engagement CDA (HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative) Chen, Jason
12/9/2019 Women's Reproductive Health SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Hoffmire, Claire
9/9/2019 Rural Veteran Suicide Prevention SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Mohatt, Nate
7/8/2019 Evidence-Based Suicide Assessment: Guidance for Clinicians and Policy Makers SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Gutierrez, Peter
5/23/2019 Putting it together: Combining Measurement Based Stepped Care for Suicide Prevention SPCourse (Suicide Prevention Course) Zimmerman, Lindsey
Rust, Tom
5/16/2019 Comparing Measurement Based Care and Stepped Care for Suicide Prevention SPCourse (Suicide Prevention Course) Rust, Tom
Zimmerman, Lindsey
5/13/2019 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Moral Injury (ACT-MI): Moving with Moral Pain towards a Meaningful Life SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Borges, Lauren
5/9/2019 Introducing Measurement Based Stepped Care for Suicide Prevention SPCourse (Suicide Prevention Course) Zimmerman, Lindsey
Rust, Tom
5/7/2019 The Connections between Opioid Use, Overdose, and Suicide SoPM (Spotlight on Pain Management) Ilgen, Mark
Bohnert, Amy
5/2/2019 Test. Don't Guess: Modeling to Learn Helps Teams Find Local Improvements to Meet Veterans' Needs SPCourse (Suicide Prevention Course) Rust, Tom
Zimmerman, Lindsey
3/11/2019 The Coping Long-Term with Active Suicide Program (CLASP) Across Vulnerable Transitions in Care: Treatment Description, Recent Data, and Future Directions SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Primack, Jennifer
Weinstock, Lauren
1/14/2019 ACT for Life: a Brief Intervention for Maximizing Recovery After Suicidal Crises SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Barnes, Sean
11/19/2018 Opioid Tapering/Discontinuation: Implications for SDV and Managing High Risk Patients in the Context of Suicide Prevention SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Lovejoy, Travis
Frank, Joseph
Dobscha, Steven
10/15/2018 REACH VET: Applying Predictive Analytics to Clinical Practice SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Eagan, Aaron
Matarazzo, Bridget
10/11/2018 HSR&D Innovation Initiative Program RFA (Planning/Start Up Funds) HSRCO (HSR&D Administration Seminar) Paolicelli, Courtney
Tomoyasu, Naomi
Atkins, David
9/10/2018 Food Insecurity and Mental Health: Contextualizing Nutrition in Psychosocial Functioning SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Brostow, Diana
7/9/2018 Clinical and Neuroimaging Trial of Uridine: A Rapid Treatment for Veterans with Suicidal Ideation via Shared Mechanisms with Ketamine and Lithium SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Kondo, Douglas
Renshaw, Perry
6/4/2018 Data-Based Case Reviews of Patients with Opioid Related Risk Factors as a Tool to Prevent Overdose and Suicide SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Lewis, Eleanor
5/14/2018 Promoting Firearm Safety among Veterans at Risk of Suicide – Challenges and Opportunities SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Simonetti, Joe
1/8/2018 Colorado Afterhours Rural Mental Health Quality Improvement Program Pilot: Lessons for Increasing National VA MH Access SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Sasson, Comilla
Johnson, Rachel
11/13/2017 Cost-utility of Blister Packaging versus Dispensing as Usual of all Medications for Veterans with Serious Mental Illnesses: Results of a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Lavigne, Jill
9/25/2017 Suicide Prevention in Women Veterans: Risk and Resiliency Factors SoWH (Spotlight on Women's Health) Denneson, Lauren
Gradus, Jaimie
Strauss, Jennifer
9/18/2017 Traumatic Brain Injury and Attempted Suicide among Veterans of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan TBI (Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies) Fonda, Jennifer
9/11/2017 Exploring Partnership Opportunities with Faith-based Communities SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Kopacz, Marek
6/12/2017 Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Suicide in Veterans with Substance Use Disorders SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Goldman, Erin
Ilgen, Mark
5/8/2017 Exploring Self-directed Violence among Sexual and Gender Minority Veterans SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Blosnich, John
Blosnich, John
2/13/2017 The Relationship between Chronic Pain and Suicide Related Outcomes SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Ashrafioun, Lisham
Warfield, Sara
Bossarte, Robert
11/14/2016 Team-based Primary Care and Suicide Prevention in the VA: Perspectives from the Front Lines SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Wittink, Marsha
Funderburk, Jennifer
Levandowski, Brooke
10/24/2016 Promising Evidence-Based Interventions for Suicide Prevention among Veterans with TBI TBI (Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies) Brenner, Lisa
9/12/2016 The Relationship of Sleep Disturbance to Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors: An Opportunity for Intervention SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Pigeon, Wilfred
7/5/2016 Suicide Mortality among Veterans Discharged from Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Acute Psychiatric Units from 2005-2010 SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Britton, Peter
6/13/2016 Examining the Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and Suicide among Veteran Populations SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Cerulli, Catherine
6/9/2016 Systematic Review of Suicide Prevention in Veterans ESP (Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program) Teo, Alan
Gleason, Theresa
Denneson, Lauren
4/11/2016 Military Sexual Trauma and Suicidal Self-Directed Violence SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Monteith, Lindsey
2/8/2016 Veteran Suicide: The Impact of Gender and VHA Service Use SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Hoffmire, Claire
12/14/2015 Safety Planning Intervention: Current Evidence Base and Innovations SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Brown, Gregory
Stanley, Barbara
Brenner, Lisa
10/13/2015 Preliminary Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial of a Smartphone Application for Veterans with Suicidal Ideation SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Dobscha, Steven
9/14/2015 Interventions to Improve Continuity of Care and Treatment Engagement among Veterans At-risk for Suicide SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Stecker, Tracy
Matarazzo, Bridget
7/14/2015 VHA Database Medication Studies: Addressing Confounding and Interpreting Findings in Studies of Lithium and Suicide and Non-Suicide Mortality CDA (HSR&D Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative) Smith, Eric
7/13/2015 The Role of Peer Support in Suicide Prevention SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Pfeiffer, Paul
5/11/2015 Strategies and Interventions for Promoting Means Safety SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Karras, Elizabeth
Thompson, Caitlin
Bossarte, Robert
5/4/2015 Ascertaining Veterans’ Vital Status: VA Data Sources for Mortality Ascertainment and Cause of Death VDM (VIReC Database and Methods Seminar) Arnold, Noreen
Hoffmire, Claire
3/9/2015 Veterans' interactions with VHA care prior to suicide: Implications for VHA providers SoSP (Suicide Prevention) Dobscha, Steven
Denneson, Lauren
7/2/2013 Traumatic Brain Injury and Risk for Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors TBI (Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies) Bryan, Craig
Clemans, Tracy
Brenner, Lisa
11/13/2012 Management TBI Rehab/Co Occurring Mental Health Issues: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide, Depression, Substance Use Disorders, and Pain Disorders TBI (Mild TBI Diagnosis and Management Strategies) Brenner, Lisa
Vasterling, Jennifer
Cernich, Alison
6/11/2012 Suicide Prevention Interventions and Suicide Risk Factors and Risk Assessment Tools ESP (Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program) O'Neil, Maya
Haney, Elizabeth
Valenstein, Marcia
Bradley, John
11/2/2011 Effects of Care Models to Improve General Medical Outcomes for Individuals With Serious Mental Illness ESP (Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program) Bradford, Daniel
9/16/2008 Identifying patients at high risk of suicide/self harm: A demonstration of Clinical Reminder Patient Lists and their potential use in research/Quality Improvement VCI (VIReC Clinical Informatics Seminar) Achtmeyer, Carol

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