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Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW)

VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI)

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Information & Technology, has the mission to provide a high-performance business intelligence infrastructure through standardization, consolidation and streamlining of clinical data systems. Toward this end OI&T has built the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) and 4 Regional Data Warehouses (RDW1-4)

The CDW program is central to business management, clinical and administrative research, and healthcare system innovation.

Information into Insight

  • Improve health care quality and patient safety system-wide, maintaining leadership in managing large and unique populations, and ultimately transforming VHA to become an industry benchmark for health care outcomes.
  • Supporting medical and rehabilitation research in support of key VHA directives.
  • Realign resources to serve veterans based on market demand that is significantly influenced by market demographics.
  • Improve access, convenience, timeliness of health care services, and patient satisfaction among all veteran populations.
  • Efficiently manage the needs of an aging veteran population while at the same time balancing the needs of new (and younger) veterans.
  • Participate in Homeland Security directives and missions by coordinating emergency response, participating in biosurveillance activities, and conducting simulations.

The mission of CDW

  • Deliver better visibility and higher availability across departments
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure investment
  • Provides a repeatable and large scale data warehouse
VHA Current Data Warehousing Architecture

Regional Data Warehouse (RDW)

The RDWs are near real-time collections of key data extracted from VistA required to efficiently manage the healthcare system.

  • Standard Information to support management decision-making
  • Standard Architectures rather than independent disparate Data Warehouses (DW) and Data Marts (DM) development by individual entities
  • Standard Tools for robust access, reporting and analysis of data at the enterprise level
Regional Data Warehousing Architecture