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Image of Forum FORUM brings useful information derived from health services research to the attention of both VA clinicians and managers. FORUM also introduces questions, observations, comments and criticism raised by VA clinicians and managers to health services researchers.

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08-2017: Rural Health

06-2017: Implementation Science

11-2016: Care Management

08-2016: Provider to Payer: Transforming VA Care

05-2016: Chronic pain, opioids

11-2015: Access

08-2015: Lean Enterprise Transformation within VHA, Evidence-Based Implementation, Research Highlights, USH Award

05-2015: Patent-Centered Care

10-2014: Big data, analytics, Ideas 2.0 Center

08-2014: Care coordination and PACT, research highlights, announcements

05-2014: Connected Health, eHealth Measures,VHA TeleICU,Virtual Points of Access, Evidence-Based Psychotherapy, 2014 USH Award

10-2013: Transformational change, leadership and culture of improvement, patient engagement and diabetes, recovery transformation in mental health...

08-2013: A Transformation in VA Post-Deployment Care;The Value of Polytrauma Interdisciplinary Care; Research Highlights; Organizational Profile...

04-2013: Dual Use, Health Information Exchange, Outpatient Care Seeking by Medicare-Eligible Veterans, 2013 USH Award

10-2012: Quality Measurement and the Ubiquitous Electronic Health Record;Moving toward a Patient-centered Performance Management System; Validating the AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators...

08-2012: Transforming Pain Management Services for Veterans, VA Pain Management and Research: From Good to Great, Research Highlights, HSR&D and QUERI Hold National Meeting

05-2012: In this issue: PTSD, suicide

10-2011: VHA Transformation Challenges and Lessons; Relational Coordination: Harnessing the Transformative Power of Relationships to Improve VA Health Care; Caregivers; Diabetes; Telehealth

08-2011: Transforming VA Health Care, Transparency and Public Reporting of Quality and Safety, Using VA Databases, Value-Based Purchasing in VA, Resource Use Measurement, Special Journal Supplement on Women's Health

05-2011: Post-Deployment Injuries, Challenges of Co-Occurrence of Post-Deployment Health Problems, Traumatic Brain Injury, Pain, Women's Health, HSR&D National Meeting, USH Award

10-2010: Access, Rural Veterans, Telehealth, SOTA, Women's Health Research Consortium

08-2010: Patient-Provider Communication,Exam Room Computing and the Physician-Patient Relationship,Clinician-Patient Communication Behaviors,Communication to Prevent Diagnostic Errors,The Case for Communication Intervention

05-2010: Research and Prevention of Health Care- Associated Infections, Crucial Opportunities for Addressing HAIs, Research Highlights

12-2009: Opportunities for Ensuring a Safe Environment, Research Highlights, Organizational Profile

08-2009: Change in Health Care

06-2009: Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)

10-2008: Women's health: PTSD, ambulatory care, military sexual trauma

07-2008: Access Issues, Research Opportunities, Advanced Clinic Access, Telehealth Technologies, Mental Health

04-2008: VA Responds to the Needs of Aging Veterans, Defining Better Care for Aging Veterans, Finding Better Ways to Support

11-2007: VA’s Performance Measurement Makeover

07-2007: The Challenges of Inpatient Flow in VA

05-2007: Mental Health Issues in Returning OIF/OEF Veterans

11-2006: VA Ambulatory Care

08-2006: Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI)

05-2006: Screening: Balancing the Benefits and Harms

11-2005: Meeting the Challenges of Veterans with Chronic Illnesses

08-2005: New Veterans and New Challenges

06-2005: Veteran Health Care: Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges

11-2004: Patient-Centered Care

05-2004: Coordinating Care for Veterans

10-2002: The Cost of Providing VA Care

06-2002: Mental Health Care

02-2002: HSR&D at 25: Celebrating the Past and Anticipating the Future

10-2001: Patient Safety

06-2001: Access to Care

11-2000: Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI)

06-2000: Special Populations and the VA

03-2000: HSR&D’s Career Development Program

11-1999: Information Management

06-1999: HSR&D in the 21st Century

11-1998: National VA Surgical Quality Improvement Program