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Past Sessions — 2024

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Date Title Series Presenters
05/23/2024 Screening for HCC in At Risk Adults: a Report from the Minneapolis VA Evidence Synthesis Program Center Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program
Ioannou, George
Landsteiner, Adrienne
Wilt, Timothy
05/23/2024 The Surgical Pause: Measuring Frailty and Doing Something About It VIReC Using Data and Information Systems in Partnered Research
Hall, Daniel
05/22/2024 A Comparison of Encounter Data Between VistA/CPRS & the Federal Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems (intranet only) Research & EHR Synergy
LeNoue-Newton, Michele
Matheny, Michael
05/22/2024 Using VA Resource Centers through the Project Lifecycle Timely Topics of Interest
(CEIR), Center for Evaluation and Implementation Resources
(CIDER), Center for Information Dissemination and Education Resources
(CIPHER), Centralized Interactive Phenomics Resource
(HERC), Health Economics Resource Center
(VINCI), VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
(VIReC), VA Information Resource Center
05/16/2024 Complementary and Integrative Health for Chronic Pain and PTSD: An Overview of Recent Systematic Reviews Complementary and Integrative Health
Zaccari, Belle
05/15/2024 The Changing Face of Veterans and Implications for Policy: Insurance Coverage for US Veterans from 2010-2021 HERC Health Economics Seminar
Wagner, Todd
05/14/2024 Promoting Equity of Cardiovascular Care in the VA Healthcare System HSR Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative
Yong, Celina
05/09/2024 Grim Tales: Three Stories of VA Documentation Failures VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Mull, Hillary
Redd, Andrew
05/08/2024 JIT Cyberseminar HSR Administration Seminar
VA Central Office Staff, HSR/QUERI
05/08/2024 Tailoring Evidence Based Addiction Management to Veterans in the Homeless Program Focus on Health Equity and Action
Ryder, Kathryn
Sonnier, Chava Eve
05/07/2024 Perinatal Depression among Veterans: State of the Research and Future Directions Spotlight on Women's Health
Johnson, Discussant: Amanda
Kroll-Desrosiers, Aimee
05/07/2024 A Mixed-Methods Evaluation Demonstrates the Impact of a Whole Health Based Chronic Pain Management Program for Veterans Spotlight on Pain Management
Fowler, Christopher
Haun, Jolie
05/06/2024 An Introduction to VA Pharmacy Data: Sources and Uses for Medication Information VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Anderson, Timothy
Paris, Bonnie
05/02/2024 Similarities and Differences Between Pragmatic Trials and Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Trials QUERI Implementation Research Group
Fortney, John
05/01/2024 Planning for Data Privacy for a New Research Protocol VIReC Good Data Practices
Jefferson, Tomica
04/30/2024 Bystander Intervention to Address Harassment in Healthcare Settings: State of the Evidence and Research at the Veterans Health Administration Spotlight on Women's Health
Drapalski, Amy
Relyea, Mark
04/25/2024 Women Veterans’ Experiences of Harassment at VA Healthcare Facilities: What Have We Learned and Where Do We Need to Go? Spotlight on Women's Health
Fenwick, Karissa
Jackson, Discussant: Lelia
Shekelle, Jeanette
04/22/2024 ESP Report: Effectiveness of Syringe Services Programs Spotlight on Evidence Synthesis Program
Beech, Erin
Mackey, Katherine
04/18/2024 What is ‘Nutritional Functioning’? Redefining Food Insecurity and Identifying New Avenues of Integrative Care Complementary and Integrative Health
Whitham, Diana
04/18/2024 The Military Exposures Research Program Timely Topics of Interest
Johnson, Rudolph
04/17/2024 Financing Strategies to Promote Evidence-Based Practice Implementation and Sustainment: Examples from Behavioral Health HERC Health Economics Seminar
Dopp, Alex
04/17/2024 Effects of Clinical Resource Hubs on Primary Care Quality and Access in the Veterans Health Administration VHA Primary Care Analytics Team
Liu, Terrence
O'Shea, Amy
Wheat, Chelle
04/11/2024 Understanding Pathways from Implementation to Sustainment: A Longitudinal, Mixed Methods Analysis of Promising Practices in the Veterans Health Administration Advanced Qualitative Methods hosted by the Qualitative Methods Learning Collaborative
Jackson, George
Nevedal, Andrea
04/10/2024 Implementation Determinants of a Virtual Telehealth Program for Patients with Persistently Poorly Controlled Diabetes COnsortia of REsearch
Drake, Connor
04/09/2024 Using CMS Data to Study COVID-19 in Veterans VIReC CMS Data Miniseries
de Groot, Kristin
04/04/2024 Comparing the CFIR-ERIC Matching Tool Recommendations to Real-World Strategy Effectiveness Data QUERI Implementation Research Group
Rogal, Shari
04/03/2024 Options for Evaluating VA Programs HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Gujral, Kritee
Wagner, Todd
04/03/2024 Planning for Data for a New Research Protocol VIReC Good Data Practices
Krein, Sarah
04/02/2024 Disability Claims as a Pathway to Pain Treatment in Veterans: Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for Pain Management (SBIRT-PM) Spotlight on Pain Management
Martino, Steve
Rosen, Marc
04/01/2024 Assessing Race and Ethnicity in VA Data VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Mor, Maria
03/28/2024 RFA Cyberseminar HSR Administration Seminar
Central Office Staff, HSR&D/QUERI VA
03/27/2024 CEA Alongside a Clinical Trial HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Phibbs, Ciaran
03/27/2024 Delivering Care for Women Veterans after Transitioning from One Electronic Health Record to Another: Perspectives from Staff in the Veterans Health Administration (intranet only) Research & EHR Synergy
Gray, Kristen
03/21/2024 Telehealth Delivery of Yoga for Wellness Groups: Findings from a Multi-Site TeleYoga Program Evaluation Complementary and Integrative Health
Nicosia, Francesca
03/20/2024 Veterans’ Use of and Outcomes from VA and non-VA Hospitals HERC Health Economics Seminar
Yoon, Jean
03/20/2024 Dissemination, Adaptation, and Uptake of Patient-Facing Materials to Improve Care Coordination in Primary Care VHA Primary Care Analytics Team
Barnard, Jenny
Ganz, David
O'Hanlon, Claire
03/18/2024 Intimate Partner Violence Experience among Women Veterans: State of the Research Spotlight on Women's Health
Bruce, Discussant: LeAnn
Dichter, Melissa
Iverson, Kate
03/14/2024 Pushing the Boundaries of Focus Group Research Advanced Qualitative Methods hosted by the Qualitative Methods Learning Collaborative
Morgan, David
03/14/2024 Data Spelunking: Strategies for Exploring VA Data VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Hardisty, Ben
03/13/2024 Budget Impact Analysis for Implementation Science HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Wagner, Todd
03/13/2024 Achieving Pharmacoequity: A Prescription for Health Justice Focus on Health Equity and Action
Chandra, Rachel
Essien, Utibe
03/12/2024 What is Rural? Rural Health
Burningham, Zach
Kaboli, Peter
03/12/2024 Suicide Mortality in Vietnam War-Era Veterans: 41 Years of Follow Up HSR Career Development Award Enhancement Initiative
Schneiderman, Aaron
Weitlauf, Julie
03/07/2024 Eight Characteristics of Rigorous Multilevel Implementation Research: a Step-by-Step Guide QUERI Implementation Research Group
Ehrhart, Mark
Lengnick-Hall, Rebecca
03/06/2024 Advanced Decision Science Methods HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Goldhaber-Fiebert, Jeremy
03/06/2024 VA/STARRS-LS Researcher-in-Residence program: Updates from two suicide prevention projects COnsortia of REsearch
Edwards, Emily
Houtsma, Claire
03/05/2024 Ethical Responsibilities of a Military to the Social Determinants of Health of its Service Members Spotlight on Pain Management
Smith, Hunter
03/04/2024 Understanding and Accessing the Office of Connected Care's Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) Database VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Newton, Terry
Shimada, Stephanie
Zocchi, Mark
02/29/2024 Emerging Evidence on Eating Disorders Research: A Focus on Women Veterans Spotlight on Women's Health
Dognin, Discussant: Joanna
Masheb, Robin
Mitchell, Karen
Strauss, Discussant: Jennifer
02/28/2024 Part 2 - Introduction to Markov models for cost-effectiveness analysis HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Bounthavong, Mark
02/21/2024 Use and Cost of Low-Value Health Services by Veterans in VA and non-VA Settings HERC Health Economics Seminar
Radomski, Thomas
Thorpe, Carolyn
02/15/2024 Primary Care Brief Mindfulness Training for Veterans with Psychological Distress: Intervention Description and Trial Results Complementary and Integrative Health
Possemato, Kyle
02/14/2024 Introduction to Markov Models for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis – Part 1 HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Bounthavong, Mark
02/13/2024 Updates on the Relationship between TBI and Dementia Ralph G. DePalma Memorial TBI Clinical Strategies
Peltz, Carrie
Yaffe, Kristine
02/12/2024 Introducing the Access and Community Care Engagement Network Team (ACCENT) COnsortia of REsearch
Hynes, Denise
Mattocks, Kristin
Mengeling, Michelle
Rosen, Amy
Vanneman, Megan
02/08/2024 SQL Query Optimization for Researchers VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Holbrook, Andrew
02/07/2024 Estimating the Cost of Treatment Using VA and DoD Data HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Dismuke-Greer, Libby
02/05/2024 Understanding VA-Purchased Community Care Claims and Referrals from the Office of Integrated Veteran Care Consolidated Data Set (IVC_CDS) VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Beilstein-Wedel, Erin
01/31/2024 Estimating the Cost of an Intervention HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Tran, Diem
01/25/2024 A New Equilibrium for Telemedicine & an Evaluation of Concurrent Heart Failure Care COnsortia of REsearch
Ferguson, Jacqueline
Ziaeian, Boback
01/24/2024 Columbus VAMC Clinician and Staff Experiences with Oracle-Health EHR Modernization after 10 Months (intranet only) Research & EHR Synergy
Ahlness, Ellen
Helfrich, Christian
01/24/2024 Introduction to Effectiveness, Patient Preferences, and Utilities HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Jacobs, Josephine
01/18/2024 Equine-assisted services for Veterans: Current state of the field and future directions Complementary and Integrative Health
Marchand, William
01/17/2024 An Overview of Decision Analysis HERC Cost Effectiveness Analysis Seminar
Rose, Liam
01/11/2024 Managing Research Data in VINCI VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure
Holbrook, Andrew
01/11/2024 Assessing Implementation Context Using Participatory Qualitative Methods Advanced Qualitative Methods hosted by the Qualitative Methods Learning Collaborative
Hamilton, Alison
Stadnick, Nicole
01/10/2024 Assessing Circumstances and Offering Resources for Needs (ACORN): An Overview of a VHA Social Risk Screening and Social Needs Referral Initiative Focus on Health Equity and Action
Cohen, Alicia
Leder, Sarah
Russell, Lauren
01/09/2024 Reaching Rural Veterans: Applying Mind-Body Skills for Pain Using a Whole Health Telehealth Intervention (RAMP). Protocol for a Hybrid 2 Effectiveness-Implementation Trial Spotlight on Pain Management
Burgess, Diana
Evans, Roni
Hadlandsmyth, Katherine
01/09/2024 Using Medicaid Data in VA Research VIReC CMS Data Miniseries
O'Mahen, Patrick
de Groot, Kristin
01/08/2024 Requesting and Including State Data, Including All-Payer Claims Databases (APCDs), in VA Studies and Evaluations VIReC Database and Methods Seminar
Mohamed, Ahmed
Rosen, Amy
Vanneman, Megan
Wagner, Todd
01/08/2024 Using Mechanism Mapping to Illuminate the Black Box of a Meta-Implementation Strategy: Facilitation QUERI Implementation Research Group
Geng, Elvin
Kilbourne, Amy


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