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Newly Funded HSR&D Studies and QUERI Projects

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NOTE: The newly funded projects listed here started to receive funding within the last three months.

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Project No. 
Funding End 
C19 20-203 Impact of COVID-19 and Social Distancing on Mental Health and Suicide Risk in Veterans DeBeer, Bryann 2021-03-31
C19 20-204 Use of VA Telehealth Services at VAGLAHS during the COVID-19 Pandemic Der-Martirosian, Claudia 2021-04-30
C19 20-205 Veterans Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic Fagerlin, Angela 2021-03-31
C19 20-206 Piloting a Self-Help Intervention to Improve Veteran Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic Funderburk, Jennifer 2021-03-31
C19 20-207 A Needs Assessment for Facilitating the Role of VA Occupational Health Providers during COVID-19 Giannitrapani, Karleen 2021-04-30
C19 20-208 Identify and develop methods for monitoring the sequelae of COVID-19 disease and treatment Hynes, Denise 2021-03-31
C19 20-209 Developing effective strategies to improve access in the COVID-19 system recovery phase Kerr, Eve 2021-03-31
C19 20-210 Applying the After Action Review Methodology to Examine Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs’ Response to the COVID--19 Crisis Kim, Bo 2021-03-31
C19 20-211 A Mixed-Methods Pilot Study of the Impacts of Telemental Healthcare for High-Risk Veterans with Opioid Use Disorder during COVID-19 Myers, Ursula 2021-04-30
C19 20-212 Rapid assessment of national surges and variations in COVID-19 inpatient nurse staffing using a big data approach. Petersen, Laura 2021-03-31
C19 20-213 COVID-19 in the VA Community Living Centers Rudolph, James 2021-02-28
C19 20-214 Incidence, Risk Factors, and Prognosis of COVID-19 Associated Acute Kidney Injury Siew, Edward 2021-03-31
C19 20-216 Adapting Caring Contacts to Counteract Adverse Effects of Social Distancing Among High-Risk Veterans During the COVID-19 Pandemic Teo, Alan 2020-12-31
C19 20-217 Effectiveness of telehealth to adequately manage ACSC such as admission for congestive heart failure (CHF) Winchester, David 2021-03-31
C19 20-393 Expanding VA Peer Support Workforce Capacity to Facilitate Increased Access to VHA Mental Health Services and Continuity of Care for Veterans with Mental Illness During The COVID-19 Pandemic Eliacin, Johanne 2021-06-30
C19 20-394 Establish and analyze outcomes for the COVID-19 CRC Risk Cohort (CV19CRC) Gupta, Samir 2021-04-30
C19 20-395 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on chronic disease care within the VA Hunt, Kelly 2021-04-30
C19 20-396 Changes in the Delivery of Evidenced Based Psychotherapies for Depression and PTSD as the Result of COVID-19 Pandemic Mendez, Diana 2021-06-30
C19 20-397 Virtual Pain Care for High Risk Veterans on Opioids during COVID19 (and Beyond) Moore, Brent 2021-06-30
C19 20-398 COVID-19 Impact on Biopsychosocial Factors of Loneliness in Rural Older Veterans and Caregivers Padala, Prasad 2021-06-30
C19 20-399 Delaying Cardiovascular Procedures to Curb the Spread of COVID-19 among Veterans: Variation in VHA Practice Patterns and Outcomes Yong, Celina 2021-03-31
CDA 17-164 Designing for Implementation and Dissemination of High-Value Heart Failure Transitional Care Hess, Paul 2025-04-30
CDA 18-005 Targeting Barriers to Pain Self-Management in Women Veterans: Refinement and Feasibility of a Novel Peer Support Intervention (Project CONNECT) Driscoll, Mary 2024-04-30
CDA 18-191 Optimizing Critical Care for Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure: A Mixed-Methods Study Vranas, Kelly 2024-06-30
CDA 18-193 Expanding access to opioid use disorder treatment with buprenorphine in rural primary care settings Wyse, Jessica 2025-06-30
IIR 15-339 Improving Access to Sleep Apnea Care: A Pragmatic Study of New Consultation Models Sarmiento, Kathleen 2024-07-31
IIR 17-087 Diabetes Disparities: Texting to Extend Treatment (DD-TXT) Shimada, Stephanie 2024-04-30
IIR 18-246 Developing Tools for Dialysis Decision Support in Older Adults Tamura, Manjula 2024-06-30
IIR 18-287 Strengthening Suicide Prevention Efforts for Women Veterans through the Veterans Crisis Line Dichter, Melissa 2023-06-30
IIR 18-314 Preventing Suicide Among Female and Male Veterans Not Receiving VHA Services Monteith, Lindsey 2024-05-31
IIR 19-106 Outpatient Palliative Care and Prescribing Safety and Quality at End-of-Life Thorpe, Joshua 2024-01-31
IIR 19-168 Building a Learning Healthcare System to Understand and Improve Sepsis Outcomes in the VA TeleICU Network Blum, James 2024-06-30
IIR 19-384 Preventing Loss of Independence through Exercise in Community Living Centers (PLIE-CLC) Barnes, Deborah 2023-05-31
IIR 19-421 Utilization and Health Outcomes for Veterans with Expanded Health Care Access Wagner, Todd 2023-06-30
IIR 19-469 Collaborative Specialty Care for Gulf War Illness McAndrew, Lisa 2024-05-31
IRP 20-002 TENACITY: TelemEdiciNe-bAsed Cognitive Therapy for Migraine Damush, Teresa 2022-05-31
PPO 19-084 A patient-focused intervention to promote effective insomnia treatment Koffel, Erin 2021-05-31
SDR 20-386 Virta Health Evaluation Frakt, Austin 2020-12-31
SDR 20-387 CKD Cascade of Care (C3) Initiative - Phase 1 Estrella, Michelle 2022-01-31
SDR 20-388 Relational Coordination in the Veterans Health Administration Gilmartin, Heather 2023-06-30
SDR 20-390 Community Care Research Evaluation and Knowledge (CREEK) Center Mattocks, Kristin 2021-03-31
SDR 20-401 SWIFT funding mechanism for Non-COIN Affiliated (NCA) Investigators Hudson, Teresa 2021-09-30
SDR 20-402 Multi-level Factors Underlying VA Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Covid-19 Infection and Complications Washington, Donna 2022-01-31
SDR 20-403 GAO project phase 1 – Determination of Completeness and Accuracy of VHA Race/Ethnicity Data Washington, Donna 2021-05-31

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