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Newly Funded HSR&D Studies and QUERI Projects

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NOTE: The newly funded projects listed here started to receive funding within the last three months.

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Project No. 
Funding End 
CDA 17-006 Increasing mental health services use through enabling resources & family support Shepherd-Banigan, Megan 2024-03-31
CDA 17-162 Peer learning to promote quality and appropriate use of percutaneous coronary intervention Doll , Jacob 2024-04-30
CDA 18-008 Using telehealth to expand treatment access for Veterans with opioid use disorder Lin, Lewei 2024-03-31
IIR 16-238 How nursing staff skill mix, education and experience modify patient acuity-based estimates of required unit staffing Phibbs, Ciaran 2022-05-31
IIR 17-030 Eating disorders in Veterans: Risk, resilience, and service use Mitchell, Karen 2021-07-31
IIR 17-051 Health Outcomes Associated with TBI Screening Miles, Shannon 2022-04-30
IIR 17-089 Understanding Mental Health Problems and Health Risk Behaviors among LGBT Veterans Lehavot, Keren 2023-03-31
IIR 17-095 Improving Outcomes in Veterans with Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease Ahmed, Ali 2023-03-31
IIR 17-201 Combined Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Brief Cognitive Therapy to Reduce Suicide Behavior in High-Risk Veterans Primack, Jennifer 2023-04-30
IIR 17-221 Using Peer Navigators to increase access to VA and community resources for Veterans with diabetes-related distress Kunik, Mark 2023-04-30
IIR 17-222 Measuring the Value of Improving Access to Community Care Wong , Edwin 2023-05-31
IIR 17-238 Understanding Hormone Therapy Care Received by Transgender Veterans in VHA Jasuja, Guneet 2021-03-31
IIR 17-241 Anxiety diagnostic accuracy in VA primary care mental health integration settings: Identifying barriers and facilitators to inform a learning health care system Fletcher, Terri 2022-04-30
IIR 17-269 Leveraging Novel Sources of Data with Analytic Morphomics to Improve Delivery of Specialty Care to At-Risk Veterans with Liver Disease Su, Grace 2023-04-30
IIR 18-019 Measuring the Longitudinal Relationshipsbetween Obesity, Weight Management Intervention, and Medical Expenditure Maciejewski , Matthew 2023-05-31
IIR 18-035 Understanding Suicide Risks among LGBT Veterans in VA Care Goulet , Joseph 2023-05-31
IIR 18-092 Veterans' Choice in Hospital Care Yoon, Jean 2022-05-31
IIR 18-116 Attrition of Women Veterans New to VHA in the Community Care Era Frayne, Susan 2022-11-30
PPO 17-053 Coalition Building to Implement Evidenced Based Resource Facilitation and Increase Access to Community Support Services for Veterans with TBI Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Christina 2020-04-30
PPO 18-045 VA Nurse Practitioners as Antibiotic Stewards_A Mixed Methods Study Examining Prescribing and Perceptions Knobloch, Mary Jo 2020-05-31
PPO 18-081 Developing Models to Identify Veterans with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Predict Progression Frey, Lewis 2020-03-31
PPO 18-089 Reproductive Life Planning for Women Veterans with Mental Illness Drapalski, Amy 2020-05-31
PPO 18-111 Pilot Study of Technology Assisted Depression Treatment Adherence Turvey, Carolyn 2020-03-31
PPO 18-121 From Screening to Treatment: Mapping Access to Care Pathways for Veterans who Screen Positive for PTSD Bovin, Michelle 2020-05-31
PPO 18-278 Emergency Departments Treating Veteran for Suicide (ED-VeTS) Waliski , Angela 2020-05-31
RCS 19-002 Research Career Scientist Award Damush, Teresa 2024-03-31
SDR 18-004 Efficient electronic phenotyping using APHRODITE in the Million Veteran Program Lee , Jennifer 2021-05-31
SDR 18-194 Advancing the Phenotyping of Acute Kidney Injury for the Million Veteran Program Siew, Edward 2021-03-31