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Newly Funded HSR&D Studies and QUERI Projects


NOTE: The newly funded projects listed here started to receive funding within the last three months.

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Project No. 
Funding End 
CDA 20-224 Examining Pre-Pregnancy Health and Maternal Outcomes among Women Veterans Quinn, Deirdre 2026-08-31
CDA 21-143 Hospital GamePlan4Care: A Web-Based Delivery System for Dementia Caregiver Support Horstman, Molly 2026-09-30
IIR 19-018 Improving Implementation of Outpatient Goals of Care Conversations for Veterans with Serious Illness Bekelman, David 2025-09-30
IIR 19-027 Improving Post-Acute Care Value for Veterans Burke, Robert 2025-09-30
IIR 19-068 An Assessment of Open Access Audio of the Clinical Encounter on Veterans and their Care Weiner, Saul 2024-07-31
IIR 19-395 Impact of Combined Recovery Program and Home Telehealth Among Veterans with substance use disorders in the VA Inpatient Setting Santa Ana, Elizabeth 2025-09-30
IIR 19-414 Understanding the effect of rurality and social risk factors on barriers to care and surgical outcomes. Shireman, Paula 2025-03-31
IIR 20-040 Evaluating Health Services for Justice-Involved Veterans to Improve Policy and Practice Finlay, Andrea 2025-10-31
IIR 20-089 Patient Risk Perception and Decision-Making about Adherence to Repeat Cancer Scr Gillespie, Christopher 2024-09-30
IIR 20-101 Assessing the Sustainability of Compliance with Surgical Site Infection Prophylaxis After Discontinuation of Mandatory Active Reporting Mull, Hillary 2025-09-30
IIR 20-114 Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health in High-Risk Veterans Zulman, Donna 2025-09-30
IIR 20-115 Preventing Chronic Post-Surgical Pain and Prolonged Opioid Use: The Perioperative Pain Self-Management Program Hadlandsmyth, Katherine 2025-07-31
IIR 20-120 A Randomized Trial of Behaviorally Designed Gamification and Social Incentives to Increase Physical Activity Among Overweight and Obese Veterans Patel, Mitesh 2025-09-30
IIR 20-153 WOOP VA: Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions to Promote Weight Management in Primary Care Jay, Melanie 2025-08-31
IIR 20-165 Care Coordination and Outcomes for High Risk Patients: Building the Evidence for Implementation Hynes, Denise 2025-03-31
IIR 20-240 Pragmatic Obstructive Sleep Apnea Weight Loss Trial Assessing Effectiveness and Reach (POWER) Donovan, Lucas 2025-09-30
IIR 20-252 Targeted Contact Precaution Use to Prevent MRSA Transmission Harris, Anthony 2025-08-31
IIR 20-258 Improving surgical decision-making by measuring and predicting long-term loss of independence after surgery Hall, Daniel 2025-09-30
IIR 20-299 Understanding Pathways to Care for Veterans who Screen Positive for PTSD: The PTSD Access To Healthcare (PATH) Study Bovin, Michelle 2025-03-31
IIR 20-313 Optimizing Veteran Recovery from Sepsis (OVeR-Sepsis) Prescott, Hallie 2025-09-30
IIR 21-103 Improving dermatology access by direct-to-patient teledermatology and computer-assisted diagnosis Oh, Dennis 2026-09-30
PPO 19-362 Rage Against the Pain: An Alternative Yoga Program to Address Chronic Low Back Pain Among Veterans Etingen, Bella 2022-09-30
PPO 20-082 Engaging Transgender Veterans with Communication Technology Weiner, Michael 2023-02-28
PPO 20-092 Real-time Infection Prediction in Inpatient Postoperative Care Graham, Laura 2023-01-31
PPO 20-323 Optimizing Patient-Centered Routine Care at a Distance for Veterans with Chronic Conditions Baim-Lance, Abigail 2023-01-31
PPO 20-346 Clinical care needs and experiences for patients with spinal cord injury identifying as LGBT Kiratli, Beatrice 2023-03-31
PPO 21-067 Client Language Analysis in Veterans and Non-Veterans with Low Motivation to Quit Smoking: Identifying Mechanisms of Change Herbst, Ellen 2023-03-31
SDR 20-136 A Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Multisite Trial of a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group for Veterans at High-Risk for Suicide Attempt Decker, Suzanne 2026-10-31
SDR 20-350 Assessing an Initiative to Facilitate Long-Term Financial and Housing Stability in Vulnerable Veterans Nelson, Richard 2025-09-30
SDR 20-368 Data-Driven Methods to Identify Social Determinants of Health Frey, Lewis 2025-09-30
SDR 21-150 Using Big Data and Machine Learning to Understand the Association Between Altitude and Suicide among Veterans Kimbrel, Nathan 2023-10-31
SDR 21-302 Leveraging the Power of VA Data to Understand Long COVID AlAly, Ziyad 2023-07-31

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