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Project No. 
Funding End 
CDP 12-252 Improving Weight Management at VA: Enhancing the MOVE!23 for Primary Care (CDA 10-206) Jay, Melanie 2018-06-30
CDP 13-004 Comparative Effectiveness of Strategies to Control S. Aureus Infections (CDA 11-215) Schweizer, Marin 2018-04-30
CDP 13-005 Practice Models to Meet the Tobacco Cessation Needs of VA Cancer Patients (CDA 11-256) Krebs, Paul 2018-06-30
CRE 12-009 Web-based Intervention to Reduce Alcohol Use in Veterans with Hepatitis C Humphreys, Keith 2018-09-30
CRE 12-025 Implementing and Evaluating INTERACT in VA CLCs Mor, Vincent 2018-06-30
CRE 12-035 Identifying and Delivering Point-of-care Information to Improve Care Coordination Hysong, Sylvia 2019-12-31
CRE 12-083 Motivational Coaching to Enhance Mental Health Engagement in Rural Veterans Seal, Karen 2018-09-30
CRE 12-285 Randomized Controlled Trial of Group Prevention Coaching Edelman, David 2018-10-31
CRE 12-286 Preventing MRSA infections: a virtual comparative effectiveness model Rubin, Michael 2019-03-31
CRE 12-288 Will Veterans Engage in Prevention after HRA-guided Shared Decision Making? Oddone, Eugene 2019-12-31
CRE 12-289 Building an Optimal Hand Hygiene Bundle: A Mixed Methods Approach Reisinger, Heather 2018-09-30
CRE 12-300 Development and Validation of a Perceived Access Measure Pyne, Jeffrey 2019-03-31
CRE 12-305 Stay Strong: A physical activity program for Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans Damschroder, Laura 2019-09-30
CRE 12-306 Risk Stratification and Tailoring of Prevention Programs Maciejewski, Matthew 2019-03-31
CRE 12-307 Comparative safety and effectiveness of isolation in VHA community living centers Morgan, Daniel 2019-03-31
CRE 12-310 Adapting and Implementing the Blended Collaborative Care Model in CBOCs Owen, Richard 2019-09-30
CRE 12-312 Information Extraction and Visualization Toolkit (IE-Viz) Chapman, Wendy 2018-12-31
CRE 12-313 Cognitive Support Informatics for Antimicrobial Stewardship Glassman, Peter 2018-08-31
CRE 12-314 A Computer-Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool to Enhance Fidelity in CBO Cucciare, Michael 2019-06-30
CRE 12-315 A VHA NLP Software Ecosystem for Collaborative Development and Integration Zeng, Qing 2018-11-30
CRE 12-320 Veterans Like Mine Cognitive Support for Therapeutic Decision Making Samore, Matthew 2018-09-30
CRE 12-321 Cognitive Support Informatics for Nurse Medication Stewardship Drews, Frank 2018-04-30
CRE 12-426 Point-of-care health literacy and activation information to improve diabetes care Woodard, LeChauncy 2018-05-31
CRE 18-002 Promoting Effective, Routine and Sustained Implementation of Stress Treatments 2.0 (PERSIST 2.0) Sayer, Nina 2020-03-31
IIR 11-113 Discontinuing NSAIDs in Veterans with Knee Osteoarthritis Fraenkel, Liana 2018-08-31
IIR 11-285 Computerized Cognitive Training to Improve Cognition in Diabetic Elderly Veterans Silverman, Jeremy 2019-09-30
IIR 11-300 Adjunctive Mood Management for Telephone-based Smoking Cessation in Primary Care Gierisch, Jennifer 2019-06-30
IIR 11-334 Relational Agent to Improve alcohol Screening and Treatment in Primary Care: RCT Simon, Steven 2018-09-30
IIR 11-343 Utilizing the RESCUE Stroke Caregiver Website to Enhance Discharge Planning Uphold, Constance 2020-04-30
IIR 12-065 A Novel Approach to Measuring Costs and Efficiency: Lung Nodules as a Case Study Zeliadt, Steven 2018-04-30
IIR 12-068 Design and Evaluation of User Centered Electronic Health Records Ohno-Machado, Lucila 2018-09-30
IIR 12-071 Evaluation of Methods for Implementation of a Comfort Care Order Set Burgio, Kathryn 2019-01-31
IIR 12-106 Analgesic safety and effectiveness in older Veterans with arthritis Hwang, Ula 2019-06-30
IIR 12-118 Women Veterans Cohort Study 2 Haskell, Sally 2018-06-30
IIR 12-130 Integrating Care After Exacerbation of COPD (InCasE) Au, David 2018-10-31
IIR 12-134 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Preventing Suicide in Military Veterans Interian, Alejandro 2018-07-31
IIR 12-152 Factors Associated with Institutional Use by Veterans in Home Based Primary Care Gillespie, Suzanne 2018-06-30
IIR 12-337 Access to Specialty Care for Veterans with Complex Conditions Wagner, Todd 2019-04-30
IIR 12-364 Temporal Pattern Discovery Across and Within Documents of Veterans in PTSD Care Reeves, Ruth 2018-07-31
IIR 12-376 Understanding the Initiation of Maintenance Dialysis among Older Veterans Tamura, Manjula 2018-09-30
IIR 12-378 Impact of family history and decision support on high-risk cancer screening Voils, Corrine 2019-03-31
IIR 12-379 Dual Use of VA-Medicare Drug Benefits and Unsafe Prescribing in Dementia Patients Thorpe, Joshua 2018-04-30
IIR 12-409 Remote Ambulatory Management of Veterans with Sleep Apnea Kuna, Samuel 2020-01-31
IIR 12-411 Promoting Veteran-Centered Colorectal Cancer Screening Saini, Sameer 2018-09-30
IIR 12-412 Technologically Enhanced Coaching (TEC):A Program for Improving Diabetes Outcomes Heisler, Mary Ellen 2018-09-30
IIR 13-026 Veterans Coping Long-Term with Suicide Primack, Jennifer 2018-09-30
IIR 13-029 VA Vascular Injury Study (VAVIS): VA-DoD extremity injury outcomes collaboration Shireman, Paula 2018-09-30
IIR 13-030 A proactive walking trial to reduce pain in Black Veterans Burgess, Diana 2019-06-30
IIR 13-040 Sensemaking in VHA Health Care Systems: A Focus on Readmissions Pugh, Jacqueline 2018-09-30
IIR 13-051 Development and Validation of a Risk Calculator for Total Joint Replacement Sox-Harris, Alexander 2019-01-31
IIR 13-052 Automated Surveillance and Intervention among Patients with Liver Cirrhosis Matheny, Michael 2018-06-30
IIR 13-053 Jump Starting Shared Medical Appointments for Diabetes with Weight Management Yancy, William 2018-08-31
IIR 13-058 A Patient-Focused Approach to Insomnia Treatment for Women Veterans Martin, Jennifer 2018-08-31
IIR 13-073 Improving Safety and Quality of Care Among Veterans Following Acute Kidney Injury Siew, Edward 2019-03-31
IIR 13-081 Patterns and Experiences of VA Maternity Care Coordination for Women Veterans Mattocks, Kristin 2018-09-30
IIR 13-196 Smart Phone Application for Postconcussion Symptom Reduction Belanger, Heather 2018-09-30
IIR 13-294 Impact of Sexual Assault and Combat-Related Trauma on Fertility in Veterans Ryan, Ginny 2019-01-31
IIR 13-296 Systems for Helping Veterans Comprehend Electronic Health Record Notes Yu, Hong 2018-11-30
IIR 13-310 Veteran Peer-Assisted Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression Pfeiffer, Paul 2018-09-30
IIR 13-314 STorytelling to Improve DiseasE outcomes in GoUT: The STRIDE-GO Study Singh, Jasvinder 2020-08-31
IIR 13-315 Effectiveness and Implementation of Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in CBOCs Cully, Jeffrey 2019-04-30
IIR 13-317 Group Motivational Interviewing (GMI) For Homeless Veterans In VA Services Santa Ana, Elizabeth 2019-01-31
IIR 13-322 Primary care intervention to reduce prescription opioid overdoses Bohnert, Amy 2019-06-30
IIR 13-325 Story-Call: E-Mobile Support for Community Dementia Caregivers Pope, Charlene 2018-06-30
IIR 13-332 Comparison of E-Health vs. In-Person Delivered Family Psychoeducation Treatment Rotondi, Armando 2018-09-30
IIR 13-334 Identifying and Measuring Risk for Homelessness among Veterans Montgomery, Ann 2019-06-30
IIR 13-343 Safety climate in CLCs: variation, predictors, and impact on resident outcomes Hartmann, Christine 2019-02-28
IIR 13-350 Patient-Centered Pain Care Using Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Health Tools Piette, John 2019-06-30
IIR 14-007 Opening the Black Box of Cultural Competence Saha, Somnath 2020-08-31
IIR 14-008 Developing a roadmap for best practices in CLC resident-centered care Hartmann, Christine 2019-03-31
IIR 14-009 Preventing Amputations by Tailored Risk-based Intervention to Optimize Therapy Natarajan, Sundar 2019-03-31
IIR 14-011 Estimating Risk of Sporadic Colorectal Cancer in Veterans Under Age 50 Imperiale, Thomas 2019-09-30
IIR 14-020 A Patient-Centered Intervention to Improve Opioid Safety Morasco, Benjamin 2020-03-31
IIR 14-030 Dropout from Evidence-Based Therapy for PTSD: Reasons and Potential Interventions Kehle-Forbes, Shannon 2018-07-31
IIR 14-041 Impact of My HealtheVet on Healthcare Use and Costs Smith, Bridget 2018-09-30
IIR 14-047 RCT of Behavioral Activation for Depression and Suicidality in Primary Care Funderburk, Jennifer 2019-02-28
IIR 14-048 Secondary Event Prevention using Population Risk Management After PCI Caplan, Liron 2020-08-31
IIR 14-049 Regional data exchange to improve care for veterans after non-VA hospitalization Boockvar, Kenneth 2020-01-31
IIR 14-054 Optimizing the Value of Primary Care Delivered by Nurse Practitioners Liu, Chuan-Fen 2018-05-31
IIR 14-059 The Secure Messaging for Medication Reconciliation Tool (SMMRT) Trial Simon, Steven 2018-12-31
IIR 14-060 Understanding Patient Management of COPD Exacerbations Fan, Vincent 2020-04-30
IIR 14-063 Vet COACH (Veteran peer Coaches Optimizing and Advancing Cardiac Health) Nelson, Karin 2020-02-29
IIR 14-067 Value of End-of-Life Cancer Care Gidwani, Risha 2019-07-31
IIR 14-069 Use of VA and Non-VA Health Care after the Affordable Care Act Stroupe, Kevin 2018-04-30
IIR 14-070 Evaluation of a peer Coach-Led Intervention to improve Pain Symptoms (ECLIPSE) Matthias, Marianne 2019-06-30
IIR 14-073 An Effectiveness Trial of the Triage Algorithm for PACT Pharmacy Services Lund, Brian 2018-12-31
IIR 14-074 Engaging Veterans and Family Supporters in PACT to Improve Diabetes Management Rosland, Ann-Marie 2020-02-29
IIR 14-077 Costs and Outcomes of Chronic Heart Disease Care in the VHA Groeneveld, Peter 2018-09-30
IIR 14-080 Comparative Effectiveness of Delivery Methods for Caregiver Support and Education Mavandadi, Shahrzad 2020-05-31
IIR 14-081 Improving Treatment Engagement and Outcomes among Justice-involved Veterans Blonigen, Daniel 2020-01-31
IIR 14-082 Glycemic Control: Overtreatment, Hypoglycemia, Mortality and De-Intensification Tseng, Chin-Lin 2019-02-28
IIR 14-083 Assessing Hypertension Care for Aged Veterans: Balancing Risks and Benefits Min, Lillian 2019-03-31
IIR 14-091 STepped Exercise Program for Knee Osteoarthritis (STEP-KOA) Allen, Kelli 2019-07-31
IIR 14-092 Optimizing Colorectal Cancer and Polyp Surveillance after Colorectal Polypectomy Gupta, Samir 2019-03-31
IIR 14-093 Personalized Life Expectancy to Encourage High Value Prostate Cancer Care Leppert, John 2021-02-28
IIR 14-101 A multi-level intervention to improve cancer care for hepatocellular carcinoma Davila, Jessica 2019-09-30
IIR 14-103 Facilitating use of the Veterans Crisis Line in High-Risk Patients Ilgen, Mark 2019-06-30
IIR 14-288 An RCT of a Primary Care-Based PTSD Intervention: Clinician-Supported PTSD Coach Kuhn, Eric 2020-09-30
IIR 14-293 Group Medical Visits in Heart Failure for Post-Hospitalization Follow-Up Wu, Wen-Chih 2019-06-30
IIR 14-295 Effects of VHA opioid policy on prescribing and patient-centered outcomes Krebs, Erin 2019-06-30
IIR 14-297 Safety of Opioid use Among Veterans Receiving Care in Multiple Health Systems Gellad, Walid 2018-06-30
IIR 14-301 Comparative Outcomes of Pharmacologic Treatment for Veteran Smokers Duffy, Sonia 2018-06-30
IIR 14-306 De-Intensifying Unnecessary Medications in VA CLC Residents Nearing End of Life Thorpe, Carolyn 2020-04-30
IIR 14-322 Quality of Care for Hepatitis C in Veterans Who Are Homeless McInnes, Donald 2019-06-30
IIR 14-324 VA response to guidance regarding risks of psychotropic medication use Sales, Anne 2019-03-31
IIR 14-338 Appropriate Use of Cardiovascular Procedures to Optimize Healthcare Value Ho, P. Michael 2020-04-30
IIR 14-345 Incorporating Treatment Outcomes into Quality Measurement of Depression Care Pfeiffer, Paul 2020-03-31
IIR 14-346 Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life in CHF and COPD Bekelman, David 2019-12-31
IIR 14-353 Telehealth Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression in Parkinson's Disease Interian, Alejandro 2020-06-30
IIR 14-399 Communicating the Impact of mTBI on Post-Deployment Reintegration using Photovoice True, Jennifer 2019-03-31
IIR 14-435 The Cost Effectiveness of Complementary and Alternative Treatments to Reduce Pain Taylor, Stephanie 2018-07-31
IIR 14-438 Pain Care Quality and Integrated and Complementary Health Approaches Luther, Stephen 2020-03-31
IIR 15-084 Impact of New Physician Residents on Veterans' Access to Care Kashner, Terrell 2019-06-30
IIR 15-085 Alignment of Treatment Preferences and Repair Type for Veterans with AAA Goodney, Philip 2021-04-30
IIR 15-091 Use of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to Evaluate Concurrent VA and non-VA Opioid Prescriptions Carlson, Kathleen 2019-02-28
IIR 15-092 Pain-related Anxiety Intervention for Smokers with Chronic Pain: A Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Smoking Cessation Counseling for Veterans Bastian, Lori 2021-01-31
IIR 15-095 Primary Care Quality and Homeless Service Tailoring Kertesz, Stefan 2020-06-30
IIR 15-101 A Technology-Assisted Care Transition Intervention for Veterans with Chronic Heart Failure or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Hogan, Timothy 2020-09-30
IIR 15-103 Validation of the PTSD Primary Care Screen Bovin, Michelle 2018-10-31
IIR 15-113 Improving Glaucoma Medication Adherence Muir, Kelly 2021-02-28
IIR 15-115 Factors and Outcomes Associated with Inappropriate Prescribing of Phosphodiesterase-5-Inhibitors for Pulmonary Hypertension Wiener, Renda 2020-11-30
IIR 15-116 Hemoglobin A1c Variability and Adverse Health Outcomes Conlin, Paul 2019-12-31
IIR 15-117 Spanish Online & Telephone Intervention for Caregivers of Veterans with Stroke Freytes, Ivette 2021-09-30
IIR 15-120 Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Living Centers Dosa, David 2020-11-30
IIR 15-131 Identifying, Measuring, and Facilitating Opportunities for De-intensification of Medical Services Kerr, Eve 2019-10-31
IIR 15-139 Cost-Effectiveness of Dabigatran and Warfarin for Veterans with Afib Prentice, Julia 2019-09-30
IIR 15-142 Intimate Partner Violence: Patient Characteristics, Service Use and Experiences Dichter, Melissa 2019-03-31
IIR 15-143 Incorporating Veterans Preferences Into Lung Cancer Screening Decisions Schapira, Marilyn 2020-02-29
IIR 15-147 Effectiveness of Telehealth Collaborative Care for Veterans with HIV in Ruraland Outlying Settings Ohl, Michael 2019-01-31
IIR 15-292 Risk-Adjusting Hospital Outcomes for Veteran's Socioeconomic Status Trivedi, Amal 2020-01-31
IIR 15-294 Best Practices for Management of Fractures in Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders Carbone, Laura 2020-04-30
IIR 15-297 Text messaging to engage and retain Veterans in smoking cessation counseling Krebs, Paul 2020-05-31
IIR 15-298 Improving Outcomes among Medical/Surgical Inpatients with Alcohol Use Disorders Timko, Christine 2021-08-31
IIR 15-300 Evaluation of Recovery-oriented Acute INpatient Mental Healthcare (RAIN-MH) McGuire, Alan 2021-03-31
IIR 15-301 The Effect of Reduction and Standardization of Reimbursements in the VA Fee-Basis Program: Impact on Quality of Care and Health Outcomes Mor, Vincent 2020-01-31
IIR 15-307 Improving Diabetes Care through Effective Personalized Patient Portal Interactions Shimada, Stephanie 2020-01-31
IIR 15-312 Promoting Advance Care Planning as a Healthy Behavior Fried, Terri 2021-04-30
IIR 15-316 Care Coordination for High-Risk Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions Zulman, Donna 2020-12-31
IIR 15-319 Identifying Networks of Transmission by Examining Routines of Action, Contact, and Thinking (INTERACT) Leecaster, Molly 2020-09-30
IIR 15-321 Peer Support to Enhance Diabetes Shared Medical Appointments: Examining Comparative Effectiveness in VA Health Systems Heisler, Mary Ellen 2020-02-29
IIR 15-322 Improving Veteran Adherence to Treatment for PTSD through Partnering with Families Meis, Laura 2021-08-31
IIR 15-327 Health Information for Infected Veterans Midboe, Amanda 2020-09-30
IIR 15-330 Unintended Consequences: The Impact of VA Antipsychotic Reduction Efforts in Dementia Kales, Helen 2020-06-30
IIR 15-333 Trial Outcomes for Massage: Caregiver-Assisted vs. Therapist-Treated (TOMCATT) Bair, Matthew 2021-01-31
IIR 15-342 Health Care Utilization of Veterans Receiving Supported Employment Davis, Lori 2019-09-30
IIR 15-346 Comparative Effectiveness of Split-Dose Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation Regimens Yang, Yu-Xiao 2021-09-30
IIR 15-348 Cannabis Use and Health among VHA Primary Care Patients Bohnert, Kipling 2021-04-30
IIR 15-349 Weight Loss Treatment and CBT for Veterans with Binge Eating Masheb, Robin 2021-07-31
IIR 15-356 A multi-modal, physician-centered intervention to improve guideline-concordant prostate cancer imaging Makarov, Danil 2022-02-28
IIR 15-359 Improving Transplant Medication Safety through a TEchnology and Pharmacist (ISTEP) Intervention in Veterans Taber, David 2019-02-28
IIR 15-362 Implementation trial of a coaching intervention to increase the use of transradial PCI Helfrich, Christian 2021-01-31
IIR 15-364 DVD Lifestyle Intervention (D-ELITE) Au, David 2021-06-30
IIR 15-365 Developing and Validating a Spiritual Assessment Tool for Seriously-ill Veterans Steinhauser, Karen 2021-01-31
IIR 15-369 Self-management of blood pressure medication for hypertensive veterans Rifkin, Dena 2021-07-31
IIR 15-372 Evaluation of clinical trajectories and identification of modifiable risk factors to improve secondary prevention of amputation in Veterans with diabetes following an initial toe amputation. Littman, Alyson 2020-12-31
IIR 15-378 Testing the efficacy of a technology-assisted intervention to improve weight management of obese patients within Patient Aligned Care Teams at the VA Jay, Melanie 2021-06-30
IIR 15-379 Quality of Care and Patient Experience in GeriPACT: A Comparative Effectiveness Study Hastings, Susan 2021-06-30
IIR 15-432 Developing Benefit-Based Performance Measurement for VHA Sussman, Jeremy 2020-06-30
IIR 15-434 Development and Validation of 10-Year Life Expectancy Calculators to Individualize Veterans’ Prevention Decisions Lee, Sei 2021-09-30
IIR 15-436 Using Data Integration and Predictive Analytics to Improve Diagnosis-Based Performance Measures Hoggatt, Katherine 2019-12-31
IIR 15-438 Improving the Measurement of VA Facility Performance to Foster a Learning Healthcare System Petersen, Laura 2020-08-31
IIR 15-443 Virtual Medical Modality Implementation Strategies for Patient Aligned Care Teams to Promote Veteran Centered Care Haun, Jolie 2020-03-31
IIR 15-450 Causes and Consequences of Inappropriate MRI of the Lumbar Spine Nevedal, Andrea 2019-09-30
IIR 15-452 Evaluating Use of Patient-Collected Audio Recorded Encounters for Provider Audit Feedback to Reduce Contextual Errors Weiner, Saul 2019-10-31
IIR 15-459 Financial vs. Non-Financial Rewards for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance: A Randomized Controlled Trial Hebert, Paul 2020-01-31
IIR 16-003 Lung Cancer Screening: Building Blocks for Effective Implementation and Partnership Slatore, Christopher 2018-12-31
IIR 16-018 Adapting Montessori Activity Programming for Veterans Living in Community Living Centers Hilgeman, Michelle 2020-02-29
IIR 16-024 Advanced Prediction Models to Optimize Treatment and Access for Veterans with Hepatitis C Waljee, Akbar 2021-03-31
IIR 16-025 Less is More: Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Trautner, Barbara 2021-01-31
IIR 16-040 Investigating Multi-Level Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Quality of End-of-Life Care for Veterans Kutney Lee, Ann 2021-03-31
IIR 16-062 Recovering from Intimate Partner Violence Through Strengths and Empowerment (RISE): Tailoring and Evaluating a Patient-Centered Counseling Intervention for Women Veterans Iverson, Katherine 2020-09-30
IIR 16-063 Nursing Unit Design and Hospital Falls Shorr, Ronald 2021-02-28
IIR 16-070 Connecting Women to Care: Home-based Psychotherapy for Women with MST Living in Rural Areas Cloitre, Marylene 2022-03-31
IIR 16-072 Determining and targeting reasons for low statin use to improve guideline-concordant statin therapy in high-risk patients Virani, Salim 2021-06-30
IIR 16-140 Improving Analysis of Endogenous Multimodal Treatments for Use in Geriatrics Health Outcomes Studies Garrido, Melissa 2020-02-29
IIR 16-145 Testing a Novel Strategy to Improve Implementation of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Veterans with Opioid Use Disorders in Low Performing Facilities Hagedorn, Hildi 2021-06-30
IIR 16-210 Addressing inappropriate benzodiazepine prescribing among older Veterans Maust, Donovan 2022-01-31
IIR 16-216 Choosing Wisely: Barriers to De-Implementation, Patterns, and Costs of Low Value Preoperative Testing for Veterans Undergoing Low Risk Procedures Sox-Harris, Alexander 2020-12-31
IIR 16-230 Recommendations and Interventions for and Changes in the Ocular Health and visual Function of Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Scott, Steven 2021-03-31
IIR 16-240 Does VA Home-Based Primary Care Reduce Costs Among Veterans Eligible for Independence at Home? Phibbs, Ciaran 2020-09-30
IIR 16-244 Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea in Women Veterans Martin, Jennifer 2022-01-31
IIR 16-254 Development of a Patient-Reported Measure to Assess Healthcare Engagement Kimerling, Rachel 2022-03-31
IIR 16-261 Impact of the VA Medication Copayment Redesign Stroupe, Kevin 2021-03-31
IIR 16-286 Aligning policy and healthcare services with Veterans' values and preferences for results from Whole Genome Sequencing Knight, Sara 2021-04-30
IIR 16-291 Precision Medicine Care Coordination in the Veterans Health Administration Scheuner, Maren 2021-01-31
IIR 16-296 Measuring, Mining and Understanding Communication Behaviors: Markers for Quality Healthcare Houston, Thomas 2020-12-31
IIR 16-297 A Human Factors Investigation of Health Information Exchange: Tools to Support Providers' Coordination of Medications Weiner, Michael 2022-02-28
IIR 17-066 Comparative Effectiveness of Alternative Strategies for Monitoring Hospital Surgical Performance Massarweh, Nader 2020-10-31
IIR 17-094 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain: do Modifications Affect VEterans or implementatioN (CBT-CPMAVEN) McGuire, Alan 2022-02-28
IIR 17-139 Cost Effectiveness of Interventions to Reduce Morbidity from Opioid Dependency Owens, Douglas 2021-12-31
IIR 17-144 ORCATECH Collaborative Aging (in Place) Research Using Technology Silbert, Lisa 2020-09-30
IIR 17-219 Benchmarking Hospital Quality: Template Matching versus Conventional Regression Approaches Prescott, Hallie 2020-08-31
NRI 12-415 Telephone Assessment and Skill-Building Intervention for Informal Caregivers Daggett, Virginia (Ginger) 2018-09-30
NRI 14-034 Adherence to the Use of Home Telehealth Devices by Veterans with Heart Failure Guzman, Jenice Ria 2018-06-30
NRI 15-150 Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention Delivered within Diabetes Education on Diabetes-related Outcomes in Military Veterans DiNardo, Monica 2019-06-30
NRI 15-151 Trauma-sensitive yoga for female Veterans with PTSD who experienced military sexual trauma Kelly, Ursula 2020-01-31
NRI 15-455 Mobile Health Strategies for Veterans with Coronary Heart Disease Park, Linda 2020-11-30
NRI 15-456 Palliative Care Interventions for Outpatients Newly Diagnosed with Lung Cancer: Phase II Reinke, Lynn 2020-09-30
PPO 15-165 Spatiotemporal Analysis to Evaluate Opioid Safety Initiative Spread Miller, Donald 2018-11-30
PPO 15-185 Cancer Care Coordination Haggstrom, David 2018-09-30
PPO 15-401 iPad Functionality Leveraged to Optimize Workflow (iFLOW) Savoy, April 2018-05-31
PPO 15-404 Hypertension Improvement Pilot Intervention in Post-Stroke Veterans Sico, Jason 2018-08-31
PPO 15-410 Evaluating the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Mobile Application for Self-management of Unhealthy Alcohol Use Hawkins, Eric 2018-06-30
PPO 16-106 Brief Psychotherapy for Depression in Primary Care: Identifying Successful Clinical Practices Mignogna, Joseph 2018-06-30
PPO 16-126 A pilot intervention to help homeless and at-risk veterans manage their money Tsai, Jack 2018-04-30
PPO 16-131 Family Telemental Health Intervention for Veterans with Dementia Chen, Cory 2018-04-30
PPO 16-139 Web-based Self-management Tool Targeting Patients and their Informal Caregivers Trivedi, Ranak 2018-04-30
PPO 16-249 Improving Trauma Sensitive Primary Care for Women Veterans with Histories of Sexual Trauma Bergman, Alicia 2018-04-30
PPO 16-304 Mental Health Clinician Community Clergy Collaboration Intervention Pilot Study Pyne, Jeffrey 2018-08-31
PPO 16-305 Evaluating the Adaptability and Implementation Potential of an Innovative Alcohol Intervention for Veterans in Primary Care: Integrating Mobile-based Applications with Peer Support Blonigen, Daniel 2018-08-31
PPO 16-308 Natural Language Processing to Develop a Peripheral Artery Disease Registry in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System Girotra, Saket 2018-12-31
PPO 16-325 Prescription Sequence Symmetry Analysis as a Novel Approach for Adverse Drug Reaction Signal Detection Lund, Brian 2019-02-28
PPO 16-329 Enhancing team-based care in VA Miller, Christopher 2018-12-31
PPO 16-331 Development of a Weight Maintenance Intervention for Bariatric Surgery Patients Voils, Corrine 2018-07-31
PPO 16-333 Optimization of Post-Operative Triage after Major Surgery Melis, Marcovalerio 2019-03-31
PPO 16-335 Pilot testing prehabilitation services aimed at improving outcomes of frail Veterans following major abdominal surgery Hall, Daniel 2018-09-30
PPO 16-337 VA-Legal Clinic Partnerships to Increase Veterans’ Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Access, Initiation, and Engagement Timko, Christine 2018-08-31
PPO 17-026 Early Identification of Poorly Performing Joint Replacements Giori, Nicholas 2019-02-28
PPO 17-044 Intimate Partner Violence Screening Programs in VHA: Informing Scale-Up and Spread of Best Practices Iverson, Katherine 2018-08-31
PPO 17-082 Feasibility of Evaluating the Expansion of VA Home-and Community-based Services using the Health and Retirement Survey Jacobs, Josephine 2018-12-31
PPO 17-129 Activating Patients to Promote Deprescribing Linsky, Amy 2019-01-31
SDP 12-177 PACT to Improve Health Care in People with Serious Mental Illness (SMI-PACT) Young, Alexander 2018-12-31
SDR 10-012 Women's Health Research Consortium/Practice-Based Research Network Yano, Elizabeth 2018-12-31
SDR 12-282 Encouraging Patient-Centered Communication in Clinical Video Telehealth Visits Gordon, Howard 2019-06-30
SDR 12-302 Action Ethnography of Community Reintegration for Veterans with TBI Powell-Cope, Gail 2018-06-30
SDR 14-204 WRIISC as a Model of Care for Chronic Multisymptom Illness McAndrew, Lisa 2020-02-29
SDR 15-196 Predictors of Response to Insomnia Treatments for Gulf War Veterans Yesavage, Jerome 2021-09-30
SDR 15-197 Evaluation of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Gulf War Illness Kearney, David 2021-03-31
SDR 15-236 Healthcare utilization patterns and associated costs for Gulf War I Era Veterans Kimbrel, Nathan 2020-03-31
SDR 15-461 The Opioid Consent: Helping Optimize Information for Cancer and Effective (CHOICE) Pain Management Lorenz, Karl 2018-08-31
SDR 16-192 Teledermatology mobile apps: Implementation and impact on Veterans' access to dermatology Oh, Dennis 2020-04-30
SDR 16-193 STORM Implementation Program Evaluation Gellad, Walid 2019-09-30
SDR 16-194 Evaluation of Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services Rudolph, James 2020-03-31
SDR 16-195 Risk Stratified Enhancements to Clinical Care: Targeting Care for Patients Identified Through Predictive Modeling as Being at High Risk for Suicide, with the Office of Mental Health Operations Landes, Sara 2020-09-30
SDR 16-348 PRIME Care (PRecision medicine In MEntal health Care) Oslin, David 2022-06-30
SDR 17-306 Complementary and Integrative Health for Pain in the VA: A National Demonstration Project (NIH-VA-DOD joint Initiative) Taylor, Stephanie 2020-03-31