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Project No. 
Funding End 
CDA 10-030 Actionable Knowledge to Guide Antibiotic Stewardship Jones, Makoto 2020-04-30
CDA 12-263 MOVE! UP: Improving MOVE! for Veterans with PTSD Using Peer Support Hoerster, Katherine 2020-05-31
CDA 13-021 Implementation research of benefit-based treatment for cardiovascular disease Sussman, Jeremy 2019-12-31
CDA 13-023 Strategies to Reduce Unnecessary Noninvasive Imaging Winchester, David 2022-09-30
CDA 13-260 Implementation of Brief Treatments for Insomnia in Primary Care Bramoweth, Adam 2021-03-31
CDA 13-263 Peer Support for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Female Veterans Goldstein, Karen 2020-06-30
CDA 13-264 Integration of Peer Support Across the PTSD Continuum of Care Hundt, Natalie 2020-09-30
CDA 13-265 Optimizing Testosterone Prescribing in the VA Jasuja, Guneet 2022-02-28
CDA 13-266 Women Veterans' VA Maternity Care Utilization, Satisfaction, and Health Outcomes Katon, Jodie 2021-06-30
CDA 13-267 Improving Veteran Engagement in Diabetes Prevention Kullgren, Jeffrey 2020-03-31
CDA 13-268 Chronic Pain Management in Veterans with Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders Lovejoy, Travis 2019-10-31
CDA 13-272 Evaluating and Improving Osteoporosis Care for Male Veterans Solimeo, Samantha 2020-06-30
CDA 14-156 A Patient-centered Approach to Comorbidity Management in Aging Veterans with HIV Fix, Gemmae 2021-04-30
CDA 14-158 Simulation-Guided Systems Redesign in GI Endoscopy Gellad, Ziad 2020-03-31
CDA 14-408 Health Outcomes and Healthcare Use Among Transgender Veterans Blosnich, John 2021-02-28
CDA 14-411 Improving Transitional Care for Veterans Discharged to Post-acute Care Facilities Burke, Robert 2020-09-30
CDA 14-412 Reproductive Planning for Women Veterans Callegari, Lisa 2020-09-30
CDA 14-420 Implementing and Evaluating Computer-Based Interventions for Mental Health Hermes, Eric 2021-06-30
CDA 14-422 Evaluating Cash Benefit Programs for Veterans' Long Term Care Thomas, Kali 2021-09-30
CDA 14-425 Improving Outcomes for Older Veterans with Chronic Back Pain and Depression Makris, Una 2021-09-30
CDA 14-428 Optimizing Veterans' Social Relationships to Enhance Depression Care Teo, Alan 2020-06-30
CDA 15-059 Development and Testing of a Prescription Opioid Tapering Intervention Frank, Joseph 2021-08-31
CDA 15-060 Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Bariatric Surgery within VA Funk, Luke 2021-02-28
CDA 15-061 Understanding and Improving Decision-making in Pneumonia with Informatics Jones, Barbara 2022-03-31
CDA 15-063 Improving Pain and Sleep Outcomes for Veterans with Chronic Pain Koffel, Erin 2022-09-30
CDA 15-065 Evaluating Connected Health Approaches to Improving the Health of Veterans Patel, Mitesh 2020-09-30
CDA 15-070 Measuring and improving specialty care coordination in VA Vimalananda, Varsha 2022-11-30
CDA 15-072 Optimizing Access, Appropriateness, and Quality of Minimally Invasive Procedures for Veterans Yong, Celina 2024-01-31
CDA 15-074 Improving Housing Outcomes for Homeless Veterans Gabrielian, Sonya 2022-02-28
CDA 15-251 Optimizing treatment response in VA Specialized Intensive/Inpatient PTSD programs Sripada, Rebecca 2022-03-31
CDA 15-257 Patient-centered Strategies to Engage Veterans in Behavioral Health Services Breland, Jessica 2021-09-30
CDA 15-260 Development of a Stewardship Intervention for CLC Pharmacists to Improve UTI Treatments Appaneal, Haley 2022-09-30
CDA 15-262 Improving Primary Care Anxiety Treatment Engagement and Effectiveness Shepardson, Robyn 2022-03-31
CDA 16-151 Implementing Shared Decision-Making for Cancer Screening in Primary Care Caverly, Tanner 2023-03-31
CDA 16-152 Optimizing Outcomes in Home-Based Primary Care Edwards, Samuel 2023-06-30
CDA 16-153 Improving Patient-Provider Communication to Reduce Mental Health Disparities Eliacin, Johanne 2023-02-28
CDA 16-154 Enhancing social support for diabetes self-management among men and women Veterans Gray, Kristen 2022-06-30
CDA 16-158 Improving Multi-Disciplinary Teamwork for Veterans with COPD: Mixed Methods Study Rinne, Seppo 2023-12-31
CDA 16-204 Improving antimicrobial use at hospitals that lack infectious disease specialists Livorsi, Daniel 2022-09-30
CDA 17-005 A Personalized mHealth Approach to Smoking Cessation for Veterans Living with HIV Wilson, Sarah 2023-03-31
CDA 17-006 Increasing mental health services use through enabling resources & family support Shepherd-Banigan, Megan 2024-03-31
CDA 17-007 Navigating Advanced Illness for Informal Caregivers of Ill Veterans Boucher, Nathan 2023-07-31
CDA 17-018 Improving Health Care for Women Veterans: Addressing Menopause and Mental Health Gibson, Carolyn 2023-05-31
CDA 17-162 Peer learning to promote quality and appropriate use of percutaneous coronary intervention Doll, Jacob 2024-04-30
CDA 17-167 Understanding physicians' diagnostic accuracy in the EHR era Meyer, Ashley 2023-09-30
CDA 17-169 Assessing Treatment Delay and Resource Use to Improve Value of Pre-Surgical Care Sears, Erika 2023-03-31
CDA 17-170 Optimizing Bacteriuria Management in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Skelton, Felicia 2022-10-31
CDA 18-006 Developing a Team-Delivered Intervention for Smoking and Hazardous Drinking for Primary Care Veterans with Cardiovascular Diseases Gass, Julie 2024-06-30
CDA 18-008 Using telehealth to expand treatment access for Veterans with opioid use disorder Lin, Lewei 2024-03-31
CDA 18-185 Enhancing Social Connectedness Among Veterans at High Risk for Suicide through Community Engagement Chen, Jason 2024-06-30
CDA 18-327 Race/ethnic differences in guideline recommended hypertension medications in VHA Mohanty, April 2023-03-31
CRE 12-035 Identifying and Delivering Point-of-care Information to Improve Care Coordination Hysong, Sylvia 2020-06-30
CRE 12-286 Preventing MRSA infections: a virtual comparative effectiveness model Rubin, Michael 2019-12-31
CRE 12-288 Will Veterans Engage in Prevention after HRA-guided Shared Decision Making? Oddone, Eugene 2019-12-31
CRE 12-289 Building an Optimal Hand Hygiene Bundle: A Mixed Methods Approach Reisinger, Heather 2020-07-31
CRE 12-291 Checklist to Prevent MRSA Surgical Site Infections Perencevich, Eli 2019-09-30
CRE 12-305 Stay Strong: A physical activity program for Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans Damschroder, Laura 2019-09-30
CRE 12-307 Comparative safety and effectiveness of isolation in VHA community living centers Morgan, Daniel 2019-09-30
CRE 12-310 Adapting and Implementing the Blended Collaborative Care Model in CBOCs Owen, Richard 2020-10-31
CRE 12-315 A VHA NLP Software Ecosystem for Collaborative Development and Integration Zeng, Qing 2019-11-30
CRE 18-002 Promoting Effective, Routine and Sustained Implementation of Stress Treatments 2.0 (PERSIST 2.0) Sayer, Nina 2020-03-31
IIR 11-285 Computerized Cognitive Training to Improve Cognition in Diabetic Elderly Veterans Silverman, Jeremy 2019-09-30
IIR 11-343 Utilizing the RESCUE Stroke Caregiver Website to Enhance Discharge Planning Uphold, Constance 2020-04-30
IIR 12-068 Design and Evaluation of User Centered Electronic Health Records Ohno-Machado, Lucila 2019-09-30
IIR 12-071 Evaluation of Methods for Implementation of a Comfort Care Order Set Burgio, Kathryn 2020-01-31
IIR 12-106 Analgesic safety and effectiveness in older Veterans with arthritis Hwang, Ula 2020-06-30
IIR 12-118 Women Veterans Cohort Study 2 Haskell, Sally 2019-09-30
IIR 12-376 Understanding the Initiation of Maintenance Dialysis among Older Veterans Tamura, Manjula 2020-09-30
IIR 12-378 Impact of family history and decision support on high-risk cancer screening Voils, Corrine 2020-03-31
IIR 12-409 Remote Ambulatory Management of Veterans with Sleep Apnea Kuna, Samuel 2021-01-31
IIR 13-029 VA Vascular Injury Study (VAVIS): VA-DoD extremity injury outcomes collaboration Shireman, Paula 2019-09-30
IIR 13-030 A proactive walking trial to reduce pain in Black Veterans Burgess, Diana 2020-03-31
IIR 13-051 Development and Validation of a Risk Calculator for Total Joint Replacement Kuo, Alfred 2020-09-30
IIR 13-081 Patterns and Experiences of VA Maternity Care Coordination for Women Veterans Mattocks, Kristin 2019-09-30
IIR 13-294 Impact of Sexual Assault and Combat-Related Trauma on Fertility in Veterans Mengeling, Michelle 2020-07-31
IIR 13-296 Systems for Helping Veterans Comprehend Electronic Health Record Notes Yu, Hong 2019-11-30
IIR 13-314 STorytelling to Improve DiseasE outcomes in GoUT: The STRIDE-GO Study Singh, Jasvinder 2020-08-31
IIR 13-315 Effectiveness and Implementation of Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in CBOCs Cully, Jeffrey 2020-02-29
IIR 13-317 Group Motivational Interviewing (GMI) For Homeless Veterans In VA Services Santa Ana, Elizabeth 2019-12-31
IIR 13-322 Primary care intervention to reduce prescription opioid overdoses Bohnert, Amy 2019-09-30
IIR 13-350 Patient-Centered Pain Care Using Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Health Tools Piette, John 2019-12-31
IIR 14-007 Opening the Black Box of Cultural Competence Saha, Somnath 2020-08-31
IIR 14-008 Developing a roadmap for best practices in CLC resident-centered care Hartmann, Christine 2019-12-31
IIR 14-009 Preventing Amputations by Tailored Risk-based Intervention to Optimize Therapy Natarajan, Sundar 2020-03-31
IIR 14-011 Estimating Risk of Sporadic Colorectal Cancer in Veterans Under Age 50 Imperiale, Thomas 2020-03-31
IIR 14-020 A Patient-Centered Intervention to Improve Opioid Safety Morasco, Benjamin 2020-09-30
IIR 14-048 Secondary Event Prevention using Population Risk Management After PCI Caplan, Liron 2020-08-31
IIR 14-049 Regional data exchange to improve care for veterans after non-VA hospitalization Boockvar, Kenneth 2020-07-31
IIR 14-059 The Secure Messaging for Medication Reconciliation Tool (SMMRT) Trial Simon, Steven 2019-09-30
IIR 14-060 Understanding Patient Management of COPD Exacerbations Fan, Vincent 2020-04-30
IIR 14-063 Vet COACH (Veteran peer Coaches Optimizing and Advancing Cardiac Health) Nelson, Karin 2020-02-29
IIR 14-070 Evaluation of a peer Coach-Led Intervention to improve Pain Symptoms (ECLIPSE) Matthias, Marianne 2019-09-30
IIR 14-074 Engaging Veterans and Family Supporters in PACT to Improve Diabetes Management Rosland, Ann-Marie 2020-02-29
IIR 14-080 Comparative Effectiveness of Delivery Methods for Caregiver Support and Education Mavandadi, Shahrzad 2020-05-31
IIR 14-081 Improving Treatment Engagement and Outcomes among Justice-involved Veterans Blonigen, Daniel 2020-01-31
IIR 14-082 Glycemic Control: Overtreatment, Hypoglycemia, Mortality and De-Intensification Tseng, Chin-Lin 2020-03-31
IIR 14-083 Assessing Hypertension Care for Aged Veterans: Balancing Risks and Benefits Min, Lillian 2019-12-31
IIR 14-092 Optimizing Colorectal Cancer and Polyp Surveillance after Colorectal Polypectomy Gupta, Samir 2019-09-30
IIR 14-093 Personalized Life Expectancy to Encourage High Value Prostate Cancer Care Leppert, John 2021-02-28
IIR 14-101 A multi-level intervention to improve cancer care for hepatocellular carcinoma Davila, Jessica 2020-09-30
IIR 14-103 Facilitating use of the Veterans Crisis Line in High-Risk Patients Ilgen, Mark 2019-09-30
IIR 14-288 An RCT of a Primary Care-Based PTSD Intervention: Clinician-Supported PTSD Coach Kuhn, Eric 2020-09-30
IIR 14-293 Group Medical Visits in Heart Failure for Post-Hospitalization Follow-Up Wu, Wen-Chih 2020-03-31
IIR 14-295 Effects of VHA opioid policy on prescribing and patient-centered outcomes Krebs, Erin 2020-03-31
IIR 14-306 De-Intensifying Unnecessary Medications in VA CLC Residents Nearing End of Life Thorpe, Carolyn 2020-07-31
IIR 14-322 Quality of Care for Hepatitis C in Veterans Who Are Homeless McInnes, Donald 2019-09-30
IIR 14-324 VA response to guidance regarding risks of psychotropic medication use Sales, Anne 2019-09-30
IIR 14-338 Appropriate Use of Cardiovascular Procedures to Optimize Healthcare Value Ho, P. Michael 2020-04-30
IIR 14-345 Incorporating Treatment Outcomes into Quality Measurement of Depression Care Pfeiffer, Paul 2020-09-30
IIR 14-346 Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life in CHF and COPD Bekelman, David 2020-12-31
IIR 14-353 Telehealth Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression in Parkinson's Disease Interian, Alejandro 2020-06-30
IIR 14-399 Communicating the Impact of mTBI on Post-Deployment Reintegration using Photovoice True, Jennifer 2019-09-30
IIR 14-438 Pain Care Quality and Integrated and Complementary Health Approaches Luther, Stephen 2020-03-31
IIR 15-085 Alignment of Treatment Preferences and Repair Type for Veterans with AAA Goodney, Philip 2021-04-30
IIR 15-091 Use of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to Evaluate Concurrent VA and non-VA Opioid Prescriptions Carlson, Kathleen 2019-09-30
IIR 15-092 Pain-related Anxiety Intervention for Smokers with Chronic Pain: A Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Smoking Cessation Counseling for Veterans Bastian, Lori 2021-01-31
IIR 15-095 Primary Care Quality and Homeless Service Tailoring Kertesz, Stefan 2020-06-30
IIR 15-101 A Technology-Assisted Care Transition Intervention for Veterans with Chronic Heart Failure or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Hogan, Timothy 2020-09-30
IIR 15-113 Improving Glaucoma Medication Adherence Muir, Kelly 2021-02-28
IIR 15-115 Factors and Outcomes Associated with Inappropriate Prescribing of Phosphodiesterase-5-Inhibitors for Pulmonary Hypertension Wiener, Renda 2020-11-30
IIR 15-116 Hemoglobin A1c Variability and Adverse Health Outcomes Conlin, Paul 2019-12-31
IIR 15-117 Spanish Online & Telephone Intervention for Caregivers of Veterans with Stroke Freytes, Ivette 2022-09-30
IIR 15-120 Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Living Centers Dosa, David 2020-11-30
IIR 15-131 Identifying, Measuring, and Facilitating Opportunities for De-intensification of Medical Services Kerr, Eve 2020-04-30
IIR 15-139 Cost-Effectiveness of Dabigatran and Warfarin for Veterans with Afib Mull, Hillary 2019-09-30
IIR 15-143 Incorporating Veterans Preferences Into Lung Cancer Screening Decisions Schapira, Marilyn 2020-02-29
IIR 15-292 Risk-Adjusting Hospital Outcomes for Veteran's Socioeconomic Status Trivedi, Amal 2020-01-31
IIR 15-294 Best Practices for Management of Fractures in Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders Carbone, Laura 2020-09-30
IIR 15-297 Text messaging to engage and retain Veterans in smoking cessation counseling Krebs, Paul 2020-05-31
IIR 15-298 Improving Outcomes among Medical/Surgical Inpatients with Alcohol Use Disorders Timko, Christine 2021-08-31
IIR 15-300 Evaluation of Recovery-oriented Acute INpatient Mental Healthcare (RAIN-MH) McGuire, Alan 2021-03-31
IIR 15-301 The Effect of Reduction and Standardization of Reimbursements in the VA Fee-Basis Program: Impact on Quality of Care and Health Outcomes Mor, Vincent 2020-01-31
IIR 15-307 Improving Diabetes Care through Effective Personalized Patient Portal Interactions Shimada, Stephanie 2020-01-31
IIR 15-312 Promoting Advance Care Planning as a Healthy Behavior Fried, Terri 2021-04-30
IIR 15-313 Understanding Use of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCS): System, Provider, Patient Perspectives Krein, Sarah 2020-04-30
IIR 15-316 Care Coordination for High-Risk Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions Zulman, Donna 2020-12-31
IIR 15-319 Identifying Networks of Transmission by Examining Routines of Action, Contact, and Thinking (INTERACT) Leecaster, Molly 2020-09-30
IIR 15-321 Peer Support to Enhance Diabetes Shared Medical Appointments: Examining Comparative Effectiveness in VA Health Systems Heisler, Mary Ellen 2020-02-29
IIR 15-322 Improving Veteran Adherence to Treatment for PTSD through Partnering with Families Meis, Laura 2021-08-31
IIR 15-327 Health Information for Infected Veterans Midboe, Amanda 2020-09-30
IIR 15-330 Unintended Consequences: The Impact of VA Antipsychotic Reduction Efforts in Dementia Zivin, Kara 2021-06-30
IIR 15-333 Trial Outcomes for Massage: Caregiver-Assisted vs. Therapist-Treated (TOMCATT) Bair, Matthew 2021-01-31
IIR 15-342 Health Care Utilization of Veterans Receiving Supported Employment Davis, Lori 2019-09-30
IIR 15-346 Comparative Effectiveness of Split-Dose Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation Regimens Yang, Yu-Xiao 2021-09-30
IIR 15-348 Cannabis Use and Health among VHA Primary Care Patients Bohnert, Kipling 2021-04-30
IIR 15-349 Weight Loss Treatment and CBT for Veterans with Binge Eating Masheb, Robin 2021-07-31
IIR 15-356 A multi-modal, physician-centered intervention to improve guideline-concordant prostate cancer imaging Makarov, Danil 2022-02-28
IIR 15-359 Improving Transplant Medication Safety through a Technology and Pharmacist (ISTEP) Intervention in Veterans Taber, David 2022-04-30
IIR 15-362 Implementation trial of a coaching intervention to increase the use of transradial PCI Helfrich, Christian 2021-07-31
IIR 15-363 Identifying Value-Driven Approaches to Strengthening the VA Physician Workforce Wong, Edwin 2022-02-28
IIR 15-364 DVD Lifestyle Intervention (D-ELITE) Au, David 2021-06-30
IIR 15-365 Developing and Validating a Spiritual Assessment Tool for Seriously-ill Veterans Steinhauser, Karen 2021-01-31
IIR 15-369 Self-management of blood pressure medication for hypertensive veterans Rifkin, Dena 2022-07-31
IIR 15-372 Evaluation of clinical trajectories and identification of modifiable risk factors to improve secondary prevention of amputation in Veterans with diabetes following an initial toe amputation. Littman, Alyson 2020-12-31
IIR 15-378 Testing the efficacy of a technology-assisted intervention to improve weight management of obese patients within Patient Aligned Care Teams at the VA Jay, Melanie 2021-06-30
IIR 15-379 Quality of Care and Patient Experience in GeriPACT: A Comparative Effectiveness Study Hastings, Susan 2021-06-30
IIR 15-432 Developing Benefit-Based Performance Measurement for VHA Sussman, Jeremy 2020-06-30
IIR 15-434 Development and Validation of 10-Year Life Expectancy Calculators to Individualize Veterans’ Prevention Decisions Lee, Sei 2021-09-30
IIR 15-436 Using Data Integration and Predictive Analytics to Improve Diagnosis-Based Performance Measures Hoggatt, Katherine 2019-12-31
IIR 15-438 Improving the Measurement of VA Facility Performance to Foster a Learning Healthcare System Petersen, Laura 2021-02-28
IIR 15-443 Virtual Medical Modality Implementation Strategies for Patient Aligned Care Teams to Promote Veteran Centered Care Haun, Jolie 2021-03-31
IIR 15-450 Causes and Consequences of Inappropriate MRI of the Lumbar Spine Nevedal, Andrea 2019-09-30
IIR 15-452 Evaluating Use of Patient-Collected Audio Recorded Encounters for Provider Audit Feedback to Reduce Contextual Errors Weiner, Saul 2019-10-31
IIR 15-459 Financial vs. Non-Financial Rewards for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance: A Randomized Controlled Trial Hebert, Paul 2021-01-31
IIR 16-018 Adapting Montessori Activity Programming for Veterans Living in Community Living Centers Hilgeman, Michelle 2020-02-29
IIR 16-024 Advanced Prediction Models to Optimize Treatment and Access for Veterans with Hepatitis C Waljee, Akbar 2021-03-31
IIR 16-025 Less is More: Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Trautner, Barbara 2021-01-31
IIR 16-028 Effectiveness of Treatment and Outcomes for Veterans Infected with Resistant Gram-negative Organisms. Evans, Charlesnika 2021-06-30
IIR 16-040 Investigating Multi-Level Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Quality of End-of-Life Care for Veterans Kutney Lee, Ann 2021-03-31
IIR 16-055 Improving Sleep as a Strategy to Reduce Suicide Risk Among at-Risk Veterans: A Real World Clinical Trial Pigeon, Wilfred 2022-12-31
IIR 16-062 Recovering from Intimate Partner Violence Through Strengths and Empowerment (RISE): Tailoring and Evaluating a Patient-Centered Counseling Intervention for Women Veterans Iverson, Katherine 2021-09-30
IIR 16-063 Nursing Unit Design and Hospital Falls Shorr, Ronald 2021-02-28
IIR 16-070 Connecting Women to Care: Home-based Psychotherapy for Women with MST Living in Rural Areas Cloitre, Marylene 2022-03-31
IIR 16-071 Promoting smoking cessation in lung cancer screening through proactive treatment Zeliadt, Steven 2022-02-28
IIR 16-072 Determining and targeting reasons for low statin use to improve guideline-concordant statin therapy in high-risk patients Virani, Salim 2021-06-30
IIR 16-075 Patient Centered Care for Individuals with Advanced Liver Disease Kanwal, Fasiha 2021-04-30
IIR 16-078 Effectiveness of a Rescue Medication in Preventing Opioid Overdose in Veterans Oliva, Elizabeth 2021-11-30
IIR 16-089 Improving Access to Supported Employment for Veterans with Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Pogoda, Terri 2022-04-30
IIR 16-096 Online and Shared Decision-Making Interventions to Engage Service Men and Women in Post-Deployment Mental Health Care Sadler, Anne 2022-05-31
IIR 16-140 Improving Analysis of Endogenous Multimodal Treatments for Use in Geriatrics Health Outcomes Studies Garrido, Melissa 2020-02-29
IIR 16-145 Testing a Novel Strategy to Improve Implementation of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Veterans with Opioid Use Disorders in Low Performing Facilities Hagedorn, Hildi 2021-06-30
IIR 16-210 Addressing inappropriate benzodiazepine prescribing among older Veterans Maust, Donovan 2022-01-31
IIR 16-213 Practical Telemedicine to Improve Control and Engagement for Veterans with Clinic-Refractory Diabetes Mellitus (PRACTICE-DM) Crowley, Matthew 2021-05-31
IIR 16-214 Evaluating the Use of Peer Specialists to Deliver Cognitive Behavioral Social Skills Training Chinman, Matthew 2023-01-31
IIR 16-216 Choosing Wisely: Barriers to De-Implementation, Patterns, and Costs of Low Value Preoperative Testing for Veterans Undergoing Low Risk Procedures Sox-Harris, Alexander 2020-12-31
IIR 16-227 Integrated Preventive Cardiology Initiative Hayward, Rodney 2022-06-30
IIR 16-229 Mentored Enhanced Implementation and Evaluation of National VA Mandates To Prevent The Spread Of C Difficile infection Safdar, Nasia 2022-03-31
IIR 16-230 Recommendations and Interventions for and Changes in the Ocular Health and visual Function of Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Scott, Steven 2021-03-31
IIR 16-232 Directed evaluation of provider learning modules to prevent venous thromboembolism after major cancer surgery Bentrem, David 2022-07-31
IIR 16-235 Improving Outcomes for Emergency Department Patients with Alcohol Problems Blow, Frederic 2022-05-31
IIR 16-238 How nursing staff skill mix, education and experience modify patient acuity-based estimates of required unit staffing Phibbs, Ciaran 2022-05-31
IIR 16-239 Quality of Care for Justice-Involved Veterans: Gaps, Predictors, and Stakeholder-Driven Solutions Finlay, Andrea 2021-10-31
IIR 16-240 Does VA Home-Based Primary Care Reduce Costs Among Veterans Eligible for Independence at Home? Phibbs, Ciaran 2020-09-30
IIR 16-244 Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea in Women Veterans Martin, Jennifer 2022-01-31
IIR 16-245 Chronic Antibiotic Suppression after Prosthetic Joint Infection: A Target for De-implementation Schweizer-Looby, Marin 2021-08-31
IIR 16-253 Semi-parametric Statistical Methods for Predicting High-cost VA Patients Using High-Dimensional Covariates Zeliadt, Steven 2021-04-30
IIR 16-254 Development of a Patient-Reported Measure to Assess Healthcare Engagement Kimerling, Rachel 2022-03-31
IIR 16-261 Impact of the VA Medication Copayment Redesign Stroupe, Kevin 2021-09-30
IIR 16-262 Association of Complementary and Integrative Health (CHI) Interventions with Opioid Use and Related Risks Among Veterans With Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) and PTSD Goulet, Joseph 2022-04-30
IIR 16-266 Veteran Access to Emergency Care Vashi, Anita 2021-04-30
IIR 16-267 Engaging Patients and Providers in Identifying and Addressing Modifiable Risk Factors to Prevent Community-Acquired Ulcers in Veterans with SCI Burkhart, Elizabeth 2022-12-31
IIR 16-274 Impact of neighborhood and workforce deprivation on diabetes outcomes in Veterans: a spatio-temporal analysis Neelon, Brian 2021-04-30
IIR 16-277 Self-Management of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Settings for Veterans with Sleep Apnea Stepnowsky, Jr., Carl 2022-04-30
IIR 16-281 Provider Supported Self-Help Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (Tele-Self-CBTI) Ulmer, Christi 2022-10-31
IIR 16-286 Aligning policy and healthcare services with Veterans' values and preferences for results from Whole Genome Sequencing Knight, Sara 2021-04-30
IIR 16-287 Prediction and Prevention of Hypoglycemia in Veterans with Diabetes Miller, Donald 2023-07-31
IIR 16-291 Precision Medicine Care Coordination in the Veterans Health Administration Scheuner, Maren 2021-01-31
IIR 16-296 Measuring, Mining and Understanding Communication Behaviors: Markers for Quality Healthcare Shimada, Stephanie 2020-12-31
IIR 16-297 A Human Factors Investigation of Health Information Exchange: Tools to Support Providers' Coordination of Medications Weiner, Michael 2022-02-28
IIR 17-028 Imaging Surveillance After Lung Cancer Treatment Backhus, Leah 2022-05-31
IIR 17-029 Measuring the impact of the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) on Veteran outcomes Nelson, Richard 2023-01-31
IIR 17-030 Eating disorders in Veterans: Risk, resilience, and service use Mitchell, Karen 2021-07-31
IIR 17-032 Communication and Activation in Pain to Enhance Relationships and Treat Pain with Equity (COOPERATE) Matthias, Marianne 2022-06-30
IIR 17-033 Drug Reduction in Older Patients: The DROP Trial Mixon, Amanda 2021-11-30
IIR 17-039 Improving Veteran Health by Increasing Dental Stewardship of Antibiotics and Opioids Suda, Katie 2022-06-30
IIR 17-045 ResCU II: Improving In-hospital Cardiac Arrest Care and Discovering Keys to Super-Survivorship Iwashyna, Theodore 2022-03-31
IIR 17-050 Prevalence, Risk Factors and Outcomes of Post-colonoscopy Colorectal Cancer in Veterans Imperiale, Thomas 2021-06-30
IIR 17-051 Health Outcomes Associated with TBI Screening Miles, Shannon 2022-04-30
IIR 17-056 Comparing an opt-out to an opt-in approach for smoking cessation in VA primary care clinics Sherman, Scott 2022-07-31
IIR 17-063 Defining Quality of Care in Lung Cancer Puri , Varun 2022-09-30
IIR 17-065 Rapid Referral to Suicide Specific Intervention in Psychiatric Emergency Care Depp, Colin 2022-09-30
IIR 17-066 Comparative Effectiveness of Alternative Strategies for Monitoring Hospital Surgical Performance Massarweh, Nader 2020-10-31
IIR 17-068 Hearing Impairment, Strategies, and Outcomes in Emergency Departments Chodosh, Joshua 2019-12-31
IIR 17-089 Understanding Mental Health Problems and Health Risk Behaviors among LGBT Veterans Lehavot, Keren 2023-03-31
IIR 17-094 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain: do Modifications Affect VEterans or implementatioN (CBT-CPMAVEN) McGuire, Alan 2022-02-28
IIR 17-095 Improving Outcomes in Veterans with Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease Ahmed, Ali 2023-03-31
IIR 17-113 Evaluating Care Coordination for Community Hospitalized Veterans to Improve Outcomes in Dual Use (ECHOeD) Axon, Robert 2023-02-28
IIR 17-120 Evaluating Practice Facilitation to Optimize Alcohol-Related Care and HCV Treatment Outcomes in HCV Treatment Settings Williams, Emily 2022-09-30
IIR 17-123 Randomized Controlled Trial of AboutFace: A Novel Video Storytelling Resource to Improve Access, Engagement, and Utilization of Mental Health Treatment among Veterans with PTSD Grubaugh, Anouk 2022-04-30
IIR 17-127 Measuring and Improving the Safety of Test Result Follow-Up Singh, Hardeep 2022-09-30
IIR 17-131 Advancing Suicide Prevention for Female Veterans Denneson, Lauren 2023-04-30
IIR 17-134 Using Behavioral Economics to Enhance Appointment Reminders and Reduce Missed Visits Teo, Alan 2021-10-31
IIR 17-139 Cost Effectiveness of Interventions to Reduce Morbidity from Opioid Dependency Owens, Douglas 2021-12-31
IIR 17-144 ORCATECH Collaborative Aging (in Place) Research Using Technology Silbert, Lisa 2020-09-30
IIR 17-178 Shared Contributions to Outcomes and Retention in EBPs for PTSD (SCORE PTSD) Sayer, Nina 2022-01-31
IIR 17-185 Continuing the Conversation: A Multi-site RCT Using Narrative Communication to Support Hypertension Self-Management among African-American Veterans Cutrona, Sarah 2023-04-30
IIR 17-189 Improving Patient Care and Physician Resilience through Effective Veteran-Centered Communication and Documentation Practices Frankel, Richard 2021-12-31
IIR 17-192 Impact of VA Disability and Health Benefits on Long-Term Diabetes Outcomes among Vietnam-Era Veterans Trivedi, Amal 2021-10-31
IIR 17-201 Combined Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Brief Cognitive Therapy to Reduce Suicide Behavior in High-Risk Veterans Primack, Jennifer 2023-04-30
IIR 17-202 Models of Primary Osteoporosis Screening in Male Veterans Colon-Emeric, Cathleen 2024-07-31
IIR 17-219 Benchmarking Hospital Quality: Template Matching versus Conventional Regression Approaches Prescott, Hallie 2020-08-31
IIR 17-221 Using Peer Navigators to increase access to VA and community resources for Veterans with diabetes-related distress Kunik, Mark 2023-04-30
IIR 17-222 Measuring the Value of Improving Access to Community Care Wong, Edwin 2023-05-31
IIR 17-223 Eating Disorder Screening and Diagnostic Tools for the Veteran Healthcare System Masheb, Robin 2022-11-30
IIR 17-228 Development and pilot testing of LIMIT: a multicomponent tool to support opioid tapering Becker, William 2022-11-30
IIR 17-231 Are Veterans' Outcomes Better when VHA Purchases High-Quality Nursing Home Care? Levy, Cari 2021-12-31
IIR 17-234 The Efficacy of Masked Tapering on Discontinuation of Hypnotics in Older Veterans Fung, Constance 2022-08-31
IIR 17-236 Reducing Potentially Inappropriate Medication Prescribing for Older Patients: Enhancing Quality of Provider Practices for Older Adults in the Emergency Department (EQUIPPED) Vaughan, Elizabeth 2022-09-30
IIR 17-238 Understanding Hormone Therapy Care Received by Transgender Veterans in VHA Jasuja, Guneet 2021-03-31
IIR 17-241 Anxiety diagnostic accuracy in VA primary care mental health integration settings: Identifying barriers and facilitators to inform a learning health care system Fletcher, Terri 2022-04-30
IIR 17-263 post-REcovery LIbEration From Oxygen in Exacerbated COPD (RELIEF) Feemster, Laura 2022-06-30
IIR 17-268 Chronic Pain Management and Patient-Centered Outcomes Following Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy Lovejoy, Travis 2022-10-31
IIR 17-269 Leveraging Novel Sources of Data with Analytic Morphomics to Improve Delivery of Specialty Care to At-Risk Veterans with Liver Disease Su, Grace 2023-04-30
IIR 17-277 Improving Palliative Measurement Application with Computer-Assisted-Abstraction Study Lorenz, Karl 2022-09-30
IIR 17-289 Mitigating Racial/Ethnic and Socio-Economic Disparities in VA Care Quality and Patient Experience Washington, Donna 2021-08-31
IIR 18-019 Measuring the Longitudinal Relationshipsbetween Obesity, Weight Management Intervention, and Medical Expenditure Maciejewski, Matthew 2023-05-31
IIR 18-035 Understanding Suicide Risks among LGBT Veterans in VA Care Goulet, Joseph 2023-05-31
IIR 18-037 Therapeutic Interventions to Access Outcomes and Disparities in Chronic Kidney Disease Among Veterans Kovesdy , Csaba 2023-07-31
IIR 18-075 Achieving appropriate, safe, and patient-centered lung cancer screening Wiener, Renda 2021-12-31
IIR 18-086 Physical Resilience Prediction in Advanced Renal Disease Bowling, Christopher 2023-02-28
IIR 18-092 Veterans' Choice in Hospital Care Yoon, Jean 2022-05-31
IIR 18-116 Attrition of Women Veterans New to VHA in the Community Care Era Frayne, Susan 2022-10-31
IIR 18-215 Implementing Risk-aligned Bladder Cancer Surveillance Schroeck, Florian 2023-08-31
NRI 12-415 Telephone Assessment and Skill-Building Intervention for Informal Caregivers Wilder, Virginia (Ginger) 2019-09-30
NRI 15-150 Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention Delivered within Diabetes Education on Diabetes-related Outcomes in Military Veterans DiNardo, Monica 2020-06-30
NRI 15-151 Trauma-sensitive yoga for female Veterans with PTSD who experienced military sexual trauma Kelly, Ursula 2021-04-30
NRI 15-455 Mobile Health Strategies for Veterans with Coronary Heart Disease Park, Linda 2020-11-30
NRI 15-456 Palliative Care Interventions for Outpatients Newly Diagnosed with Lung Cancer: Phase II Reinke, Lynn 2020-09-30
NRI 16-344 Falls Among Middle-Aged Veterans: Step's Towards Prevention Womack, Julie 2020-03-31
PPO 16-131 Family Telemental Health Intervention for Veterans with Dementia Chen, Cory 2019-10-31
PPO 16-323 Pilot Study of Standalone and Peer Supported Online Problem Solving Program in Veterans with Untreated Mental Health Problems Carlson, Eve 2019-09-30
PPO 16-333 Optimization of Post-Operative Triage after Major Surgery Melis, Marcovalerio 2020-01-31
PPO 17-053 Coalition Building to Implement Evidenced Based Resource Facilitation and Increase Access to Community Support Services for Veterans with TBI Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Christina 2020-04-30
PPO 17-106 Practice variation in the management of skin and soft tissue infections in Veterans Rhoads, Jamie 2019-12-31
PPO 17-216 Establishing the Quality of Surgical Care among VA Patients with Kidney Cancer Abouassaly, Robert 2019-09-30
PPO 17-255 Enhancing Lithium's use in the VA through the design, initial use, and assessment of the Lithium Support System (the ELeVAte Study) Smith, Eric 2019-12-31
PPO 17-272 Segmenting High-Need, High-Cost Veterans into Potentially Actionable Subgroups Navathe, Amol 2019-09-30
PPO 17-276 Identifying Novel Opportunities for Suicide Prevention among Women Veterans using Reproductive Health Care Services Hoffmire, Claire 2019-09-30
PPO 18-031 Validation of a Semi-Automated Infection Surveillance Algorithm for Electrophysiology Procedures Branch-Elliman, Westyn 2019-09-30
PPO 18-045 VA Nurse Practitioners as Antibiotic Stewards_A Mixed Methods Study Examining Prescribing and Perceptions Knobloch, Mary Jo 2020-05-31
PPO 18-051 Development and Implementation of Decision Aids to Promote Safe Use of Hypoglycemia-prone Medications in Diabetes: Shared Decision Making around Glycemic Control (A1c) Targets Aron, David 2019-09-30
PPO 18-060 Improving patient safety by promoting guideline-concordant Proton Pump Inhibitor Use Musuuza, Jackson 2019-12-31
PPO 18-081 Developing Models to Identify Veterans with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Predict Progression Frey, Lewis 2020-03-31
PPO 18-089 Reproductive Life Planning for Women Veterans with Mental Illness Drapalski, Amy 2020-05-31
PPO 18-111 Pilot Study of Technology Assisted Depression Treatment Adherence Turvey, Carolyn 2020-03-31
PPO 18-112 Addressing Gender-Based Harassment of Women Veterans at VA Facilities Klap, Ruth 2020-04-30
PPO 18-121 From Screening to Treatment: Mapping Access to Care Pathways for Veterans who Screen Positive for PTSD Bovin, Michelle 2020-05-31
PPO 18-212 Healthcare providers and public reporting of Community Living Center (CLC) quality: Investigating responses and opportunities for intervention through the PROACTIVE mixed-methods study Pimentel, Camilla 2020-05-31
PPO 18-213 Adaptation of the Motivational Interviewing Skills Code to Identify Clinician and Client Language Predicting Reduced Opioid Use Risk and Increased Use of Alternative Pain Care Strategies in Veterans Borsari, Brian 2020-02-29
PPO 18-272 Gamification of MOVE! Group Meetings: A Pilot Study for an Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trial Hebert, Paul 2020-08-31
PPO 18-278 Emergency Departments Treating Veteran for Suicide (ED-VeTS) Waliski, Angie 2020-05-31
RCS 00-001 Quality and Care of Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Treatment Timko, Christine 2024-06-30
RCS 02-066 Research Career Scientist Award Kressin, Nancy 2027-03-31
RCS 03-155 Research Career Scientist Award Piette, John 2022-12-31
RCS 04-141 Evaluating Treatment & Self-help Methods of Improving Functioning & Quality of Life Outcomes of Patients with Substance Abuse Disorders Humphreys, Keith 2024-06-30
RCS 05-195 Research Career Scientist Award Yano, Elizabeth 2019-09-30
RCS 08-027 Research Career Scientist Award Bosworth, Hayden 2020-02-29
RCS 10-391 Research Career Scientist Maciejewski, Matthew 2020-07-31
RCS 11-222 Research Career Scientist Award Krein, Sarah 2021-03-31
RCS 14-232 HSR&D Career Scientist Sox-Harris, Alexander 2019-09-30
RCS 14-443 Research Career Scientist Award Voils, Corrine 2021-03-31
RCS 17-153 RCS Fortney, John 2021-09-30
RCS 17-154 Career Scientist Award Wagner, Todd 2022-06-30
RCS 17-297 Research Career Scientist Award Pugh, Mary Jo 2023-06-30
RCS 19-002 Research Career Scientist Award Damush, Teresa 2024-03-31
RCS 19-332 Research Career Scientist Award Allen, Kelli 2024-04-30
RCS 19-333 Research Career Scientist Award Ilgen, Mark 2024-07-31
RCS 97-401 Research Career Scientist Award Rosen, Amy 2025-09-30
RCS 98-354 Research Career Scientist Award Weaver, Frances 2020-09-30
SDP 12-177 PACT to Improve Health Care in People with Serious Mental Illness (SMI-PACT) Young, Alexander 2019-09-30
SDR 10-012 Women's Health Research Consortium/Practice-Based Research Network Yano, Elizabeth 2021-09-30
SDR 12-282 Encouraging Patient-Centered Communication in Clinical Video Telehealth Visits Gordon, Howard 2019-12-31
SDR 14-204 WRIISC as a Model of Care for Chronic Multisymptom Illness McAndrew, Lisa 2020-02-29
SDR 15-196 Predictors of Response to Insomnia Treatments for Gulf War Veterans Yesavage, Jerome 2021-09-30
SDR 15-197 Evaluation of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Gulf War Illness Kearney, David 2021-03-31
SDR 15-236 Healthcare utilization patterns and associated costs for Gulf War I Era Veterans Kimbrel, Nathan 2020-03-31
SDR 16-192 Teledermatology mobile apps: Implementation and impact on Veterans' access to dermatology Oh, Dennis 2020-04-30
SDR 16-193 STORM Implementation Program Evaluation Gellad, Walid 2020-06-30
SDR 16-194 Evaluation of Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services Rudolph, James 2020-03-31
SDR 16-195 Risk Stratified Enhancements to Clinical Care: Targeting Care for Patients Identified Through Predictive Modeling as Being at High Risk for Suicide, with the Office of Mental Health Operations Landes, Sara 2020-09-30
SDR 16-348 PRIME Care (PRecision medicine In MEntal health Care) Oslin, David 2022-06-30
SDR 17-151 Listening to Gulf War Vets: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Health Experience and Treatment of those with Chronic Multisymptom Illness Helfand, Mark 2022-08-31
SDR 17-306 Complementary and Integrative Health for Pain in the VA: A National Demonstration Project (NIH-VA-DOD Joint Initiative) Taylor, Stephanie 2020-03-31
SDR 18-004 Efficient electronic phenotyping using APHRODITE in the Million Veteran Program Lee, Jennifer 2021-07-31
SDR 18-151 Evaluation of the National Randomized Proton Pump Inhibitor De-prescribing (RaPPID) Program Saini, Sameer 2021-10-31
SDR 18-194 Advancing the Phenotyping of Acute Kidney Injury for the Million Veteran Program Siew, Edward 2021-03-31
SDR 18-313 Home Excellence Research and Outcomes Center to Advance, Redefine and Evaluate Non-Institutional Caregiving (HERO CARE) Leykum, Luci 2023-09-30
SDR 18-318 Make Versus Buy- Examining the Evidence on Access, Utilization and Cost: Are We Buying the Right Care for the Right Amount? Rosen, Amy 2021-09-30
SDR 18-319 Understanding Network Adequacy and Community Engagement in Veteran Care Mattocks, Kristin 2021-09-30
SDR 18-321 Care Coordination and Outcomes in the VA Expanded Choice Program Hynes, Denise 2021-09-30
SDR 18-330 Evaluation of Implementation Strategies to Increase Telerehabilitation Smith, Bridget 2019-10-31
SDR 19-326 Storm RPE Analysis Frakt, Austin 2023-09-30
SDR 19-327 Community Care/Mission Act Virtual Research Network Mull, Hillary 2023-09-30
SDR 19-328 Access Core Garrido, Melissa 2023-09-30