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Project No. 
Funding End 
ACC 01-117 Utilization, System of Care, and Outcome of CABG in New York Veterans Weeks, William 2004-09-30
ACC 03-304 VA and Indian Health Services (IHS): Access for American Indian Veterans Kramer, B 2008-02-28
ACC 97-004 Impact of Outsourcing VA Cardiac Surgery on the Cost and Quality of Care Rosenthal, Gary 2000-09-30
ACC 97-013 Pressure Ulcer Assessment via Telemedicine Lowery, Julie 2000-09-30
ACC 97-034 Efficacy of Telepsychiatry in the Treatment of Depression Ruskin, Paul 2000-09-30
ACC 97-068 Improving Service Delivery Through Access Points Fortney, John 2002-03-30
AVA 03-239 Improving Antibiotic Use in Acute Care Setting Metlay, Joshua 2007-06-30
BTI 02-092 VHA Clinicians and Bioterror Events: Interactive Web-based Learning Kiefe, Catarina 2007-09-30
BTI 02-233 Evaluating a Bio-Terrorism Preparedness Campaign for Veterans Sano, Mary 2007-06-30
CCG 00-102 Capacity to Execute a Health Care Proxy: Guideline Evaluation Olson, Ellen 2003-01-31
CCN 06-164 Blast-Related Health Problem Identification and Polytrauma Taxonomy Scott, Steven 2011-06-30
CCN 07-133 Measurement and Outcomes Post Severe Brain Injury Pape, Theresa 2010-12-31
CDP 09-386 Development of a Heart Failure Palliative Care Program (CDA 08-022) Bekelman, David 2015-06-30
CDP 09-387 Development of an Automated Nephrotoxicity Pharmacosurveillance System (CDA 08-020) Matheny, Michael 2015-08-30
CDP 09-388 Preventing Long-term Adverse Drug Reactions: Glucocorticoids as a Model (CDA 07-221) Caplan, Liron 2012-09-30
CDP 09-390 Nursing Work Required for Pressure Ulcer Prevention (CDA 06-015) Dellefield, Mary Ellen 2011-09-30
CDP 09-413 Medication Use as a Quality Indicator in VA CLCs (CDA 08-280) Dosa, David 2013-04-30
CDP 09-414 Reducing Risk of Recurrences: Issues in Maintenance and Stability in Stroke (CDA 08-009) Friedberg, Jennifer 2014-03-31
CDP 09-415 Pilot Intervention to Improve Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Control Among Veterans with CAD (CDA 08-021) Maddox, Thomas 2016-06-30
CDP 11-227 Pulmonary Nodule Evaluation: Process and Feelings (CDA 09-025) Slatore, Christopher 2014-09-30
CDP 11-228 Dynamic and Multi-Variant Prediction of Adverse Surgical Outcomes (CDA 09-014) Richman, Joshua 2015-12-31
CDP 11-236 Accuracy and Validity of ICD9 Codes for PTSD in Veterans (CDA 10-016) Abrams, Thad 2016-01-30
CDP 11-391 Dementia Caregiver Intervention Supplement (CDA 10-023) Chen, Cory 2016-09-30
CDP 11-441 Program to Improve Adherence to Colonoscopy: Interviews with Veterans (CDA 10-022) Sultan, Shahnaz 2016-06-30
CDP 12-186 Decreasing Unnecessary Invasive Lung Cancer Diagnostic Procedures (CDA 10-024) Grogan, Eric 2016-09-30
CDP 12-187 Validity and Utility of Measures of Inappropriate Prescribing in Older Adult Veterans (CDA 10-017) Lund, Brian 2016-03-31
CDP 12-252 Improving Weight Management at VA: Enhancing the MOVE!23 for Primary Care (CDA 10-206) Jay, Melanie 2018-06-30
CDP 12-253 Improving Access and Outcomes for Rural Veterans with HIV (CDA 11-211) Ohl, Michael 2017-09-30
CDP 12-254 Optimizing Imaging Use Among Veterans with Prostate Cancer (CDA 11-257) Makarov, Danil 2017-09-30
CDP 12-255 Impact of Mental Illness on Veteran's Palliative Care Access and Outcomes (CDA 11-201) Garrido, Melissa 2017-09-30
CDP 12-256 Evaluation of VA's Supported Housing Program for Homeless Veterans (CDA 10-212) Tsai, Jack 2017-09-30
CDP 12-257 Appropriateness of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (CDA 10-199) Bradley, Steven 2017-06-30
CDP 13-003 Using Economics and Epidemiology to Evaluate MRSA Decolonization in the VA (CDA 11-210) Nelson, Richard 2018-02-28
CDP 13-004 Comparative Effectiveness of Strategies to Control S. Aureus Infections (CDA 11-215) Schweizer-Looby, Marin 2018-04-30
CDP 13-005 Practice Models to Meet the Tobacco Cessation Needs of VA Cancer Patients (CDA 11-256) Krebs, Paul 2018-06-30
CHI 99-063 Innovative Strategies for Implementing New CHF Guideline Recommendations Massie, Barry 2003-03-31
CHI 99-071 Effectiveness of the FairCare System for Patients with Advanced Illness Shulan, Mollie 2004-09-30
CHI 99-074 Randomized Trial of a Telephone Intervention in Heart Failure Patients Dunlap, Mark 2005-03-31
CHI 99-236 Evaluation of a Nurse Case Management Model for Chronic Heart Failure Lowery, Julie 2006-12-30
CPG 97-001 Computerized Guidelines Enhanced by Symptoms and History: Clinical Effects Tierney, William 2001-02-28
CPG 97-002 Implementing Guidelines for Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Trial of Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Sherman, Scott 2002-12-31
CPG 97-006 Guidelines for Drug Therapy of Hypertension: Closing the Loop Goldstein, Mary 2000-09-30
CPG 97-027 A Multi-Site Study of Strategies for Implementing Schizophrenia Guidelines Owen, Richard 2000-09-30
CPG 97-039 A Randomized Trial to Implement the AHCPR Smoking Cessation Guideline Joseph, Anne 2001-08-31
CPI 01-141 Determinants of Clinical Guideline Implementation Effectiveness Doebbeling, Bradley 2003-09-30
CPI 02-208 Research Synthesis for QUERI Quality Improvement/Implementation Research Mittman, Brian 2007-06-30
CPI 99-124 Trial of a Tailored Message Program to Implement CHF Guidelines Shaneyfelt, Terrence 2004-03-31
CPI 99-126 Determination of Clinical Implementation Effectiveness Doebbeling, Bradley 2001-06-30
CPI 99-129 Knowledge Management and Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation Pugh, Jacqueline 2002-06-30
CPI 99-134 Benchmarking Patterns in the Pharmacologic Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) Rosen, Amy 2002-03-31
CPI 99-275 Guidelines for Drug Therapy of Hypertension: Multi-Site Implementation Goldstein, Mary 2005-09-30
CPI 99-383 Evaluating a Collaborative Care Model for the Treatment of Schizophrenia (EQUIP) Young, Alexander 2005-09-30
CRE 10-370 Improving the Quality of Addiction Treatment Quality Measurement Sox-Harris, Alexander 2013-12-31
CRE 11-349 Developing and Implementing a Toolkit for Measuring CLC Cultural Transformation Hartmann, Christine 2017-05-31
CRE 12-008 Evaluation of Quality and Coordination of Outsourced Care for Women Veterans Bastian, Lori 2017-09-30
CRE 12-009 Web-based Intervention to Reduce Alcohol Use in Veterans with Hepatitis C Humphreys, Keith 2018-09-30
CRE 12-010 TeleMonitoring to Improve Substance Use Disorder Treatment After Detoxification Timko, Christine 2018-03-31
CRE 12-012 Musculoskeletal Diagnoses Cohort: Examining Pain and Pain Care in the VA Goulet, Joseph 2017-09-30
CRE 12-019 Lost to Care: Attrition of Women Veterans New to VHA Frayne, Susan 2018-02-28
CRE 12-020 Promoting Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy for PTSD in CBOCs Spoont, Michele 2017-11-30
CRE 12-021 Promoting Effective, Routine, and Sustained Implementation of Stress Treatments (PERSIST) Sayer, Nina 2016-06-30
CRE 12-023 SUD Treatment Staffing and Handbook Implementation: Impact on Patient Outcomes Frakt, Austin 2016-05-31
CRE 12-024 Helping Families Help Veterans with PTSD and Alcohol Abuse: An RCT of VA-CRAFT Erbes, Christopher 2015-03-31
CRE 12-025 Implementing and Evaluating INTERACT in VA CLCs Mor, Vincent 2018-06-30
CRE 12-026 Implementation of VA Womens Health Patient Aligned Care Teams WH-PACTs Yano, Elizabeth 2018-03-31
CRE 12-029 Medical Foster Homes: A Safe, Cost Effective Substitute for Nursing Homes? Levy, Cari 2016-07-31
CRE 12-030 Effective Screening for Pain Study Lorenz, Karl 2016-12-31
CRE 12-031 Controlled Trial of Tele-Support and Education for Womens Health Care in CBOCs Washington, Donna 2018-02-28
CRE 12-033 Automated Point-of-Care Surveillance of Outpatient Delays in Cancer Diagnosis Singh, Hardeep 2017-09-30
CRE 12-036 Increasing Veterans' Use of Community-based LTC via timely Discharge from VA CLCs Allen, Susan 2016-04-30
CRE 12-037 Automating Heart Failure Data for Patient Treatment Goals at the Point of Care Garvin, Jennifer 2016-03-31
CRE 12-038 Impacts of Delivery of Comprehensive Women's Health Care in the VA Rose, Danielle 2018-03-31
CRE 12-039 Web and Shared Decision Making for Reserve/National Guard Women's PTSD Care Sadler, Anne 2017-03-31
CRE 12-083 Motivational Coaching to Enhance Mental Health Engagement in Rural Veterans Seal, Karen 2018-09-30
CRE 12-285 Randomized Controlled Trial of Group Prevention Coaching Edelman, David 2018-10-31
CRE 12-288 Will Veterans Engage in Prevention after HRA-guided Shared Decision Making? Oddone, Eugene 2019-12-31
CRE 12-291 Checklist to Prevent MRSA Surgical Site Infections Perencevich, Eli 2019-09-30
CRE 12-300 Development and Validation of a Perceived Access Measure Pyne, Jeffrey 2019-03-31
CRE 12-305 Stay Strong: A physical activity program for Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans Damschroder, Laura 2019-09-30
CRE 12-306 Risk Stratification and Tailoring of Prevention Programs Maciejewski, Matthew 2019-03-31
CRE 12-307 Comparative safety and effectiveness of isolation in VHA community living centers Morgan, Daniel 2019-09-30
CRE 12-312 Information Extraction and Visualization Toolkit (IE-Viz) Chapman, Wendy 2018-12-31
CRE 12-313 Cognitive Support Informatics for Antimicrobial Stewardship Glassman, Peter 2018-08-31
CRE 12-314 A Computer-Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool to Enhance Fidelity in CBO Cucciare, Michael 2019-06-30
CRE 12-315 A VHA NLP Software Ecosystem for Collaborative Development and Integration Zeng, Qing 2019-11-30
CRE 12-320 Veterans Like Mine Cognitive Support for Therapeutic Decision Making Samore, Matthew 2018-09-30
CRE 12-321 Cognitive Support Informatics for Nurse Medication Stewardship Drews, Frank 2018-04-30
CRE 12-426 Point-of-care health literacy and activation information to improve diabetes care Woodard, LeChauncy 2018-05-31
CRI 03-153 Determining the Prevalence of Health Literacy Among Veterans Griffin, Joan 2006-09-30
CRS 02-162 Colorectal Cancer Screening Assessment and Surveillance Data System Kochevar, Laura 2005-07-12
CRS 02-163 Organization Variations in Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Yano, Elizabeth 2003-09-30
CRS 02-164 Colorectal Cancer Care Outcomes Research and Quality Surveillance Data System Provenzale, Dawn 2009-09-30
CRT 02-059 Translation of Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines: A System Intervention Humphrey, Linda 2009-09-30
CRT 05-338 Colorectal Cancer Care - A Quality Measurement Partnership Provenzale, Dawn 2008-09-30
DHI 05-059 Physical and Sexual Assault in Deployed Women: Risks, Outcomes and Services Sadler, Anne 2010-09-30
DHI 05-111 Barriers and Facilitators to PTSD Treatment Seeking Sayer, Nina 2007-12-31
DHI 05-130 Further Development and Validation of the DRRI Vogt, Dawne 2008-03-31
DHI 05-264 Treatment and Costs of Blast Related Injuries in VA Siddharthan, Kris 2008-09-30
DHI 06-010 Geographic Access to VHA Rehabilitation Services for OEF/OIF Veterans Cowper Ripley, Diane 2007-09-30
DHI 06-225 Stigma, Gender, and Other Barriers to VHA Use for OEF/OIF Veterans Vogt, Dawne 2012-03-31
DHI 07-054 Veterans Telemedicine Outreach for PTSD Services Agha, Zia 2012-04-30
DHI 07-065 Women Veterans Cohort Study Brandt, Cynthia 2012-10-30
DHI 07-144 A Computer Adaptive Test to Measure Community Reintegration Resnik, Linda 2011-05-30
DHI 07-150 Soldier to Civilian: RCT of an Intervention to Promote Post-Deployment Reintegration Sayer, Nina 2013-08-31
DHI 07-259 Telemental Health and Cognitive Processing Therapy for Rural Combat Veterans with PTSD Morland, Leslie 2013-09-30
DHI 08-051 Urogenital Symptoms, Depression and PTSD in OEF/OIF Women Veterans Bradley, Catherine 2013-06-30
DHI 08-096 Outcomes and Correlates of Suicidal Ideation in OEF/OIF Veterans Dobscha, Steven 2012-04-30
DHI 08-097 Perspectives on Enhancing Family Involvement in Treatment for PTSD Fischer, Ellen 2011-09-30
DHI 08-114 Identifying Potential Demand for VA Rehabilitation Services for OEF/OIF Veterans Vogel, Walter 2011-12-31
DHI 08-136 Combat, Sexual Assault, and Post-Traumatic Stress in OIF/OEF Military Women Sadler, Anne 2011-06-30
DHI 09-086 Validation of Modified DRRI Scales in a National Sample of OEF/OIF Veterans Vogt, Dawne 2012-09-30
DHI 09-237 Identifying and Validating Complex Comorbidity Clusters in OEF-OIF Veterans Pugh, Mary Jo 2015-09-30
DII 99-097 Improving Health Outcomes of Diabetic Veterans: A Diabetic Self-Management Program Nodhturft, Virginia 2002-09-30
DII 99-187 Improving Diabetes Care via Telephone Assessment and Patient Education Piette, John 2003-05-31
DII 99-188 Disease Management and Educational Intervention Outcomes in High-Risk Diabetics Hamilton, Bruce 2002-12-31
DII 99-205 Developing and Implementing a Quality Measure for Glycemic Control Berlowitz, Dan 2003-12-31
DIS 99-037 Impact of a Quality Management Intervention Upon Foot Care Outcomes Pogach, Leonard 2001-07-31
DIS 99-221 Evaluation of VISTA Performance Profiles and Non-VISTA Measures Kerr, Eve 2001-11-30
DIT 02-064 An Evaluation of a Coordinated Proactive Diabetes Eye Care Program Bernstein, Steven 2005-12-31
ECI 01-195 Health Values and Spirituality in Veterans with HIV/AIDS Tsevat, Joel 2005-06-30
ECI 02-220 Effect of Increased Co-payments on Pharmacy Use in the VA Stroupe, Kevin 2005-06-30
ECI 03-199 Medicaid Enrollment, Utilization and Outcomes for VA Patients Hendricks, Ann 2008-03-30
ECI 03-206 New Statistical Methods for Analyzing Veteran's Health Care Costs Zhou, Xiao-Hua 2007-06-30
ECI 04-186 Cost of Acute Inpatient Nursing Services in VA Liu, Chuan-Fen 2007-09-30
ECI 20-016 Cost and Effectiveness of End Stage Renal Disease Care Hynes, Denise 2004-09-30
ECI 20-032 VA Enrollees' Demand for VA and non-VA Care Hendricks, Ann 2003-09-30
ECV 00-083 Determinants of VA Ambulatory Care Use Among Native American Veterans Villa, Vallentine 2003-06-30
ECV 02-254 Physician-Patient Communication in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure Gordon, Howard 2010-03-30
ECV 03-201 Reasons for Disparities in Joint Replacement Utilization Kwoh, C. 2006-12-31
ECV 04-296 Measuring Cross-Cultural Competence in VA Primary Care Saha, Somnath 2014-09-30
ECV 97-022 Racial Variations in Cardiac Procedures: Do Health Beliefs Matter? Kressin, Nancy 2001-09-30
ECV 97-028 Ethnicity and Veteran Identity as Determinants of VA Ambulatory Care Use Harada, Nancy 2001-06-30
ECV 97-082 Ethnic Differences - Management of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease Siminoff, Laura 2003-09-30
ECV 98-100 Health Seeking and Treatment Selection in Patients with Coronary Disease Gordon, Howard 2002-07-31
EDU 08-414 Interprofessional Training for Improving Diabetes Care Kirsh, Susan 2014-03-31
EDU 08-417 CONNECT for better falls prevention in VA Community Living Centers Colon-Emeric, Cathleen 2012-07-31
EDU 08-422 Interactive Spaced Education to Optimize Hypertension Management Kerfoot, B. Price 2013-09-30
EDU 08-424 Patient and Provider Outcomes of E-Learning Training in Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality Magruder, Kathryn 2013-07-31
EDU 08-426 Improving Patient Outcomes via the Clinical Improvement Work of Learners Ogrinc, Gregory 2013-06-30
EDU 08-427 Training and Coaching to Promote High Performance in VA Nursing Home Care VanDeusen-Lukas, Carol 2011-03-31
EDU 08-428 PROVE: Program for Research on Outcomes of VA Education Schwartz, Mark 2014-11-30
EDU 08-429 Interventions to Improve Fatigue Management Among Physician Trainees Volpp, Kevin 2012-09-30
EDU 08-430 Intervening to Prevent Contextual Errors in Medical Decision Making Weiner, Saul 2012-12-31
EPP 97-071 Risk of Mortality in Prostate Cancer Concato, John 2001-06-30
FOP 15-001 Veteran Experiences with Social Reintegration after TBI Cottrell, Erika 2016-09-30
GEN 00-082 Women Veterans' Ambulatory Care Use: Patterns, Barriers, and Influences Washington, Donna 2005-11-30
GEN 20-057 Toward Gender Aware VA Health Care: Development and Evaluation of an Intervention Vogt, Dawne 2005-09-30
GEN 97-002 Gender Differences in Compensation and Pension Claims Approval for PTSD Murdoch, Maureen 2000-09-30
GEN 97-022 Veterans Women's Alcohol Problems: Prevalence, Screening and Self-Help Bradley, Katharine 2001-09-30
GEN 97-023 Decision Making for Depression in Women Veterans: Patient and Physician Factors Frayne, Susan 2001-06-30
GWI 04-352 Sexual Assault Prevalence Among Male, PTSD-Disabled Gulf War Veterans Murdoch, Maureen 2009-08-31
GWI 04-355 Telemedicine Treatment for Veterans with Gulf War Illness Downing, Mia 2008-12-31
GWI 04-356 Profile of Gulf War Veterans Receiving Undiagnosed Illness Compensation Mahan, Clare 2008-09-30
HII 99-047 Identification of HIV Infection Among Veterans Owens, Douglas 2003-09-30
HII 99-049 Determinants of Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy and Impact on Outcomes Menke, Terri 2002-09-30
HII 99-054 A Medication Adherence Intervention for HIV Infected Veterans Gifford, Allen 2002-12-31
HIR 09-001 Consortium of Healthcare Informatics Research: Document Quality and Challenge Evaluations Weir, Charlene 2013-04-30
HIR 09-002 Consortium for Healthcare Informatics Research: Clinical Inference and Modeling Luther, Stephen 2013-09-30
HIR 09-003 Consortium for Healthcare Informatics Research: PTSD Tuepker, Anais 2014-09-30
HIR 09-004 Consortium for Healthcare Informatics Research: MRSA Doebbeling, Bradley 2014-06-30
HIR 09-005 Consortium for Health Care Informatics Research: Information Extraction Zeng, Qing 2015-03-31
HIR 09-006 Consortium for Healthcare Informatics Research - De-Identification Samore, Matthew 2013-01-31
HIR 09-007 Consortium of Healthcare Informatics Research: Translational Use Case Projects Goldstein, Mary 2014-03-31
HIR 10-001 Pro-WATCH: Epidemiology of Medically Unexplained Syndromes Samore, Matthew 2015-09-30
HIR 10-002 Pro-WATCH: Homelessness as Sentinel Event Gundlapalli, Adiseshu 2013-09-30
HIS 99-039 Improving the HIV/AIDS Immunology Case Registry Bozzette, Samuel 2002-09-30
HIS 99-042 Measuring HIV Quality of Care Asch, Steven 2003-06-30
HIS 99-043 Data Collection for Veterans with HIV/AIDS: Survey and Chart Review Bozzette, Samuel 2002-12-31
HIT 01-090 Improving HIV Care Quality Asch, Steven 2004-12-31
IAA 06-213 Hepatitis C Antiviral Treatment Rates: Understanding Racial Disparities Chapko, Michael 2013-09-30
IAA 06-214 Treatment Cost for Veterans with Chronic Kidney Disease Chen, Guoqing 2010-12-31
IAA 06-217 Improving Dental Decision Making for Root Canal Therapy Kressin, Nancy 2015-11-30
IAA 06-220 Understanding Race and Culture in Living Donor Kidney Transplantation Myaskovsky, Larissa 2013-06-30
IAA 07-069 Primary Care Quality and Service Customization for the Homeless Kertesz, Stefan 2012-08-31
IAA 07-071 Presence and Correlates of Racial Disparities in Pain Management Burgess, Diana 2011-08-31
IAA 08-087 VA Facility Determinants of Racial-Ethnic Variations in Quality of Care Washington, Donna 2011-11-30
IAB 05-204 Reducing Transition Drug Risks after Patient Transfer Boockvar, Kenneth 2010-09-30
IAB 05-224 Implementation of Real-Time ADE Surveillance and Decision Support Nebeker, Jonathan 2010-09-30
IAB 05-297 Adapting Tools to Implement Stroke Risk Management to Veterans Damush, Teresa 2011-09-30
IAB 05-303 Proactive Tobacco Treatment for Diverse Veteran Smokers Fu, Steven 2012-06-30
IAB 06-038 Detailing Smoking Attributable Risks for Post-Morbidity: Planning for Policy and Clinical Interventions Houston, Thomas 2010-06-30
IAB 06-086 Working with Veterans Organizations to Improve Blood Pressure Whittle, Jeffrey 2010-12-31
IAB 06-269 Group Intervention for DM Guideline Implementation Wu, Wen-Chih 2012-06-30
IAB 07-115 Implementing Integrated Care for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Kilbourne, Amy 2009-12-31
IAC 05-067 A Self-Management Intervention for Veterans with Hepatitis C Groessl, Erik 2010-08-31
IAC 05-206 AUDIT-C as a Scaled Marker for Health Risks in VA Medical Out-patients Bradley, Katharine 2009-11-30
IAC 05-254 Illness Management and Recovery for Veterans with Severe Mental Illness Salyers, Michelle 2011-09-30
IAC 06-021 Alcohol Misuse and the Risk of Post-Surgical Complications and Mortality Bradley, Katharine 2009-11-30
IAC 06-049 Simulation Based Planning Model for Mental Health Care Services Doebbeling, Bradley 2012-10-31
IAC 06-073 Reengineering Systems for the Primary Care Treatment of PTSD Schnurr, Paula 2010-12-31
IAC 06-259 Predicting Post-Deployment Mental Health Substance Abuse and Services Needs Eisen, Susan 2010-09-30
IAC 06-266 Participation in PTSD: Who Starts, Who Stays and Who Drops Out Spoont, Michele 2010-06-30
IAC 07-087 Help-Seeking Depression in VHA Primary Care Patients Elwy, Anashua 2011-02-28
IAC 08-099 Management of Suicidal Veterans during Substance Use Disorder Ilgen, Mark 2010-09-30
IAC 08-101 Existing Practice Patterns for Screening Mild TBI in OEF/OIF Veterans Powell-Cope, Gail 2013-03-31
IAC 09-040 Prolonged Exposure (PE) for PTSD: Telemedicine vs. In Person Acierno, Ron 2015-06-30
IAC 09-047 Managing Chronic Pain in Veterans with Substance Use Disorders Ilgen, Mark 2014-03-31
IAC 09-055 Dual Diagnosis Inpatients: Telephone Monitoring RCT to Improve Outcomes Timko, Christine 2015-03-31
IAD 05-114 Formal and Informal Costs of Veterans with Dementia: A Longitudinal Study Zhu, Carolyn 2008-02-28
IAD 06-036 Senior Coordinated Referral (SCORE) Study Reder, Sheri 2010-06-30
IAD 06-055 VA Nursing Home Care for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness McCarthy, John 2010-06-30
IAD 06-060 Hospital Costs and Utilization of Veterans Receiving Palliative Versus Usual Care Penrod, Joan 2009-04-30
IAD 06-088 Causal Inferences on Quality of Life with Deaths Zhou, Xiao-Hua 2010-01-31
IAD 06-112 Outpatient Waiting Times, Outcomes, and Cost for VA Patients with Diabetes Pizer, Steven 2010-09-30
IAD 07-106 Determinants and Consequences of Veterans' Access to Nursing Home Care Intrator, Orna 2013-11-30
IAD 07-162 Outlook: An Intervention to Improve Quality of Life in Serious Illness Steinhauser, Karen 2009-05-31
IAE 05-255 Chronic Physical and Mental Illness Care in Women Veterans Banerjea, Ranjana 2009-08-30
IAE 05-291 Evaluation of Military Sexual Trauma Screening and Treatment Kimerling, Rachel 2009-07-31
IAE 06-083 Women Veterans Ambulatory Care Use Project, Phase II Washington, Donna 2009-08-30
IAE 07-170 Impact of Practice Structure on Quality of Care for Women Veterans (Phase 2) Yano, Elizabeth 2009-09-30
IAF 05-042 How Do Medicare Health Plan Options Affect VA Utilization and Outcomes? Pizer, Steven 2008-09-30
IAF 05-308 Benefits of 'Repeat Back' Protocols within A Computer-Based Informed Consent Program Fink, Aaron 2009-03-31
IAF 06-080 Guideline Adherence in Elders with Heart Failure and Multiple Comorbidities Steinman, Michael 2012-09-30
IAF 06-085 Operating Room Workload and Quality of Care Weinger, Matthew 2011-09-30
IBA 09-061 Access to Care for Veterans with Chronic Lower Limb Wounds Reiber, Gayle 2014-09-30
IBB 09-033 Developing an Intervention to Retain HIV-infected Veterans in HIV Care Giordano, Thomas 2014-12-31
IBB 09-034 ASPIRE: Coaching Veterans to Healthy Weights and Wellness Lowery, Julie 2013-12-31
IBD 09-039 The impact of genetic testing for type 2 diabetes on health behaviors Voils, Corrine 2013-03-30
IBD 09-101 Determinants of Adoption and Delivery of Genomic Medicine in VHA Scheuner, Maren 2013-07-31
IBD 09-105 Preparing to Discuss Genetic Test Results for Colorectal Cancer Risk Fagerlin, Angela 2013-05-31
IBE 09-069 Automated Data Acquisition for Heart Failure: Performance Measures and Treatment Garvin, Jennifer 2013-09-30
IHI 02-062 Collaborative Cardiac Care Project (C3P) Fihn, Stephan 2007-12-31
IHT 01-040 Translation Plan to Improve Lipid Management for IHD Patients Sales, Anne 2003-09-30
IHY 99-214 QUERI - Proposal to Expand Data Collection and Reports to Evaluate VA Cardiac Surgery Program Performance Shroyer, Annie 2000-12-30
IIR 00-072 Risk Adjustment of HbA1c for Performance Measurement in the VA Pogach, Leonard 2004-09-30
IIR 00-077 Effects of Outlier Identification Strategy on Facility Profiling Sloan, Kevin 2005-09-30
IIR 00-078 Telemedicine Intervention to Improve Depression Care in Rural CBOCs Fortney, John 2006-03-31
IIR 00-091 Behavioral Insomnia Therapy in Primary Care Edinger, Jack 2005-09-30
IIR 00-097 A Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Depression and Anxiety in COPD Kunik, Mark 2006-06-30
IIR 01-053 Sleep Disturbance and Outcomes Rehabilitation in the Nursing Home Alessi, Cathy 2005-09-30
IIR 01-054 Effectiveness of a Telecommunications System in Asthma Management Sparrow, David 2008-03-31
IIR 01-072 Evaluation of Store-Forward Teledermatology for Skin Neoplasms Warshaw, Erin 2005-06-30
IIR 01-074 Improving Antipsychotic Adherence Among Patients with Schizophrenia Valenstein, Marcia 2006-06-30
IIR 01-104 Quality Evaluation in Stroke and TIA (QUEST) Bravata, Dawn 2007-06-30
IIR 01-108 Clinical Reminders in Test Reports to Improve Guideline Compliance Heidenreich, Paul 2006-09-30
IIR 01-110 The Prevalence and Needs of Veterans with Multiple Chronic Illnesses Noel, Polly 2003-09-30
IIR 01-116 Stakeholder Perspectives on Sustaining Involvement in Schizophrenia Care Fischer, Ellen 2005-06-30
IIR 01-151 Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Garber, Susan 2005-09-30
IIR 01-159 Causes and Consequences of Aggressive Behavior in Demented Patients Kunik, Mark 2007-06-30
IIR 01-160 Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes in VA Sales, Anne 2005-09-30
IIR 01-164 VA Eligibility Reform and the Demand for VA Services by Elderly Veterans Jonk, Yvonne 2006-06-30
IIR 01-180 Process of Care in Peripheral Arterial Disease Collins, Tracie 2005-09-30
IIR 01-185 Evidence Based Approaches to Primary Care Staffing Best, Richard 2005-06-30
IIR 01-188 Does PTSD Service Connection Affect Disease Course and Functioning? Murdoch, Maureen 2006-09-30
IIR 01-189 Can Vignettes be Used to Improve Practice and Outcomes? Jain, Sharad 2005-12-31
IIR 01-191 Establishing a VA Model for Best Practices in Management of Acute UGIH Shekelle, Paul 2006-08-30
IIR 01-197 Acute Post-Operative Pain Management Using Massage As Adjuvant Therapy Hinshaw, Daniel 2005-11-30
IIR 01-199 Stroke Prevention, Incidence and Outcomes in Veterans with Diabetes Findley, Thomas 2009-03-31
IIR 02-009 Improving Care of Veterans by Using Consumers as Mental Health Providers Chinman, Matthew 2007-06-30
IIR 02-010 The Impact of Health Literacy on Racial Differences in Cancer Stage at Presentation Arozullah, Ahsan 2007-03-31
IIR 02-011 Do Practice Guidelines Improve Economic Efficiency within the VA System Schneider, John 2007-06-30
IIR 02-051 Variation in ICU Outcome: Examination of Contributing Factors Render, Marta 2004-09-30
IIR 02-076 Inappropriate Prescribing of Medication for Older Veterans Berlowitz, Dan 2005-09-30
IIR 02-079 Evaluation of Preventable Diabetes Hospitalizations in the VA Pogach, Leonard 2007-06-30
IIR 02-080 Bioterrorism: Cost-Effectiveness of Medical Responses Schmitt, Brian 2006-03-31
IIR 02-081 Use of VA Pharmacy by Medicare Enrolled Veterans Morgan, Robert 2006-06-30
IIR 02-082 Impact of Diastolic Heart Failure on Health Care Utilization and Outcomes Deswal, Anita 2005-06-30
IIR 02-083 Pharmacy Use in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure Johnson, Michael 2006-02-28
IIR 02-097 Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Computer-based Feedback Implementations Weir, Charlene 2006-12-31
IIR 02-103 Development of Survival Prediction Models for Advanced Cancer Patients Chang, Victor 2009-06-30
IIR 02-108 Telephone Disease Management At-Risk Drinking (TDM 11) Oslin, David 2008-12-31
IIR 02-109 Risk-Adjusted Mortality Rates as an Indicator for Outpatient Quality Selim, Alfredo 2005-12-31
IIR 02-142 Improving Assessment of Patient Preferences in Localized Prostate Cancer Knight, Sara 2008-12-31
IIR 02-144 Identifying Patient Safety Indicators from Administrative Data Rosen, Amy 2005-09-30
IIR 02-145 A Brief Community Linkage Intervention for Dually Diagnosed Individuals Smelson, David 2009-06-30
IIR 02-159 Aging Veterans Health Policy Model Kinosian, Bruce 2006-12-31
IIR 02-189 End of Life Care: Medical Treatments and Costs by Age, Race, and Region Yu, Wei 2006-03-30
IIR 02-221 Health Related Quality of Life in VA Patients with Intestinal Stoma Krouse, Robert 2005-06-30
IIR 02-224 A Culturally Sensitive Values-Guided Aid for End of Life Decision-Making Braun, Ursula 2009-09-30
IIR 02-225 Addressing Barriers to Translation for Treatment of Hypertension Kerr, Eve 2008-02-28
IIR 02-228 Assessing Practice Variation in Long Term Care Referrals Hedrick, Susan 2006-09-30
IIR 02-230 RCT of a Telecommunications System in Sleep Apnea Sparrow, David 2008-03-31
IIR 02-244 Quality and Cost of VA and Medicare Covered Care for Veterans with ESRD Stroupe, Kevin 2006-07-30
IIR 02-274 Appropriateness of Antiepileptic Drug Use for Older Veterans Pugh, Mary Jo 2008-09-30
IIR 02-275 Effect of Self-Management on Improving Sleep Apnea Outcomes Stepnowsky, Jr., Carl 2009-12-31
IIR 02-283 Continuous Improvement for Veterans In Care-Mood Disorders Kilbourne, Amy 2007-09-30
IIR 02-284 Quality of Care Indicators for Veterans with Stroke in Community Nursing Homes Jia, Huanguang 2006-01-31
IIR 02-285 Measuring Quality of Family Experience of Patients with Serious Illness Steinhauser, Karen 2009-12-31
IIR 02-286 Risk Factor Trajectory and Variability: Predictors of Vascular Disease? Schwenke, Dawn 2006-06-30
IIR 02-290 Assessing Mental Outcomes in the VHA Eisen, Susan 2006-12-31
IIR 02-292 Improving the Quality of End-of-Life Communication for Patients with COPD Au, David 2007-12-31
IIR 02-293 Outcomes of Veterans with Dual HCV-HIV Infection El-Serag, Hashem 2005-09-30
IIR 02-294 Randomized Trial of Care Management to Improve End of Life Care Rosenfeld, Kenneth 2008-08-30
IIR 02-296 Prospective Study of Functional Status in Veterans at Risk for Unexplained Illnesses Quigley, Karen 2010-06-30
IIR 03-003 Epidemiology and Cost of Falls in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Nelson, Audrey 2008-08-31
IIR 03-005 Extending Propensity Scores for Observational Studies Nelson, David 2006-08-30
IIR 03-069 Tele-Mental Health Intervention to Improve Depression Outcomes in Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) Mohr, David 2010-08-31
IIR 03-070 Comparing VA Health Disparities to Health Disparities Outside the VA Volpp, Kevin 2006-07-31
IIR 03-076 A Telehealth Education Program for Caregivers of Veterans with Dementia Shulan, Mollie 2008-03-31
IIR 03-084 Can Group Visits Improve Outcomes of Veterans with Diabetes Edelman, David 2009-01-31
IIR 03-089 Evaluating HIV/AIDS Care Access and Quality in the VA Gifford, Allen 2007-09-20
IIR 03-120 Effectiveness of Contingency Management in VA Addictions Treatment Hagedorn, Hildi 2010-02-28
IIR 03-123 Improving Care for Nursing Home Pneumonia in NHCUs and Veterans' Homes Hutt, Evelyn 2005-09-30
IIR 03-126 Intervention to Improve Care at Life's End in VA Medical Centers Burgio, Kathryn 2012-09-30
IIR 03-128 Family Assessment of Treatment at End-of-Life (FATE) Survey Development Casarett, David 2007-09-30
IIR 03-150 Validation of Pain as a Vital Sign Among Veterans with Advanced Illness Lorenz, Karl 2008-09-30
IIR 03-151 VA and non-VA Rehabilitation Utilization by Veterans with Acute Stroke Jia, Huanguang 2006-06-30
IIR 03-162 Patient Preferences for Treatment of Hepatitis C Fraenkel, Liana 2008-09-30
IIR 03-194 Methylphenidate for Depressed Cancer Patients in Hospice Ganzini, Linda 2010-09-30
IIR 03-196 Quality and Costs of Colon Cancer Care in VA and Medicare Hynes, Denise 2010-09-30
IIR 03-200 VA Prescription Drug Company Copayments and Veterans with Diabetes or Hypertension Maciejewski, Matthew 2006-09-14
IIR 03-207 Estimating the Magnitude of Unmeasured Risk in VA Patients Vaughan-Sarrazin, Mary 2006-04-30
IIR 03-226 Use of VA and Medicare by Older Veterans with New Disability Siu, Albert 2011-09-30
IIR 03-242 Clinical Practice Intensity: Comparing VA to Private Sector Providers Sirovich, Brenda 2009-12-31
IIR 03-243 Substance Use Disorder Patients in VA Nursing Homes Lemke, Sonne 2007-11-30
IIR 03-247 Mesh Repair for Ventral Hernia: Which Rate is Right? Hawn, Mary 2009-12-31
IIR 03-252 Improving Patient-Provider Communication For Colorectal Cancer Screening Ling, Bruce 2010-06-30
IIR 03-254 Diabetes Telemedicine Consultation: A Systems Improvement Intervention Aron, David 2009-09-30
IIR 03-255 Aging and Family Outcomes in Supportive Care of Advanced Cancer Patients Rose, Julia 2008-11-30
IIR 03-257 Patient-Centered Medication Adherence Intervention for Schizophrenia Pyne, Jeffrey 2009-12-31
IIR 03-267 Reinforcement of Abstinence and Attendance in Substance Abuse Treatment Lash, Steven 2010-03-31
IIR 03-287 Testing the Effectiveness of Telephone Support for Dementia Caregivers Nichols, Linda 2008-03-31
IIR 03-295 Use of Telehealth in-Home Messaging to Improve GI Endoscopy Completion Rates Griffin, Joan 2009-05-31
IIR 03-298 Surveillance of Medical Device-Related Problems in Intensive Care Units Samore, Matthew 2010-04-30
IIR 03-303 Improving Safety Culture and Outcomes in VA Hospitals Gaba, David 2008-12-31
IIR 03-307 Outcomes Associated with Salmeterol Use in Obstructive Lung Disease Lee, Todd 2007-09-30
IIR 04-016 Self-Management of Osteoarthritis: A Tailored, Telephone-based Intervention Allen, Kelli 2009-09-30
IIR 04-021 Cost Effective Strategy to Evaluate Veterans with Sleep Apnea Kuna, Samuel 2010-09-30
IIR 04-023 Improving HIV Screening by Nurse Rapid Testing, Streamlined Counseling Asch, Steven 2007-06-30
IIR 04-036 Impact of Practice Structure on the Quality of Care for Women Veterans Yano, Elizabeth 2007-03-31
IIR 04-042 Assessing and Addressing Patient Colorectal Cancer Screening Barriers Partin, Melissa 2008-03-31
IIR 04-043 Recurrence after Treatments of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Chren, Mary-Margaret 2010-06-30
IIR 04-045 Clinical and Cost Effectiveness of Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy Using Tele-Ophthalmology Conlin, Paul 2011-03-31
IIR 04-046 Optimal Use and Cost-Effectiveness of ICDS in the VA Health Care System Massie, Barry 2011-09-30
IIR 04-104 Modifiable Determinants of Anti-Depressant Adherence Among Older Veterans Kales, Helen 2011-02-28
IIR 04-107 Identifying and Predicting Contextual Errors in Medical Decision Making Weiner, Saul 2009-08-30
IIR 04-137 Joint Replacement Utilization Disparity: The Role of Communication Ibrahim, Said 2009-02-28
IIR 04-170 A Behavioral Intervention to Improve Hypertension Control in Veterans Natarajan, Sundar 2010-09-30
IIR 04-173 Hip Fracture Repair and Outcomes: A National Cohort Study of Veterans Hutt, Evelyn 2011-12-31
IIR 04-175 Effectiveness of Screening and Treatment for PTSD in SUD Patients Trafton, Jodie 2010-12-31
IIR 04-176 Insulin Treatment Variation in Southwestern Diabetics - Therapeutic Decision-making Murata, Glen 2008-04-30
IIR 04-200 Electrodiagnostic Services: Guidelines, Compliance, and Outcome Dillingham, Timothy 2010-08-30
IIR 04-201 Patient and Provider Attitudes in the Healthcare Context Christensen, Alan 2010-06-30
IIR 04-202 Impact of Resident Work Hours on Errors and Quality in VA Hospitals Volpp, Kevin 2007-11-30
IIR 04-204 Amputation Related Trends, Health Care Use, and Outcomes in Veterans Tseng, Chin-Lin 2008-09-30
IIR 04-205 Quality of Care and Outcomes in Veterans with PreEnd State Renal Disease Pogach, Leonard 2010-03-30
IIR 04-211 Suicide Among Veterans: Using the VA Depression Registry to Inform Care Valenstein, Marcia 2008-06-30
IIR 04-212 Relationship of General, Behavioral and Emotional Health among Veterans Receiving VA Health Care Westermeyer, Joseph 2008-12-31
IIR 04-233 The Potential for VA+ Choice to Affect Veterans' Care and VA Expenditures Hendricks, Ann 2008-03-31
IIR 04-235 Antibiotic Use, Resistance and Clostridium Difficile-Associated Diarrhea Johnson, Stuart 2007-08-30
IIR 04-236 Reducing Avoidable Deaths by Directing Veterans' Surgical Care in the Private Sector Weeks, William 2007-06-30
IIR 04-238 Partners in Dementia Care Kunik, Mark 2011-02-28
IIR 04-239 Improving Insulin Therapy with Enhanced Care Management and Peer Support Piette, John 2010-03-31
IIR 04-247 Impact of Quality Improvement Implementation on Nursing Home Outcomes Berlowitz, Dan 2006-06-30
IIR 04-248 Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation: Impact of Mental Illness Moos, Rudolf 2010-03-31
IIR 04-255 The Effectiveness of FMPO in Improving the Quality of Care for Persons with Severe Mental Illness Dixon, Lisa 2010-09-30
IIR 04-266 Why Are Intermediate Outcomes in Diabetic Veterans Still Sub-Optimal? Funkhouser, Ellen 2009-12-31
IIR 04-287 Medication Adherence: Implications of Measures Using Administrative Data Rothendler, James 2009-12-31
IIR 04-292 Dual Use, Continuity of Care and Duplication in VA and Medicare Liu, Chuan-Fen 2009-03-31
IIR 04-298 Manifestations, Causes, and Consequences of PEU in Elderly TCU Residents Sullivan, Dennis 2012-01-31
IIR 04-306 Veterans' Healthcare Needs in National Surveys of the General Population West, Alan 2007-12-30
IIR 04-313 Variability in Surgical Blood Transfusion Practices and Cardiovascular Outcome Wu, Wen-Chih 2007-12-31
IIR 04-321 Non-Pharmacological Interventions on Sleep in Post-Acute Rehabilitation Alessi, Cathy 2010-09-30
IIR 04-335 PSA Failure: A Rising Concern for Prostate Cancer Knight, Sara 2010-11-30
IIR 04-349 RCT of Financial Incentives to Translate ALLHAT into Practice Petersen, Laura 2012-09-30
IIR 04-380 Identifying Successful Approaches to Smoking Cessation Treatment for Veterans Farmer Coste, Melissa 2009-12-31
IIR 04-420 MST Effects on PTSD and Health Behavior: A Longitudinal Study of Marines Shipherd, Jillian 2010-08-30
IIR 04-421 Telepsychology-Service Delivery for Depressed Elderly Veterans Egede, Leonard 2012-07-31
IIR 04-426 Behavioral/Pharmacological Telemedicine Interventions for BP Control Bosworth, Hayden 2010-08-31
IIR 04-427 Impact of Health Status on Colorectal Cancer Screening in Older Adults Walter, Louise 2010-12-31
IIR 04-436 The Impact of Neighborhood Environment on Veteran Health and Survival Nelson, Karin 2009-09-30
IIR 05-014 Dual Diagnosis Self-Help Group Referral: Outcomes and Services Use Timko, Christine 2010-09-30
IIR 05-016 Health Care Use, Outcomes, and Costs of Comorbid Diabetes and Depression Banerjea, Ranjana 2009-08-30
IIR 05-019 Assessing Information Value in Computerized Patient Care Documentation System Hammond, Kenric 2010-09-30
IIR 05-021 Improving Longterm SUD Outcomes with Telephone Case Monitoring McKellar, John 2010-01-31
IIR 05-062 Culture and Communication in Hypertension Management Bokhour, Barbara 2010-09-30
IIR 05-101 Quality of Practices for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Staging Au, David 2010-09-30
IIR 05-107 Caregiver Psychoeducation and Support: Improving Outcomes in AD/ADRD Hahn, Theodore 2011-03-31
IIR 05-112 Dementia in Primary Care: Setting the Stage for Quality Improvement Williams, John 2010-09-30
IIR 05-115 Economic and Clinical Outcomes of Recommended NSAID Prescription Strategies Abraham, Neena 2008-12-31
IIR 05-120 Using Knowledge Discovery Strategies to Identify Fall Related Injuries Luther, Stephen 2011-06-30
IIR 05-121 Obesity Care Practices in the Veterans Health Administration Noel, Polly 2010-06-30
IIR 05-123 Predicting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Carriage at Hospital Admission Perencevich, Eli 2009-08-30
IIR 05-127 Obesity and Utilization of Clinical Preventive Services Yancy, William 2008-10-31
IIR 05-201 Long-term Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery in the Veterans Health Administration Maciejewski, Matthew 2010-03-31
IIR 05-202 Family-Supported Smoking Cessation for Chronically Ill Veterans Bastian, Lori 2011-06-30
IIR 05-205 Examining Healthcare Patterns and MS Outcomes with VHA and Medicare Data Bradham, Douglas 2014-03-31
IIR 05-210 Sociocultural Dimensions of Provider Decision-Making in Pain Management Crowley-Matoka, Megan 2010-06-30
IIR 05-213 Sleep Specialty Consultation: Improving Management of Sleep Disorders Edinger, Jack 2010-12-31
IIR 05-221 Team Process and Performance in Primary Care Mohr, David 2010-08-31
IIR 05-229 Intra-Operative Predictors of Adverse Outcomes Monk, Terri 2011-09-30
IIR 05-234 Knee Replacement Disparity: A Randomized, Controlled Intervention Kwoh, C. 2010-08-31
IIR 05-243 Carvedilol or Controlled-Release Metoprolol for Heart Failure Rector, Thomas 2008-03-31
IIR 05-244 Impact of the DoD Paradigm Shift on VA Amputee Prosthetic Care Reiber, Gayle 2009-12-31
IIR 05-247 Novel Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Renal Insufficiency Rosas, Sylvia 2010-03-31
IIR 05-261 Longitudinal Analysis of Utilization and Cost by VA Patients with Diabetes Shen, Yujing 2011-12-30
IIR 05-273 A Patient-Spouse Intervention for Self-Managing High Cholesterol Voils, Corrine 2010-08-30
IIR 05-278 Impact of Teledermatology on Health Services Outcomes in the VA Whited, John 2011-06-30
IIR 05-281 Barriers to Initiating Antiviral Therapy for Veterans with Hepatitis C Zickmund, Susan 2011-08-31
IIR 05-283 Impact of a Plain Language Prostate Cancer Decision Aid on Decision Making Fagerlin, Angela 2012-09-29
IIR 05-293 NSAID Related Adverse Events: Evaluating Risk Using Clinical Information Lee, Todd 2010-12-31
IIR 05-296 Surgical Case Duration in the Department of Veterans Affairs Cason, Brian 2009-03-31
IIR 05-306 Evaluating the VA's Assessment of Military Sexual Trauma in Veterans Sadler, Anne 2012-09-30
IIR 05-326 Patterns of Late-Life Healthcare Among VA Patients with Schizophrenia Copeland, Laurel 2010-03-31
IIR 06-053 The Quality of Locoregional Breast Cancer Treatment for Breast Cancer in the VHA Luther, Stephen 2010-08-31
IIR 06-058 Primary Care Based Disease Management for Alcohol Dependence Oslin, David 2011-03-31
IIR 06-062 Inappropriate Drug Use for Seniors: Should VA adopt new HEDIS measures Pugh, Mary Jo 2011-06-30
IIR 06-063 Learning and Relationships in Primary Care Clinical Microsystems Pugh, Jacqueline 2012-03-31
IIR 06-068 Patient-Centered Disease Management for Heart Failure Trial Rumsfeld, John 2012-06-30
IIR 06-082 Depression and CHF in Outpatients Turvey, Carolyn 2010-09-30
IIR 06-087 VA's Quality Transformation: Lessons for Evidence-Based Management Yano, Elizabeth 2010-04-30
IIR 06-091 Summary Measures of Quality for Diabetes Care Pogach, Leonard 2010-09-30
IIR 06-108 VA and Non-VA Healthcare Utilization and Outcomes by Veterans with Stroke Jia, Huanguang 2010-09-30
IIR 06-115 Access Criteria and Cost of Mental Health Intensive Case Management Slade, Eric 2008-07-31
IIR 06-119 From Syndromic to Disease-Course Surveillance Delisle, Sylvain 2011-12-31
IIR 06-196 The Influence of Obesity on Veterans' Quality of Care Chang, Virginia 2011-09-30
IIR 06-203 Self-Management to Prevent Ulcers in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Guihan, Marylou 2011-12-31
IIR 06-205 Evaluating a Preference-based Intervention for Increasing CRC Screening Hawley, Sarah 2012-08-31
IIR 06-219 Ethnic Differences in Medication Adherence and Cost for Elderly Veterans with DM Egede, Leonard 2012-01-31
IIR 06-227 Promoting Recovery Using Mental Health Consumer Providers Chinman, Matthew 2011-05-31
IIR 06-233 Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea in Cerebrovascular Disease Bravata, Dawn 2011-09-30
IIR 06-234 Veterans' and Families' Priorities for Palliative Home Care Services Streim, Joel 2012-06-30
IIR 06-238 Health and Economic Outcomes for Uninsured Non-Elderly Veterans Frakt, Austin 2009-12-30
IIR 06-252 Enhancing fitness in older overweight vets with impaired fasting glucose Morey, Miriam 2011-06-30
IIR 06-253 Improving Quality Measurement Using Quality Adjusted Life Years Vijan, Sandeep 2011-03-31
IIR 06-260 Identifying and Characterizing High Performing VHA Nursing Homes Shwartz, Michael 2011-09-30
IIR 06-274 Enhancing Indoor, Community, and Advanced Wheelchair Skills in SCI Groer, Shirley 2011-09-30
IIR 07-068 Organizational Correlates of Adherence to Medication Bryson, Christopher 2011-09-30
IIR 07-072 Patient Safety and Costs in VA Hospitals Carey, Kathleen 2011-03-31
IIR 07-090 Illness Perceptions, Emotions and Decision Making in Veterans with CMP Fraenkel, Liana 2012-04-30
IIR 07-092 Process Quality Measures of Addiction Care: Validation and Refinement Sox-Harris, Alexander 2010-03-30
IIR 07-101 An Integrated Care Model for Improving HCV Patient Outcomes Ho, Samuel 2013-10-31
IIR 07-111 Quality of Care Among Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection Kanwal, Fasiha 2011-03-31
IIR 07-113 Improving the Delivery of Smoking Cessation Guidelines in Hospitalized Veterans Katz, David 2013-08-31
IIR 07-114 VA Nursing Homes: Medical Staff Models and Care Correlates Kochersberger, Gary 2011-05-31
IIR 07-119 Stepped Care to Optimize Pain Care Effectiveness (SCOPE) Kroenke, Kurt 2013-09-30
IIR 07-124 Determinants of Diabetes Control in Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Long, Judith 2012-06-30
IIR 07-138 Screening for prediabetes and early diabetes in primary care Phillips, Lawrence 2012-12-31
IIR 07-139 Racial Variations in Communication, Decision Making and Diabetes Outcomes Pope, Charlene 2014-03-31
IIR 07-140 Effects of Performance Measurement on Healthcare Systems Powell, Adam 2009-12-31
IIR 07-145 Trial of Low And High Intensity Strategies to Maintain Blood Pressure Control Rosenthal, Gary 2013-12-31
IIR 07-151 The Business Case for Reduction in Surgical Complication Rates in the VA Vaughan-Sarrazin, Mary 2010-07-31
IIR 07-152 Predictors and Outcomes of Treating Bipolar Depression as MDD Schutte, Kathleen 2012-09-30
IIR 07-154 Expert System-Based Feedback in Sedentary Overweight Veterans Sevick, Mary 2013-06-30
IIR 07-163 Improving Obstructive Sleep Apnea Management Via Wireless Telemonitoring Stepnowsky, Jr., Carl 2012-06-30
IIR 07-165 Impact of Medicare Drug Benefit on VA Drug Use, Healthcare Use and Cost Stroupe, Kevin 2013-06-30
IIR 07-175 VA Physician Adherence to Colonoscopy Guidelines Fisher, Deborah 2012-04-30
IIR 07-177 Veterans Walk to Beat Back Pain Krein, Sarah 2012-03-31
IIR 07-184 Engaging Homeless Veterans in Primary Care O'Toole, Thomas 2014-03-31
IIR 07-185 Enhancing caregiver support for patients with heart failure Piette, John 2012-06-30
IIR 07-188 Health Care Use and Costs of Veterans with Neurotrauma Smith, Bridget 2011-09-30
IIR 07-190 Pain, Sexual Dysfunction and Depression in Hemodialysis Patients Weisbord, Steven 2012-01-31
IIR 07-194 Using multimedia patient feedback to reduce disparities in VA healthcare Kelly, Peter 2013-03-31
IIR 07-196 Patient Centered Evaluation of Computerized Patient Records System Agha, Zia 2013-03-31
IIR 07-199 Patients' and Providers' Perceptions of Communicating an Adverse Event Elwy, Anashua 2013-12-31
IIR 07-201 The Impact of Discontinuity of Care on Hospitalized Patients Fletcher, Kathlyn 2011-06-30
IIR 07-229 Generalized Linear Model Analysis Under Directional Selection Bias Noorbaloochi, Siamak 2010-09-30
IIR 07-233 Access Factors Affecting VA Enrollees' Use of Non-VA Medical Care West, Alan 2011-12-31
IIR 07-235 Modeling of Health Care Costs of Veterans with Chronic Diseases Zhou, Xiao-Hua 2012-12-31
IIR 07-241 Improving Transfers of Care in VA Nursing and Medical Services Frankel, Richard 2012-04-30
IIR 07-244 Evidence Based Medicine and Patient Centered Care: Coexistence or Conflict Meterko, Mark 2013-03-30
IIR 07-250 Prevention of Weight Loss in Long-Term Care Veterans Simmons, Sandra 2014-01-31
IIR 07-254 Organizational Fit and QI for Hospital Readmissions Rosen, Amy 2013-12-31
IIR 07-256 A Patient-Centered Approach to Improve Screening for Side Effects of SGAs Kreyenbuhl, Julie 2012-06-30
IIR 07-264 Treating Violence-Prone Substance Use Disorder Patients Timko, Christine 2012-08-31
IIR 07-266 Decision Aid in Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Watts, Bradley 2011-06-30
IIR 08-028 Complex Antithrombolic Therapy in Older Veterans: GI Risk and Preference Abraham, Neena 2012-07-31
IIR 08-032 Internet-Based Smoking Cessation for OEF/OIF Veterans Calhoun, Patrick 2014-04-30
IIR 08-033 Prevalence, Management and Outcomes of Extraspinal Fractures in SCI Carbone, Laura 2012-03-31
IIR 08-062 Neoplastic Yield of Colonoscopy in the VA Health Care System Imperiale, Thomas 2013-03-30
IIR 08-067 Organizational Factors and Inpatient Medical Care Kaboli, Peter 2013-04-30
IIR 08-071 Access to Treatment and Outcomes for Veterans with Substance Use Disorders Pizer, Steven 2012-04-30
IIR 08-075 Improving MRSA Control through Simulation and Surveillance Rubin, Michael 2012-06-30
IIR 08-082 Depression Care Facility-level Variation for Persons with Multimorbidity Jordan, Neil 2012-12-31
IIR 08-086 Understanding Provider Decision-Making Mittal, Dinesh 2013-09-30
IIR 08-116 Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality Among Veterans with Schizophrenia Kilbourne, Amy 2011-12-31
IIR 08-124 Cost Effectiveness of Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease Weaver, Frances 2012-07-31
IIR 08-295 Implementing Sleep Interventions for Older Veterans Alessi, Cathy 2013-12-31
IIR 08-297 Cardiovascular Intervention Improvement Telemedicine Study Bosworth, Hayden 2014-12-31
IIR 08-298 Patients' Experiences of Antiviral Treatment for Hepatitis C in the VHA Clark, Jack 2012-04-30
IIR 08-300 Understanding Variations in CPRS Use Among Primary Care Clinicians Frankel, Richard 2012-09-30
IIR 08-302 Patient-Centered Adherence Intervention After ACS Hospitalization Ho, P. Michael 2013-09-30
IIR 08-308 Complicated Family Reintegration in OEF-OIF Veterans Sayers, Steven 2015-09-30
IIR 08-309 Web-based support for caregivers of Veterans undergoing chemotherapy Silveira, Maria 2014-09-30
IIR 08-310 Impact of a Novel Patient Educational Booklet on Colonoscopy Quality Spiegel, Brennan 2012-10-30
IIR 08-314 Using the AUDIT-C to Monitor Outcomes in Patients with Alcohol Misuse Au, David 2012-09-29
IIR 08-323 PE-Web: Online Training for VA Providers in Prolonged Exposure for PTSD Ruggiero, Kenneth 2013-09-30
IIR 08-324 Mechanisms of Patient Activation and Self-Management in Schizophrenia Salyers, Michelle 2011-04-30
IIR 08-325 Improving Depression Management through Peer Support Valenstein, Marcia 2013-09-30
IIR 08-334 Determinants of Timely Evaluation Colonoscopy for crc Screening Tests Partin, Melissa 2013-02-28
IIR 08-351 Enhanced Risk Adjustment Using Laboratory Test and Pharmacy Data Hanchate, Amresh 2013-06-29
IIR 08-354 Clinical Guidelines for ESA Use in Cancer: Impacts on Clinical Practice Hynes, Denise 2012-03-31
IIR 08-355 Interplay of Chronic Illness, Race, Age and Sex in Glycemic Control Pogach, Leonard 2013-12-31
IIR 08-356 Screening Electronic Prescripton Records for Dropouts Rector, Thomas 2011-08-31
IIR 09-056 Group Physical Therapy for Veterans with Knee Osteoarthritis Allen, Kelli 2014-08-31
IIR 09-058 IVR-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Chronic Low Back Heapy, Alicia 2015-06-30
IIR 09-062 Musculoskeletal Spine Pain in VA: Description and Guideline Adherence Sinnott, Patricia 2012-02-29
IIR 09-063 An RCT of telemedicine interventions for OSA Sparrow, David 2015-07-31
IIR 09-066 Assessing VA System Performance in Colorectal Cancer Screening Adherence Bian, John 2013-10-31
IIR 09-067 Predicting implementation from organizational readiness to change Helfrich, Christian 2012-08-31
IIR 09-082 Implementation and Impact of VA Patient-Centered Medical Home Yano, Elizabeth 2013-03-31
IIR 09-083 Web-Based Delivery of MOVE! to Veterans With Serious Mental Illness Young, Alexander 2015-06-30
IIR 09-088 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Primary Care: Treating the Medically Ill Cully, Jeffrey 2014-09-30
IIR 09-092 Dual Use: Safe in Atrial Fibrillation? Turakhia, Minang 2014-08-31
IIR 09-094 Outcomes, Costs and Trends in Dialysis Timing in VA Hebert, Paul 2014-03-31
IIR 09-095 Improving Quality of Care Through Improved Audit and Feedback Hysong, Sylvia 2013-09-30
IIR 09-097 VA ASSIST Project Lorenz, Karl 2013-10-31
IIR 09-099 Improving Practice: Automated Compliance Monitoring in Infection Control Perencevich, Eli 2013-12-31
IIR 09-104 Guideline Implementation to Decrease Inappropriate Bacteriuria Treatment Trautner, Barbara 2013-03-30
IIR 09-333 Impact of Interventions to Reduce Violence and Substance Abuse among VA Patients Chermack, Stephen 2016-02-29
IIR 09-335 Surgical Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Psychiatric Disorders (STOPP) Copeland, Laurel 2013-03-30
IIR 09-336 The Impact of Remote ICU Monitoring on Patient Outcomes and Processes of Care Reisinger, Heather 2014-12-31
IIR 09-340 Reducing Internalized Stigma In People with Serious Mental Illness Drapalski, Amy 2015-09-30
IIR 09-342 Developing A Computer-Adapted Test for PTSD Eisen, Susan 2013-09-30
IIR 09-347 Cardiac Risk and Stent Effect on Adverse Perioperative Events Hawn, Mary 2014-03-31
IIR 09-350 Incorporating genomics into routine clinical care for Veterans with colon cancer Provenzale, Dawn 2015-09-30
IIR 09-351 Preventing Aggression in Veterans with Dementia Kunik, Mark 2015-09-30
IIR 09-354 Organizational Factors Related to Hospital Readmissions Liu, Chuan-Fen 2015-03-31
IIR 09-358 Safety and Effectiveness Evaluations for Diabetes Miller, Donald 2013-12-31
IIR 09-359 Beyond service connection: what helps PTSD-disabled Veterans get better? Murdoch, Maureen 2014-09-30
IIR 09-360 Conditional Independence based Model Diagnostic Methods Nelson, David 2012-08-31
IIR 09-362 Regular and Off-Shift Nursing: Impacts on Patient Outcomes and Cost of Care Phibbs, Ciaran 2013-09-30
IIR 09-366 Effectiveness of an Automated Walking Program Targeting Veterans with COPD Richardson, Caroline 2013-07-31
IIR 09-368 Comparison of Fidelity Assessment Methods Rollins, Angela 2013-10-31
IIR 09-369 Validating and Classifying VA Readmissions For Quality Assessment and Improvement Rosen, Amy 2014-05-31
IIR 09-370 Facility Mortality and Quality of Care among VA Outpatients with Diabetes Selim, Alfredo 2012-03-31
IIR 09-381 Considering Patient Diet Preference to Optimize Weight Loss Yancy, William 2013-09-30
IIR 10-050 Outlook: An Intervention to Improve Quality of Life in Serious Illness Study Steinhauser, Karen 2014-04-30
IIR 10-126 Patient and Provider Interventions for Managing Osteoarthritis in Primary Care Allen, Kelli 2013-09-30
IIR 10-128 Care Management for the Effective Use of Opioids (CAMEO) Bair, Matthew 2015-12-31
IIR 10-131 Preparing for New Antivirals: Preferences for Treatment of Hepatitis C Fraenkel, Liana 2014-10-31
IIR 10-132 Using Stories to address disparities in Hypertension Houston, Thomas 2016-01-31
IIR 10-135 Behavioral Activation Therapy for Rural Veterans with Diabetes and Depression Naik, Aanand 2016-09-30
IIR 10-136 Comparative Effectiveness of Anti-diabetic Medication Alternatives for Veterans Pizer, Steven 2013-11-30
IIR 10-144 Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Satisfaction with VA Care Zickmund, Susan 2015-02-28
IIR 10-146 Implementing a regional data exchange tool to improve medication use and safety Boockvar, Kenneth 2015-02-28
IIR 10-148 C difficile Outcomes and Effectiveness of Treatment Strategies in SCI Evans, Charlesnika 2013-09-30
IIR 10-150 Differences in Practice Styles in VA and Medicare: Causes and Implications Hebert, Paul 2015-04-30
IIR 10-154 Gown and Glove Use to Prevent the Spread of Infection in VA Community Living Centers Roghmann, Mary-Claire 2016-12-31
IIR 10-159 Bariatric Surgery's Return on Investment for Veterans and VHA Maciejewski, Matthew 2014-12-31
IIR 10-169 Measuring Quality of Life in Veterans with Deployment-Related PTSD Luther, Stephen 2016-03-31
IIR 10-172 Development of a Multidimensional Pain Measure for Persons with Dementia Ersek, Mary 2017-05-31
IIR 10-176 Risk of death among Veterans with depression Zivin, Kara 2015-02-28
IIR 10-314 Spatiotemporal Spread of Newer Antipsychotics for Bipolar Disorder and PTSD Bauer, Mark 2014-06-30
IIR 10-322 Planning Palliative Care for Homeless Veterans Who Are at the End of Life Hutt, Evelyn 2016-04-30
IIR 10-327 MOVE OUT: A partnership with Veterans groups to enhance weight management in VHA Whittle, Jeffrey 2016-05-31
IIR 10-331 Veteran Interactions with VA Primary Care Prior to Suicide Dobscha, Steven 2014-08-30
IIR 10-332 Employment as a Peer Support Technician: Impact on Mental Health Recovery Eisen, Susan 2014-10-31
IIR 10-333 Improving Outcomes for Homeless Veterans with Peer Support Ellison, Marsha 2017-05-31
IIR 10-340 Life Goals Collaborative Care to Improve Health Outcomes in Mental Disorders Kilbourne, Amy 2015-05-30
IIR 10-347 Drug Screen for Primary Care Patients Tiet, Quyen 2015-06-30
IIR 10-352 Impact of New Technologies on Chronic Heart Failure Outcomes and Costs in the VHA Groeneveld, Peter 2014-09-30
IIR 10-365 A joint evaluation of surgery-related outcomes and costs across VAMCs Zhou, Xiao-Hua 2016-03-31
IIR 10-374 Patient-Level Determinants of Oral Anticoagulation Control in the VHA Rose, Adam 2013-12-31
IIR 10-383 Randomized Trial of Titrated Disease Management for Patients with Hypertension Jackson, George 2016-09-30
IIR 11-023 OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSD in Mental Health Residential Treatment Programs Slade, Eric 2015-09-30
IIR 11-030 BREATHE in the VA Rollins, Angela 2015-12-31
IIR 11-035 Antimicrobial Use and Control of Clostridium difficile transmission and infection Rubin, Michael 2015-06-30
IIR 11-040 Maintenance After Initiation of Nutrition TrAINing (MAINTAIN) Voils, Corrine 2015-10-31
IIR 11-045 Management of HIV as a Chronic Disease Owens, Douglas 2015-03-31
IIR 11-049 Differences in Quality, Cost, and Access between VA and Fee Basis CABG and PCI Barnett, Paul 2016-05-31
IIR 11-055 Inpatient Psychiatric Safety at the VA Marcus, Steven 2015-10-31
IIR 11-058 Evaluation of VLER_Indiana Health Information Exchange Demonstration Project Haggstrom, David 2015-12-31
IIR 11-067 Restructuring Epilepsy Care: Organizational Dynamics and Quality Pugh, Mary Jo 2016-04-30
IIR 11-071 Automating Performance Metrics for Quality Improvement in Complex Chronic Disease Goldstein, Mary 2015-11-30
IIR 11-077 Ambulatory Care and Preventable Hospitalizations in Diabetic Kidney Disease Tseng, Chin-Lin 2016-05-31
IIR 11-078 Organizational and Patient Factors Related to Polytrauma/TBI Patient Outcomes Pogoda, Terri 2016-08-31
IIR 11-083 Effects of Mental Health Disorders on Pain Monitoring and Treatment in VA CLCs Brennan, Penny 2016-02-29
IIR 11-088 Developing and Validating a Veterans Affairs Cardiac Risk Score Hayward, Rodney 2016-08-31
IIR 11-091 Evaluation and Treatment of Substance Use in Veterans with PTSD Disability Claims Rosen, Marc 2017-03-31
IIR 11-103 Modeling fracture prediction in spinal cord injury and disease Carbone, Laura 2015-05-31
IIR 11-105 Health Policy Implication of Dual Enrollment in the VA and Medicare Advantage Trivedi, Amal 2015-09-30
IIR 11-109 Longterm Consequences for Veterans with Sepsis Sales, Anne 2015-05-31
IIR 11-110 Preparing Older Veterans with Serious and Chronic Illness for Decision Making Sudore, Rebecca 2016-06-30
IIR 11-113 Discontinuing NSAIDs in Veterans with Knee Osteoarthritis Fraenkel, Liana 2018-08-31
IIR 11-119 Nonpharmacologic Management of Challenging Behaviors in Veterans with Dementia Mann, William 2016-07-31
IIR 11-125 Strategies for Prescribing Analgesics Comparative Effectiveness (SPACE) Trial Krebs, Erin 2017-05-31
IIR 11-223 Item Banking Across the Continuum of Care Romero, Sergio 2015-05-31
IIR 11-276 A Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Trial of a Wellness Self-Management Program Goldberg, Richard 2018-03-31
IIR 11-290 Tailoring Interventions for Rural Veterans: What We Need to Know Fischer, Ellen 2017-03-31
IIR 11-291 Proactive Outreach for Smokers in VA Mental Health Sherman, Scott 2017-06-30
IIR 11-292 National Surveillance of Acute Kidney Injury Following Cardiac Catheterization Matheny, Michael 2016-08-31
IIR 11-296 Telemedicine management of veterans with PTSD and chronic insomnia Kuna, Samuel 2016-09-30
IIR 11-298 Increasing Treatment Seeking Among Suicidal Veterans Calling the Crisis Line Stecker, Tracy 2015-04-30
IIR 11-300 Adjunctive Mood Management for Telephone-based Smoking Cessation in Primary Care Gierisch, Jennifer 2019-06-30
IIR 11-304 Relation of mortality to structure of primary care in outpatients with diabetes Selim, Alfredo 2014-11-30
IIR 11-306 Improving PTSD Service Delivery for Veterans with Severe Mental Illness Grubaugh, Anouk 2016-12-31
IIR 11-319 Dual Use of VA and Non-VA Healthcare Services Among Veterans Younger than 65 West, Alan 2015-10-31
IIR 11-326 Evaluating Collaborative Care Using a Stepped Design and National Electronic Data Farmer Coste, Melissa 2015-03-31
IIR 11-328 Motivating Providers to Reduce Racial Disparities in Their Own Practice Burgess, Diana 2017-05-31
IIR 11-330 VA Post-Stroke Rehabilitation: Comparing Institutional Long-Term Care Settings Jia, Huanguang 2015-12-31
IIR 11-334 Relational Agent to Improve alcohol Screening and Treatment in Primary Care: RCT Simon, Steven 2019-03-31
IIR 11-342 A telemedicine intervention to improve physical function in patients with PD Sparrow, David 2016-09-30
IIR 11-345 Helping Invested Families Improve Veterans Experiences Study (HI-FIVES) Van Houtven, Courtney 2017-05-31
IIR 11-347 Caregiver Outlook: An Intervention to Improve Caregiving in Serious Illness Steinhauser, Karen 2016-04-30
IIR 11-353 Training and Coaching to Promote High Performance in VA Community Living Centers Dosa, David 2017-01-31
IIR 11-356 Examining the Relationship of Culture Change, Adverse Events and Costs in CLCs Sullivan, Jennifer 2016-02-29
IIR 11-358 Identifying mTBI Subtypes and their Implications for Recovery and Reintegration Pogoda, Terri 2016-12-31
IIR 12-050 A randomized trial of an educational intervention in type 2 diabetes patients Gordon, Howard 2017-05-31
IIR 12-052 Discharge Information & Support for Patients Receiving Outpatient Care in the ED Hastings, Susan 2016-11-30
IIR 12-055 Reducing VA No-Shows: Evaluation of Predictive Overbooking Applied to Colonoscopy Shekelle, Paul 2016-06-30
IIR 12-059 Cost-effective Uses of New Hepatitis C Treatments and their VA Budgetary Impact Owens, Douglas 2015-11-30
IIR 12-063 VHA-Indian Health Service Collaborations in Rural Health: HBPC Kramer, B 2016-12-31
IIR 12-064 Leveraging EHR Information to Measure Pressure Ulcer Risk in Veterans with SCI Luther, Stephen 2017-12-31
IIR 12-065 A Novel Approach to Measuring Costs and Efficiency: Lung Nodules as a Case Study Zeliadt, Steven 2018-04-30
IIR 12-068 Design and Evaluation of User Centered Electronic Health Records Ohno-Machado, Lucila 2019-09-30
IIR 12-069 Improving the Frequency and Quality of Sleep Apnea Care Management Stepnowsky, Jr., Carl 2018-03-31
IIR 12-084 Current Evidence and Early Warning Indicators of Homelessness Risk Among Veterans Gundlapalli, Adiseshu 2017-05-31
IIR 12-090 Culture and Context Affect High Reliability in Transfers of Care Frankel, Richard 2017-06-30
IIR 12-095 Comprehensive vs. Assisted Management of Mood and Pain Symptoms (CAMMPS) Trial Kroenke, Kurt 2017-11-30
IIR 12-102 Improving Consultation Management between Primary Care and Sub-Specialty Clinics Weiner, Michael 2016-06-30
IIR 12-103 Comparative Effectiveness and Cost of Surgical Prophylaxis Regimens Gupta, Kalpana 2017-01-31
IIR 12-109 Veteran College Students Mental Health and Academic Achievement Pfeiffer, Paul 2017-09-30
IIR 12-113 Use of Predictive Modeling to Improve Operating Room Scheduling Efficiency Kougias, Panagiotis 2016-10-30
IIR 12-115 Value of Delivery of Targeted Therapy for Veterans with Advanced Lung Cancer Hayes, Teresa 2016-06-30
IIR 12-116 Optimizing Veteran-Centered Prostate Cancer Survivorship Care Hawley, Sarah 2018-01-31
IIR 12-117 Understanding Advance Care Planning as a Dyadic Process Fried, Terri 2016-12-31
IIR 12-118 Women Veterans Cohort Study 2 Haskell, Sally 2019-09-30
IIR 12-121 Can Concurrent Hospice Care and Cancer Treatment Achieve Superior Outcomes? Mor, Vincent 2016-10-31
IIR 12-124 Examining Contraceptive Use and Unmet Need Among Women Veterans Borrero, Sonya 2016-12-31
IIR 12-126 Advance care planning in Veterans with kidney disease O'Hare, Ann 2018-03-31
IIR 12-130 Integrating Care After Exacerbation of COPD (InCasE) Au, David 2018-10-31
IIR 12-134 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Preventing Suicide in Military Veterans Interian, Alejandro 2018-07-31
IIR 12-144 Morbidity and Mortality Risks with Antipsychotic Use in Parkinson's Disease Kales, Helen 2016-07-31
IIR 12-152 Factors Associated with Institutional Use by Veterans in Home Based Primary Care Gillespie, Suzanne 2019-03-31
IIR 12-331 Understanding Dual Use and Other Potential Determinants of Heart Failure Outcomes Axon, Robert 2017-11-30
IIR 12-337 Access to Specialty Care for Veterans with Complex Conditions Wagner, Todd 2019-04-30
IIR 12-338 External Determinants of Non-Elderly Veterans' Demand of VA Health Care Kressin, Nancy 2017-03-31
IIR 12-340 Causal Dynamic Predictive Models for Cross Sectional Observational Data Noorbaloochi, Siamak 2015-04-30
IIR 12-342 Organization & Outcomes of Dialysis for Veterans with End Stage Renal Disease Maciejewski, Matthew 2017-01-31
IIR 12-345 Work and Family Functioning in Women Veterans: Implications for VA Service Use Vogt, Dawne 2017-03-31
IIR 12-346 Patient-Experienced Integrated Care for Veterans with Multiple Chronic Conditions Charns, Martin 2017-09-30
IIR 12-347 Evaluation of a Pulsed-Xenon Ultraviolet Room Disinfection Device Zeber, John 2016-04-30
IIR 12-353 Novel Treatment of Comorbid Insomnia and Sleep Apnea in Older Veterans Alessi, Cathy 2018-01-31
IIR 12-358 Improving Surgical Quality: Risks and Impact of Readmission Morris, Melanie 2018-03-31
IIR 12-363 Changes in VA Practices after a National Medication Safety Bulletin Rector, Thomas 2015-08-31
IIR 12-364 Temporal Pattern Discovery Across and Within Documents of Veterans in PTSD Care Reeves, Ruth 2018-07-31
IIR 12-365 Abstinence Reinforcement Therapy (ART) for Rural Veteran Smokers Calhoun, Patrick 2017-06-30
IIR 12-377 Comparative Safety of Benzodiazepines and Opioids Among VA Patients with PTSD Hawkins, Eric 2016-09-30
IIR 12-379 Dual Use of VA-Medicare Drug Benefits and Unsafe Prescribing in Dementia Patients Thorpe, Joshua 2018-04-30
IIR 12-383 Linking Clinician Interaction and Coordination to Clinical Performance in VA PACT Hysong, Sylvia 2017-09-30
IIR 12-385 Integrating HIV Care in VA: Extending PACT Principles to Specialty Care Bokhour, Barbara 2018-01-31
IIR 12-395 Identifying and Reducing Catheter-Related Complications Krein, Sarah 2018-03-31
IIR 12-401 Understanding Geographic Variations in Preventable Hospitalizations Helmer, Drew 2016-12-31
IIR 12-407 Using Peer Mentors to Support PACT Team Efforts to Improve Diabetes Control Long, Judith 2018-03-31
IIR 12-411 Promoting Veteran-Centered Colorectal Cancer Screening Saini, Sameer 2018-09-30
IIR 12-412 Technologically Enhanced Coaching (TEC):A Program for Improving Diabetes Outcomes Heisler, Mary Ellen 2018-09-30
IIR 13-026 Veterans Coping Long-Term with Suicide Primack, Jennifer 2018-09-30
IIR 13-029 VA Vascular Injury Study (VAVIS): VA-DoD extremity injury outcomes collaboration Shireman, Paula 2019-09-30
IIR 13-040 Sensemaking in VHA Health Care Systems: A Focus on Readmissions Pugh, Jacqueline 2018-09-30
IIR 13-052 Automated Surveillance and Intervention among Patients with Liver Cirrhosis Matheny, Michael 2019-06-30
IIR 13-053 Jump Starting Shared Medical Appointments for Diabetes with Weight Management Yancy, William 2018-08-31
IIR 13-058 A Patient-Focused Approach to Insomnia Treatment for Women Veterans Martin, Jennifer 2018-08-31
IIR 13-059 Care for Women Veterans with Hepatitis C Virus Infection Kanwal, Fasiha 2017-02-28
IIR 13-063 Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants: Primary Care Roles and Outcomes Jackson, George 2017-06-30
IIR 13-073 Improving Safety and Quality of Care Among Veterans Following Acute Kidney Injury Siew, Edward 2019-03-31
IIR 13-079 REcovery after in hoSpital Cardiac arrest: late outcomes and Utilization_ResCU Nallamothu, Brahmajee 2017-07-31
IIR 13-080 Staying Positive: An Intervention to Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain Disparities Hausmann, Leslie 2018-03-31
IIR 13-085 Improving VA Weight Management Outcomes: Role of the Residential Environment Tarlov, Elizabeth 2018-03-31
IIR 13-196 Smart Phone Application for Postconcussion Symptom Reduction Kretzmer, Tracy 2018-12-31
IIR 13-296 Systems for Helping Veterans Comprehend Electronic Health Record Notes Yu, Hong 2019-11-30
IIR 13-310 Veteran Peer-Assisted Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression Pfeiffer, Paul 2018-09-30
IIR 13-313 Understanding Dual Use in VA and Medicaid for Potential Impacts Under the ACA Yoon, Jean 2016-03-31
IIR 13-317 Group Motivational Interviewing (GMI) For Homeless Veterans In VA Services Santa Ana, Elizabeth 2019-12-31
IIR 13-319 Motivationally Enhanced Mobile Delivery of MOVE! to Veterans with Mental Illness Cohen, Amy 2017-11-30
IIR 13-325 Story-Call: E-Mobile Support for Community Dementia Caregivers Pope, Charlene 2019-01-31
IIR 13-330 Improving Statistical Disclosure Methods for Protecting Confidential VA Data Zhou, Xiao-Hua 2017-12-31
IIR 13-332 Comparison of E-Health vs. In-Person Delivered Family Psychoeducation Treatment Rotondi, Armando 2018-09-30
IIR 13-334 Identifying and Measuring Risk for Homelessness among Veterans Montgomery, Ann 2019-06-30
IIR 13-343 Safety climate in CLCs: variation, predictors, and impact on resident outcomes Hartmann, Christine 2019-02-28
IIR 13-347 Optimizing Benefits and Reducing Negative Effects of Mental Health Open Notes Dobscha, Steven 2018-03-31
IIR 13-350 Patient-Centered Pain Care Using Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Health Tools Piette, John 2019-12-31
IIR 14-004 Biased Survey-Based Recruiting in Longitudinal Studies: Extent and Remedies Murdoch, Maureen 2017-12-31
IIR 14-008 Developing a roadmap for best practices in CLC resident-centered care Hartmann, Christine 2019-12-31
IIR 14-030 Dropout from Evidence-Based Therapy for PTSD: Reasons and Potential Interventions Kehle-Forbes, Shannon 2018-07-31
IIR 14-041 Impact of My HealtheVet on Healthcare Use and Costs Smith, Bridget 2019-03-31
IIR 14-047 RCT of Behavioral Activation for Depression and Suicidality in Primary Care Funderburk, Jennifer 2019-02-28
IIR 14-054 Optimizing the Value of Primary Care Delivered by Nurse Practitioners Liu, Chuan-Fen 2018-05-31
IIR 14-067 Value of End-of-Life Cancer Care Gidwani-Marszowski, Risha 2019-07-31
IIR 14-069 Use of VA and Non-VA Health Care after the Affordable Care Act Stroupe, Kevin 2018-04-30
IIR 14-070 Evaluation of a peer Coach-Led Intervention to improve Pain Symptoms (ECLIPSE) Matthias, Marianne 2019-09-30
IIR 14-071 CSI: Assessing Resident Supervision Kashner, Terrell 2018-01-31
IIR 14-073 An Effectiveness Trial of the Triage Algorithm for PACT Pharmacy Services Lund, Brian 2019-06-30
IIR 14-077 Costs and Outcomes of Chronic Heart Disease Care in the VHA Groeneveld, Peter 2018-09-30
IIR 14-083 Assessing Hypertension Care for Aged Veterans: Balancing Risks and Benefits Min, Lillian 2019-12-31
IIR 14-091 STepped Exercise Program for Knee Osteoarthritis (STEP-KOA) Allen, Kelli 2019-07-31
IIR 14-092 Optimizing Colorectal Cancer and Polyp Surveillance after Colorectal Polypectomy Gupta, Samir 2019-09-30
IIR 14-099 Pregnancy Outcomes of Veterans (PROVE) Phibbs, Ciaran 2017-09-30
IIR 14-103 Facilitating use of the Veterans Crisis Line in High-Risk Patients Ilgen, Mark 2019-09-30
IIR 14-297 Safety of Opioid use Among Veterans Receiving Care in Multiple Health Systems Gellad, Walid 2018-09-30
IIR 14-301 Comparative Outcomes of Pharmacologic Treatment for Veteran Smokers Duffy, Sonia 2018-06-30
IIR 14-322 Quality of Care for Hepatitis C in Veterans Who Are Homeless McInnes, Donald 2019-09-30
IIR 14-324 VA response to guidance regarding risks of psychotropic medication use Sales, Anne 2019-09-30
IIR 14-399 Communicating the Impact of mTBI on Post-Deployment Reintegration using Photovoice True, Jennifer 2019-09-30
IIR 14-435 The Cost Effectiveness of Complementary and Alternative Treatments to Reduce Pain Taylor, Stephanie 2018-07-31
IIR 15-084 Impact of New Physician Residents on Veterans' Access to Care Kashner, Terrell 2019-06-30
IIR 15-091 Use of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to Evaluate Concurrent VA and non-VA Opioid Prescriptions Carlson, Kathleen 2019-09-30
IIR 15-103 Validation of the PTSD Primary Care Screen Bovin, Michelle 2019-05-31
IIR 15-116 Hemoglobin A1c Variability and Adverse Health Outcomes Conlin, Paul 2019-12-31
IIR 15-139 Cost-Effectiveness of Dabigatran and Warfarin for Veterans with Afib Mull, Hillary 2019-09-30
IIR 15-142 Intimate Partner Violence: Patient Characteristics, Service Use and Experiences Dichter, Melissa 2019-03-31
IIR 15-147 Effectiveness of Telehealth Collaborative Care for Veterans with HIV in Ruraland Outlying Settings Ohl, Michael 2019-01-31
IIR 15-342 Health Care Utilization of Veterans Receiving Supported Employment Davis, Lori 2019-09-30
IIR 15-450 Causes and Consequences of Inappropriate MRI of the Lumbar Spine Nevedal, Andrea 2019-09-30
IIR 15-452 Evaluating Use of Patient-Collected Audio Recorded Encounters for Provider Audit Feedback to Reduce Contextual Errors Weiner, Saul 2019-10-31
IIR 16-003 Lung Cancer Screening: Building Blocks for Effective Implementation and Partnership Slatore, Christopher 2018-12-31
IIR 17-068 Hearing Impairment, Strategies, and Outcomes in Emergency Departments Chodosh, Joshua 2019-12-31
IIR 20-005 Evaluation of Community Based Outpatient Clinic Costs Using DSS Data Maciejewski, Matthew 2004-09-30
IIR 20-031 Medications in Chronic Heart Failure and Relationship to Quality of Life Rothendler, James 2004-12-31
IIR 20-034 Study to Lower Veterans Blood Pressure: Patient/Physician Intervention Bosworth, Hayden 2006-03-31
IIR 20-035 Development and Application of Psychiatric Risk Adjustment Methods in the VA Rosen, Amy 2004-09-30
IIR 20-041 Quality of Medical Care for Diabetics with Mental Illness Frayne, Susan 2004-10-31
IIR 20-043 Quality of Mental Health Care and Suicide Risk in Psychiatric Patients Hoff, Rani 2003-03-31
IIR 20-052 Medicare HMO Enrollment and VA Use by Minority and Low Income Veterans Morgan, Robert 2004-03-30
IIR 20-059 Dermal Thermometry and Self-Care of High Risk Diabetic Patients Nixon, Brent 2006-09-30
IIR 20-066 Unexpected Clinical Events: Impact on Patient Safety Weinger, Matthew 2004-06-30
IIR 20-067 Substance Abuse Self-Help Group Referral: Outcome and Services Use Timko, Christine 2005-06-30
IIR 94-003 Safe-Grip Fall/Injuries Intervention: A Randomized Trial DeVito, Carolee 2001-06-30
IIR 94-125 Evaluation of Subacute Rehabilitative Care Evans, Ronald 2000-06-30
IIR 95-011 Matching, Outcomes and Costs in Substance Abuse/Psychiatric Treatment Timko, Christine 2001-08-31
IIR 95-033 Development of Individual-Patient Physical Health Profiles with IRT McHorney, Colleen 2000-12-31
IIR 95-050 A Casefinding and Referral System for Older Veterans within Primary Care Rubenstein, Laurence 2001-09-30
IIR 95-074 Treatment of Depression in Patients with PTSD Dunn, Nancy Jo 2002-09-30
IIR 95-084 Automated Calls with Nurse Follow-Up to Improve Diabetes Ambulatory Care Piette, John 1999-12-31
IIR 95-097 Effectiveness of Team Treatment of Depression in Primary Care Hedrick, Susan 2001-03-31
IIR 95-118 Effectiveness of a Health Education Program in a Primary Care Setting Engelhardt, Joseph 2003-03-31
IIR 96-014 Antecedents and Consequences of Sexual Harassment in the Military Murdoch, Maureen 2003-03-31
IIR 96-015 Randomized Controlled Trial of Exercise Training in Patients with COPD Sparrow, David 2000-12-31
IIR 96-024 Cost-Effectiveness of Lung Volume Reduction Surgery Huizenga, Hugh 2000-03-31
IIR 96-030 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among VA Ambulatory Care Patients Spiro, Avron 2000-09-30
IIR 96-079 Validation of Spanish Translation of Folstein Mini Mental State Exam DeVito, Carolee 2001-03-31
IIR 97-010 Comprehensive Outcomes of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Chren, Mary-Margaret 2003-02-28
IIR 97-019 Developing Risk Adjustment Models in Veterans' Health Status Kazis, Lewis 2001-03-31
IIR 97-022 Effectiveness and Cost Impact of a Telecommunications System in COPD Sparrow, David 2001-03-31
IIR 97-077 Proactive Diabetes Case Management Krein, Sarah 2002-08-31
IIR 97-078 Patient Preferences and the Care of Diabetes Vijan, Sandeep 2001-02-28
IIR 98-057 Perceptions of the C&P Process for PTSD: Symptoms and Service Utilization Sayer, Nina 2004-01-31
IIR 98-077 Development of a Flexilevel Scale of Shoulder Functioning Cook, Karon 2001-09-30
IIR 98-086 Patterns of Health Services Use Associated with Substance Abuse Treatment Booth, Brenda 2003-06-30
IIR 98-099 Validity of New and Original ASI Summary Indices Cacciola, John 2002-03-31
IIR 98-102 Mental Health Providers' Perceptions of Quality Indicators Valenstein, Marcia 2001-02-28
IIR 98-103 Evaluating the Performance of Explicit Quality Monitoring Systems in the VHA Kerr, Eve 2003-09-30
IIR 98-108 Cost Effectiveness of Guidelines-Concordant Care for Schizophrenia Owen, Richard 2001-06-30
IIR 98-118 Measuring Primary Care Competency-Linking Knowledge to Clinical Behavior Peabody, John 2002-12-31
IIR 98-149 Health Outcomes from Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain Naliboff, Bruce 2004-09-30
IIR 98-154 Homelessness Prevention: Psychiatric Care with Representative Payeeship Conrad, Kendon 2004-06-30
IIR 98-159 Health Services Implications of a Teledermatology Consult System Whited, John 2003-09-30
IIR 98-161 Variation in VA Dental Procedures Jones, Judith 2003-09-30
IIR 98-162 Measuring the Quality of Dying Tulsky, James 2002-09-30
IIR 98-213 Application of Clinical Decision Aids for Acute Upper GI Hemorrhage Imperiale, Thomas 2003-03-31
IIR 98-500 A Smoking, Alcohol, and Depression Intervention for Head and Neck Cancer Duffy, Sonia 2004-03-31
IIR 99-001 The Chronic Disease Score in a VA Population Sales, Anne 2001-09-30
IIR 99-238 Economic Impact of Guidelines for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Inadomi, John 2004-06-30
IIR 99-241 Efficacy and Cost Effectiveness of Relaxation and Response to CHF Hendricks, Ann 2003-09-30
IIR 99-257 Automated ICU Risk Adjustment Render, Marta 2002-06-30
IIR 99-262 Development and Validation of a Computerized Trauma History/PTSD Screen Kubany, Edward 2001-09-30
IIR 99-274 Evaluating Health Outcomes of Veterans in VA and Contract Nursing Homes Berlowitz, Dan 2003-06-30
IIR 99-277 Facilitating Shared Decisionmaking About Prostate Cancer Screening Partin, Melissa 2002-12-31
IIR 99-282 Improving Substance Abuse Treatment Aftercare Adherence and Outcome Lash, Steven 2005-01-31
IIR 99-376 Population-Based Assessments of Health Status and Satisfaction Using ACQUIP Fihn, Stephan 2002-09-30
IIR 99-377 Audiology Visits after Screening for Hearing Loss: An RCT Yueh, Bevan 2005-06-30
IMA 04-154 CHERP Implementation Research Collaboration Sevick, Mary 2006-05-31
IMA 04-156 Building Expertise to Develop and Implement Decision Support Systems Finney, John 2006-12-31
IMA 04-160 Collaboration between VA and Academic Experts in Implementation Research Weaver, Frances 2006-05-30
IMA 04-161 Collaboration Support for Academic Experts in Implementation Research Rubenstein, Lisa 2006-06-30
IMA 04-162 Academic Experts Implementation Research Collaborative Hayward, Rodney 2006-06-30
IMA 04-417 Collaboration Support for Academic Expert in Implementation Gifford, Allen 2007-01-31
IMV 04-048 Use of an Intentional Learning Model to Assist Evidence-based Practice Aron, David 2004-06-30
IMV 04-049 Implementation of ALLHAT Results in VAH Ashton, Carol 2004-06-30
IMV 04-050 Implementation of Coordinated Care Program for HF in VHA Beyth, Rebecca 2004-06-30
IMV 04-052 Implementation and Evaluation of Postoperative Pain Management Practices Buffum, Martha 2004-06-30
IMV 04-053 A Hip Protector Program to Increase Use in Primary Care Patients Bulat, Tatjana 2004-06-30
IMV 04-055 Strengthening Organization to Implement Evidence-based Clinical Practice VanDeusen-Lukas, Carol 2009-01-31
IMV 04-058 Planning a Nurse Case-Managed Inpatient Smoking Cessation Intervention Duffy, Sonia 2004-06-30
IMV 04-062 VISN Collaborative for Improving Hypertension Management with ATHENA-HTN Goldstein, Mary 2011-03-31
IMV 04-065 Implementing Evidence-based Behavioral Health Care Via the Chronic Care Model Noel, Polly 2004-06-30
IMV 04-066 Implementing Evidence-based Treatment of Hypertension Kaboli, Peter 2009-06-30
IMV 04-067 Implementation/Evaluation Evidence-based Coordinators in Residency Training Kashner, Terrell 2004-06-30
IMV 04-068 Implementing USPSTF/AHCPR Guidelines for Depression in Primary Care Katz, Ira 2004-06-30
IMV 04-083 Virtual Innovation Partners: Dissemination of PTSD Evidence-based Practices Ruzek, Josef 2005-05-31
IMV 04-085 Planning Proposal to Implement Guidelines for Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Sabharwal, Sunil 2004-06-30
IMV 04-088 Telephone Care Coordination to Improve Smoking Cessation Counseling Sherman, Scott 2009-03-31
IMV 04-091 Innovations to Implementing Evidence-based Clinical Practice Speroff, Theodore 2004-09-30
IMV 04-094 Preventing Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome in Medical and Surgical Patients Weingardt, Kenneth 2004-06-30
IMV 04-096 Implementation Evidence in the Detection and Treatment of Post-stroke Depression Williams, Linda 2009-06-30
IMV 04-358 Training in Cognitive Processing Therapy for Sexual Trauma-related PTSD Resick, Patricia 2005-04-30
IMV 04-360 Implementing Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care for MDD in Contract CBOCs Fortney, John 2009-09-30
MHI 08-098 Telemedicine Outreach for Post Traumatic Stress in CBOCs Fortney, John 2013-01-31
MHI 08-105 Web Intervention for OEF/OIF Veterans with Mental Health Problems Ruggiero, Kenneth 2013-03-31
MHI 20-001 Effectiveness of Advisor - Teller Money Manager (ATM) Rosen, Marc 2006-06-30
MHI 20-020 Improving Outcomes of Depression in Primary Care Dobscha, Steven 2004-12-31
MHI 99-270 Online Family Education to Promote Treatment Compliance in Schizophrenia Glynn, Shirley 2004-09-30
MHI 99-375 Well-being Among Veterans Enhancement Study (WAVES) Chaney, Edmund 2005-09-30
MHS 03-218 Creating HealtheVet Informatics Applications for Collaborative Care Chaney, Edmund 2007-04-30
MNT 01-033 Mental Health QUERI Translation Plan to Improve Antipsychotic Treatment Owen, Richard 2004-03-31
MNT 02-209 Cost & Value of Evidence Based Solutions for Depression (COVES) Kirchner, JoAnn 2006-12-30
MNT 02-210 A Study of Strategies to Improve Schizophrenia Treatment Owen, Richard 2008-03-31
MNT 03-213 Implementing Effective, Collaborative Care for Schizophrenia Young, Alexander 2011-05-31
MNT 03-215 Expanding and Testing VA Collaborative Care Models for Depression Rubenstein, Lisa 2008-06-30
MNT 05-098 Dissemination and Implementation of Supported Employment in VHA Resnick, Sandra 2007-11-30
MNT 05-152 HIV Translating Initiatives for Depression into Effective Solutions Pyne, Jeffrey 2011-03-31
MPC 97-008 The Effect of Managed Care on VA Hospitals Carey, Kathleen 2001-09-30
MPC 97-010 An Integrated Model of Primary Care in Mental Health Weinberger, Morris 2000-07-31
MPC 97-011 Negotiating Patient Expectations and Requests in a Managed Care Environment Tulsky, James 2001-03-31
MRC 03-067 VA Nursing Outcomes Database Project Sales, Anne 2006-09-30
MRC 03-233 Best Precedents in Human Subjects Protection for Health Services Research Lowery, Julie 2004-09-30
MRC 03-334 Cardiac Care Followup Clinical Study Bryson, Christopher 2007-09-30
MRC 04-371 Researching Recruiting and Retention of Highly Skilled Physicians in VA Best, Richard 2004-12-31
MRC 05-093 VHA Practice System Assessment Survey Yano, Elizabeth 2007-09-30
MRC 05-190 VAB Consistency Project Analysis Speroff, Theodore 2005-09-30
MRC 05-319 Quality Improvement Technical Assistance Project - Community Acquired Pneumonia Fine, Michael 2005-12-31
MRR 01-214 Evaluation of VA Practice Matters as a Strategy for Influencing Physician Behavior Charns, Martin 2003-03-31
MRR 02-114 Pilot Just-In-Time IRB Review Evaluation Kelly, Peter 2003-03-31
NRH 05-056 Clinical Trial of a Home Safety Intervention for Alzheimer's Disease Horvath, Kathy 2011-06-30
NRI 01-005 The Diagnostic Validity of Three Quantitative Swab Techniques Gardner, Sue 2004-06-30
NRI 01-006 Stress-Busting Program for Caregivers of Patients with Neurological Diseases Lewis, Sharon 2006-06-30
NRI 01-056 Correlates of Falls in Persons with Cancer Holley, Sandra 2004-12-31
NRI 01-077 Sleep and Behavioral Disturbance in Dementia Richards, Kathleen 2007-03-31
NRI 02-195 Palliative Care Transitions: Factors in Patient Experience and Satisfaction Bent, Katherine 2006-12-31
NRI 03-245 Monitoring Pressure Ulcer Healing in Persons with Spinal Cord Impairment Nelson, Audrey 2008-12-31
NRI 03-268 Reducing Nosocomial Infection in ICUs by Active Screening Surveillance McKinley, Linda 2013-01-31
NRI 03-312 Effectiveness of Care Coordination in Managing Medically Complex Patients Wakefield, Bonnie 2007-09-30
NRI 04-040 Relationships and PTSD Study: Detection of Intimate Partner Violence Gerlock, April 2011-09-30
NRI 04-041 Efficacy of Mantram Repetition on PTSD Symptoms in Veterans Bormann, Jill 2010-09-30
NRI 04-184 Early Trajectory of Wandering in Veterans with Mild Dementia Joseph, Inez 2012-09-30
NRI 04-194 Sexual Violence and Women Veterans' Gynecologic Health Sadler, Anne 2008-12-31
NRI 04-242 An Intervention to Enhance Function in Severe Cardiopulmonary Illness Steele, Bonnie 2011-08-31
NRI 04-252 Heart PACT: Patient Activation in High-Risk Patients with Heart Failure Shively, Martha 2010-09-30
NRI 05-146 Improving Quality: Registered Nurse Work Activities in VA Sponsored Nursing Homes Dellefield, Mary Ellen 2007-12-31
NRI 05-209 Prevalence and Clinical Course of Depression Among Patients with Heart Failure Corvera-Tindel, Teresita 2013-12-31
NRI 05-218 Effects of Patient's Models of Heart Disease on Preventative Behaviors Wakefield, Bonnie 2012-03-31
NRI 05-246 Informal Caregivers of Veterans Post Stroke Rittman, Maude 2008-03-31
NRI 05-275 Minimizing Harm from ADEs by Improving Nurse-Physician Communication Weir, Charlene 2010-01-30
NRI 07-033 Using a Functional Assessment to Optimize Oxygen Therapy in Chronic Lung Disease Cohen, Miriam 2009-04-30
NRI 07-110 Diagnostic Accuracy of Failure-to-Rescue as a Nurse Sensitive Indicator Pope, Charlene 2013-06-30
NRI 08-117 Telehealth Care Management and Tobacco Cessation for Veterans with PTSD Battaglia, Catherine 2014-06-30
NRI 08-120 Speech Intelligibility and Cognition: Are Inpatients Impaired by Noise Pope, Diana 2011-03-31
NRI 08-121 The Effect of Acupuncture on PTSD-Related Insomnia Prisco, Michelle 2011-08-30
NRI 08-370 Pilot Study Preparing for a Parkinson's Disease Care Management QI Trial Connor, Karen 2011-03-31
NRI 08-371 Auriculotherapy for Smoking Cessation Fritz, Deborah 2011-02-28
NRI 09-107 Paternal Environmental Exposures and Reproductive Outcomes: A Comparison of In Vitro and In Vivo Fertilization Hansen, Deborah 2013-09-30
NRI 09-228 Effects of Exercise Training on Fluid Instability in Heart Failure Patients Boyd, Andrea 2016-09-30
NRI 10-119 Feasibility of Implementing VTEL Self-Management TO Prevent Stroke (V-STOP) Anderson, Jane 2012-03-31
NRI 10-123 Stress and Inflammation in Family Caregivers of Traumatic Brain Injured Veterans Saban, Karen 2011-09-30
NRI 10-124 Improving Patient Safety: Context and Nurses' Work Processes for Pressure Ulcers Soban, Lynn 2013-11-30
NRI 10-125 Acupuncture for Symptom Management in Veterans with Hepatitis C Taylor-Young, Patricia 2014-05-31
NRI 10-311 Enabling Advance Directive Completion by Rural Alabama Veterans: A Pilot Study Mahaney-Price, Ann 2014-09-30
NRI 11-126 Improving Quality of Care in Parkinson's Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial Connor, Karen 2017-04-30
NRI 11-339 Trial of Nurse-delivered Alcohol Brief Intervention for Hospitalized Veterans Broyles, Lauren 2015-12-31
NRI 12-141 Palliative Care Interventions for Outpatients with Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer Reinke, Lynn 2015-07-31
NRI 12-413 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Women at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Saban, Karen 2017-12-31
NRI 12-415 Telephone Assessment and Skill-Building Intervention for Informal Caregivers Wilder, Virginia (Ginger) 2019-09-30
NRI 12-417 Yoga for female veterans with PTSD symptoms and military sexual trauma exposure Kelly, Ursula 2015-04-30
NRI 13-353 Efficacy of an Internet Mantram Program on RN-delivered Patient Centered Care Kostovich, Carol 2016-10-31
NRI 13-356 Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Microbial Translocation in HIV Veterans Wilson, Natalie 2017-04-30
NRI 14-034 Adherence to the Use of Home Telehealth Devices by Veterans with Heart Failure Guzman, Jenice Ria 2018-06-30
NRI 95-143 Nurse Managed Clinic for Dementia Patients and Family Caregivers Maddox, Melitta 2001-06-30
NRI 95-150 Redesigning Patient Handling Tasks to Prevent Nursing Back Injuries Nelson, Audrey 1999-12-31
NRI 95-192 Pain Management and Behavioral Outcomes in Patients with Dementia Douglas, Marilyn 2001-03-21
NRI 95-213 Exercise Effect on Aerobic Capacity and QOL in Heart Failure Collins, Eileen 2000-03-31
NRI 95-218 Informal Caregivers of Veterans with Dementia: Cost, QOL and Service Use Clipp, Elizabeth 2001-09-30
NRI 95-244 Effect of Behavioral Management on Quality of Life in Heart Failure Shively, Martha 2002-03-31
NRI 96-024 A Brief Motivational Intervention with Cocaine Patients Chychula, Nina 2003-09-30
NRI 96-031 Home Walking Exercise Training in Advanced Heart Failure Corvera-Tindel, Teresita 2001-12-30
NRI 97-005 Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV Infected Adults Powell-Cope, Gail 2000-12-30
NRI 97-022 Outcomes Assessment for Dementia Care: Development of a Module Cody, Marisue 2002-06-30
NRI 97-026 Improving Cancer Pain Management Using AHCPR Cancer Pain Guidelines Douglas, Marilyn 2004-09-30
NRI 97-030 Safety Enhancement to Prevent Home Injury to Veterans with Alzheimer's Disease Horvath, Kathy 2003-09-30
NRI 98-182 Predictors of Outcomes of HIV-Infected Males Uphold, Constance 2005-09-30
NRI 98-183 Culturally Sensitive Models of Stroke Recovery and Caregiving After Discharge Home Rittman, Maude 2006-03-31
NRI 98-194 Promoting Activity and Exercise in Chronic Pulmonary Disease: An Intervention Study Steele, Bonnie 2005-03-31
NRI 99-334 Nurse Physical Activity Counseling in Primary Care Dubbert, Patricia 2006-03-31
NRI 99-343 Can Lidocaine Reduce Urinary Catheter Pain? Keller, Tina 2003-08-31
NRI 99-344 The Effect of Exercise on Muscle, Function and Cost in VA Nursing Home Residents Grant, Mary 2006-12-30
NRI 99-345 Evaluating Telehealth Home Care for Elderly Veterans with Congestive Heart Failure Wakefield, Bonnie 2005-01-31
NRM 95-022 Nurse Counseling for Physical Activity in Primary Care Patients Dubbert, Patricia 2000-06-30
NRM 95-184 Effect of Activity on Sleep of Cognitively-Impaired Veterans Richards, Kathleen 2001-06-30
PCC 01-178 Demonstration Project: A Method for Patient-Centered Improvements Smith, Curtis 2005-03-30
PCC 02-054 Psychiatric Advance Directives for Improved Healthcare Strauss, Jennifer 2007-06-30
PCC 02-192 Honoring Treatment Preferences at the End of Life Fried, Terri 2004-06-30
PCC 05-069 Implementing Symptoms Assessment into Clinical HIV Care Tsevat, Joel 2006-12-31
PCC 98-010 Documenting Barriers to Patient-Centered Care in an Academic Clinic Smith, Curtis 2002-03-31
PCC 98-021 Can Interactive Voice Response Improve Patient-Centered Outcomes for Veterans Tulsky, James 2004-06-30
PCC 98-036 The Patient Centered Treatment of Dually Diagnosed Veterans Bingham, C. 2002-12-31
PCC 98-039 Development and Evaluation of a Hormone Replacement Therapy Decision-Aid Schapira, Marilyn 2004-03-31
PCC 98-051 Patient-Centered Alternative to Psychiatric Hospitalization for Veterans Lohr, James 2002-09-30
PCC 98-068 Development of a Cancer Pain Prognostic Scale Hwang, Shirley 2002-12-31
PCC 98-070 Communication, Alternatives, and Preferences in End of Life Care Fried, Terri 2002-08-31
PCC 98-071 An Illustrated Patient Satisfaction Evaluation Tool for Ambulatory Populations Asch, David 2002-09-30
PCI 99-158 Low Literacy Intervention for Colorectal Cancer Screening Bennett, Charles 2003-04-30
PCI 99-159 Treatment Decision Intervention for Veterans with Prostate Cancer Bennett, Charles 2001-12-31
PCI 99-176 Assessing the Needs of VA Patients with Advanced Cancer Schiller, Joan 2001-09-30
PDI 01-158 Measuring Health Outcomes and Care Delivery for Parkinson's Disease Vickrey, Barbara 2005-03-31
PMI 03-195 Improving the Treatment of Chronic Pain in Primary Care Dobscha, Steven 2009-03-30
PPO 08-399 Treatment of OEF/OIF Veteran Neuropsychiatric Outcomes Following TBI Rotondi, Armando 2011-03-31
PPO 08-400 Improving Safety Culture: Leveraging Frontline Expertise Rosen, Amy 2011-01-31
PPO 08-401 Incidence of Pulmonary Nodules and Downstream Resource Use in the VA Woloshin, Steven 2010-12-31
PPO 08-402 Video to Encourage Active Patient Participation Gordon, Howard 2010-07-31
PPO 08-403 Veteran Outcomes After Elimination of MOVE! Clinic Copayments Maciejewski, Matthew 2011-03-31
PPO 09-239 Treatment of Insomnia in Older Veterans: Identifying Obstacles to Best Practices Alessi, Cathy 2011-07-30
PPO 09-240 Tailoring Coping Skills Training for African Americans with Osteoarthritis Allen, Kelli 2011-02-28
PPO 09-241 Processes Associated with the Use of Family Health History Information at the VHA Arar, Nedal 2011-05-31
PPO 09-246 Sleep Disruption among Veterans: Implications for Cancer Risk Burch, James 2012-09-30
PPO 09-247 Does Cognitive Load Affect Provider Racial Bias in Decision-Making? Burgess, Diana 2012-02-29
PPO 09-254 Supporting Education Goals of OIF/OEF Veterans with PTSD: Pilot Process & Outcome Ellison, Marsha 2011-11-30
PPO 09-258 Pilot of Acupuncture to improve quality of life in veterans with TBI and PTSD Findley, Thomas 2011-09-30
PPO 09-259 Incorporating Patient Complexity into Physician Workload Assessment Fletcher, Kathlyn 2011-03-31
PPO 09-262 Pain and suicidal behaviors among veterans in care in the VA Goulet, Joseph 2011-03-31
PPO 09-264 Evaluating the Impact of Cognitively Enhanced CPRS Document Interfaces Hammond, Kenric 2011-09-30
PPO 09-265 Barriers to Mental Health Care among OIF/OEF Veterans Harpaz-Rotem, Ilan 2011-07-31
PPO 09-266 Two CLCs Implementing The Green House Model: A Mixed-Methods Baseline Assessment Hartmann, Christine 2011-09-30
PPO 09-267 Measuring the Quality of Emergency Department Discharge Medications Hastings, Susan 2011-03-31
PPO 09-268 Perceived Discrimination and Patient Assessments of Medical Encounters Hausmann, Leslie 2011-07-30
PPO 09-270 Personalizing Cardiovascular Care for Veterans Hayward, Rodney 2011-03-31
PPO 09-272 Training Informal Caregivers of Frail Older Veterans Before Hospital Discharge Hendrix, Cristina 2011-03-31
PPO 09-273 Studying veteran ED pain care with an electronic pain care abstraction tool Hwang, Ula 2011-08-31
PPO 09-274 The Role of Performance Measure Difficulty on Clinical Performance Hysong, Sylvia 2011-09-30
PPO 09-279 Evaluating Culture Change in VA Community Living Centers: Feasibility Issues Lemke, Sonne 2011-03-31
PPO 09-281 A Formative Evaluation of a Trial for OEF/OIF Veterans with Chronic Pain Matthias, Marianne 2011-03-31
PPO 09-282 Women Veterans with Insomnia: Characteristics and Treatment Preferences Camacho, Karen 2011-10-31
PPO 09-283 Representational Telehealth Nursing Intervention for Veterans with CHD Vander Weg, Mark 2012-04-30
PPO 09-288 Reducing Length of Stay for Veterans Hospitalized with Pneumonia Mortensen, Eric 2011-07-31
PPO 09-289 The Impact of PET/CTA On Clinical Decision-Making, Cost and Outcomes Nguyen, Patricia 2011-09-30
PPO 09-292 Prevalence and Documentation of Off-Site Colonoscopies in VA Medical Records Partin, Melissa 2011-03-31
PPO 09-293 Adapting Coordination of Care Measures to Assess Polytrauma Care Pogoda, Terri 2011-03-31
PPO 09-295 Developing Quality Indicators for Epilepsy Treatment in the VA: QUIET VA Pugh, Mary Jo 2011-06-30
PPO 09-296 Using Natural Language Processing to Identify Ischemic Stroke in the VHA Rose, Adam 2011-09-30
PPO 09-297 Identifying Patterns of BMI Change in OEF/OIF Veterans Rosenberger, Patricia 2011-03-31
PPO 09-298 Redesigning Medication Alerts to Support Prescriber Workflow Russ, Alissa 2011-08-31
PPO 09-299 Testing the Feasibility of MC-CBT for Veterans with IBS Sanders, Kathryn 2011-09-30
PPO 09-303 Survey of the Organizational Structure of the Physical Therapy Service in VHA Sinnott, Patricia 2011-03-31
PPO 09-307 Improving Access to Services with an Intensive Weekend Treatment for Panic Teng, Ellen 2012-09-30
PPO 09-310 Developing Strategies for Maintaining Behavior Change Voils, Corrine 2011-03-31
PPO 09-312 Demand and Provider Payment for ESRD Dialysis in the VHA System: A Pilot Wang, Virginia 2011-03-31
PPO 09-314 Service Utilization and Barriers to Care for Veterans in Rural and Urban Settings Whealin, Julia 2011-05-31
PPO 09-315 Feasibility of life review in early dementia: Veterans' experiences remembered Williams, Beverly 2011-12-31
PPO 09-316 Association Between Patient Preferences and Quality of VA Chronic Illness Care Woodard, LeChauncy 2011-04-30
PPO 09-317 An Exploratory Survey of MyHealtheVet Authenticated Users and Usage Woods, Susan 2012-03-31
PPO 09-396 Medication Self-Management Among Veterans Eligible for Medicare Part D Stroupe, Kevin 2011-03-31
PPO 10-060 Telemedicine in Cardiac Surgery: A Pilot Study Chu, Danny 2011-09-30
PPO 10-063 Managing Personal Health Information for Co-Morbid Chronic Conditions Hogan, Timothy 2011-09-30
PPO 10-064 A Regional Health Information Organization Enhanced Care Transition Intervention Hung, William 2011-11-30
PPO 10-066 A pilot study of CPAP Adherence Promotion by Peer Buddies With Sleep Apnea Parthasarathy, Sairam 2011-07-31
PPO 10-075 Guitars for Vets: Evaluating psychological outcome of a novel music therapy Dillingham, Timothy 2011-09-30
PPO 10-079 Pilot Study of Depot Naltrexone in Alcohol-Dependent, Homeless Veterans Friedmann, Peter 2011-09-30
PPO 10-083 Is facility variation in electrodiagnostic service use a quality concern? Whittle, Jeffrey 2011-09-30
PPO 10-087 Sleep apnea screening in patients with ischemic cardiac diseases: A computer-base El-Solh, Ali 2011-09-30
PPO 10-088 Evaluation of Methods for Summarizing and Reporting Hospital Outcome Performance Hanchate, Amresh 2013-12-31
PPO 10-094 IT Support for Shared Mental Models of Medication Management for Medical Homes Weir, Charlene 2011-09-30
PPO 10-095 Demand, Cost, and Access of Radiotherapy in VA, Fee, & Non-VA Facilities French, Dustin 2011-12-31
PPO 10-100 Improving Retention in MOVE! Group Program: A Pilot Study Sohn, Min-Woong 2011-09-30
PPO 10-101 Using Telemedicine to Improve Veteran Sleep Apnea Care Stepnowsky, Jr., Carl 2012-05-31
PPO 10-107 VA End-of-Life Spiritual Care: A Qualitative Pilot Study Chang, Bei-Hung 2011-09-30
PPO 10-110 Assessing Veteran Preferences In The Community Living Center Curyto, Kimberly 2011-11-30
PPO 10-114 Measuring the quality of genomic health services in the VA: A pilot Meterko, Mark 2012-09-30
PPO 10-116 Implementation of Person-Centered Care Practices in VA CLCs: A Pilot Sullivan, Jennifer 2012-03-31
PPO 10-232 Development and Initial Validation of the Homelessness Severity Index Casey, Roger 2013-08-31
PPO 10-247 Improving Outcomes in Suicidal Veterans with Schizophrenia Kasckow, John 2013-02-28
PPO 10-255 Photovoice as an Educational Intervention to Improve Care of OEF/OIF Veterans True, Jennifer 2012-09-30
PPO 10-266 Ontology-enhanced Information Retrieval to Improve Clinical Practice McCart, James 2013-04-30
PPO 10-271 Comparative Effectiveness of Treatment Options for Asymptomatic Carotid Disease Pizer, Steven 2013-06-30
PPO 10-280 Comparative Effectiveness of Localized Prostate Cancer Treatments (Pilot Study) Frakt, Austin 2013-06-30
PPO 10-289 Costs and consequences of tight glycemic control in diabetic patients Pogach, Leonard 2012-05-31
PPO 10-296 Measuring Up: Associations between SCIP measures and Surgical Outcomes Hawn, Mary 2012-07-31
PPO 10-299 Location and timing of inhaler use, exacerbations and physical activity in COPD Fan, Vincent 2013-07-31
PPO 11-167 Simulation Modeling for Implementation Analysis Day, Theodore 2012-09-29
PPO 13-113 Cognitive Support for Shared Decision Making Using Veterans Like Me Zeng, Qing 2015-05-31
PPO 13-114 Identifying Heart Failure Patients at Highest Risk for Readmission Borzecki, Ann 2015-05-31
PPO 13-117 Evaluating Innovative Care Models for High-Utilizing Patients Zulman, Donna 2015-05-31
PPO 13-118 Veteran Affairs Older Adult Safety in Surgery (VA OASIS) II Berlowitz, Dan 2014-11-30
PPO 13-121 Identifying Innovations for Managing High-Cost Mental Health Patients Blonigen, Daniel 2015-06-30
PPO 13-122 Enhancing Delivery of Problem Solving Therapy using SmartPhone Technology Grubbs, Kathleen 2014-09-30
PPO 13-123 Supported Employment for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury: Needs and Barriers Carlson, Kathleen 2014-12-31
PPO 13-129 Mastery of Videolaryngoscopy through Deliberate Practice Hastings, Randolph 2015-09-30
PPO 13-132 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for the Inpatient Treatment of Psychosis Boden, Matthew 2015-04-30
PPO 13-135 Use of the Track Health Function of the MyHealtheVet Personal Health Record Sharit, Joseph 2015-06-30
PPO 13-137 Collaborative Care Management for Complex, Recurrent Substance Use Disorders Hawkins, Eric 2015-12-31
PPO 13-138 Informed Decision Making for Veterans Considering Lung Cancer Screening Schapira, Marilyn 2015-01-31
PPO 13-139 Measuring Patient-Centeredness In Patient-Provider Interactions in VHA Butler, Jorie 2016-01-31
PPO 13-153 Personal Health Record-Facilitated Diabetes Self-Management Among Rural Veterans Lynch, Cheryl 2015-06-30
PPO 13-154 Improving Patient Engagement in VA Supportive Housing Gabrielian, Sonya 2015-06-30
PPO 13-163 Veterans' Care Access and Preferences for PTSD Treatment in the Community (VCAPP) Finley, Erin 2015-03-31
PPO 13-178 Pilot of My HealtheVet Training to Improve Co-Managed Care for Veterans Turvey, Carolyn 2014-10-31
PPO 13-184 Buprenorphine vs. Opioid Dose Escalation among Patients with Chronic Pain Becker, William 2015-02-28
PPO 13-187 Get Moving and Get Well: A Behavioral Activation Program for Veterans with SMI Viverito, Kristen 2014-09-30
PPO 13-191 Context and Characteristics of Non-Fatal Suicide Attempts Involving Firearms Waliski, Angie 2015-09-30
PPO 13-364 Evaluation of Videoconferencing vs Telephone Genetic Counseling Consultations Datta, Santanu 2015-03-31
PPO 13-367 Barriers and Facilitators for Clostridium difficile Bundle Implementation Safdar, Nasia 2015-05-31
PPO 13-373 An Adjunctive Behavioral Sleep Intervention to Prevent Veteran Suicides Pigeon, Wilfred 2015-12-31
PPO 13-380 Fee Basis vs. in-VA Mental Health Care for Veterans Damon, Alyssa 2015-09-30
PPO 13-384 Video-to-Home Inhaler Training Program for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Fan, Vincent 2015-08-31
PPO 13-386 Evaluation of Lynch Syndrome Screening in VISN22: Clinical and Budget Impact Russell, Marcia 2016-03-31
PPO 13-387 Cost-Effectiveness of Dabigatran and Warfarin for Veterans with AFib: Pilot Study Prentice, Julia 2015-03-31
PPO 13-395 Mental health disparities and communication among African-American Veterans Eliacin, Johanne 2016-03-31
PPO 14-098 Treatment Engagement Intervention for Smokers with Psychiatric Disorders Myers, Mark 2016-03-31
PPO 14-111 SToRytelling to Improve DiseasE outcomes in Gout: The STRIDE-GO Study Singh, Jasvinder 2015-07-31
PPO 14-113 Military Sexual Trauma Screening: Examining Patient Satisfaction and Preferences Street, Amy 2016-10-31
PPO 14-130 Integrating Smoking Cessation with Lung Cancer Screening Zeliadt, Steven 2016-06-30
PPO 14-131 Qualitative Study of Metabolic Effects of Medications for SMI in Female Veterans Kreyenbuhl, Julie 2017-12-01
PPO 14-144 Mobile Sleep and Pain Intervention for OEF, OIF and OND Veterans Quigley, Karen 2016-03-31
PPO 14-356 Patient Needs and Functional Status Assessment after Hospitalization Williams, Linda 2017-06-30
PPO 14-360 Pilot Evaluation of AboutFace: A Novel Peer Education Resource for Veterans Ruggiero, Kenneth 2016-12-31
PPO 14-362 Factors Influencing Veteran Informed Decision Making for Lung Cancer Screening Tanner, Nichole 2017-01-31
PPO 14-366 Automated, Mobile, Ancillary Care for Substance Abuse Treatment Moore, Brent 2016-12-31
PPO 14-368 Adherence to Surveillance in Lung Cancer Screening Gillespie, Christopher 2016-06-30
PPO 14-369 Reducing Colorectal Cancer Death through Mailed Outreach Screening Paulson, E. 2017-12-31
PPO 14-371 Oncologists' Attitudes Towards Treating Patients with Advanced Cancer Gidwani-Marszowski, Risha 2016-06-30
PPO 14-372 Measuring Quality of Palliative Care for Patients with End Stage Liver Disease Walling, Anne 2016-09-30
PPO 14-376 Explaining Variation in Dabigatran Prescription Rates by VA Sites McCullough, Megan 2016-09-30
PPO 14-379 Leveraging intensive home telehealth data for suicide prediction and prevention Depp, Colin 2016-12-31
PPO 14-382 Assessing Documentation of Dietary Supplements in VA Notes and Structured Fields Zeng, Qing 2018-01-31
PPO 14-384 Emergency Care Sensitive Conditions in the VA Vashi, Anita 2016-04-30
PPO 15-155 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data-mining for identifying clinical risk modifiers of drug-induced liver injury Suzuki, Ayako 2017-06-30
PPO 15-165 Spatiotemporal Analysis to Evaluate Opioid Safety Initiative Spread Miller, Donald 2018-11-30
PPO 15-178 Co-designing Clinical Decision Support to Advance Value-based Shoulder Imaging Brunner, Michael 2017-12-31
PPO 15-185 Cancer Care Coordination Haggstrom, David 2018-09-30
PPO 15-188 Exploring Exits From Homelessness for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Gabrielian, Sonya 2017-09-30
PPO 15-190 Development of a Brief Measure of Patient Activation for Veterans Kimerling, Rachel 2016-09-30
PPO 15-395 Developing a Taxonomy of Unintended Consequences of eHealth Implementation Shimada, Stephanie 2017-03-31
PPO 15-401 iPad Functionality Leveraged to Optimize Workflow (iFLOW) Savoy, April 2018-05-31
PPO 15-404 Hypertension Improvement Pilot Intervention in Post-Stroke Veterans Sico, Jason 2019-02-28
PPO 15-406 Towards Choosing Wisely: Assessing Reason for Exam in Carotid Ultrasound Reports Chapman, Wendy 2017-06-30
PPO 15-410 Evaluating the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Mobile Application for Self-management of Unhealthy Alcohol Use Hawkins, Eric 2018-06-30
PPO 15-425 Video-Enhanced Care Management for Medically Complex Veterans Hastings, Susan 2018-02-28
PPO 15-429 Understanding veterans' preferences for smoking cessation treatment in primary care Katz, David 2017-08-31
PPO 16-100 Can Electronic Data and Natural Language Processing Accurately Reproduce a Surgical Quality Measure? Richman, Joshua 2018-01-31
PPO 16-106 Brief Psychotherapy for Depression in Primary Care: Identifying Successful Clinical Practices Mignogna, Joseph 2018-06-30
PPO 16-118 Telehealth to Support Antimicrobial Stewardship Implementation at VA Facilities Jump, Robin 2017-08-31
PPO 16-126 A pilot intervention to help homeless and at-risk veterans manage their money Tsai, Jack 2018-04-30
PPO 16-131 Family Telemental Health Intervention for Veterans with Dementia Chen, Cory 2019-10-31
PPO 16-135 An Instrument Assessing Recovery-Promoting Structures, Practices, and Values of Services Settings for Veterans with SMI Charns, Martin 2017-11-30
PPO 16-139 Web-based Self-management Tool Targeting Patients and their Informal Caregivers Trivedi, Ranak 2018-10-31
PPO 16-249 Improving Trauma Sensitive Primary Care for Women Veterans with Histories of Sexual Trauma Bergman, Alicia 2018-04-30
PPO 16-304 Mental Health Clinician Community Clergy Collaboration Intervention Pilot Study Pyne, Jeffrey 2018-08-31
PPO 16-305 Evaluating the Adaptability and Implementation Potential of an Innovative Alcohol Intervention for Veterans in Primary Care: Integrating Mobile-based Applications with Peer Support Blonigen, Daniel 2019-02-28
PPO 16-308 Natural Language Processing to Develop a Peripheral Artery Disease Registry in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System Girotra, Saket 2019-07-31
PPO 16-323 Pilot Study of Standalone and Peer Supported Online Problem Solving Program in Veterans with Untreated Mental Health Problems Carlson, Eve 2019-09-30
PPO 16-325 Prescription Sequence Symmetry Analysis as a Novel Approach for Adverse Drug Reaction Signal Detection Lund, Brian 2019-02-28
PPO 16-329 Enhancing team-based care in VA Miller, Christopher 2019-06-30
PPO 16-331 Development of a Weight Maintenance Intervention for Bariatric Surgery Patients Voils, Corrine 2018-07-31
PPO 16-335 Pilot testing prehabilitation services aimed at improving outcomes of frail Veterans following major abdominal surgery Hall, Daniel 2018-09-30
PPO 16-337 VA-Legal Clinic Partnerships to Increase Veterans' Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Access, Initiation, and Engagement Timko, Christine 2018-08-31
PPO 17-026 Early Identification of Poorly Performing Joint Replacements Giori, Nicholas 2019-02-28
PPO 17-044 Intimate Partner Violence Screening Programs in VHA: Informing Scale-Up and Spread of Best Practices Iverson, Katherine 2018-08-31
PPO 17-062 Making Patient-Centered Care an Actionable Priority at Local VAs: A Pilot Study of a Point-of-Care Survey with Rapid Cycle Feedback to Clinical Teams Bokhour, Barbara 2019-04-30
PPO 17-082 Feasibility of Evaluating the Expansion of VA Home-and Community-based Services using the Health and Retirement Survey Jacobs, Josephine 2018-12-31
PPO 17-106 Practice variation in the management of skin and soft tissue infections in Veterans Rhoads, Jamie 2019-12-31
PPO 17-129 Activating Patients to Promote Deprescribing Linsky, Amy 2019-01-31
PPO 17-216 Establishing the Quality of Surgical Care among VA Patients with Kidney Cancer Abouassaly, Robert 2019-09-30
PPO 17-217 Provider Use of Pet Therapy to Improve ComPassion, Burnout and EmpathY: The PUPPY Project Etingen, Bella 2019-03-31
PPO 17-255 Enhancing Lithium's use in the VA through the design, initial use, and assessment of the Lithium Support System (the ELeVAte Study) Smith, Eric 2019-12-31
PPO 17-276 Identifying Novel Opportunities for Suicide Prevention among Women Veterans using Reproductive Health Care Services Hoffmire, Claire 2019-09-30
PPO 17-281 Veteran Socioeconomic Status: Development and Validation of a Novel Measure to Support a Learning Healthcare System Tarlov, Elizabeth 2019-08-31
PPO 18-031 Validation of a Semi-Automated Infection Surveillance Algorithm for Electrophysiology Procedures Branch-Elliman, Westyn 2019-09-30
PPO 18-051 Development and Implementation of Decision Aids to Promote Safe Use of Hypoglycemia-prone Medications in Diabetes: Shared Decision Making around Glycemic Control (A1c) Targets Aron, David 2019-09-30
PPO 18-099 Developing public messaging strategies to facilitate help seeking among Veterans at risk for suicide Karras, Elizabeth 2019-06-30
QCI 03-204 Current Barriers and Facilitators to Use of Automated Clinical Reminders Doebbeling, Bradley 2003-09-30
RRP 06-129 Implementing an HIV Rapid Testing Pilot Project Among Homeless Anaya, Henry 2007-09-30
RRP 06-133 VA Research Funding and Physician Retention: A Quantitative Analysis Smith, Mark 2007-09-30
RRP 06-134 Evacuation of Veterans from Nursing Homes Due to Katrina and Rita Dobalian, Aram 2007-09-30
RRP 06-135 Responding to Natural Disasters: Spinal Cord Injury and Disorders Weaver, Frances 2007-09-30
RRP 06-140 Business Case for AMI Care within VHA: Make or Buy Decisions McDonell, Mary 2006-09-30
RRP 06-142 Impact of Organizational Factors on Quality of Heart Failure Care Sahay, Anju 2006-09-30
RRP 06-147 Evidence-Based Review of Peer Support Chinman, Matthew 2007-03-31
RRP 06-148 Post-deployment Assessment of Behavioral Health Barriers in OIF Veterans Stecker, Tracy 2006-09-30
RRP 06-150 Variations Across VA Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers Sayer, Nina 2006-09-30
RRP 06-151 Gap Analysis for Managing Upper Limb Pain and Function in SCI Nelson, Audrey 2007-09-30
RRP 06-153 Improved Clinical Decision Making for Stroke Prevention Beyth, Rebecca 2007-09-30
RRP 06-156 Pre-Implementation of a Decision Support Tool for Improving Patient Handoff Doebbeling, Bradley 2006-09-30
RRP 06-177 Implementation of Practices to Improve Efficiency of Care for Pneumonia Aspinall, Sherrie 2007-08-31
RRP 06-180 Potential Barriers to Quality Care: Linking Wait Times to Avoidable Hospitalizations Borzecki, Ann 2007-03-31
RRP 06-184 VHA Costs of Acute vs Subacute Rehabilitation Care for Stroke Vogel, Walter 2007-05-30
RRP 06-185 Education Materials for Puerto Rican Veterans and Their Families Uphold, Constance 2008-03-31
RRP 06-186 Economic Impacts of Buprenorphine Adoption in VHA Barnett, Paul 2007-03-31
RRP 06-189 Colorectal Cancer Screening Preferences and Endoscopy Demand in VHA Vijan, Sandeep 2007-09-30
RRP 06-198 Predicting Rehabilitation Costs for VA Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury Lew, Henry 2007-05-30
RRP 06-199 Improving Access to and Quality of Mental Healthcare for OIF/OEF Felker, Bradford 2008-09-30
RRP 06-201 Brief Motivational Interventions for Substance-Using Veterans: Pilot Weingardt, Kenneth 2007-09-30
RRP 06-323 Implementing a Metric for VA Hospice Referrals: Phase I, Develop the Triggers Hendricks, Ann 2007-03-31
RRP 07-236 Long-Term Care Referral Tutorial Reder, Sheri 2007-12-31
RRP 07-275 MHV: Health Status Measure and Quality of Care Assessment Heidenreich, Paul 2008-09-30
RRP 07-276 Advanced Heart Failure Outreach Stehlik, Josef 2008-07-31
RRP 07-277 Diabetes Shared Medical Appointments: System Redesign & Implementation Kirsh, Susan 2008-02-28
RRP 07-278 Evaluating the Implementation of the VA Cardiovascular Assessment Reporting tracking System for Cath Labs (CART-CL) Rumsfeld, John 2008-02-28
RRP 07-279 A formative Evaluation of a Weight Loss Program in VISN 20: MOVE! Littman, Alyson 2010-06-30
RRP 07-280 Psychometric Validation of an Organizational Readiness-to-Change Scale Helfrich, Christian 2010-06-30
RRP 07-281 Improving Patient-Provider Communication about Routine HIV Screening Bokhour, Barbara 2008-03-31
RRP 07-282 A Pilot Project to Reduce Missed HIV-Clinic Appointments and Blood Draws Henry, Stephen 2008-04-30
RRP 07-283 Evaluating the Implementation of Rapid Testing for HIV infection in a VA Emergency Department Goetz, Matthew 2008-09-30
RRP 07-284 Suicide and Firearm Experience (SAFE): Developing Strategies to Increase Veterans Safety Valenstein, Marcia 2008-04-30
RRP 07-285 Can Family Caregiver Involvement Improve TIDES Outcomes Dixon, Lisa 2008-02-28
RRP 07-288 Pain Assessment in Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers Kerns, Robert 2009-03-31
RRP 07-289 Peer Visitation for OIF/OEF Veterans with PT/BRI and Their Caregivers Williams, Rhonda 2009-03-15
RRP 07-290 Development of MOVE! Education Materials for Veterans with SCI Rajan, Suparna 2010-05-31
RRP 07-291 Care for Depression at Hub and Spoke Facilities in the SCI/D System Ullrich, Philip 2009-12-31
RRP 07-292 Developing a Home Telehealth Program to Manage Pressure Ulcers in SCI/D Guihan, Marylou 2009-09-30
RRP 07-293 Racial Disparities in Blood Pressure Management Among Stroke Patients Bravata, Dawn 2008-02-28
RRP 07-294 Stop Tobacco-Attributable Risk after Stroke Damush, Teresa 2009-12-31
RRP 07-295 Optimizing Glycemic Control of Hospitalized Stroke Patients Walsh, James 2009-03-31
RRP 07-297 PTSD/Substance Abuse Treatment for OEF/OIF Veterans Najavits, Lisa 2010-09-30
RRP 07-299 QI in Heart Failure for VA Cleveland Facilities: An Implementation Plan Piña, Ileana 2008-09-30
RRP 07-300 Barriers and Facilitators in Uptake of MOVE! Damschroder, Laura 2008-04-30
RRP 07-303 Development of an Evidenced-Based Acute Care Dysphagia Screen Priefer, Beverly 2008-03-31
RRP 07-304 Evaluation of Caregiver Guidebooks Rittman, Maude 2008-02-28
RRP 07-305 Intervention Development for Shared Decision Making in Stroke Prevention Uphold, Constance 2008-08-30
RRP 07-306 Multifaceted Assessment of Coordination of Care for OEF/OIF Veterans Pugh, Mary Jo 2008-02-28
RRP 07-307 Facility Level Smoking Cessation Intervention in VISN 11 Duffy, Sonia 2008-03-31
RRP 07-308 Caregiving Appraisal in Caregivers of Chronically Ill Veterans Wakefield, Bonnie 2008-04-30
RRP 07-309 Modifications To Insomnia Treatments for OIF/OEF Veterans with TBI Epstein, Dana 2008-02-28
RRP 07-312 Assessment of Osteoporosis in Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Garshick, Eric 2008-03-31
RRP 07-313 Ability to Cough to Predict Dysphagia in Rehabilitation Patients Smith Hammond, Carol 2010-10-31
RRP 07-314 Dose Response-Driven Fluid Implementation to Assess and Treat Dysphagia Robbins, JoAnne 2009-09-30
RRP 07-315 Community Re-Integration Problems and Treatment Preferences Among OIF/OEF Veterans Sayer, Nina 2008-09-30
RRP 07-316 Validation of Computerized Risk Assessment of Prescription Opioid Abuse Trafton, Jodie 2008-01-31
RRP 07-332 Promoting Physical Activity in Overweight and Obese Veterans Collins, Allison 2009-09-30
RRP 07-334 Transition from TBI Screen to Full Assessment: Barriers & Facilitators Lange, Gudrun 2009-04-30
RRP 07-336 Assessing Evidence for Nurse Staffing to Improve Patient/Organizational Outcomes Haddock, Kathlyn 2008-03-31
RRP 07-337 Strategic Plan to Implement Evidence Based Hand-Off & Improve Outcomes Sapnas, Kathryn 2008-09-30
RRP 07-338 Measuring and Improving the Quality of Hospital Nursing Care Soban, Lynn 2008-12-31
RRP 07-339 Visual Dysfunction in PNS OIF/OEF Patients: A Pilot Study Goodrich, Gregory 2008-08-31
RRP 07-341 Glycemic Management Using an Insulin Infusion Protocol in a Non-ICU Area Pope, Diana 2008-08-30
RRP 07-344 Access to Specialty Care Veterans with MS: Assessment and Intervention Haselkorn, Jodie 2009-12-31
RRP 07-345 Pilot Validation of the VA National Data Repository Turner, Aaron 2009-12-31
RRP 07-346 Impact of Organizational Factors of the Spoke and Hub Model on SCI Care Guihan, Marylou 2009-09-30
RRP 07-347 Biophysical Measure to Predict Pressure Ulcers in Spinal Cord Injured Guihan, Marylou 2009-03-31
RRP 07-349 Development of a Peer Visitation Program for SCI Veterans and Caregivers Tackett, Meredith 2008-12-31
RRP 07-354 Study of Women in Menopause (SWIM) Krein, Sarah 2008-04-30
RRP 08-236 Disparities in VA Heart Failure Care Heidenreich, Paul 2009-09-30
RRP 08-237 Best VA Practices For Reducing Heart Failure Hospitalizations Heidenreich, Paul 2009-09-30
RRP 08-238 Evaluation of Readiness to Implement HIV Rapid Testing in SUD Clinics Anaya, Henry 2009-03-31
RRP 08-239 Evaluating Facilitation of CBT Implementation in VA Primary Care Blevins, Dean 2009-03-31
RRP 08-240 The Effectiveness of Personalize Stroke Risk Communication Bosworth, Hayden 2009-09-30
RRP 08-242 Identifying Veterans at High-Risk for a first-time Stroke Cheng, Eric 2009-03-31
RRP 08-243 Optimization of CHF Management in VA: Improve post discharge care plan Deedwania, Prakash 2010-03-31
RRP 08-244 Clinician Characteristics as Modifiers of a Collaborative Care Intervention Helfrich, Christian 2010-06-30
RRP 08-246 Identifying Who Benefits from Diabetes Shared Medical Appointments Kirsh, Susan 2009-07-31
RRP 08-247 Characteristics Associated with Multiple SUD Treatment Episodes Kivlahan, Daniel 2009-09-30
RRP 08-248 Information-User-Task Fit and the Utility of the Diabetes Cube Lowery, Julie 2009-09-30
RRP 08-249 Evaluation of VISN 11 Wound Care Teleconsultation program Lowery, Julie 2009-09-30
RRP 08-250 Using System Dynamics Tools to Integrate Evidence into VA Stroke Care Bosworth, Hayden 2009-03-31
RRP 08-251 Email Social Marketing of HIV Testing McInnes, Donald 2009-03-31
RRP 08-252 Mild TBI/PTSD Comorbidity and Post-Deployment Outcomes in National Guard Soldiers Polusny, Melissa 2008-12-31
RRP 08-253 Addressing Tobacco Dependence Through Organizational Change in CBOCs Smelson, David 2010-09-30
RRP 08-254 Telephone Screening of Community Veterans Najavits, Lisa 2010-09-30
RRP 08-255 Creation of a Kiosk-Based Module to Facilitate Urgent-Care HIV Screening Sun, Benjamin 2009-03-31
RRP 08-257 Pilot Test of an Improved Smoking Cessation Delivery Care System Weaver, Frances 2009-12-31
RRP 08-258 Implementation and Sustainability of VA Women's Mental Health Clinics Yano, Elizabeth 2009-11-30
RRP 08-378 VA National Pain Quality Indicators Pilot Lorenz, Karl 2009-09-30
RRP 08-381 Measurement Equivalence/Invariance Analysis of Organizational Culture Helfrich, Christian 2009-09-30
RRP 08-382 Survey of VA Clinicians' Falls Prevention and Assessment Practices Kramer, B 2009-08-31
RRP 08-383 Team Based Initiative Support Nichols, Linda 2009-03-31
RRP 08-385 Impact of Psychiatric Diagnoses and Injury on Vocational Outcomes in OIF Veterans Erbes, Christopher 2009-04-30
RRP 08-395 Dissemination Evaluation of Educational Materials for Puerto Rican OIF/OEF Veterans and Families Uphold, Constance 2009-10-31
RRP 08-396 Supporting the Evaluation of the Health eVet Personal Health Record Wagner, Todd 2009-07-31
RRP 09-111 Implementing Tightly-linked Clinical Action Measures for Diabetes Kerr, Eve 2011-08-31
RRP 09-112 Preventing Pressure Ulcers in VA Hospitals Berlowitz, Dan 2011-09-30
RRP 09-113 Supported Education for OI/EF Veterans with Disabilities Ellison, Marsha 2010-09-30
RRP 09-114 Effective of Tele-retinal Screening for Patients with Diabetes Lowery, Julie 2010-08-31
RRP 09-115 Online Interventions for Female OEF/OIF Reserve/National Guard war Vets Sadler, Anne 2010-10-31
RRP 09-119 ATHENA-HF: Integrating Computable Guidelines for Complex Co-morbidities Goldstein, Mary 2010-07-31
RRP 09-120 Treatment and Outcomes among Veterans with Peripheral Arterial Disease Tsai, Thomas 2010-09-30
RRP 09-122 Implementation of Nurse-Based Rapid Testing in VA SUD Clinics Anaya, Henry 2010-12-31
RRP 09-123 Better Hypertension and lipid care in racially diverse, veterans at risk Whittle, Jeffrey 2011-01-31
RRP 09-124 Pilot Test of Preference-Based Insomnia Treatment for OEF/OIF Veterans Epstein, Dana 2010-09-30
RRP 09-125 Development and Testing of MRSA educational materials for SCI Evans, Charlesnika 2010-08-31
RRP 09-126 How Providers Prioritize Preventive Care Clinical Tasks Solomon, Jeffery 2010-09-30
RRP 09-127 Evaluation of HIV and Hepatitis C Telemedicine Services Sun, Benjamin 2011-04-01
RRP 09-129 Promoting Implementation of My Health-e-Vet Among Veterans with SCI/D Hogan, Timothy 2011-03-31
RRP 09-130 Evaluation of Implementation Factors Specific to CPR Parker, Jefferson 2011-09-30
RRP 09-131 Cross Cutting Caregiver Research: Building an Agenda, Tools & Resources Griffin, Joan 2010-12-31
RRP 09-132 Technology and Long-Term Care II - Home Based Primary Care (TLC II-HBPC) Reder, Sheri 2011-03-31
RRP 09-133 Practice Variation in Postoperative Care of Pressure Ulcers in SCI Harrow, Jeffrey 2011-09-30
RRP 09-134 Evaluating a Peer Visitor Program for OIF/OEF Veterans with Polytrauma Williams, Rhonda 2012-03-31
RRP 09-135 Implementation and Refinement of the Suicide Classification System Brenner, Lisa 2010-09-30
RRP 09-136 Beta-Blockers in Heart Failure: Pharmacy-level Intervention Comparison McCarren, Madeline 2011-06-30
RRP 09-138 Cost of Healthcare Utilization from Chronic Hepatitis-C Patients in the VA Hanchate, Amresh 2011-04-30
RRP 09-139 Process Oriented, Validated Electronic Performance Measures Pilot Study Bryson, Christopher 2011-09-30
RRP 09-140 Appropriateness of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Bryson, Christopher 2011-09-30
RRP 09-142 The Brief Addiction Monitor (BAM) in the VA Substance Abuse Treatment Center Drapkin, Michelle 2010-08-31
RRP 09-143 Motivational Interview Training in Weight Management for SCI Providers Rajan, Suparna 2012-01-31
RRP 09-144 Implementation of ATHENA-OT Decision Support: Facilitators and Barriers Cronkite, Ruth 2010-09-30
RRP 09-145 The Development of Administrative Surrogates of Stroke Quality Measures Chumbler, Neale 2010-09-30
RRP 09-146 Using System Dynamics Tools to Integrate Evidence into VA Stroke Care Bosworth, Hayden 2011-02-28
RRP 09-147 Beta Development of the Self-Management TO prevent (STOP) Stroke Tool Anderson, Jane 2010-09-30
RRP 09-149 Hypoglycemia in Diabetes Patients in the Veterans Health Administration Miller, Donald 2010-09-30
RRP 09-150 Standardization of Heart Failure Assessments Using Home Tele-Health Heidenreich, Paul 2011-01-31
RRP 09-151 The Role of Communication in CHF Care Coordination in Home Tele-health Pope, Charlene 2010-12-31
RRP 09-152 Gender Differences in Mental Health Treatment Needs and Service Use Kline, Anna 2011-05-31
RRP 09-161 Measuring and Improving Sustainability in Mental Health System Redesign Krahn, Dean 2010-09-30
RRP 09-162 Pilot Intervention to Improve Clopidogrel Adherence After DES Implant Ho, P. Michael 2011-09-30
RRP 09-163 Assessment of MRSA prevention practice in VA Spinal Cord Injury Centers Evans, Charlesnika 2011-03-31
RRP 09-164 Implementing a Nurse Training Program for Alcohol Screening and Intervention in Inpatient Medical Settings Broyles, Lauren 2011-02-14
RRP 09-165 Identifying Best Practices to Reduce Hypoglycemia in ICU's Kirsh, Susan 2011-03-31
RRP 09-166 Cognitive Impairment as a Risk for the Admission-Readmission Cycle Seen in Veterans with Heart Failure: Closing the Adherence Gap Silvet, Helme 2011-02-28
RRP 09-167 Identifying Potentially Better Practices for Outpatient Diabetes Care Aron, David 2011-02-28
RRP 09-168 Barriers and Supports for Alcohol Use Disorders Pharmacotherapy Sox-Harris, Alexander 2010-09-30
RRP 09-170 Developing a Hub and Satellite Heart Failure Providers Network Ooi, Henry 2011-06-30
RRP 09-171 Formative Evaluation of the Self-Help Toolkit McKellar, John 2010-09-30
RRP 09-172 Variations in Quality of care & Outcomes for Veterans with Heart failure Wu, Wen-Chih 2011-08-31
RRP 09-175 Heart Failure Outcomes: A Self-Management Care Coordination Pilot Program Neugaard, Britta 2011-03-31
RRP 09-176 Implementing Buprenorphine Prescribing in Primary Care Dodrill, Carrie 2011-09-30
RRP 09-177 Defibrillator Use Among Medicare-Eligible Veterans with Heart Failure Groeneveld, Peter 2011-11-30
RRP 09-178 Implementing Alcohol Counseling with Clinical Reminders: Barriers & Facilitators Williams, Emily 2011-05-31
RRP 09-179 Printed and Web-Based OEF/OIF Culturally-Relevant Family Education Uphold, Constance 2012-09-30
RRP 09-182 Feasibility of Screening Swallowing in the Emergency Department Daniels, Stephanie 2011-02-28
RRP 09-184 Stroke Care Quality within the Veterans Health Administration System Bravata, Dawn 2011-09-30
RRP 09-185 The Quality of Carotid Endarterectomy Use Among Veterans Keyhani, Salomeh 2012-09-30
RRP 09-186 A Personalized Dashboard to Educate Veterans at Risk of Stroke Merchant, Mahesh 2011-09-30
RRP 09-189 Addressing Tobacco through Organizational Change in VHA Substance Disorder Programs Smelson, David 2012-01-31
RRP 09-190 Controlling Hypertension Outcomes by Improved Communication & Engagement (CHOICE) Frankel, Richard 2011-09-30
RRP 09-192 Intervention to Provide Veterans with Health-Related Internet Skills McInnes, Donald 2011-09-30
RRP 09-195 Yoga as a Complex Intervention for Vets with Stroke Schmid, Arlene 2011-09-30
RRP 09-196 HTN-IMPROVE: Determining the Implementation Process Jackson, George 2011-07-31
RRP 09-202 Improving Quality of Primary Care for Fall Prevention in Older Veterans Ganz, David 2011-06-30
RRP 09-224 Developing an implementation program for weight loss in persons with SCI Rajan, Suparna 2011-04-30
RRP 09-225 My HealtheVet Cross-Cutting Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Workgroup Weaver, Frances 2010-09-30
RRP 09-226 Cross-QUERI Prevention Intervention Project: Planning Meeting Bosworth, Hayden 2010-07-31
RRP 09-393 Length of Stay and Outcome in VHA SARRTPs Sox-Harris, Alexander 2010-07-31
RRP 09-394 Applying Rapid Assessment Process to health outreach to OIF/OEF veterans Link, Patrick 2011-02-28
RRP 09-401 Hemoglobin A1c in Diabetic Patients Undergoing Total Joint Arthroplasty Giori, Nicholas 2011-12-31
RRP 09-405 Health Information & Communication Strategies for Improving Stroke Care Chumbler, Neale 2011-09-30
RRP 09-406 Achieving Excellence in Hypertension Management and Stroke Prevention Brienza, Rebecca 2011-09-30
RRP 09-407 Longer-Term Outcomes of Participation in Hypertension Self-Management Jackson, George 2011-05-31
RRP 09-410 Development of a PTSD/SUD program-level assessment Najavits, Lisa 2014-06-30
RRP 09-411 Assessing Implementation of Post-Deployment Integrated Care: Pilot Project Mittman, Brian 2011-07-31
RRP 09-412 VALOR (Veterans Affairs Lowering Readmissions) in Heart Failure Study Natarajan, Sundar 2013-09-30
RRP 09-420 National Guard Outreach and Linkage to Treatment Valenstein, Marcia 2011-02-14
RRP 10-046 2009 H1N1 Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza in SCI/D:Infection Control Strategies LaVela, Sherri 2011-07-31
RRP 10-052 VA Vocational Services for OEF/OIF Veterans with Mental Health Conditions Twamley, Elizabeth 2011-09-30
RRP 10-053 Patient Centered Medical Home Implementation in Rural CBOCs Lee, Pamela 2011-09-30
RRP 10-054 Organization and Management of VHA Anticoagulation Clinics Rose, Adam 2011-03-31
RRP 10-055 Management and Outcomes of Veterans with Transient Ischemic Attack Cheng, Eric 2012-01-31
RRP 10-056 Treatment Preferences and Barriers in OIF Soldiers with mild TBI and/or PTSD Kehle-Forbes, Shannon 2011-06-30
RRP 10-102 Behavioral Couples Therapy Implementation in SUD Specialty Care Gifford, Elizabeth 2011-06-30
RRP 10-103 Reducing Falls and Fall-related Injuries in Hospitalized Veterans Adams, Susan 2011-07-31
RRP 10-105 Determinants of Guideline-Concordant Depression Care for COPD Patients Fan, Vincent 2012-03-31
RRP 10-106 Assessment of Gaps in Chronic Opioid Therapy Guideline Adherence Trafton, Jodie 2011-05-31
RRP 10-177 Evaluation of CCHT-Weight Management Program Implementation Richardson, Caroline 2011-09-30
RRP 10-182 Qualitative Assessment of Re-Entry Care for Previously Incarcerated HIV/HCV-Infected Veterans Anaya, Henry 2012-05-31
RRP 10-192 Cannabis Use Disorder Treatment Barriers/Supports Among those with PTSD Bonn-Miller, Marcel 2012-08-31
RRP 10-195 Evaluating Implementation of an HIV Adherence Informatics Intervention Bokhour, Barbara 2012-07-31
RRP 10-196 Beyond MHICM: Factors That Impact Outcomes Following Discharge Bromley, Elizabeth 2014-07-31
RRP 10-197 Geographic Information System Analysis of Access to VA Acute Stroke Care Jia, Huanguang 2012-06-30
RRP 10-216 Pilot Study of a Family Intervention for Depression in Primary Care Niv, Nooshafarin 2012-09-30
RRP 10-221 A Brief Educational Intervention to Improve TBI Screening Outcomes Hamblen, Jessica 2013-01-31
RRP 10-226 Life Goals Behavioral Change to Improve Outcomes for Veterans with SMI Kilbourne, Amy 2011-12-31
RRP 10-228 Modeling the VA Cost Impacts of New Medications for Hepatitis C Ho, Samuel 2012-09-30
RRP 10-229 Medical Center Implementation of PCMH in Acute CHF to Reduce Rehospitalization Rates Wu, Wen-Chih 2011-12-31
RRP 11-001 Development of Strategies to Care for PTSD: Decreasing Benzodiazepine Treatment Bernardy, Nancy 2012-09-30
RRP 11-002 Stakeholder Perspectives on Improving Access to VHA's Suicide Prevention Services Matthieu, Monica 2012-12-31
RRP 11-006 Assessing Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation of Lynch Syndrome Testing in VISN 22 Scheuner, Maren 2012-08-31
RRP 11-008 Developing a Consensus Vision Screen for Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Goodrich, Gregory 2012-09-30
RRP 11-013 Characterizing Veterans with SCI and Acute Coronary Syndrome Sabharwal, Sunil 2012-12-31
RRP 11-014 Veteran Exposure to Radiation in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Tsai, Thomas 2012-06-30
RRP 11-016 The SMILE BP Toolkit: Implementing VA research findings to improve hypertension control Natarajan, Sundar 2013-09-30
RRP 11-017 Process Evaluation of Illness Management and Recovery in VA Mental Health Services McGuire, Alan 2012-09-30
RRP 11-019 The Patient Centered Medical Home and Integrated Tobacco Cessation care Fu, Steven 2012-09-30
RRP 11-020 Evaluation of Peer Telephone Cessation Counseling for Smokers Duffy, Sonia 2013-03-31
RRP 11-021 Identifying VA outpatients who might not need annual alcohol screening Au, David 2012-03-31
RRP 11-022 How to Interpret and Use Patient Safety Indicator (PSI) Reports Shin, Marlena 2013-03-31
RRP 11-238 VIP (Veterans Intensive Personalized) Treatment in Heart Failure Natarajan, Sundar 2013-12-31
RRP 11-239 Implementing Collaborative Care to Alleviate Symptoms and Adjust to Heart Failure: A Pilot Study Bekelman, David 2012-09-30
RRP 11-241 A Clinic-Based Intervention to Promote Veteran Enrollment in My HealtheVet Simon, Steven 2012-09-30
RRP 11-242 Pilot Intervention to Improve the Transition from Hospital to Home Ho, P. Michael 2012-09-30
RRP 11-243 A Study of Barriers and Supports to Individualizing Diabetes Care in Older Veterans Feil, Denise 2013-09-30
RRP 11-265 Documenting Variability in Suicide Event Reporting Bossarte, Robert 2017-02-28
RRP 11-266 Using Health Risk Factors Data for Tobacco-Cessation Quality Improvement Barnett, Paul 2012-09-30
RRP 11-267 Blood Pressure Management in the Year after a Stroke Cheng, Eric 2013-09-30
RRP 11-268 Effectiveness of Brief Alcohol Counseling Implementation Williams, Emily 2013-06-30
RRP 11-367 Systematic Assessment of Readmissions of Veterans with Heart Failure Rector, Thomas 2012-09-30
RRP 11-374 VISN Implementation of VA Acute Stroke Care Centers: Formative Evaluation Damush, Teresa 2013-10-31
RRP 11-376 Establishing Evidence-based Parameters for Pressure Ulcer Healing Guihan, Marylou 2013-06-30
RRP 11-377 An Assessment of Family Centered Practices in the TBI/Polytrauma System of Care Hall, Carmen 2012-08-31
RRP 11-379 Off-Label Use of Antipsychotics: Determinants and Impact on Patient Safety Hudson, Teresa 2013-06-30
RRP 11-387 Evaluating Implementation of Project Re-Engineered Discharge in VA Sullivan, Jennifer 2014-04-30
RRP 11-397 Veterans' Experiences using Secure Messaging on MyHealtheVet Haun, Jolie 2013-09-30
RRP 11-404 Identifying Opportunities for Targeted Interventions via My HealthVet Brandt, Cynthia 2012-09-30
RRP 11-406 Integrating MHV & Patient Aligned Care Teams for Self-Management Support Roman, Maher 2015-06-30
RRP 11-407 An Evaluation of the Blue Button Feature of My HealtheVet: Veteran and Provider Use and Satisfaction Turvey, Carolyn 2012-10-31
RRP 11-408 Working with Veterans Organizations to Encourage Use of My HealtheVet Whittle, Jeffrey 2013-10-31
RRP 11-409 Integrating Secure Messaging into Team Care Delivery Workflow Woods, Susan 2014-06-30
RRP 11-412 Evaluation of Risk-Adjusted 30-day Mortality & Readmissions for Veterans with Stroke Myers, Laura 2013-12-31
RRP 11-416 Understanding the Roles of Informal Caregivers of Veterans with Hepatitis-C Infected Veterans McInnes, Donald 2014-11-30
RRP 11-417 Assessment of Risk for Suicide, Violence and Related High-Risk Behaviors in Veterans Najavits, Lisa 2015-06-30
RRP 11-418 Examining Telehealth Applications for Evaluation of Mild TBI Smith, Bridget 2013-09-30
RRP 11-420 Implementation of Diabetes Performance Measures: Focus on Unintended Consequences Damschroder, Laura 2013-02-28
RRP 11-421 Screening and Referring Women Veterans for Homelessness Vulnerability Washington, Donna 2013-07-31
RRP 11-424 Pilot Intervention to Improve Adherence to Dabigatran for Patients with Atrial Fibillation Ho, P. Michael 2014-06-30
RRP 11-428 Guidelines to Performance Measures: Automating Quality Review for Heart Failure Goldstein, Mary 2012-12-31
RRP 11-432 Examining the Implementation of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy for Veterans with PTSD Watts, Bradley 2012-12-31
RRP 11-434 A Video Educational Intervention to Improve Outcomes of VA TBI Screening Seal, Karen 2014-03-31
RRP 11-436 Factor Impacting the Screening and Management of Alcohol Misuse in Women Lewis, Eleanor 2014-02-28
RRP 11-437 Implementing My HealtheVet Among Patient Aligned Care Team Members Hogan, Timothy 2015-01-31
RRP 11-438 Pilot to Implement Radical PCI in VA Catheterization Laboratories Bryson, Christopher 2013-09-30
RRP 12-175 Redesigning Collaborative Depression Care for PTSD and Alcohol Abuse Rubenstein, Lisa 2015-03-31
RRP 12-184 Developing Electronic Surveillance Measures of Overuse of Colorectal Cancer Screening Saini, Sameer 2013-09-30
RRP 12-185 Natural Language Processing to Identify Persons with Carotid Stenosis Chapman, Wendy 2014-09-30
RRP 12-189 Characteristics and Treatment Preferences of Women Veterans with Insomnia Martin, Jennifer 2013-09-30
RRP 12-190 Geographic Variations in VA Costs after Acute Ischemic Stroke Hanchate, Amresh 2013-11-30
RRP 12-192 Understanding factors associated with 30-day Stroke readmission in the VHA Keyhani, Salomeh 2014-03-31
RRP 12-193 Interventions Online to Facilitate Post-War Access of Reserve and National Guard Servicewomen Sadler, Anne 2013-09-30
RRP 12-194 Development of a Shared Decision Making Aid for Hepatitis C Treatment Kanwal, Fasiha 2013-12-31
RRP 12-197 Ameliorating Low-quality Opioid Prescribing and its Sequelae Becker, William 2013-07-31
RRP 12-198 Targeted Intervention to Improve Medication Adherence in cognitively impaired patients with heart failure Silvet, Helme 2013-11-30
RRP 12-199 Improving Anticoagulation Practices for Patients Presenting with ACS Plomondon, Mary 2013-09-30
RRP 12-200 Aligning Transitions of Care for Post-Stroke Patients with Hypertension Frankel, Richard 2014-09-30
RRP 12-213 Current Weight Management Strategies Veterans with SCI/D across the VA System of Care LaVela, Sherri 2013-06-30
RRP 12-220 Linkage to Care in the VA of Newly Diagnosed HIV-Infected Patients Goetz, Matthew 2013-10-31
RRP 12-225 Pain Treatment Patterns Associated with Overdose Among SUD Patients with Pain Bohnert, Amy 2014-03-31
RRP 12-227 Improving the Safety of Aldosterone Antagonists in Heart Failure Heidenreich, Paul 2014-05-31
RRP 12-229 Strengthening VA Implementation of PTSD Treatment through Family Involvement Meis, Laura 2014-07-31
RRP 12-231 Feasibility of Implementing a 3-Step Mutual Help Referral Method in HCV Clinics Schaefer, Jeanne 2014-03-31
RRP 12-232 Cardiac Rehabilitation in VHA Study 2: Utilization of Non-VA Services Whooley, Mary 2014-03-31
RRP 12-234 Cost-Effectiveness of an Intervention to Improve Care for Schizophrenia Cohen, Amy 2014-06-30
RRP 12-235 Cardiac Rehabilitation in VHA Study 1: Utilization of On-Site Services Charns, Martin 2015-12-31
RRP 12-236 Intervention to Reduce Overuse of Left Ventriculography Heidenreich, Paul 2014-02-28
RRP 12-237 A Novel PTSD Treatment for Veterans Who Killed in War Maguen, Shira 2014-03-31
RRP 12-239 Implementation and Effectiveness of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for Veterans with PTSD Ackland, Princess 2013-11-30
RRP 12-245 Veterans' Adherence to Direct-Acting Antiviral Treatment for Hepatitis C Clark, Jack 2014-08-31
RRP 12-259 Improving the Continuum of Care for Homeless Veterans with Serious Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Disorders Gabrielian, Sonya 2013-07-31
RRP 12-434 Variation and Characteristics of VHA-IHS Home-Based Primary Care Kramer, B 2013-12-31
RRP 12-438 Improving Pain using Peer RE-inforced Self-management Skills (IMPPRESS) Matthias, Marianne 2013-12-31
RRP 12-440 VA Diabetes Prevention: Epidemiology of Pre-Diabetes and Implementation Pilot Richardson, Caroline 2013-10-31
RRP 12-442 Decision Support to Decrease Overuse of Imaging: Usability and Measurement Gidwani-Marszowski, Risha 2014-02-28
RRP 12-443 Streamlining Surveillance for Urinary Catheter-Days and CAUTI Trautner, Barbara 2014-02-28
RRP 12-445 Adherence to Practice Recommendations for Veterans with SUDs Receiving Opioids Lewis, Eleanor 2014-02-28
RRP 12-446 Integrating Tobacco, Drinking, and Depression into the STOP Stroke Tool Duffy, Sonia 2015-03-31
RRP 12-447 Integrating Heart Failure Clinical Decision Support (CDS) at Point of Care Goldstein, Mary 2013-12-31
RRP 12-448 Natural Language Processing to Ascertain Stress Test Data Bradley, Steven 2014-06-30
RRP 12-449 Implementing Symptom Monitoring in Substance Use Disorder Specialty Care Programs Gifford, Elizabeth 2014-06-30
RRP 12-450 Using Information from the EHR to monitor Adherence to mTBI Practice Guidelines Finch, Dezon 2014-09-30
RRP 12-451 Gaps in Primary Care of Veterans with Dementia Wray, Laura 2015-10-31
RRP 12-452 Video-Conference Shared Medical Appointments to Improve Rural Diabetes Care Wu, Wen-Chih 2014-09-30
RRP 12-453 A Rapid Ethnography of Mental Health Integration under PACT Implementation. Drummond, Karen 2015-09-30
RRP 12-454 Increasing Access to HCV Self-Management Via the Internet Groessl, Erik 2015-09-30
RRP 12-455 System Dynamics to Model Resource Utilization and Transitions after Stroke Bravata, Dawn 2014-08-31
RRP 12-456 Pre-Implementation Study of Spironolactone Appropriateness and Safety Monitoring Dev, Sandesh 2015-03-31
RRP 12-458 Advanced Comprehensive Diabetes Care for Veterans with Poorly-Controlled Diabetes Crowley, Matthew 2014-12-31
RRP 12-460 Variation in Implementation of the Partners in Care (PIC) Program Waliski, Angie 2015-03-31
RRP 12-465 A Formative Evaluation of VA Heart Failure (HF) Provider Network and e-HF Toolkit Sahay, Anju 2014-09-30
RRP 12-468 Metrics for Residential SUD Treatment Access, Processes, and Care Transitions Sox-Harris, Alexander 2014-06-30
RRP 12-473 Assessing Organizational Variations in VA Pressure Ulcer Prevention Initiatives Soban, Lynn 2014-12-31
RRP 12-478 The Role of Safety Culture on the Development of Pressure Ulcers Hartmann, Christine 2014-11-30
RRP 12-479 Predicting Pressure Ulcer Risk in VHA Facilities Cowan, Linda 2016-02-29
RRP 12-492 Evaluation of glycemic over and under-treatment indicators for high-risk Veterans Pogach, Leonard 2015-04-30
RRP 12-494 Clarity out of Chaos: Synthesizing Implementation Findings Damschroder, Laura 2014-09-30
RRP 12-495 Veterans' preferences for exchanging information using VA HIT Haun, Jolie 2015-12-31
RRP 12-496 eHealth Measures Compendium Wakefield, Bonnie 2015-04-30
RRP 12-497 Prioritizing and Piloting Veterans' MHV Meaningful Use Measures Simon, Steven 2014-04-30
RRP 12-504 Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment: Implementation During Early Adoption Rollins, Angela 2015-09-30
RRP 12-505 Technology-assisted peer support for recently hospitalized depressed Veterans Pfeiffer, Paul 2015-04-30
RRP 12-507 Veterans Justice Programs: Improving Access to Mental Health Services Blonigen, Daniel 2015-01-31
RRP 12-509 Community-Based Care for OEF/OIF/OND Veterans with PTSD Finley, Erin 2015-07-31
RRP 12-511 Employment support needs of VA primary care patients with depression and anxiety Zivin, Kara 2015-02-28
RRP 12-512 Creating a Tailored Intervention to Increase Veteran Demand for EBPs for PTSD Kehle-Forbes, Shannon 2014-03-31
RRP 12-515 Use of Declination Forms to Improve Influenza Vaccination in Health Care Workers LaVela, Sherri 2014-09-30
RRP 12-517 Effectiveness of a Telemedicine System of A-Fib Alerts for Stroke Prevention Turakhia, Minang 2015-06-30
RRP 12-524 Access to PTSD Care among Veterans with and without Substance Use Diagnoses Damon, Alyssa 2015-03-31
RRP 12-525 After Detoxification: Increasing Follow-up Appointment and SUD Treatment Rates Timko, Christine 2014-11-30
RRP 12-527 Evaluating a Medication Alert to Reduce Concurrent Opioid and Benzodiazepine Use Hawkins, Eric 2015-07-31
RRP 12-528 Barriers to use of pharmacotherapy for alcohol dependence in VA primary care Williams, Emily 2015-09-30
RRP 12-532 Formative Evaluation of Veteran-Centered Post-Surgical Discharge Intervention Naik, Aanand 2015-02-28
RRP 12-533 Progressing towards implementation of lung cancer screening the VHA Wiener, Renda 2014-12-31
RRP 12-535 Telegenomics in the VHA: Evaluation of the Implementation Process Lerner, Barbara 2015-05-31
RRP 12-539 The Uptake of Home-Based Telemental Health by Mental Health Providers Interian, Alejandro 2015-11-30
RRP 12-543 Piloting the Physician Relationships, Improvising, and Sensemaking Intervention Leykum, Luci 2015-04-30
RRP 12-561 Evaluating the Implementation of the Pressure Ulcer Monitoring Tool Guihan, Marylou 2014-07-31
RRP 13-204 Increasing Engagement in Evidence-Based PTSD Therapy for Primary Care Veterans Possemato, Kyle 2014-12-31
RRP 13-215 Successful Implementation of Consistent Staff Assignment in VA CLCs Brennan, Penny 2015-09-30
RRP 13-236 Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Smoking Cessation in VHA HIV Care Himelhoch, Seth 2015-09-30
RRP 13-237 Implementing Collaborative Care to Structure General Mental Health Teams Bauer, Mark 2014-11-30
RRP 13-242 Strategies to Improve PTSD Care Bernardy, Nancy 2016-07-31
RRP 13-247 Enhancing Implementation of Telehealth for Veterans w/SCI/D Smith, Bridget 2014-10-31
RRP 13-248 Functional Needs Assessment in Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders LaVela, Sherri 2015-09-30
RRP 13-249 e-Measurement of Meaningful Use Stroke Electronic Quality Indicators (MUSE-QI) Williams, Linda 2015-08-31
RRP 13-251 Opioid prescribing in the VHA before and after the new Opioid Safety Initiative Ilgen, Mark 2015-08-31
RRP 13-420 De-implementing Unnecessary Medications in Stroke and Cardiovascular Prevention Keyhani, Salomeh 2015-03-31
RRP 13-440 Progressive Tinnitus Management: An Assessment of Readiness Henry, James 2015-09-30
RRP 13-441 VA Pain Coach: Enhancing Use with OEF/OIF/OND Veterans in Clinical Settings Heapy, Alicia 2015-07-31
RRP 13-443 Implementation Context in a VISN1 Anticoagulation Management Intervention Benzer, Justin 2015-09-30
RRP 13-445 Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Integrated Primary Care-Mental Health Zubkoff, Lisa 2015-02-28
RRP 13-446 Implementing Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution: A Formative Evaluation Oliva, Elizabeth 2015-06-30
RRP 13-447 SUD Treatment for Dually Diagnosed Patients in PTSD Outpatient Programs Tiet, Quyen 2016-06-30
RRP 14-180 Implementation of Stigma Reduction Intervention for Primary Care Providers Mittal, Dinesh 2015-09-30
RRP 14-192 Evaluation of Implementation of Intensive Referral Intervention to Support Groups Grant, Kathleen 2015-12-31
RRP 14-195 Caring for the Caregivers of Veterans: Planning a National Program Evaluation Yank, Veronica 2015-10-31
RWJ 08-273 Measuring Care Quality and Pain Outcomes in Hospitalized Veterans Shaffer, Stacey 2010-03-31
RWJ 08-274 VA Supplement to INQRI Proposal Phibbs, Ciaran 2011-02-28
RWJ 08-275 Evidence Based Nursing Practices and Falls in VA and Non-VA Hospitals Rosenthal, Gary 2009-11-30
SAF 03-223 Electronically Identifying Adverse Events in Clinical Narrative Speroff, Theodore 2010-09-30
SAF 04-031 Translating Infection Prevention Evidence to Enhance Patient Safety Krein, Sarah 2008-09-30
SAF 20-049 Creating Safety and Reducing Medical Error with Bar Coding Render, Marta 2003-06-30
SAF 98-122 Automated Adverse Drug Event Monitoring in the VHA Hurdle, John 2002-06-30
SAF 98-152 Randomized Controlled Trial of Enhanced Pharmacy Care in Older Veteran Outpatients Rosenthal, Gary 2004-03-31
SAF 99-144 Patient Profiling and Provider Feedback to Reduce Adverse Drug Events Glassman, Peter 2003-12-31
SCS 03-216 Characterizing Variability in Respiratory Care in SCI&D Weaver, Frances 2008-09-30
SCT 01-169 Increasing Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination in the VA SCI&D Population Weaver, Frances 2005-09-30
SDP 06-001 Implementation and Evaluation of a VISN-based Program to Improve HIV Screening and Testing Goetz, Matthew 2008-04-30
SDP 06-003 Inpatient Smoking Cessation: Bringing the Program to the Smoker Duffy, Sonia 2010-09-30
SDP 06-004 Development and Pilot Test of Implementing a Stroke Quality Improvement Decision Support System (SQUIDSS) Kent, Thomas 2012-03-31
SDP 06-005 Translating the AHRQ Quality Indicators to VA Borzecki, Ann 2010-01-31
SDP 06-128 Adherence and Intensification of Medications: A Population-Based Clinical Pharmacists Implementation Study among Hypertensive Diabetes Patients Heisler, Mary Ellen 2011-04-30
SDP 06-327 Web-based Informational Materials for Caregivers of Veterans Post-Stroke Uphold, Constance 2013-09-30
SDP 07-034 Telephone Care Coordination for Smokers in Mental Health Clinics Sherman, Scott 2013-09-30
SDP 07-318 Implementation of an Opt-Out HIV Rapid Testing Intervention at High Prevalence Primary and Urgent Care Settings within the VA Anaya, Henry 2012-09-30
SDP 07-319 Training SUD Counselors CBT for Depression Curran, Geoffrey 2013-09-30
SDP 08-002 Multi-VISN Implementation of a Program to Improve HIV Screening and Testing Goetz, Matthew 2012-09-30
SDP 08-316 Blended Facilitation to Enhance PCMH Program Implementation Kirchner, JoAnn 2013-07-31
SDP 08-375 Monitoring and Management for Metabolic Effects of Antipsychotics Owen, Richard 2015-09-30
SDP 09-158 Intervention for Stroke Improvement using Redesign Engineering Williams, Linda 2013-02-14
SDP 09-160 Implementation of the Hospital to Home (H2H) Heart failure Initiative Heidenreich, Paul 2013-04-30
SDP 09-402 Implementing Collaborative Care for Depression Plus PTSD in Primary Care Felker, Bradford 2014-09-30
SDP 10-044 Hepatitis C Translating Initiatives for Depression into Solutions Kanwal, Fasiha 2014-12-31
SDP 10-047 Linking National Guard Veterans with Need to Mental Health Care Valenstein, Marcia 2014-02-28
SDP 10-379 Stroke Self-Management: Effect on Function and Stroke Quality of Life Damush, Teresa 2017-09-30
SDP 11-190 RE-INSPIRE: Rich-context Evaluation of INSPIRE Miech, Edward 2015-09-30
SDP 11-240 MISSION-Vet HUD-VASH Implementation Study Smelson, David 2016-06-30
SDP 11-411 A Multi-Faceted Intervention to Improve Alcohol Dependence Pharmacotherapy Access Hagedorn, Hildi 2016-10-31
SDP 12-177 PACT to Improve Health Care in People with Serious Mental Illness (SMI-PACT) Young, Alexander 2019-09-30
SDP 12-178 Quality of Care for Veterans with TIA and Minor Stroke Bravata, Dawn 2015-09-30
SDP 12-179 Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Study to Improve Clopidogrel Adherence Ho, P. Michael 2017-10-31
SDP 12-215 Regional Implementation of Nurse-Initiated HIV Rapid Testing in VA SUD Clinics Anaya, Henry 2016-02-28
SDP 12-249 Improving Anticoagulation Control in VISN 1 Borzecki, Ann 2016-09-30
SDP 12-251 Leveraging Front-Line Expertise in Quality and Safety Shwartz, Michael 2017-09-30
SDP 12-258 Using Proactive Secure Messaging to Enhance Patient-Centeredness and Outcomes Houston, Thomas 2015-10-31
SDP 12-549 VA Diabetes Prevention: Enhanced Implementation Evaluation Damschroder, Laura 2015-10-31
SDP 12-550 Leveraging HIT to improve specialty care access and coordination in HCV Rongey, Catherine 2016-09-30
SDP 13-216 Implementing a Home Safety Toolkit for Veterans with Dementia Moo, Lauren 2017-09-30
SDP 13-219 Implementing Tobacco Treatment in Substance Use Disorder Residential Programs Gifford, Elizabeth 2017-09-30
SDP 13-450 De-Implementation of Inappropriately Tight control (of Hypoglycemia) for Health Aron, David 2017-09-30
SDR 00-098 Race in VA Cooperative Studies Projects Oddone, Eugene 2002-06-01
SDR 01-019 Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes in the VA (TRIAD-VA) Kerr, Eve 2004-02-28
SDR 01-044 The Expedient Psychometric Education Research Team (EXPERT) O'Malley, Kimberly 2003-06-30
SDR 01-175 Creating a VA Health Care Atlas Cowper Ripley, Diane 2003-02-28
SDR 02-215 Evaluation of Parkinson's Disease Research, Education and Clinical Centers Charns, Martin 2010-09-30
SDR 02-300 Veterans' Views of HIPPA, Privacy Protection and Health Services Research Hayward, Rodney 2004-12-31
SDR 03-090 MI-Plus: Web-enhanced Guideline Implementation for Post MI CBOC Patients Houston, Thomas 2010-06-30
SDR 03-211 Validating MDS Data from VA Nursing Home Care Units Pizer, Steven 2004-12-31
SDR 03-217 Pilot Testing and Validation of Changes to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) for VA Nursing Homes Saliba, Debra 2008-09-30
SDR 03-289 Evaluating Quality of Care for Acute Coronary Syndromes in VHA Fihn, Stephan 2008-06-30
SDR 03-318 Translating Research into Action for Diabetes in VA - Phase 2 (TRIAD VA2) Kerr, Eve 2005-04-30
SDR 06-162 Cognitive Assessment of Veterans After Traumatic Brain Injury Donnelly, Kerry 2012-04-30
SDR 06-331 Enhancing Equitable and Effective PTSD Disability Assessment Speroff, Theodore 2011-09-30
SDR 07-002 Validating the Patient Safety Indicators in the VA: A Multi-faceted Approach Rosen, Amy 2012-03-31
SDR 07-042 Long-Term Outcomes in Burned OEF/OIF Veterans (LOBO) Noel, Polly 2013-12-31
SDR 07-044 Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Informal Caregivers to Improve Outcomes for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients with Polytrauma Griffin, Joan 2011-03-31
SDR 07-047 Pain, Psychiatric Disorders, and Disability Among Veterans with and without Polytrauma Clark, Michael 2010-12-31
SDR 07-326 Planning/Pilot-Prospective Study of the Psychological, Social, and Biological Markers (Genomic Determinants) of Risk and Resilience for Operational Stress in Marines Baker, Dewleen 2007-09-30
SDR 07-327 Community Reintegration for OEF/OIF Veterans: Research Collaborations Resnik, Linda 2008-09-30
SDR 07-329 Planning and Development Toward "Comparing Signs and Symptoms of OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSD to Veterans with PTSD/TBI Using Concept-Based Indexing of C&P Narrative Reports Speroff, Theodore 2008-09-30
SDR 07-330 Planning and Development Toward "Biochemical Surveillance of OEF/OIF Deployed Soldiers Using Natural Language Processing Detection of BDD Records" Brown, Steven 2008-09-30
SDR 07-331 Gender and Medical Needs of OIF/OEF Veterans with PTSD Frayne, Susan 2007-10-30
SDR 07-353 The Cost and Benefits of the VA Central Institutional Review Board Wagner, Todd 2011-04-30
SDR 08-267 Telerehabilitation for OIF/OEF Returnees with Combat-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Siddharthan, Kris 2014-06-30
SDR 08-270 Assessment of the Health Care Needs and Barriers to VA Use Experienced by Women Washington, Donna 2009-05-31
SDR 08-377 Evaluation of VA's TBI Clinical Reminder And Secondary Level Evaluation Babcock-Parziale, Judi 2011-12-31
SDR 08-405 TBI Evaluation Instruments and Processes for Clinical Follow-up Hendricks, Ann 2011-03-31
SDR 08-408 Neuropsychological Screening of OEF/OIF Veterans in VA Primary Care Seal, Karen 2015-03-31
SDR 08-409 Evaluation of TBI Screening Processes and Healthcare Utilization Smith, Bridget 2011-03-31
SDR 08-411 TBI Screening Instruments and Processes for Clinical Follow-Up Vanderploeg, Rodney 2012-03-31
SDR 09-128 Marine Resiliency Study Baker, Dewleen 2012-09-30
SDR 10-180 VA-HRS Data Linkage Project Langa, Kenneth 2015-09-30
SDR 10-182 Evaluation of VA Research Career Development Program Finney, John 2012-01-31
SDR 10-398 Prospective Predictors of Veteran and Family Post-Deployment Mental Health Polusny, Melissa 2014-10-31
SDR 11-189 Women Veterans Health Research Database Shekelle, Paul 2013-08-31
SDR 11-230 Aligning Resources to Care for Homeless Veterans (ARCH) O'Toole, Thomas 2015-10-31
SDR 11-231 Addiction Housing Case Management for Homeless Veterans Enrolled in Addictions Treatment Saxon, Andrew 2016-02-29
SDR 11-232 Population-based Outreach Services to Reduce Homelessness among Veterans with SMI Kilbourne, Amy 2015-08-31
SDR 11-233 Homeless Solutions in a VA Environment (H-SOLVE) Kertesz, Stefan 2016-08-31
SDR 11-399 Describing Variation in IRB Efficiency, Quality and Procedures Hall, Daniel 2014-12-31
SDR 11-403 Veterans, Researchers and IRB Members Experiences with Recruitment Restrictions Ganzini, Linda 2016-02-29
SDR 11-439 Phase II Evaluation of VA Research Career Development Program: Mentoring Processes and Relationships Cronkite, Ruth 2015-09-30
SDR 11-440 Veteran and Staff Perceptions of VHA Large Scale Adverse Event Communications Bokhour, Barbara 2015-09-30
SDR 12-196 The VA Women's Overall Mental Health Assessment of Needs (WOMAN) Kimerling, Rachel 2014-09-30
SDR 12-203 Risk of Linking HIPAA De-Identified Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Dataset with CMS Data Zhou, Xiao-Hua 2012-07-31
SDR 12-280 Developing a patient inventory to facilitate patient-centered care delivery Weaver, Frances 2016-09-30
SDR 12-282 Encouraging Patient-Centered Communication in Clinical Video Telehealth Visits Gordon, Howard 2019-12-31
SDR 12-302 Action Ethnography of Community Reintegration for Veterans with TBI Besterman-Dahan, Karen 2019-06-30
SDR 12-423 An RCT to Test Reporting and Feedback to Foster Research Integrity Climates Martinson, Brian 2015-09-30
SDR 13-425 Understanding Women's Disparities in Satisfaction with VA Health Care (DISC Women) Zickmund, Susan 2016-03-31
SDR 14-281 Bridging Care Gaps: Information Exchange Between VA and Non-VA Sites of Care Hung, William 2017-03-31
SDR 14-392 Dual Health Systems Users: Strategies to Implement Optimal Care Coordination Turvey, Carolyn 2016-07-31
SDR 15-461 The Opioid Consent: Helping Optimize Information for Cancer and Effective (CHOICE) Pain Management Lorenz, Karl 2018-08-31
SDR 16-196 Partnered Evidence Based Policy Research Center Frakt, Austin 2017-09-30
SDR 18-150 Addressing Intimate Partner Violence Among Women Veterans: Evaluating the Impact and Effectiveness of VHA's Response Iverson, Katherine 2018-12-31
SDR 18-330 Evaluation of Implementation Strategies to Increase Telerehabilitation Smith, Bridget 2019-10-31
SDR 94-001 Costs, Quality of Life and Functional Outcomes in Veterans Treated for Multiple Sclerosis with Beta-Interferon l-B (Betaseron) Guarnaccia, Joseph 2000-06-30
SDR 96-002 Ambulatory Care Quality Improvement (ACQUIP) Fihn, Stephan 2001-02-28
SDR 97-001 Evaluating Cost for Veterans Health Care Nugent, Gary 2002-02-28
SDR 99-300 Validating a Measure of Hypertension Care Using Administrative Databases Berlowitz, Dan 2001-09-30
SHP 08-137 Weight and Medication Changes Associated with Bariatric Surgery Maciejewski, Matthew 2008-09-30
SHP 08-138 Assessing Nurse/Physician Communication in the ICU Krein, Sarah 2008-09-30
SHP 08-139 Developing a Computer-Adapted Test to Assess Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Eisen, Susan 2008-09-30
SHP 08-140 Tracking OEF/OIF Transition from DoD to VA Copeland, Laurel 2008-09-30
SHP 08-141 Improving Medical Training for the Care of Chronic Conditions Aron, David 2008-09-30
SHP 08-142 Visual Dysfunction in MTBI: A Comparison Group Study Goodrich, Gregory 2009-03-31
SHP 08-144 Accuracy of Initial Diagnosis of Diabetes in VHA Phillips, Lawrence 2008-09-30
SHP 08-145 Environmental Exposures Assessment Tool (EE-Tool) for OIF/OEF Veterans Schneiderman, Aaron 2008-09-30
SHP 08-146 Management of Metabolic Side Effects of Antipsychotics in Six VISNs Owen, Richard 2010-03-31
SHP 08-147 Piloting interactive voice response modules for chronic pain treatment Kerns, Robert 2009-03-31
SHP 08-148 Effect of Performance Measure Features on Outpatient Performance Trends Hysong, Sylvia 2009-05-30
SHP 08-149 Identifying Informatics Opportunities to Support Desired Disposition Practices Patterson, Emily 2008-09-30
SHP 08-150 Predicting Outcomes from Acute Medical Care Borzecki, Ann 2008-09-30
SHP 08-151 Measuring Implementation Success VanDeusen-Lukas, Carol 2008-09-30
SHP 08-152 Improving Self-Management Through Facilitated Patient Physician Communication Frankel, Richard 2009-05-31
SHP 08-153 Using Text Mining to Differentiate Between PTSD and Mild TBI in OEF/OIF Veterans Luther, Stephen 2008-09-30
SHP 08-154 Aging OEF/OIF Veterans: Assessing the Needs of an Emerging Cohort Zickmund, Susan 2008-09-30
SHP 08-155 Developing Validated Algorithms to Identify Cancer in Existing VA Databases Haggstrom, David 2008-09-30
SHP 08-156 Formative Evaluation in Implementation Research: Guideline Development Zickmund, Susan 2008-12-15
SHP 08-157 A Practice-Based Research Network for Clinical Micro-System Research Parchman, Michael 2008-09-30
SHP 08-158 Qualitative Assessment of Implementing Routine Rapid HIV Testing Anaya, Henry 2008-12-31
SHP 08-159 Understanding Variations in the IRB Review Process: Pilot Study Dobalian, Aram 2008-09-30
SHP 08-160 Suicidality: Correlates and Impact on Preference-Weighted Health Status of Veterans in VA Primary Care Magruder, Kathryn 2008-09-30
SHP 08-161 Gender and Medical Needs of OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSDII Frayne, Susan 2008-09-30
SHP 08-162 Computerized Decision Support at the Time of a Prescription Delisle, Sylvain 2008-09-30
SHP 08-163 A Modified Delphi Consultation: Implementing the VA Psychiatric Advance Directive Strauss, Jennifer 2008-09-30
SHP 08-164 Resident Supervision Index: Assessing Feasibility and Validity Kashner, Terrell 2008-09-30
SHP 08-165 Pilot Study to Assess Gaps in Follow-Up for Suspicious PSA Tests Zeliadt, Steven 2009-09-30
SHP 08-166 Improving Measures of VA Facility Performance for Diabetes Care Petersen, Laura 2008-09-30
SHP 08-167 Validation of Brief Objective Neurobehavioral Detectors of Mild TBI Chapman, Julie 2009-06-30
SHP 08-168 A Pilot of PTSD-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Partner Violence Taft, Casey 2008-09-30
SHP 08-169 Examining the Diagnostic and Clinical Utility of the PTSD Checklist Kimerling, Rachel 2008-09-30
SHP 08-170 The Impact of OEF/OIF Veterans Mental Health on Caregivers Hayes, Jeanne 2008-09-30
SHP 08-171 Self Report vs Pharmacy Data Adherence Measures Melnyk, Stephanie 2008-09-30
SHP 08-172 Optimizing Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Modifying Anti-rheumatic Drugs Cannon, Grant 2008-09-30
SHP 08-174 Using Clinical Groupers to Study Episodes of Care Borzecki, Ann 2009-03-31
SHP 08-175 Translation and Cultural Adaptation of a PTSD Therapy for Hispanics Reyes-Rabanillo, Maria 2008-09-30
SHP 08-176 Summary Measures of Health Care Quality: A Critique of Four Approaches Timbie, Justin 2008-09-30
SHP 08-177 Interventions to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates and Adherence Hoffman, Richard 2009-05-01
SHP 08-178 A Qualitative Assessment of Work Hour Regulation for Physician Trainees Volpp, Kevin 2008-09-30
SHP 08-179 New NLP Tools for Extraction of Values from Microbiology Text Matheny, Michael 2008-09-30
SHP 08-180 Pilot study of group physical therapy for knee osteoarthritis Allen, Kelli 2008-09-30
SHP 08-181 Web-based Alcohol Screening & Intervention: Adaptation for OEF/OIF Vets Bradley, Katharine 2010-02-01
SHP 08-182 How to encourage patients' active communication behaviors (Pilot Study) Gordon, Howard 2009-04-30
SHP 08-183 Care Transitions for ICU Survivors: Post-discharge Management Li, Yu-Fang 2008-09-30
SHP 08-184 Telephone based care for OIF/OEF Veterans with PTSD Felker, Bradford 2009-09-30
SHP 08-185 Evaluation of Polytrauma Brain Injury Rehabilitation Transitional Program Scott, Steven 2009-03-31
SHP 08-186 Pilot Study of Reintegration and Service Needs for Women Veteran Mothers Lange, Gudrun 2008-09-30
SHP 08-187 Evidence Synthesis: Hypertension Medication Adherence & Intensification Kressin, Nancy 2008-12-31
SHP 08-188 Geographic Variations in Patient Outcomes in the VHA Compared with the Medicare Advantage Programs Selim, Alfredo 2008-09-30
SHP 08-189 Prototype of Web-Based Treatment of mild TBI Symptoms in OEF/OIF Nelson, Audrey 2008-09-30
SHP 08-190 Rural/Urban Differences in Service Utilization Among OIF/OEF Veterans Hudson, Teresa 2009-05-31
SHP 08-191 Refinement of an Automated Text Abstraction Informatics Tool Garvin, Jennifer 2008-09-30
SHP 08-192 Factors Influencing Effective Implementation of My HealtheVet Chumbler, Neale 2008-09-30
SHP 08-193 Patients' View of Hepatitis C Treatment Completion or Withdrawal Clark, Jack 2008-09-30
SHP 08-194 Developing a PBLI QI Systems Impact Assessment Questionnaire Aron, David 2008-09-30
SHP 08-195 Genetic Testing Decision Analysis Model for Antidepressant Treatment Pyne, Jeffrey 2008-09-30
SHP 08-196 Pilot Study of Quality Indicators to Assess Supportive Care for Veterans Malin, Jennifer 2008-09-30
SHP 08-197 Tobacco Tactics Website for Veteran Smokers Duffy, Sonia 2009-03-31
SHP 08-198 Do Group Insulin Education Visits Reduce Barriers to Insulin Initiation? Fredrickson, Sonja 2008-09-30
SHP 08-199 Modeling Telehealth Care Among Veterans with SCI Smith, Mark 2008-12-15
SHP 08-200 PDA-Based Measurement of Guideline Implementation by Nursing Assistants Dellefield, Mary Ellen 2008-09-30
SHP 08-201 Measuring Quality of Colonoscopy in VA Medical Centers Lieberman, David 2008-09-30
SHP 08-202 Characteristics of the TBI Clinical Reminder Screening Process Groer, Shirley 2008-09-30
SHP 08-203 Liver Biopsy Use for VA Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C: Patterns and Predictors Groessl, Erik 2009-03-31
SLI 04-265 The Hearing Aid Effectiveness After Aural Rehabilitation (HEAR) Trial Collins, Margaret 2009-06-30
STI 20-029 Measuring Health Related Quality of Life in Veterans with Stroke Reker, Dean 2003-03-31
SUI 99-101 Centralized Telephone Outreach to Assist Smoking Cessation Among Veterans Joseph, Anne 2004-09-30
SUI 99-109 Onsite versus Referral Models of Primary Care for Substance Abusing Patients Saxon, Andrew 2004-03-31
SUI 99-113 Implementation of a Screening and Brief Alcohol Intervention Program Haenchen, Kristen 2001-09-30
SUS 99-015 System for Monitoring Substance Abuse Patients' Outcomes and Care Finney, John 2005-06-30
SUS 99-026 Clinical Practices and Outcomes in VA Methadone Maintenance Programs Humphreys, Keith 2004-06-30
SUS 99-027 Continuity in Substance Abuse Care: Best Practices, Outcomes, and Costs Schaefer, Jeanne 2002-03-31
SUT 01-035 Improving Access to Effective Opioid Agonist Therapy Willenbring, Mark 2003-09-30
SUT 02-211 Translating Depression Guidelines into Substance Abuse Treatment Curran, Geoffrey 2005-03-31
TEL 01-146 Telephone Care as a Substitute for Routine Psychiatric Medication Management Wallace, Amy 2009-09-30
TEL 02-100 Internet-based Diabetes Education and Case Management Conlin, Paul 2008-12-31
TEL 03-080 Telemedicine and Anger Management Groups for PTSD Veterans in the Hawaiian Islands Morland, Leslie 2009-09-30
TEL 03-135 Telephone Case Monitoring for Veterans with PTSD Rosen, Craig 2011-09-30
TEL 20-015 An Evaluation of Home-Based Telemedicine Services Hopp, Faith 2004-06-30
TEL 20-036 Effect of Telemedicine on Physician-Patient Communication Agha, Zia 2007-10-30
TEL 99-242 Assessment of Sight-Threatening Diabetic Retinopathy Status via Telemedicine Lowery, Julie 2003-04-30
TRH 01-031 A Custom Approach to Implementation of Diabetes Hypertension Guidelines Lowery, Julie 2004-09-30
TRH 01-038 Improving Hypertension Control: A Physician Intervention Kressin, Nancy 2003-03-31
TRH 01-173 Group Visits to Improve Hypertension Management Goldstein, Mary 2006-08-30
TRX 01-080 Facilitating Implementation of the PHS Smoking Cessation Guidelines - RESET Partin, Melissa 2003-09-30
TRX 01-082 Factors Influencing Success of Computerized Clinical Reminders in VA Rothendler, James 2005-12-30
TRX 01-083 From Research to Practice - Lipid Management for Low HDL-Cholesterol Bloomfield, Hanna 2003-09-30
TRX 01-091 Systematic Review and Tracking Databases for CPG Implementation Lawrence, Valerie 2008-06-30
TRX 02-216 Human Factors and the Effectiveness of Computerized Clinical Reminders Patterson, Emily 2006-06-30
TRX 04-402 Decision Support for the Management of Opioid Therapy in Chronic Pain Trafton, Jodie 2008-06-30
TRX 05-309 Patterns of Research Progression and Implementation within the VA Research and Development Program: Barriers, Facilitators and Policy Recommendations Mittman, Brian 2005-09-30
TXI 01-014 Determinants of Treatment Retention for Veterans with Psychoses Blow, Frederic 2004-06-30
VCA 15-240 A mixed-methods, multi-site evaluation of the Implementation of the Veterans Choice Act Ho, P. Michael 2015-09-30
VCA 15-241 Ensuring quality and care coordination in the era of Veterans Choice Kerr, Eve 2015-09-30
VCA 15-242 Examining VACAA Implementation and Care Coordination for Women Veterans Mattocks, Kristin 2015-09-30
VCA 15-243 Factors Affecting Choice Act Implementation and Quality for Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Choice IQ) Finley, Erin 2015-09-30
VCA 15-244 Evaluating the Impact of the Veterans Choice Act on Appropriateness of Opioid Therapy Becker, William 2015-09-30
VCA 15-245 Differences in Satisfaction with Choice: Laying the Foundation for the Evaluation of the Choice Act Zickmund, Susan 2015-09-30
VCA 15-246 OEF/OIF/OND Veterans' Use of Primary and Specialty Care through Choice Wagner, Todd 2015-09-30
VCR 02-166 Does a CTI Improve Psychiatric Inpatient-Outpatient Outcomes Dixon, Lisa 2005-09-30
VCR 02-167 Use of CPRS Templates to Standardize Drug Utilization Reviews Eng, Robert 2005-06-30
VCR 99-007 Predicting Glycemic Control and Hypoglycemia in Type II Diabetic Veterans Murata, Glen 2002-09-30
VCR 99-008 Computer-Assisted Access to Specialist Expertise Aron, David 2002-12-31
VCR 99-009 Evaluating Non-Mandatory Workload and Optimizing Staffing Engelhardt, Joseph 2003-08-31
VCR 99-010 Prevalence and Recognition of PTSD in VA Primary Care Magruder, Kathryn 2002-12-31
VCR 99-012 Improving Health Services for Veterans with Schizophrenia Bellack, Alan 2003-03-31
VCR 99-013 Outsourcing VA Inpatient Care: Impact on Utilization, Quality, and Policy Rosenthal, Gary 2002-09-30
VCR 99-014 Implementation of Ischemic Heart Disease Clinical Practice Guidelines Nelson, Audrey 2002-09-30
WRI 01-176 Neuropsychological Assessment of a Population-Based Sample of Persian Gulf War Veterans and Controls Wallin, Mitchell 2004-06-30