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IAB 06-038 – HSR Study

IAB 06-038
Detailing Smoking Attributable Risks for Post-Morbidity: Planning for Policy and Clinical Interventions
Thomas K Houston, MD MPH
VA Bedford HealthCare System, Bedford, MA
Bedford, MA
Funding Period: July 2007 - June 2010
The VA has made great strides towards implementation of systematic outpatient tobacco control. Our proposal addresses another important service area in need of implementation of smoking cessation interventions - surgery. Over 375,000 surgical procedures are performed yearly in the VA. Based on VA National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP), smoking prevalence among Veterans undergoing surgery (36%) is even higher than the overall smoking prevalence in Veterans using the VA (30%).

In this two-year project, we: 1. Refined knowledge about the impact of smoking on surgical complications. We further detailed the association of smoking and 30-day risk of surgical complications by analyzing variations by procedure and patient characteristics using a cohort of patients receiving surgery in the VA, using NSQIP data. 2. Described barriers, facilitators, and current pre-operative smoking cessation practices across VA.

The is a retrospective cohort study.

Project Findings I: Of the 393,769 procedures, there were 135,738 (34.5%) current, 71,421 (18.1%) prior and 186,610 (47.4%) never smokers. A total of 6,225 pneumonias, 11,430 surgical site infections (SSI), 2,040 DVT/PTE, 1,338 myocardial infarctions (MI), and 4,792 deaths occurred within 30 days of surgery. Current smokers were younger, lower ASA class and had slightly lower work RVU procedures. Compared with prior smokers and controlled for patient and procedure risk factors, current smokers had significantly more post-operative pneumonia, SSI and deaths. We found little variation in risk across patient characteristics, but did note that risk patterns were higher in elective orthopedic procedures (Hip and Knee replacement). This is the first study to assess the risk of current versus prior smoking on surgical outcomes. Despite being younger, healthier and undergoing slightly less complex operations, current smokers had more adverse perioperative events. Smoking cessation interventions could potentially reduce the occurrence and costs of adverse perioperative events.

Smoking is a major risk factor for perioperative morbidity and mortality. Despite our goal of identifying synergistic risk between smoking status and procedure/patient factors, we found a relatively monotonic risk by strata. One exception was the elevated risk in orthopedic procedures.

A major advance of our analysis over prior research was the large dataset and the use of a three-category smoking exposure (current, prior, never smoker). Lumping prior smokers with never smoker creates differential misclassification of lifetime smoking exposure and reduces the potential of finding a significant effect. Our study reinforces prior literature demonstrating the risk of preoperative smoking. We overcome several methodologic limitations in prior studies. More research demonstrating that smoking is a risk, or exploring variations in risk, is not needed. Prior randomized trials have demonstrated an effect of preoperative smoking cessation interventions on surgical outcomes. However results vary based upon several factors including the duration and adherence to preoperative abstinence procedures. Implementation research is needed, understanding how to re-engineer care to best deliver smoking cessation interventions within the context of the primary care to surgery handoff. Experiments and simulations of surgical delay to maximize time for preoperative cessation are needed.

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DRA: Mental, Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders, Substance Use Disorders
DRE: Treatment - Observational, Prevention
Keywords: Nicotine, Smoking, Surgery
MeSH Terms: none

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