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CDA 07-016 – HSR Study

CDA 07-016
Patterns of Follow-up Care Among Colorectal Cancer Survivors
David A Haggstrom, MD
Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Funding Period: February 2008 - January 2013
A veteran is a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis, through the balance of his/her life. This project is developing quality of survivorship care measures, and assessing models of coordinated survivorship care. The research plan proposed here broadens the VA portfolio by addressing cancer care post-treatment.

Aim 1: To identify patient-level characteristics associated with underuse and overuse of guideline-concordant care among veteran colorectal cancer (CRC) survivors. Aim 2: To determine whether organizational factors or physician specialty are associated with the quality of CRC surveillance care. Hypothesis 2a: There is no difference in the quality of surveillance care between primary care and specialty physicians. Hypothesis 2b: More organizational oncology care resources are associated with overuse of non-guideline-concordant surveillance care. Aim 3: To develop and pilot test a CRC survivor's personal health record (PHR) that promotes guideline-concordant care.

A longitudinal cohort study was performed using CRC patients identified in the VA Central Cancer Registry (VACCR). Cancer cases werelinked with VA national administrative data and organizational surveys to determine whether patient, provider, or organizational characteristics are associated with the quality of surveillance care. A CRC PHR prototype was developed to meet the patient-centered needs of CRC survivors. Usability test participants were recruited from among Veterans, providers, and caregivers.

Not yet available.

Findings indicate potential gaps and targets to improve the quality of CRC surveillance care received by veterans. Operational partners responsible for cancer care delivery have been engaged during the course of the CDA, including the VA Cancer Survivorship Interest Group and My HealtheVet Clinical Advisory Board. Dr. Haggstrom anticipates future implementation research projects related to cancer survivorship and surveillance care, including personal health records (PHRs) and care models that coordinate primary care and oncology providers serving Veterans. In addition, the PHR prototype will provide meaningful information to guide the development of patient-centered information technology for Veterans, in particular, cancer survivors.

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