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CDA 07-025 – HSR Study

CDA 07-025
Enhancing Advance Care Planning in Diverse Elders with Limited Literacy
Rebecca Sudore, MD
San Francisco VA Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
Funding Period: January 2009 - December 2013
Most older Veterans and their surrogate decision makers will eventually face complex, ongoing decisions over the course of chronic illness. These decisions are difficult, especially for the 50% of older Veterans with limited health literacy. Limited literacy has been associated with impaired decision-making, yet most end-of-life decision tools are written beyond the 12th grade level. Also, most end-of-life tools do not help patients identify and communicate their values for medical care or provide a framework for decision making over the course of serious and chronic illness. In this proposal, I have addressed the need for an easy-to-read advance care planning guide that meets the literacy needs of most U.S. elders.

The aims of this proposal were (1) to design an easy-to-read (5th grade level) values tool that is informed by input from Veterans, their surrogates and clinicians, and is presented in the most engaging format (questionnaire vs. story format); (2) to seek evidence of the value tool's reliability and validity; and (3) to determine whether the values tool can improve engagement in advance care planning and decision making.

All subjects were recruited from Primary Care, Oncology, Pulmonary, and Congestive Heart Failure clinics at the San Francisco VA Medical Center, and were 65 years or older, English-speaking, and had less than a 2-year life expectancy. For Aim 1, I used focus groups and cognitive interviews to obtain elders', surrogates', and clinicians' suggestions for the value tool's design and improvement. For Aim 2, I assessed the tool's reliability (test-retest) and construct validity. For Aim 3, I assessed the acceptability of the values tool to elderly Veterans and its ability to improve engagement in advance care planning and confidence in decision making.

Not yet available.

My CDA aimed to provide an impetus for changing the paradigm of advance care planning policies within the VA and to provide tangible advance care planning support tools to veterans and their families. Thus far, my research program has helped redefine advance care planning as a process designed not just to pre-specify specific treatment procedures, but also to prepare patients and surrogates for decision making for serious illness. I have been able to create a novel multi-media advance care planning education guide that is currently being tested in the VA and made available to Veterans through clinical programs.

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DRA: Aging, Older Veterans' Health and Care, Health Systems
DRE: Technology Development and Assessment
Keywords: End-of-life, Long-term care
MeSH Terms: none

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