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COIN: Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered and Value-Driven Care; Seattle, WA and Denver, CO

Directors: David H. Au, M.D., M.S., and P. Michael Ho, M.D.

About the COIN

This Center's mission is to conduct outstanding health services research that promotes Veteran-centered and value-driven care, generate and disseminate knowledge that contributes to the well-being of Veterans, partner with VA policy and operational leaders to implement research findings into clinical care, and train the next generation of health services researchers and leaders.

Focused Areas of Research

Co-located in Seattle and Denver, the Center focuses on Veterans with complex chronic conditions and has broad research goals that include:
  • Improving patients' experiences across community and healthcare settings, and
  • Advancing the science of providing the highest quality medical care per cost of care.


Veteran-Centered Care

This Center strives to improve patient self-management, their health and functional status, as well as Veterans' experience within the VA healthcare system. Since most healthcare delivery occurs outside medical facilities, a primary objective is to improve a Veteran's ability to self-manage within his or her home and other environments. Investigators also will work to improve Veterans' experiences using palliative care, as well as the health and functional status of patients with complex chronic conditions. These efforts will include targeting improvements in VA organizational structure, processes, and personnel.

Value in Healthcare

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement's triple aim explicitly acknowledges not only patient experiences and population health, but also per-capita cost. Therefore, this Center's objective is to inform VA operational and policy leaders about the value of healthcare delivered within VA - and to provide approaches to deliver the highest quality care at the lowest cost. Objectives include:

  • Identifying high-value VA facilities and the processes and structure they employ; and
  • Comparing the effectiveness of alternate ways of delivering high-value care, as well as developing new methods to quantify value.



Partner Offices

Each COIN works closely with operational partners throughout the VA healthcare system. The partners associated with this COIN include:

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