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Through the use of telephone and computer-based services, eHealth and telehealth are used to augment and support traditional healthcare services such as in-person clinic visits. Important aspects of eHealth being studied include how to support access to and meaningful use of eHealth tools, and how to enhance Veterans' self-management and participation through appropriate tools, including VA's My HealtheVet.

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(5 of more than 212 EHEALTH focused publications)

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Publication Briefs

(5 of more than 5 EHEALTH focused publication briefs)

  • Telemedicine-Based Intervention Improves Outcomes for Veterans with Poorly Controlled Diabetes
    Investigators in this pilot trial developed the Advanced Comprehensive Diabetes Care (ACDC) intervention, which bundles four evidence-based telemedicine approaches – telemonitoring, self-management support, medication management, and depression management – and is designed for practical delivery by existing VA Home Telehealth program nurses using standard VA equipment. Findings showed that the ACD...
    Date: November 5, 2015
  • Changes in VA Care since PACT Implementation
    This study evaluated interim changes in PACT-related care processes. Findings showed that VA achieved rapid progress in building a PACT infrastructure in the first 30 months of an extensive four-year implementation plan, and some interim changes in processes of care were observed: in-person PCP visit rates decreased slightly; healthcare via telephone and Internet increased dramatically (e.g., pho...
    Date: July 10, 2013
  • Prediction Model Using VA Data May Help Identify Primary Care Patients at Increased Risk for Hospitalization or Death
    In an attempt to identify high-risk patients, investigators in this study developed statistical models using health information from VA’s clinical and administrative databases to predict the risk of hospitalization or death among all Veterans who were assigned to a primary care provider as of 10/1/10. Findings showed that prediction models using electronic clinical data accurately identified Veter...
    Date: April 1, 2013
  • JGIM Special Supplement Highlights Access to VA Healthcare
    The JGIM Supplement includes both the white papers commissioned as background for the September 2010 state-of-the-art (SOTA) conference on “Improving Access to VA Care” and manuscripts submitted in response to a post-SOTA solicitation for original research and reviews pertaining to improving access to VA care. Articles focus on a myriad of topics related to improving access to care for Veterans, ...
    Date: November 1, 2011
  • Long-Term Impact of Home Telehealth on Preventable Hospitalizations for Veterans with Diabetes
    This study assessed the longitudinal effect of a VA Care Coordination Home Telehealth (CCHT) program on preventable hospitalizations for Veterans with diabetes. Findings showed a statistically significant reduction in preventable hospitalizations for Veterans enrolled in the CCHT program during the initial 18 months of follow-up compared to Veterans in the control group, even after adjusting for p...
    Date: October 1, 2009

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( 5 of more than 100 EHEALTH focused projects )

Project No.  Title  PI  Funding Start   
PPO 16-118 Telehealth to Support Antimicrobial Stewardship Implementation at VA Facilities Jump, Robin 2016-09-01
IIR 14-353 Telehealth Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression in Parkinson's Disease Interian, Alejandro 2016-07-01
IIR 15-147 Effectiveness of Telehealth Collaborative Care for Veterans with HIV in Ruraland Outlying Settings Ohl, Michael 2016-02-01
SDR 12-282 Encouraging Patient-Centered Communication in Clinical Video Telehealth Visits Gordon, Howard 2015-10-01
NRI 14-034 Adherence to the Use of Home Telehealth Devices by Veterans with Heart Failure Guzman, Jenice Ria 2015-07-01

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HSR&D Briefs, Reports, Newsletters

5 sample "ehealth" publications displayed.

  • May 2014 FORUM the compendium. Unique Characteristics of eHealth Implementation eHealth implementation has several unique characteristics that warrant investigation...

  • May 2014 FORUM an important word. Research Highlights The eHealth Measures Compendium by Bonnie J. Wakefield, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, eHealth Quality Enhancement...

  • May 2014 FORUM
    ...Timothy P. Hogan, Ph.D., and Lorilei Michaud Richardson, Ph.Dc., M.S., all with the VA eHealth Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI),...

    ...research highlights, announcements 05-2014: Connected Health, eHealth Measures, VHA TeleICU, Virtual Points of Access, Evidence-Based Psychotherapy,...

  • HSR&D Research Briefs
    ...who have been honored for their research and professional efforts: Thomas K. Houston, M.D., M.P.H., Director of the VA/HSR&D eHealth Quality Enhancement...

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The most recent "ehealth" seminars are displayed.

Date Title Presenter(s)
12/8/2015 A Tobacco Risk Communication Intervention for Veterans Receiving Cancer Care: Preliminary Findings Krebs, Paul  
12/11/2013 Qualitative Methods in Rapid Turn-Around Health Services Research Hamilton, Alison  
12/19/2012 Primary/Specialty Care Integration: Insights and Challenges in Improving the Consult Process Tuepker, Anais  
Grewenow, Ron  
Ohl, Michael  
11/21/2012 Integrating Telehealth into the PACT Care Model: Thinking Outside the Box Wilkinson, Jayne  
Piette, John  
5/15/2012 Telemonitoring and Sleep Apnea: Effect on CPAP Adherence Stepnowsky, Carl  

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Other Resources


  • Learn more about how VA's Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Partnered Evaluation program is working with the VA Office of Telehealth Services to evaluate eHealth technologies across the VA healthcare system.
  • Visit the VA's Office of Telehealth Service's website to learn more about how technology is being used to improve care for Veterans.
  • Learn more about how VA's Quality Enhancement Research Initiative Virtual Specialty Care Program is working to deliver and evaluate technology facilitated specialty care to rural-dwelling Veterans.

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