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CDA 14-411 – HSR&D Study

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CDA 14-411
Improving Transitional Care for Veterans Discharged to Post-acute Care Facilities
Robert E. Burke MD MS
Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Funding Period: October 2015 - September 2020

The number of Veterans being discharged from hospitals to post-acute care facilities for continued care (such as skilled nursing facilities or rehabilitation facilities) is increasing. Unfortunately, many of these Veterans return to the hospital shortly after they were discharged, and this can lead to a downward spiral leading to long-term nursing home placement or even premature death for Veterans. These outcomes vary significantly site-by-site, suggesting different processes of care are employed. The processes and outcomes of post-acute care in the VA system are unknown.

Our work will evaluate transitions of care from hospitals to post-acute care facilities. We will identify important factors that lead to poor outcomes and best practices that lead to better outcomes, and then pilot interventions to improve transitions of care that may be of use for all Veterans being discharged from the hospital to a post-acute care facility.

Using a novel database that ties together VA, Medicare, and Medicaid data called the Residential History File, we will assess transitional care outcomes and evaluate structures and processes identified as important contributors in the ITC framework (Aim 1). Our primary composite outcome is hospital readmissions, ED visits, and mortality within 7 days of discharge. Secondary outcomes include 30-day utilization, mortality, and functional status. We will augment this analysis with interviews with key hospital and PAC providers as well as Veterans transitioning to PAC at high- and low-performing sites. These interviews will allow us to delve deeper into key processes within ITC domains that impact outcomes (Aim 2). Finally, we will pilot test a nurse-led intervention to improve transitions of care from hospital to PAC based on the ITC framework and informed by quantitative and qualitative data (Aim 3).

Not yet available.

This work will improve the outcomes of the large number of older Veterans who receive post-acute care in a skilled nursing facility after hospitalization.


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