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HSR&D Monthly Features


Spotlight on Homelessness 1/02/2020


Access to Care 12/02/2019
AIDS—Still a World-wide Threat 12/01/2019
Diabetes 11/01/2019
Women's Health 10/01/2019
Suicide Prevention 9/01/2019
Care Coordination 7/01/2019
Brain Health 6/01/2019
Stroke 5/01/2019
Substance Use Disorder 4/01/2019
Colorectal Cancer 3/01/2019
Cardiovascular Disease 2/01/2019
Telehealth 1/02/2019


Long Term Care 12/03/2018
Healthcare Associated Infection 11/01/2018
Chronic Pain and Pain Awareness 10/01/2018
Suicide Prevention 9/01/2018
Evidence-Based Practice 7/01/2018
Suicide Prevention Research 6/11/2018
Men's Health: Research into Aging Veterans' Health Concerns 6/01/2018
Mental Health 5/01/2018
Health Equity & Disparities Research 4/02/2018
Honoring Vietnam Veterans: 50th Anniversary 3/23/2018
VA Research into Patient Safety 3/12/2018
Women's Health Research 3/01/2018
Improving Healthcare for Veterans with Heart Disease 2/01/2018
Research on Health Issues Impacting Black Veterans 2/01/2018
Substance Use Disorder Research 1/02/2018


Improving Access to Care for Veterans 12/01/2017
World AIDS Day 12/01/2017
Enhancing Informal Caregiving for Veterans 11/01/2017
Research into Intimate Partner Violence 10/02/2017
Improving the Safety of Opioid Treatment 7/03/2017
Brain Health Research 6/06/2017
Women's Heatth 5/01/2017
Traumatic Brain Injury Research 4/03/2017
Patient Safety 3/01/2017
Cardiovascular Disease Research 2/01/2017
VA Working to Improve Weight Management among Veterans 1/03/2017


Preventive Care 12/01/2016
American Diabetes Month 11/01/2016
Research to Support Caregivers for Veterans 10/05/2016
Preventing Suicide among Veterans 9/01/2016
Research into Veterans' Dual Use of Healthcare Coverage 8/01/2016
Improving Access to Care through Telehealth 7/06/2016
Stroke research in HSR&D 6/09/2016
Hepatitis Awareness Month 5/02/2016
National Minority Health Month 4/04/2016
VHA's Priorities for Strategic Action: Employee Engagement 1/25/2016


VHA's Priorities for Strategic Action: High-Performance Healthcare Network 11/09/2015
VHA's Priorities for Strategic Action: Access 10/08/2015
World Heart Day 9/01/2015
Research Focused on Aging Veterans 8/03/2015
Gender Differences in Healthcare 7/01/2015
National PTSD Awareness Day 6/01/2015
VA Nursing Research 5/04/2015
April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month 4/01/2015
Cancer Research 3/02/2015
Working to Decrease Suicide Rates among Veterans 2/02/2015
Research to Support Ending Veteran Homelessness 1/05/2015


Improving Health and Care for Veterans with HIV/AIDS 12/01/2014
Palliative and Hospice Care Research 11/03/2014
Improving Mental Healthcare for Veterans 10/01/2014
Post-Deployment Health Research 9/09/2014
Patient-Aligned Care Team (PACT) Research 7/01/2014
June is PTSD Awareness Month 6/05/2014
Improving Health and Care for Veterans with Diabetes 6/01/2014
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research 5/01/2014
April is Alcohol Awareness Month 4/01/2014
Colorectal Cancer Research in HSR&D 3/03/2014
Partnered Research to Improve Heart Failure Care for Veterans 2/01/2014


QUERI Partnership Evaluates the Transformation of VA Specialty Care for Veterans 12/02/2013
Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections 11/01/2013
Improving Safety and Effectiveness of Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain 10/01/2013
Improving Care for Serious Mental Illness 8/01/2013
Research into Long-Term Care 6/28/2013
Telehealth Improves Access to Care for Veterans with Hepatitis C or HIV Infection 6/03/2013
Research into Traumatic Brain Injury 5/01/2013
Improving Care for Veterans with Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders 4/01/2013
Colorectal Cancer Research in HSR&D 3/04/2013
Improving Heart Failure Care for Veterans 2/04/2013
Health Equity and Health Disparity Research 1/02/2013


Polytrauma: The Importance of Family Caregivers 11/01/2012
Spotlight on Research into Women Veterans' Health 10/02/2012
Treating Comorbid Chronic Pain and Substance Use Disorders 9/04/2012
Dual Epidemics: Diabetes and Obesity 7/01/2012
June Spotlight: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 6/04/2012
Acute Ischemic Stroke Care for Veterans 5/01/2012
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research 4/02/2012
Patient-Facing Kiosks Used to Improve Mental Health Care 3/01/2012
Heart Disease 2/01/2012
QUERI: Enhancing Care for Veterans with Polytrauma and Blast-Related Injuries 1/04/2012


December Spotlight: HIV/AIDS Research in VA 12/01/2011
VA Research Provides Insights, Support to Veterans' Caregivers 11/09/2011
Enhancing eHealth for Veterans 11/07/2011
Serious Mental Illness 10/05/2011
Cholesterol Education & Awareness 9/01/2011
Veterans and Homelessness 8/01/2011
Women's Health 7/05/2011
Hypertension and Stroke 6/01/2011
May is Mental Health Month 5/01/2011
April is Alcohol Awareness Month 4/03/2011
VA Adapts to Changing Demographics: Improving Healthcare for Women Veterans 1/03/2011